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Deliver the personalised one-on-one support to every customer using a simple and powerful free live chat software.

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Talk to your customers in real-time

Give your customers the fastest, most effective way to interact with support agents to get their queries solved. Build meaningful and long lasting relationships by talking to customers over live chat.

Track entire customer journey

View customer information in a single channel, manage and reach out from one place. Get complete visibility on your customer behavior using EngageBay LiveChat and personalize your approach. Track customer's location and journey on your website (Current page, pages visited, time spent). Receive emails when visitors initiate a chat and you are not available.

Proactive chats

Send a proactive message to invite your customers to a live chat. Show them that you care by offering support proactively. Automate and customize the chat message based on several factors like the page the visitor is browsing, location, referral website, new or returning visitor and many more. Automate the chat invitations easily with EngageBay.

Gain deep insights in chat transcripts

EngageBay provides you all the live chat transcripts along with a smart and easy interface to filter chats and search through transcripts. Gain insights and valuable information and make smart decisions to enhance customer satisfaction.

Install the live chat widget
Unlimited Websites

Install the live chat widget on as many websites and blogs as you want at no additional cost.

Customizable the chat widget

Customizable the chat widget completely to suits your website. Mix and match from a range of colors and options.

creating chat shortcuts
Chat Shortcuts

Save time by creating shortcuts for common answers and replies. Access these shorts with a click of a button in the chat sessions.

Transfer chats
Transfer Chats

Transfer chats to other agents in a single click. Work as a team to delight customers.

Persistent Chats
Persistent Chats

Our live chat widget follows visitors as they browse through your website, providing a seamless chat experience.

Email Transcript
Email Transcript

Email the chat transcript to the customer for reference as soon as the agent is done with the chat. Delight customers and turn them to brand promoters.

Have complete information

Have all the customer information available for your agent right in the chat window so they know who the customer is and what they need. Improve the agent efficiency, turnaround times and help your agents give the best on every chat.

Use feedback to boost agent performance

Know how quickly your support team is responding and set average response time goals. Let customers leave feedback after each chat which lets you measure their experience and also your agents performance. Get a complete overview to see your team performance across both sales & support.

Collaborate as a team for quick solutions

Multiple team members can assist a customer to combine knowledge and resolve issues quickly. Agents can add personalized notes to each chat for future references. Also, get access to all previous conversations to assist customers better. View customer interactions from all channels on one dashboard.

Powerful chat metrics at fingertips

Measure every data point like average response time, first response time, agent productivity, customer feedback. Run reports and get metrics to boost customer satisfaction. Identify areas to improve and work on them to deliver world class support.

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