The Best Black Friday SaaS Deals For 2020

Like always, we are once again at that time of the year when everyone is waiting to loosen up and make the most of the rest of the year, and what a year this has been.

The holiday season is upon us again and like we did over the last two years, we are pleased to bring you some of this year – 2020’s most awesome Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday SaaS deals.

What better time than the onset of this joyous season to make the most of the finest Black Friday software sales or buy some of the world’s most desirable SaaS applications at throwaway prices?

But do keep in mind that these SaaS software deals are available for a very limited period only.

For your quick reference, here is a curated list of some of the most happening Black Friday SaaS deals that we came across for 2020.

Happy buying!


An integrated all-in-one marketing, sales and support platform with a free CRM built for startups and growing companies. Streamline and grow your marketing, sales & support processes using a single software. Get a unified customer view across all the teams. Market your business like the world’s best companies, build lasting customer relationships, sell like the pros, and provide awesome support to your customers.

EngageBay enables you to manage everything, from Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, Social Media Management & Lead Generation, Landing Page Builder, Helpdesk Ticketing, Live Chat. All in One place!

Black Friday Deal: Get 40% off on first time purchases 


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GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software for project managers and teams.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off any GanttPRO plan

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Enthu.AI helps voice teams across contact centers and sales teams fasten their call QA process, resulting in faster agent coaching and improved call outcomes.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for first 6 months

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Fotor is a complete visual content solution that help you create all kinds of visual content such as posters, social media graphics, website images, banners, logos, cards and so much more in a fast and easy way. It is packed with a powerful photo editing suite, 100,000+ ready-to-use design templates, stickers, and fonts, along with 1,000,000+ licensed HD stock photos. Perfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, web designers and bloggers.
Black Friday Deal: 30% Lifetime Discount on all annual subscriptions (Use BF2020 at checkout)

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Monitors uptime and proper functioning of websites and web applications. Detects outages, missing content, slow-downs, feature malfunctions, domain & SSL certificate expirations, presence on blacklists, and search engine robots blockades.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans, only for new customers

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Brand24 gives you instant access to mentions about your brand across the whole web.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for 3 months, all plans, paid monthly

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EmailOctopus is a simple yet powerful tool that makes email marketing cheaper and easier.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off paid plans for your first three months

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SocialPilot is a simple & cost-effective social media management tool for small businesses and agencies that helps them to strengthen their brand presence across all major social media platforms.  

Black Friday Deal: Buy one get one on their Small Team and Agency plans

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Run professional live streams from your browser with Restream.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans

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Keep your website in compliance with the toughest privacy regulations in the world. GDPR, CCPA, they have you covered. Unobtrusive and very respectful of your users, their solution provides you with the best microcopy and UX to maximize your opt-in rates. Its seamless integration with Google Tag Manager makes it very easy to use and configure. No dev required.

Black Friday Deal: 20% OFF on all annual subscription plans

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Castr is an all-in-one live video streaming platform for businesses, broadcasters, content creators, educational and religious organizations, and non-profits.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on BROADCAST X2 & LIVESTREAM 1TB plans

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StoryChief is an all-in-one content marketing platform that helps B2B marketing teams and content agencies to work on content campaigns from A to Z (features included in the platform are: collaborative workspace, social media management, multi-channel publishing, content calendar,… and more).

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on all yearly plans

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Create your custom checker page, provide its URL to your user and receive a comprehensive report on their browsing environment. Forget about asking your end-users about their browser version, when troubleshooting your SaaS.

Black Friday Deal: Annual PRO subscription for $105 instead of $209

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GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform with powerful, simplified features to run integrated online campaigns. 

Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% off

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Userlike is a customer messaging solution for your website and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. Win and nurture customers across messaging channels.

Black Friday Deal: 40% discount on the Team and Corporate plans

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Bench gives small business owners a dedicated professional bookkeeper at a price they can afford, access to powerful financial reporting, and takes care of tax prep and filing.

Black Friday Deal: $200 off any Bench bookkeeping plan and an additional $75 off our Bench Tax prep and filing service

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MySignature is an advanced online email signature generator. You can easily create branded email signatures with it and turn your business emails into professional promo messages.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off recurring for yearly plans

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A viral marketing tool that allows brands to easily build giveaways and referral programs.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off VYPER + FREE Instagram Growth Course

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Woorise is the easiest way to create viral giveaways & contests, landing pages, and engaging forms such as surveys and quizzes. Woorise helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.

