Routine Tasks? Use support macros and save hours everyday.

Support macros act as shortcuts when responding to similar queries repeatedly. They free up agents time so they can focus on tickets and not on routine tasks.

Use support macros

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What are macros?

A macro is a prepared response or action that agents use to respond to support requests. You can simply streamline your workflow by creating macros for support requests that can be answered with a single, standard response. This saves you the time and effort of crafting a separate response to each customer with the same issue.

What are macros?

Save hours

Macros work on if/then conditions for example if a particular tag is added to a ticket then the ticket status is set to priority etc. You can manually apply one or more macros to a ticket at once. Keep in mind that what one macro does can easily be undone by another macro. The actions defined in the macro will be applied. If the macro updated the ticket comment, you can edit the text before submitting the ticket.

macro updated the ticket comment

Applying macros to tickets

    Macros can be used to set ticket properties, add or modify tags, etc here are some pre-defined macros
  • Set Ticket status - use this action to replace the ticket's current status.
  • Set Priority - the priority can be set to Low, Normal, High or Urgent.
  • Set ticket type - Question, incident, problem or a task.
  • Add or remove tags using macros
Applying macros to tickets
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