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Interaction Management Simplified

With an intuitive and simple B2B CRM interface, EngageBay lets you create reports, import/export contacts, carry out analysis, and perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as required. You can further divide incoming contacts or leads amongst your sales team leads, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead can be varied depending on its status or other parameters.

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Reporting and Sales Funnels

EngageBay's B2B CRM software allows you a comprehensive look at the sales funnel for an immediate account of transactions in progress and the respective stages they are in. Additionally, stages may be added easily and independently. Importantly, with EngageBay's CRM for B2B, you can have unlimited sales pipelines and build multiple sales funnels in case you have several product lines or profit centers.

Appointment scheduling

CRM Dashboards

Dashboards in EngageBay's best small business b2b CRM are instant snapshots of the most crucial sales activities. Here, each sales agent can see the number of deals they’ve won, how many clients are yet to be invoiced, an agent’s rating in comparison with other sales team members, and so on.

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Invoices inside the CRM

The B2B CRM in EngageBay allows you to create personalized invoices instantly. Client data from the EngageBay CRM are automatically inserted into an invoice - just select the appropriate Contact or Lead. Recurring invoices are supported. Products and services that are included in an invoice can be selected from existing items, or you can create new ones on the fly. Once that is done, you can send the invoice directly from your CRM to the client's email address, save the invoice as a PDF file, and even print it out right from your web browser!

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Sales targets and quotas

Sales targets may be set directly inside EngageBay's B2B CRM software. This means that you can set corresponding goals for each of your sales agents, each pipeline, entire company, and then track their progress in real time. They can be set in two different ways - either as a number of deals that have to be won for a set period of time, or a minimum required sales volume.

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CRM Website Forms

The web form builder inside EngageBay may be used to create different forms. A wide variety of rich and appealing templates are already available, or you can even build your own, should you choose to. The forms are entirely customizable, including using custom CSS and images, and can be embedded into websites. The information submitted via these forms ends up in EngageBay B2B CRM as leads, contacts, companies, deals, quotes or invoices, depending on the settings selected.

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