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SIMPLE CONTACT MANAGEMENT personalised and targeted marketing campaigns View your deal pipeline visually schedule appointments automatically UNLIMITED MAILBOXES engagebay broadcast engagebay email sequences

Simple Contact Management

Get a complete view of every interaction you ever had with your leads and track every information. Gain deep customer insights to market and sell better. Build stronger customer relationships to convert leads to happy customers.

Targeted Marketing To Companies

Organize companies and the key contacts in each organization in one easy place so you can run personalised and targeted marketing campaigns that will convert.

Visual Deal Pipeline

View your deal pipeline visually and track the status of every single deal in one place organized by the stages.

Task Management

Streamline the sales processes by creating tasks and assigning to the sales team members. Enhance productivity of every sales person by showing the tasks assigned to him so he can better focus and close the deal.

Schedule Appointments

Each sales person can publish his individual calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule appointments automatically without intervention. The calendar stays full automatically so one can focus on sales.

Unlimited Mailboxes (2-Way Sync)

Capture every email your team ever exchanged with the customer in one place. This helps everyone on the team to be on same page and also have a record for future reference. Never miss an important communication with the customer and stay organized.

One tool for marketing and sales Engagebay
EngageBay crm platform

One tool for marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales teams always remain aligned when they both use the common EngageBay platform. Moving the leads from Marketing to Sales now will be a breeze. No more confusing metrics or complex handoff process. Sales and Marketing teams can work as a single team and win customers like never before. Our free small business crm facilitates better alignment between the Marketing and Sales teams, streamlines processes and improves revenue.

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Engagebay deals pipeline
View your deal pipeline visually Get complete visibility into your pipeline

Get complete visibility into your pipeline

View your deal pipeline visually and track the status of every deal in one place organized by the stages. Move the deal from one stage to another through simple drag and drop operations. Managing deals is now super easy with our free small business crm.

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Engagebay Task management
Know the tasks to work on

Know the tasks to work on

Follow ups play the most vital role in closing a sale. Never lose a follow up ever again through EngageBay. Create easy to do tasks on each lead and track all your to-do tasks in one easy place and be on top of every task. Automate creation of tasks by setting up rules. Receive periodic reminders to never miss a task. Our free CRM system makes task management a breeze.

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Engagebay contact detail management
View every detail about a contact in one place

View every detail about a contact in one place

EngageBay's CRM software stores each and every interaction you had with the customer including calls, emails, meetings, notes and more. This information is presented to you in a timeline fashion so you can get a complete overview of the contact anytime. You will never dig through your inbox, spreadsheets or dozens of other software tools you use. With EngageBay marketing and its integrated small business CRM, you have every detail from the time the lead landed up on your website for the first time to how happy he is as a customer.

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sales gamification in Engagebay
sales efficiency Engagement for enhanced sales efficiency

Engagement for enhanced sales efficiency

Motivate and engage your sales team by using leaderboards and gamification. Create a high-performance culture within your sales team.

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Engagebay lead scoring
potential leads Locate your most potential leads

Locate your most potential leads

EngageBay's Lead Scoring system identifies your most qualified leads, lets you track engagement and know who to follow up with. Now talk to your promising leads and close more deals.

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CRM Guide

future of marketing automation

What Is CRM?

As you know from reading this blog, marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500s alike.

future of marketing automation

What does CRM offer to Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams?

As you know from reading this blog, marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500s alike.

future of marketing automation

Benefits of having a CRM System - Is CRM really necessary?

As you know from reading this blog, marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500s alike.

future of marketing automation

Dispelling the Myth About CRM

As you know from reading this blog, marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500s alike.

future of marketing automation

How to Create a Successful CRM Strategy?

As you know from reading this blog, marketing automation can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500s alike.

future of marketing automation

CRM Usecases

CRM is one of the strategic investments in your business. It’s useful to every company of any size in every industry. But what specific benefits does it bring to your business and to your industry? We will have a look at them in this section.

future of marketing automation

Features of a CRM

CRM has a lot of features. But you will find a set of common features in every CRM system on the market. Let’s explore the features contact management, project management, telephony, appointment scheduling, etc.,

future of marketing automation

How to Select a CRM Software?

All roads to profitable revenue and sales pass through a robust, future-ready CRM. After seeing all the benefits and applications, it’s time to select a CRM that’s going to be a major part of the success of your business.

future of marketing automation

Cloud CRM vs In-house CRM

Cloud CRM is a web-based software where all the code resides on the “cloud”. Here, ‘cloud’ is simply an umbrella term. It means the software doesn’t need to be installed on your company's network computers.

