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Black Friday Marketing Emails: 9 Unique Examples

Everyone expects discounts on Black Friday. But if you’re planning to offer a 20% off sale, every business is also doing it.

In the sea of discounts, your message can drown. With every business promoting their ‘20% off!’, it’s hard to stand out. How do you make your Black Friday marketing email different, compelling, and impossible to ignore?

In this article, we’ll look at Black Friday marketing emails to draw inspiration from. We’ll then highlight what to learn from each email. You’ll be able to use these tips together to create standout Black Friday marketing emails.

Examples of Superb Black Friday Marketing Emails and What To Learn From Them

Let us review some of the best emails I found when I looked through Black Friday promotions.

1. Art of Play: Promote Unique Product Bundles and New Items

Subject line: ✨ 20% Off + Free Gifts – Today Only! ✨

Art of Play Black Friday marketing email
Art of Play Black Friday email

Why it works

Novelty excites us. Art of Play understands this, so they used this Black Friday sale to introduce new products and a collection available only on that day. This novelty of new releases and unique bundles attracts attention and distinguishes their Black Friday deals from standard discounts.

How to use this in your emails
  • Bundle creatively: When creating product bundles, think creatively about which products or services naturally complement each other. Provide a clear explanation of the value customers receive when purchasing the bundle.
  • Offer limited quantities: Create a sense of scarcity by specifying that bundles are available in limited quantities. This can motivate customers to act quickly.

2. Moment: Showcase All Your Running Deals

Subject line: It’s On! Black Friday Deals are Live

Moment's Black Friday marketing email
Moment’s Black Friday email

Why it works

The email provides a clear overview of all the deals and simplifies the shopping process for subscribers. It’s convenient for them. They can easily browse and select the deals that appeal to them. It also has clear CTAs for each deal.

How to use this in your emails
  • Clear layout: Arrange your deals in an organized way. Use a neat grid or list with pictures, short descriptions, and discounted prices.
  • Sorting options: If you have many deals, add filters so people can pick what they want, like sorting by category, price, or type.
  • CTAs for each deal: Include clear and prominent call-to-action buttons for each deal, guiding subscribers to the product or offer page with a single click.
  • Limited-time notices: If certain deals have time constraints, make it explicit in the email. Use phrases like “24-Hour Offer” or “Ends at Midnight” to create urgency.
  • Mobile optimization: Make sure the email layout is responsive, and the deals are easily navigable on mobile devices. Many subscribers may open your emails on smartphones or tablets.

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3. Peak Design: Run a pre-Black Friday deal

Subject line: Black Friday: CANCELLED

Peak Design Black Friday marketing email
Peak Design Black Friday email

Peak Design makes bags and camera gear for the creatives. So, it was best for them to announce their pre-Black Friday deals rather creatively.

They made an entire 17-minute comical video/movie about the sale alongside the email. It was incredible that one customer said, “You just made me watch a 17-minute commercial for products I already own.”

Why it works

This has to be among the top emails I’ve come across. Here’s why this caught the subscribers’ attention.

  • Creative subject line: Instead of terming it as a pre-Black Friday sale, the subject line marketed it as a canceled Black Friday. This will instantly get anyone’s attention. People will click to know why it’s canceled. But in a real sense, it’s just a pre-sale.
  • Clear CTAs: They included CTAs for each deal, images for each product, and the discounted price.
    Innovative branding: By adopting a playful and unconventional approach to Black Friday, Peak Design showcases its brand’s personality and creativity, which can resonate with its target audience.
How to use this in your emails
  • Add entertainment value: Inject humor and entertainment into your email campaign to make it more enjoyable for your subscribers, increasing their engagement.
  • Use engaging video content: Utilize video content to complement your email. Engaging videos can be powerful in conveying your message and showcasing your products.
  • Craft attention-grabbing subject lines: Create subject lines that provoke curiosity and intrigue. A compelling subject line like “Black Friday: CANCELLED” can significantly increase email open rates.
  • Differentiate your approach: Stand out from the competition by presenting your Black Friday event in a distinctive and memorable way.

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4. Skillshare: Resonate With Your Audience on a Personal and Values-Driven Level

Subject line: Get 50% Off Membership, Smiles Davis

Skillshare Black Friday marketing email
Skillshare Black Friday email

Why it works

The email taps into people’s values and aspirations. They position their sale as being about personal growth, creativity, and learning rather than just consumerism. By focusing on these aspects, Skillshare makes the sale about a lifestyle and mindset rather than just a transaction.

The email also targets Davis as a first-time user of Skillshare. They’ve segmented her as a new user and offered her a specific discount for new users.

How to use this in your emails

Appeal to your audience’s values and aspirations. Craft your Black Friday message to align with these values, showing how your product or service can help fulfill their aspirations.

Let’s say you have a brand specializing in outdoor gear and experiences. Your messaging can focus more on investing in adventure and less on getting more gear.

Knowing that your audience values adventure, exploration, and connecting with nature, the email can focus on how your products can help them achieve their outdoor aspirations and make lasting memories.

