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Choose from several ready-made email template or create your own. Personalize every part of the email and send them in a click. Track and analyze your results.

One click for a great design

Choose from a wide array of email marketing templates to suit your business needs. If you are a fashion designer or an educational consultant or a small business dealing in customized products, the visually appealing emails cater to your clientele. You can use the pre-designed templates or personalize one as per your requirement.

Engagebay email templates

Drag and Drop email builder

With EngageBay, creating email templates is a cakewalk. Use our simple drag and drop interface to create a template that suits your business need. With the help of an easy-to-use text editor coupled with design elements, you can seamlessly integrate images and social share buttons into design blocks.

Drag and drop designer

Segment and target your subscriber lists

Choose a subset of users by applying various filters of your choice. Our wide filters range include filtering based on country, created date, source, tag and lot more.

Broadcast lists

Personalize your emails

EngageBay helps you personalize your emails by adding your contact attributes to the emails rendering a personal touch. You can choose from First Name, Last Name, Full Name or their email address. These details will be auto-filled when the email is sent.

Email Personalization

Rich Formatting Options

EngageBay helps you design beautiful email templates with its rich text formatting. This helps in making the email content more engaging and results in better click rates.

Rich text Formatting

Track and optimize your Campaigns

Engagebay provides an easy option to track your campaign performance. Based on these metrics, you can rework and reposition your content. This acts as a performance metric to churn more engaging content to increase your opens and click-throughs. As they say, engage with Engagebay!

Email Statistics/Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

  • Why Use Email Marketing Solutions?

    Emails are magical, professional tools to touch base and engage with your clients. As the process of sending and monitoring individual emails is tedious, you need a Bulk Email Marketing Software for Small Business. With email marketing software, you can create campaigns and automate the whole process of email interactions with your clients. By tracking the open, click and bounce rate you can spin your content and contests in a customized manner.

    The most appealing email templates make your customer stick to the page and read through the content. Add more buttons using the email marketing tool for coupons, offers, and others. The email campaigning software helps you churn email sequences adding an extra layer of personalization.

    With EngageBay, you will get free email templates, landing pages, inline forms, and many more for your email marketing needs. As the email marketing software does its work, you can invest your time elsewhere weaving a new content strategy or plan for a better customer service.

  • How Email Marketing Automation Saves You Time?

    Sample a scenario where you have a dedicated resource to add all your customer email accounts to the contact list, send emails, track responses and send them replies. Doesn’t it sound cumbersome. Yes, it does. On the contrary, if you can automate the whole process, the same resource can handle many clients in a short span of time. With customizable email templates, the email campaign software helps you to create engaging, automated email campaigns.

  • Does email marketing work?

    Email marketing software enables you to run marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget. Emails are great tools of engagement and also add as lead magnets. In fact, VentureBeat says “Mid-sized companies using email marketing reported 246% ROI across all respondents”. Emails act as the primary channel for brand related communications and promotions. Few customers look for the next informative email, or newsletter from their favorite brand. So, email marketing tool helps companies create brand awareness and increase loyalty.

    That being said, everyday a person is flooded with so many emails. To stand out from the rest and cut through the clutter, you need Engagebay - a bulk email software that adds shine and value to your email campaigns.

  • How do I get an email list?

    An engaged subscriber list results in higher conversions, in turn getting more ROI. It’s difficult to create a list that likes to receive your emails. The email marketing tool helps you integrate forms to the website to capture leads. The landing page builder helps you with attractive templates to attract leads.

    Of the many ways, pop-ups for the first time visitors to your website and re directing them to a form for newsletter signup and promotional offers works best to build email lists. The marketing software also runs a diagnosis of your website and ensures that all the visitor details are captured in a form. You can also give some freebies for sign-ups.

  • I'm ready for email marketing, but which platform should I use?

    Engagebay offers email marketing tools to cater all type of users - beginners and professional email campaigners. It offers a wide array of features ranging from free CRM, web forms, landing pages to email marketing and marketing automation tools. The easy-to-use interface helps you track and measure the email campaign performance. Simply put, EngageBay is a one-stop solution for all your email needs.

    The pricing of EngageBay email marketing software fits into your company budget effortlessly. You begin with a free offering and slowly scale it up as per your requirement. The simple and honest pricing ranges from $1 to $5 marketing spend per day.

    That’s not all. Our Content Repository helps you identify the content that works for your company’s needs. You need not spend long hours churning out a content strategy for your company. We are there to do the requisite hand holding. The metrics help you plan further initiatives on when and where to spend more to get more traction from the audience.

    Our service centers run round the clock to provide better help and support. That’s another reason to consider EngageBay to be the email marketing software for your small business.

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