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Automated support tickets with free ticket tools. Try out our support ticket software for easy and effective sales support and ticket management.

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Customer service ticket management with macros & automation tools!

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EngageBay’s intelligent support ticket system collects all customer support requests from any number of sources to manage them all from one dashboard. The Service Bay is your shared inbox for all customer queries. Track every customer interaction in one place and respond faster, better. All the different communications with a customer can be streamlined into one ticket, and multiple issues can be resolved from a single ticket, quickly.

sorting tickets in engagebay


Create views that help you stay informed about the latest and most urgent of your service tickets. You can customize the Views dashboard for a quick look at your pending tickets unassigned tickets, unsolved tickets, recently updated tickets, etc. EngageBay offers predefined views but you can modify them or add more.

Create views


Boost your service productivity by automating the resolution of tickets. Use EngageBay’s awesome automation tools to assign new tickets to particular sales reps or groups, close tickets automatically based on updates to ticket status, or send notifications to service agents for manual response. Automation makes work simpler, faster, and flawless.

create your own views in engagebay


EngageBay’s service macros can help you streamline your workflow. Save on time and energy by creating macros to respond to similar service tickets with standard answers. You can modify or customize your macros as you like.

creating macros for support

Support Groups

EngageBay lets you create groups to define your workflow and organize your sales reps. Create customer support groups based on skills, issues, business departments, etc. Organize the sales and service teams into neat support groups and let EngageBay direct your support tickets to the right support groups for effective and quick resolutions.

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Canned Responses

Canned responses are predefined helpdesk messages that allow customer support agents to respond quickly. With Canned Responses, your teams can make response templates to be sent out quickly. With EngageBay, you can also customize your canned responses before sending them out, and use personalization tools to connect with customers better.

Canned Responses

Powerful reporting

EngageBay’s powerful reporting gives you a solid understanding of what’s going on with all the customer support tickets. The customer support software takes any amount of data and molds it into simple, understandable charts and graphs. Draw meaningful insights and streamline your customer support process. You can also create new reports or customize existing report modules.

Powerful reporting
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