CompareCamp awards EngageBay ‘Rising Star Award’ of 2019

The entire EngageBay Team is proud to share that we received two awards from CompareCamp as an excelling marketing software — the Rising Star Award of 2019 and the Great User Experience Award. These awards make providing quality and reliable service to our users all the more exciting for the entire team! 

CompareCamp is a leading source of B2B SaaS reviews that help users in intelligently choosing software systems for their businesses. EngageBay received two awards amongst hundreds of brilliant marketing software currently available in the market. 

Receiving the Great User Experience Award is such a morale boost to the entire EngageBay team considering the amount of rigorous effort that we’ve exerted in making the software easy to use, organized, and accessible. We know how marketing can be overwhelming and we made adjustments after adjustments when it comes to making EngageBay truly effective when it comes to boosting sales and capturing leads. We recalibrated tools and features to simplify the entire marketing process and remove all the confusion and gray areas from our users when it comes to maximizing and utilizing tools. 

We are humbled by the fact that amongst the many stellar marketing software available in the market, business owners and marketing heads have been opting to use EngageBay. To be a recipient of the Rising Star Award means that software has been becoming increasingly popular and preferred by businesses and industry leaders. We can confirm the increased amount of clout and attention that the team has been receiving. We have the software’s intuitive customer targeting tools and effective market optimizing features to thank as both appear time and time again as high benefit points that our customers prefer. 

To all our valued users, clients, and supporters trust that the entire EngageBay team will keep on providing quality reliable service to all! We will keep on improving and giving all our users the best possible tools for increasing sales and capturing leads. We’re always happy and proud to be of help.


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