Turn your warm leads into paying customers by following up regularly with email sequences

email sequences in engagebay

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Free up your time by scheduling drip email campaigns with email sequences

Now you don’t need to do the repetitive work to keep customers from leaking through the funnel.

Use email sequences to send automated follow up messages. Decide precisely when you will send what message, and to whom. Set up the sequence once and let our system send the queued emails automatically as per their schedule.

Automating follow ups means you can now focus on real revenue-generating tasks. With email sequences, you are able to stay in touch with your leads, while freeing up time for more productive tasks.

save time with email sequences in engagebay

Experience a truly versatile email sequences tool

Don’t send the same design repeatedly. Design sequences using text mails or your own curated email templates.

Customize existing templates to design your emails. Then use these emails within sequences. Your follow up sequence can have a mixture of templates and text emails.

You have the complete freedom to create all types of emails you want - sales emails with offers or discounts, emails to promote specific events, and many more types.

Create any type of email sequence you want in EngageBay

Measure and enhance your email sequences

Make your email sequences perform and deliver at the highest level.

Gain insights from the stats. Engineer your email sequences for the best content and CTA.

Measure your email sequence metrics and gain insights to improve their performance

Experience a truly versatile email sequences tool

Just because it is automated, doesn’t mean it has to lose its soul!

Make sure that all your leads can connect with each and every one of your emails. Use one-click personalization elements to bring your emails closer to the readers.

Use list management to segment your email list. Send highly targeted messages by scheduling email sequences to be sent to different lists.

Want to send emails to only members with high lead scores? Create custom filters based on lead scoring. Use these filters in defining the excluding conditions for your email sequence.

Create any type of email sequence you want in EngageBay
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