Black Friday Deal: 75% off on all yearly plans

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Hyper-Personalisation toolkit; personalize images in your outreach and website dynamically.

Black Friday Deals: 30% off on all plans

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Infinity is an all-in-one work management platform where you can organize all of your projects and tasks easily, and collaborate with your team.

Black Friday Deals: A lifetime deal and a discount of 86%

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Netpeak Software

Netpeak Software develops SEO tools: Netpeak Spider (SEO audit, comprehensive analysis, website scraping), Netpeak Checker (SERP scraping, bulk URL comparison), and Owlymate (an assistant-product for Windows & macOS with a handy scheduler of SEO checks, notifications to email and Telegram, and detailed online-reports).

Black Friday Deals: 60% OFF on any plans for Netpeak Spider, Checker, and Owlymate

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HR Partner

HR Partner provides a simple, but comprehensive employee management and recruiting system for small and medium businesses.

Black Friday Deals: 50% off all plans – for life!

Get The Deal Now! is an advanced digital asset management tool. Working on top of your storage, the tool will help you organize, access, and distribute your assets the most productively.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount for the first 3 months for the Micro plan 

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Klenty is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople with sending personalized outreach that gets more replies and meetings booked.

Black Friday Deal: 25% off on all annual plans

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Now make your website cross browser compatible by testing on 2000+ browsers & OS with LambdaTest.

Black Friday Deal: 10% discount on all LambdaTest annual plans

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Zyro is a powerful tool that makes it easy for anyone to build a beautiful website or launch an online store. Look professional from the get-go and grow your brand or business, online and beyond.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 85% discount on all plans

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Pixpa is an all-in-one website platform for photographers and creatives to showcase, share, and sell their work online.

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF for the first year on all plans

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Quaderno is an online tax compliance toolkit that calculates VAT, Sales Tax, and other taxes around the world for you. Quaderno also automates invoicing and reporting.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for 3 months (up to $750 value)

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Omnify is a one-stop solution for selling and scheduling your services. With features such as Easy Booking, Family Sharing, Check-ins Client Portal, automated emails, and Advanced Reporting, Omnify helps you can focus on delivering high-quality services.

Black Friday Deal: 40% OFF on Annual Billing and 20% OFF on Monthly Billing across all Omnify Plans


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ContactPigeon is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that enables retailers to increase customer retention and revenue.

Black Friday Deal: 20% OFF on all annual subscriptions

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WiseStamp makes it super easy to create a professional-looking email signature without any knowledge in code or design across all email platforms and on all devices.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on their Pro subscription

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UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice is the work-from-anywhere phone system for small business owners who don’t have the time, budget, or resources to deal with over-engineered tech.

Black Friday Deal: Sign up for UniTel Voice Office and receive an automatic $100 credit to your account plus 10% off any office phones, headsets, or equipment.

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SmarterQueue is an intelligent social media scheduling tool that empowers marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs with the technology and capabilities they need to grow their businesses and careers.

Black Friday Deal: 40% lifetime discount for new annual customers, 30% six-month discount for new monthly customers

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SegMetrics gives you 100% clarity on where your leads come from, how they act, and how much your marketing is really worth.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off for the first 3 months

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Intelligent Project Management and Collaboration software with comprehensive feature sets for teams around the world to manage their work smartly.

Black Friday Deal: Lifetime discounts on Enterprise Lite and Lifetime Business plans, 50% off on Business Plan for a year

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Dumogio helps brands & marketers to embed Retargeting Pixel from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more into shortened links.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off for lifetime

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OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate Software helps you get your customers, influencers, and affiliates to promote your business. Once onboard, your new affiliate partners will be able to promote from any social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will also be able to manage everything from a user-friendly administrative control panel.

Black Friday Deal: 20% lifetime discount 

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Get new users for your startup without spending a dime. Responding to social, blog, and community posts is one of the most effective marketing channels for new startups. Syften makes it easy for you. 

Black Friday Deal: 40% off first year on all annual plans

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VideoForm lets you record a video message, create interactions and lets your prospects reply with a video – with just 1 click. Collect video feedback, get video testimonials, create an interactive pop quiz, send video replies, and build human connections with prospects.

Black Friday Deal: 70% Off on all plans

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Digitize your maintenance and operations. Without the paper stacks.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off First Year on Essential and Premium Plans

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WishList Products

WishList Member is a popular WordPress Plugin that provides you with easy-to-use tools and training to create the best membership sites, online courses, and thriving communities. 

