Online web form builder to capture leads for every business.

Capture leads directly from your website using our inline forms. Pick from any pre-configured form styles and customize them or create a custom one.

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The benefits of web forms for small businesses


Improved lead management and nurturing




Enhanced targeting and personalization


Seamless campaign execution and tracking


Increase efficiency and productivity

Drag and drop web form builder

Adding an element to your web form is as easy as dragging and dropping. Available elements are shown on the right. Simply drag them to the left to add them to your form. Elements range from input boxes to radio buttons, and more. Go play!

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Customize your web form

Click on each web form element to change font color, background color, etc. You could also change the text labels and set them as required if needed.

customizing the web form

Optional form submission confirmation

Optionally, you can re-confirm the form submission by emailing the customer and asking him to re-confirm by clicking the link in the email. Be doubly sure!

Double opt-in form submissions

Key Features of web forms

Create free web forms

Build powerful online web forms, receive and manage registrations, create payment forms, subscription forms, and contact forms in minutes with our web form builder.

Create your form as per your preference

Create beautiful forms per your preference with EngageBay's website form generator. Include your logos, select fonts, apply color schemes, and let your brand steal the show.

100% website fit

Have your web forms built and running anywhere on your website. Build online custom web forms online and insert the provided code to have your form run as a pop-up, a button, an iframe, or even as a QR scan code.

Receive instant alerts

Be alerted for every submission always. Receive email alerts the moment anyone fills out your form. Inform the corresponding team member based on the answers submitted through the form. Be on top of things, wherever you are.

Observe your own growth

EngageBay's intuitive web form builder helps you identify your best-performing marketing campaign. Know where the registrants discovered your form. Get a complete picture in terms of your forms' pageviews, conversion rates, error scores, and a lot more with our analytics.

Connect with your customers

Improve relations for life with your customers by sending them personalized emails. Subsequently, you can even mail them a PDF copy of their form, or a link to edit their response. EngageBay's website form builder automates the entire process for you, so you can focus your energies on your other core areas of business.

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