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The benefits of landing pages for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Key Features of Sales CRM

Create free customizable web forms for enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction

Create free web forms

Build powerful online web forms, receive and manage registrations, create payment forms, subscription forms, and contact forms in minutes with our web form builder.

Create your form as per your preference

Create beautiful forms per your preference with EngageBay's website form generator. Include your logos, select fonts, apply color schemes, and let your brand steal the show.

100% website fit

Have your web forms built and running anywhere on your website. Build online custom web forms online and insert the provided code to have your form run as a pop-up, a button, an iframe, or even as a QR scan code.

Receive instant alerts

Be alerted for every submission always. Receive email alerts the moment anyone fills out your form. Inform the corresponding team member based on the answers submitted through the form. Be on top of things, wherever you are.

Observe your own growth

EngageBay's intuitive web form builder helps you identify your best-performing marketing campaign. Know where the registrants discovered your form. Get a complete picture in terms of your forms' pageviews, conversion rates, error scores, and a lot more with our analytics.

Connect with your customers

Improve relations for life with your customers by sending them personalized emails. Subsequently, you can even mail them a PDF copy of their form, or a link to edit their response. EngageBay's website form builder automates the entire process for you, so you can focus your energies on your other core areas of business.

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Web Forms Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

A web form, also referred to as an HTML form, is an online page that allows an user to submit relevant information. It is interactive by nature. It acts as a form where users fill out particular fields and submit. Web forms can be rendered in contemporary browsers using HTML and other web-oriented languages.

A web form is a combination of different elements such as a checkbox, a text box, a submit button, etc. For enhanced interactivity, elements or classes such as "input" along with "action" and "method" attributes may also be included

Web forms may also allow for more sophisticated online transactions. Web forms have been successfully implemented by various verticals such as hospitality, healthcare, finance,real-estate, and others, thus negating dependency on paperwork and physical documentation. Web professionals, by way of using a combination of standardized web technologies and computer programming principles have enabled for more to be done online than on paper.

With so many available options in the market today, identifying the best web form builder is no mean task. Here are some of the things to look for when making a choice:


Your software should allow you to create different types of forms, from basic questionnaires to surveys and more.


If it has a complex learning curve and takes hours to build a simple online form, it is best avoided.


Your web forms software should have access to all the required functionality, inclusive of relevant third-party integrations


Creating a seamless customer experience by matching your branding is a strong pre-requisite for your web form software.

The way you use a web form will depend upon your objectives and purpose in light of specific situations . While contact forms may be used as an effective method to contact customers or to capture leads, they may also act as sales order forms on your website as a convenience to your customers. You may also include a customer feedback form to receive valuable inputs.

So, irrespective of how you use web forms on your website, it is surely a vital component for your business. Whether you collect lead information or customer inputs, using web forms are a great benefit to your company’s growth.

With the advent of GDPR and other data regulations, it is now a top priority for both businesses and customers to adhere to data protection guidelines. The credibility that comes with complete security of your leads' data is bound to ensure increased submissions. With EngageBay’s web form builder, you can safely create completely secure forms for both your business as well as for your leads.

EngageBay's form builder restricts spam submissions from being accepted thanks to a secure email address validation process. This allows only real email addresses to be submitted and accepted via your web forms. With EngageBay, you can also add CAPTCHAs, the questions that confirm you are not a robot. These act as a second layer of protection against spam.

Finally, with EngageBay's web form builder, you can block specific email providers and domains that you don't wish to receive submissions from.

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