Email marketing that will work for your business

Email broadcasts list

Choose from several ready-made email template or create your own. Personalize every part of the email and send them in a click. Track and analyze your results.

Create broadcast lists

Choose a subset of users by applying various filters of your choice. Our wide filters range include filtering based on country, created date, source, tag and lot more.
Broadcast lists

Personalize your emails

EngageBay helps you personalize your emails by adding your contact attributes to the emails rendering a personal touch. You can choose from First Name, Last Name, Full Name or their email address. These details will be auto-filled when the email is sent.
Email Personalization

Rich Formatting Options

EngageBay helps you design beautiful email templates with its rich text formatting. This helps in making the email content more engaging and results in better click rates.
Rich text Formatting

Measure your Campaigns

Once emails are broadcasted, EngageBay helps you measure their performance. This will help you get a better picture on what is working and what is not working with your campaigns. The constant insights not only gives feedback but also helps improve and make your email content more engaging.
Email Statistics/Metrics