Black Friday Deal: Up To 40% Off

Get The Deal Now! is an intelligent meeting management platform that manages the full meeting lifecycle through a unique experience tailored to transform your meeting content into valuable knowledge assets.

Black Friday Deal: 75% on all monthly or yearly subscription plans

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UserGuiding is a code-free product walkthrough software that 2000+ companies trust in their user onboarding. 

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on all plans

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B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details, and user data of the businesses that visit your website.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off on select annual plans

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SalesHandy is an automated sales email outreach tool. It helps the outbound sales team automate the prospecting email outreach campaigns with the power of high-level personalization and follow up sequences up to 10 stages.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 60% discount on yearly subscription plans

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Apploye is a time tracking, employee monitoring, and scheduling software for a productive workforce.

Black Friday Deal: 25% discount for lifetime on every plan, all subscriptions

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Codegrip is an automated code review tool that gives overall code quality reports that include bugs, code smells, vulnerabilities, and duplication in the code. It makes secure code review easier, instant, and less costly.

Black Friday Deal: One-Month All-Access Free Trial 

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Better Proposals

Better Proposals is one of the world’s leading proposal software tools that helps businesses send beautiful proposals and close more deals.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for the first four months on Premium and Enterprise plans

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WisePops is a modern and flexible popup builder used by companies like Postmates, Mixpanel, ThriveMarket, and thousands of businesses of all sizes.

Black Friday Deal: Get 35% off all yearly plans

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LeadConnect software is a platform to automate your lead with personalized messages. Use LinkedIn search (Basic/Sales Navigator) OR upload CSV to define your target audience. Send an automated message & integrate it with HubSpot-CRM for increasing leads. Marketers, Small, Medium & Large companies make use of the software.

Black Friday Deal: Flat 40% off on our annual plans & Flat 25% off on our semi-annual plans

Get The Deal Now! is an API-based platform to automate timely-triggered personalized e-commerce promotions and synchronize their redemption across the multi-channel customer journey, online and in-store.

Black Friday Deal: 25% off for a year

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Capture qualified leads and drive more sales with high-converting pop-ups and inline forms.

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF for the first 3 months

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LinkedFusion software is a platform used to generate leads using LinkedIn. Collect data and can target customers for your business. Create various campaigns as per different market niche requirements and can measure the metrics from multiple campaigns to gain insights into LinkedIn prospects. It integrates with Zapier, Google Sheet, Hubspot, and more. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Black Friday Deal: Flat 40% off on our annual plans & Flat 25% off on our semi-annual plans

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It is a project management software used by smart teams to get more done. It helps teams to create tasks, meetings, manage projects, budgets, timesheets, and visualize workflows with Gantt charts. nTask makes you more productive and helps meet deadlines.

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF on all plans for the first three months

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SimilarContent is an alternative to surferseo and marketmuse, they use NLP to analyze text and create SEO optimized content. Their app supports up to 81 languages.

Black Friday Deal: 25% lifetime discount

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Connect with anyone using SalesBlink, a full-stack cold sales outreach platform with solutions including Unlimited Email Leads, Automated Cold Email Sequences, and more!

Black Friday Deal: 25% lifetime discount

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Linkish is a bookmark manager that embeds audio, video, and text from your saved links to view in a dashboard organized with tags and nested collections. The browser extension also comes with a URL shortener and persistent web page text highlighter which syncs highlighted text between different browsers and your dashboard.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount when purchased for 2 years

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Social Champ

Social Champ is an innovative tool and a one-stop solution that helps you publish and schedule your content in an intelligent way to maximize its audience and engagement. 

Black Friday Deal: 60% off on all yearly plans for the 1st year, 30% off on all monthly plans for the first 3 months (both except the Professional Plan)

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Offering 5 keyword tools KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler.

Black Friday Deal: 25% lifetime discount

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Grow your business with WordPress plugins that help generate leads, calls, emails, reviews, and sales.

Black Friday Deal: 50% OFF on any plans for Chaty, Folders and My Sticky Elements

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Save time sending emails with Gmail. Makes your recipients feel unique when compared to an email blast from a Mailchimp style platform.

Black Friday Deal: 50% yearly plans and 30% off monthly plans (lifetime)

Get The Deal Now! is the first ever UX Automation tool specializing in the use of machine learning for predictive, qualitative analysis. The tool recognizes users’ behavior patterns on websites and helps to maintain an increase in sales as it predicts which customer behaviour will inhibit conversion.