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5. Surreal: Use Consistent Branding in Your Black Friday Email Marketing Campaigns

Subject line: This is your last chance

Surreal's Black Friday marketing email
Surreal’s Black Friday email

This was one of the emails reminding subscribers about the ongoing Black Friday sale.

Why it works

  • Color schemes: Surreal consistently uses vibrant and playful colors throughout its branding. For example, their website and marketing materials feature a lively combination of turquoise blue, pink, or yellow. In this Black Friday marketing email, they use the blue color, creating a visual connection between the email and their overall brand.
  • Typography: They use whimsical and fun fonts in all their communications. In this email, you’ll find the same fonts that are featured on their website and other materials, maintaining a consistent and recognizable look.
  • Messaging and tone: They are also known for their fun and playful messaging style. This Black Friday email continues this tradition with a lighthearted and humorous tone that reflects the personality of the brand.
How to use this in your emails

Maintaining the same branding style will more likely engage your subscribers, as they know they’re in for an enjoyable and memorable experience. So, keep the messaging and tone in your Black Friday marketing emails consistent with your brand’s established style. Whether your brand is playful, professional, or humorous, maintain that tone to reinforce your brand’s personality.

6. Ultimate Guitar: Highlight the Benefits of an Annual Membership Discount

Subject line:⚡Black Friday sale is here – act now!

Ultimate Guitar's Black Friday marketing email
Ultimate Guitar’s Black Friday email

Why it works

The email clearly communicates what subscribers will get when they subscribe to the pro membership using the annual discount. Therefore, people may be more inclined to take advantage of this offer since the email outlines the benefits they stand to gain.

How to use this in your emails

In your Black Friday marketing emails, be transparent and specific about the advantages and perks that come with an annual membership. This helps potential customers understand the value they’ll receive.

But if your product or service doesn’t have an annual plan, you can still communicate the value proposition. You can, for example, show the difference between the different pricing tiers.

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7. Google: Highlight $ Savings in Your Black Friday Email

Subject line: The wait is over – shop Black Friday now

Google's Black Friday marketing email
Google’s Black Friday marketing email

Why it works

Google includes the product’s regular price next to the Black Friday sale price. On top of that, they show the specific amount customers will save. This allows customers to see the price reduction and the value they receive easily.

Customers often compare prices before making a purchase. So, displaying savings helps them perceive the value of the deal. And when they see the difference between the original price and the Black Friday price, it reinforces that they’re getting a great bargain.

How to use this in your emails
  • Previous price comparison: Include the regular price of the product or service next to the Black Friday sale price. This helps customers easily compare and understand the value they’re receiving.
  • Visualize savings: Consider using graphics or strike-through text to represent the savings visually. This provides a quick and eye-catching way for customers to grasp the discount.
  • Display high-value deals: Start with the products or services that offer the most significant savings at the top of your email. These eye-catching deals can immediately capture the reader’s attention. You can also start with your most popular products with the highest savings.

8. Pioneer Carry: Reserve Black Friday Sales for Subscribers

Subject line: Members Only Black Friday 🗝

Pioneer's Black Friday marketing email
Pioneer’s Black Friday email

Why it works

The email explicitly mentions that Black Friday discounts and deals will be reserved for subscribers. This approach motivates non-subscribers to join their email list. It also recognizes and rewards its existing subscribers.

How to use this in your emails

You can reserve exclusive deals for your subscribers only, but you run the risk of losing non-subscribers. There’s a possibility they might shop elsewhere. But if you use this, here are two points to consider.

  • Segment your audience: If you have different subscriber segments, consider tailoring exclusive offers to specific groups. For example, you could provide different discounts for long-term subscribers and new sign-ups.
  • Consistent communication: Ensure your Black Friday email campaign aligns with your message about exclusivity. Maintain a consistent tone and branding across your emails and other marketing materials. For example, Pioneer maintains this tone on their website even when it’s not Black Friday.

9. Helpjuice: Include Social Proof in Your Black Friday Email

Subject line: One-Time Sale – 50% OFF All Helpjuice Plans

Helpjuice's Black Friday marketing email
Helpjuice’s Black Friday marketing email

Why it works

Helpjuice intentionally mentioned big companies that use their product, like Amazon and TCL. They even wrote that in bold because that social proof validates the quality and reliability of the product. They also included customer images at the end of the email to bolster that claim.

How to use this in your emails
  • Relevance to offer: Feature reviews related to the specific products or services on sale. You can use a variety of social proof elements, such as written reviews or video testimonials.
  • Placement matters: Position social proof strategically within your email, such as near the CTA buttons or close to the featured products, to maximize its impact.

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We’ve highlighted key takeaways for each email example of great Black Friday marketing. You can use these tips to create a standout Black Friday marketing email to boost your sales this festive season.

For example, you can showcase all your running deals while highlighting the savings in each deal. You can also include reviews and introduce new products. With any combination, EngageBay can help you create the perfect Black Friday emails with its easy-to-use email builder and ready-to-go Black Friday email templates.

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