What Is Social CRM and How Can It Help Your B2B Efforts

Today, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Very few of us can go more than a few hours without checking our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feeds. Your customers probably fall into the same camp. By using social customer relationship management or CRM, you can harness the power of social media […]


17 Tips for Video Marketing Success (Updated)

Have you heard? In the past few years, video marketing has grown to become one of the most viable tactics in a marketer’s arsenal. Here are some fun stats from marketing brand Zembula: If you post a video, you may get 39 percent more vendor calls and 65 percent more visits to your website. Videos […]


14 Customer Service Tools to Boost Customer Satisfaction

The customer is king. People in business have been saying it for decades, insisting sterling customer service is the bedrock to success. While a lot has changed over the years, the old adage is as true in the digital era as it was in the last century. Customer satisfaction is integral to the reputation and […]


Why You Should Start Voice Search Marketing Now

You may have heard whispers of a voice search revolution. Perhaps you’ve dismissed it as a passing trend that won’t live up to the hype. Maybe you simply believe voice marketing isn’t for you. Your business doesn’t need it, and your audience doesn’t want it. Right? Well, all the evidence suggests that voice search is […]

Cold email

How to Define a Successful Cold Email Campaign Strategy

1,83,00,00,000! That is the number of hits Google generated upon searching “cold email.” There’s a myriad of cold email material on the internet, and all that information could get you cold. This article helps clear out any confusion surrounding cold emailing and lays out an achievable plan for a successful cold email campaign. Lead Generation […]


9 Brand Awareness Marketing Hacks for 2019

Brand building is a journey. Unfortunately, it’s one that many marketers don’t see through, and therefore, their lack of brand awareness marketing keeps their business in the shadows, while their rivals overtake them. How familiar are people with your brand? Do they know what you have to offer or are you another unmemorable clone in […]


8 Tools to Boost Small Business Owners’ Productivity!

As an entrepreneur or a small-business owner, there are innumerable things that you need to take care of. Since, the management hierarchy is pretty flat with lesser helping hands, you need to plan, supervise and often do a hands-on job in many cases. However with new technological aids in this age of digitization, small business […]

Outbound Marketing Tips

Outbound Marketing Tips to (re)Brand your Company

I won’t deny the fact that, to a first-timer, outbound marketing seems to have higher direct expenses than inbound/content marketing. However, creating content and using it to market your business takes time and patience. The truth is the content marketing is slower and requires a lot of planning. If your startup has spent enough time […]

online reviews for your business

Get Positive Online Reviews For Your Business, Consistently

At this point, you’ve read all of the statistics. The majority of people trust online reviews (much more than they should, really), the majority of people use them as a deciding factor with their online purchases, etc. I won’t bore you with recounting those here, because I know you already know: Online reviews are a […]


The Ultimate Collection Of The Best Influencer Quotes!

If you wish to startup, flourish, explore and sustain in the dynamic and competitive business environment today, you ought to be motivated and inspired, all the time. Inspiration can come from various sources, one of the most widespread and easily available source being the shared wisdom of the great thought leaders from the business and […]


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EngageBay All-In-One Marketing Platform

Launching an All-In-One Marketing Suite for JUST $1 a Day!

Every company has a story to tell. Here at EngageBay, our story began with the need to address the marketing challenges faced by small businesses. In spite of knowing that there are already over 5,000 marketing technology companies in existence as of 2017, we decided to build a new, affordable, all-in-one marketing platform for small […]

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how to get promoted by influencers when you are a new brand

How to get promoted by influencers when you are a “nobody”

Influencer marketing has become quite a powerful tool in a marketing team’s toolbox today. With people no longer trusting traditional forms of advertising and marketing they are increasingly looking towards people they trust and respect.

But how can a new brand that is a virtual nobody use influencer marketing to promote itself? With increased competition is it becoming something that is out of the reach of new brands or can a new brand realistically leverage influencer marketing for the long term?


10 big marketing ideas for small budgets