Black Friday Deal: 40% off on the annual subscription

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Issuu is a SaaS content creation and distribution platform and is offering discounts for one-year annual plans.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off

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Data-driven phone system.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for 3 months

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IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning software that helps aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and teams to build a business model, develop their ideas, create financial projections, and get a modern business plan.

Lifetime plan, up to 90% offBlack Friday Deal: 

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It is a monitoring service to help you watch your websites, servers, ports, and devices.

Black Friday Deal: 25% flat discount

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It helps you to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable or catch-all emails without breaking your budget.

Black Friday Deal: 25% flat discount

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Chanty is a team chat app for communication and task management within your team. You can make audio and video calls, exchange voice messages, and manage tasks using the Kanban board.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off the annual business plan

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StoryXpress is a Video Platform to help users Record, Upload & Analyse their videos. Users can also add Call to Actions and make their videos actionable & boost sales and provide exceptional customer support.

Black Friday Deal:  50% OFF on all yearly plans + 2 Months Free (Use – EBBF50)

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A SaaS Knowledge base platform for creating a world-class knowledge base for your customers and employees.

Black Friday Deal: 20% OFF on all annual subscription plans

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Planable’s a content collaboration platform that helps marketing teams plan and approve social media content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Black Friday Deal: Yearly subscription for only $199 (instead of $396)

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Sotrender is a tool that helps you streamline your social media analysis, reporting, and responding to clients thanks to AI.

Black Friday Deal: Various discounts upto 90% off

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Phantombuster grants you the ability to extract data from your favorite websites and automate the online tasks you’d have done yourself. This is the perfect solution if you’d like to find more sales leads, automate your sales outreach, and save loads of time.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off all plans

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Postaga is an all-in-one outreach tool that helps you quickly build links, get press coverage, and drive traffic to your website by creating custom, automated campaigns.

Black Friday Deal: 80% off your 1st month of a Pro plan

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Email List Validation

Keep your bounce rate low and open rates high with Email List Validation.

Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on all packages

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Peoplebox is the world’s first employee engagement & performance management software built for remote & distributed teams. It helps remote companies build better viability and connect through 1:1s, OKRs, engagement, check-ins, and Coffee Connect.

Black Friday Deal: 20% off on all plans

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My Web Audit helps web agency’s and SEO’s stand out from the competition, building trust, delivering value fast and ultimately close more deals.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off for 3 months on ANY plan or 3+ months on annual plans.

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Showcase your best social proof reviews on your website.
Black Friday Deal: 50% discount on the first payment for all plans, monthly or annually

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It is an email analytics tool built for managers and team leaders who want to visualize and improve their team’s email reply times and volumes.

Black Friday Deal: 40% off any plan for 6 months with a min of 5 mailboxes tracked

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Optinly is a wordpress lead capturing tool  that helps you create advanced popup campaigns in no time – comes in-built with multiple growth goals and handcrafted popup templates. 

Black Friday Deal: 30% Off on all plans

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onetool is a curated list of software for SMBs.

Black Friday Deal: Get an additional 15% discount on already discounted yearly plans for tools in project management, SEO, eSigning, appointment scheduling, and more

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Build engaged and high-performing remote teams with Ricotta OKRs. Featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ on Slack, Ricotta is a Slack OKR goal setting and management app.
Black Friday Deal: 50% off on the subscription


OptimizeForm lets you quickly create a professional-looking WordPress blog with excellent eCommerce functionality. It allows you to add import blogging templates, creates a private member-only section on your blog, adds a quote form for your services, and more.

Black Friday Deal: 65% off OptimizeForm Templates & Plugins

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Expertrec enables website/business owners to build a Custom Site Search Engine at a low cost to enhance their website/business in just a few minutes without any coding.

Black Friday Deal: 91.66% discount on all plans

Get The Deal Now! converts the B2B website traffic to quality leads by dynamically changing website content and CTAs as per user persona and past behavior.

Black Friday Deal: 30% Discount on all plans30% Discount on all plans (Use CFEBBFCM2020)

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**We did not charge anything to include offers on this list. 

***If your 2020 BF/CM SaaS deal is not included here and you’d like it to be, please email me: roy_at_engagebay_com with the following details:

1. Details of your deal (eg 30% off on all plans, etc.)
2. One line about your product/what it does
3. Link to the page on your website that the deal may be claimed from
4. Your brand logo in .jpg/.png format

We hope you enjoyed this list of the freshest and the hottest Black Friday SaaS deals for 2020.

Make the most of these and shop responsibly, buy only what you require, a penny saved is a penny earned!


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