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Eve Mayer

Eve Mayer is an Author, consultant and professional speaker on the topics of digital marketing, company culture, women empowerment and fasting for better health. Eve owns, and

Eve has been recognized by Forbes as 5th most Influential Woman in Social Media, CNN as one of the 8 Women to follow on Twitter and Social Media Marketing Magazine named Eve the number 1 CMO on Twitter.

Eve hosts the video series called The CMO Go Show, where she gets to uncover the secrets of some of the most successful CMOs across all industries. Eve has written and/or been featured in Forbes, Dallas Business Journal, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vistage and American Express Open Forum. Eve has spoken for NATO three times, has done a TEDx talk on the Fearless Alter Ego and was invited to visit The White House for SXSL in 2016.

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