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Forever free sales CRM for businesses of all sizes!

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Customer-Level Tracking

Our free SaaS CRM helps you see what your customer is doing in your app. This knowledge can help you understand customer-behaviour, therefore empowering you to make intelligent service decisions for better customer experience and personalization.

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Faster & Smarter Onboarding

Personalize your emails based on the customer's behavior and send them in your app for faster and seamless onboarding. Automate your email activity for minimal manual intervention. Make the most of the best SaaS CRM for small business available today.

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In-app Messaging

Whether it is an announcement, an offer or a product update, routinely show appropriate in-app messages inside of your app to your customers and keep them informed and satisfied. EngageBay's free SaaS CRM puts the customer first, always.

Appointment scheduling

SaaS Metrics

EngageBay's best CRM for SaaS companies helps you view and analyze key SaaS metrics so that you can measure growth, churn, acquisition costs, monthly cohorts, etc.

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Call Automation

EngageBay's SaaS CRM software helps you to automate schedules and reminders and lets your sales reps know timely about which customer needs to be called at what time and for what reason.

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