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CRM Blog Articles

future of marketing automation

9 CRM Techniques that Improve your Marketing Strategy

According to SuperOffice, CRM has grown to be "the biggest software market in the world." In the next six years (2025), it's expected that revenue will shift upwards in the ballpark of $80 billion.

future of marketing automation

What is a CRM Database and how to Use it the Best Way

Technically, a database is any meaningful organization of data. We use this organized data for different end goals and wide-ranging applications.

future of marketing automation

8 Elements of Successful CRM Implementation

The customer is KING and your relationship with them is important to drive your business growth, prosperity and success. As you grow, your customers grow as well.

future of marketing automation

10 Ways CRM can Help Create Better Email Campaigns

Customer relationship management or CRM software provides insights into your customers that let you market to them effectively. You can also use this software to strengthen the preexisting relationship with said customers.

future of marketing automation

Can your Small Business Survive without CRM?

Congratulations are certainly in order, for this is no easy feat. You’ve tasted all this success and yet you haven’t even invested in customer relationship management software, also called CRM software.

future of marketing automation

7 Fundamental CRM Metrics you should be Measuring

Hey! Are you curious to understand the complexity of the terms CRM and CRM metrics? Are you eager to know the most important CRM metrics for the success of your organization?

future of marketing automation

Easy-to-use CRM the Best Sales Software for your Small Business

Customer relationship management software is supposed to be, well, easy to manage. Its entire purpose is tracking and building your relationships with your customers.

future of marketing automation

Understanding how CRM can Boost your B2B Marketing Efforts

According to SuperOffice, "CRM software is now the biggest software market in the world." They go on to say that once 2025 rolls around, CRM software should bring in $80+ billion for its users.

future of marketing automation

What is Social CRM and how can it Help your B2B Efforts

Today, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Very few of us can go more than a few hours without checking our Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feeds. Your customers probably fall into the same camp.

future of marketing automation

The 8 Biggest Benefits of Cloud-Based CRM

Today, almost everything we do is in the cloud. From the data on our computers to that on our smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other daily devices, the cloud stores anything and everything so our devices don’t have to.

future of marketing automation

The Case for a Unified Marketing, Sales and Service Platform

In modern marketing, nothing stays still for long. The rise of automation software and the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) are well-documented. However, for many businesses, new ideas like CRM integration have been viewed as a superfluous option.

future of marketing automation

10 Reasons why SaaS Companies Invest in CRM Software

Hey! Are you curious to explore the SaaS CRM software? Do you want to have an in-depth explanation about SaaS companies to be able to invest in CRM software? Let us go ahead and explore the necessary set of details inside this article and build our knowledge base.

future of marketing automation

6 Challenges of CRM Implementation

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) and moving to the cloud, many business owners walk a line between confusion and fear. The perceived challenges of CRM platforms can be enough to deter companies from making the switch at all.

future of marketing automation

12 Best Practices to Improve CRM User Adoption

If you are already convinced about CRM, the next thing you need to worry about is the manner and the pace of its adoption in your organization. Adopting CRM the right way definitely benefits your enterprise, no doubt about that. However, more often than not, people get the process wrong and hence, the debacles!

future of marketing automation

How to Use a CRM for ECommerce Personalization

This is a customer-centric era. Regardless of what industry you are in, or what your products or services are, you need to prove that you understand your customers – and show you can deliver on their needs.

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CRM Software FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why is CRM software important for a small business?

    As a small business, you might think there’s no room in the budget for customer relationship management software. Many CRM tools are more affordable than you might have thought, such as our CRM through EngageBay. It’s always free to customers, even if you don’t use our other services.

    It’s very important for small businesses to prioritize CRM. This way, before your business grows, you’ll have a solid grasp on how to manage your customers. By importing all your customers into one list, you can see who’s who, sort and filter them for targeted campaigns, and even do lead scoring.

    With CRM, you can also make your customer service more efficient as you answer customer queries faster. This improves the satisfaction of your customers and bolsters your company’s reputation in the process.

    Also, you can use CRM to shape your sales and marketing techniques. Very importantly, your software acts as a revenue tracker, reviewing the sources of income your campaigns generate as well as how much. Every last cent matters to a small business, so seeing what comes in lets you plan better for your financial future.

  • How is CRM software going to save me time?

    As a busy business owner, time is at a premium. Luckily, a CRM system can put a lot more free time on your schedule.

    For one, you can sync your company’s email to your CRM software. This lets you spearhead your email marketing in new and interesting ways. As an example, you can now automate welcome emails, follow-ups, pre-order reminders, abandoned cart emails, and countless other crucial messages.

    With mobile CRM, there’s no need for your coworkers to be tethered to their computers around the clock to get things done. If these staff members have to travel, meet with clients, or leave the office for any other reason, they can still stay up to date on what’s going on with the company.

    The analytics your CRM software provides can also be a big help. You can use this handy data to make more accurate predictions about which tactics and campaigns will leave the biggest mark the next time. This saves you major time and money since you can immediately discard methods you’re sure won’t work.

  • How does CRM help sales?

    Through implementing sales CRM, your sales team can majorly benefit. Automation through the software means your team can stop wasting time on menial admin tasks that take away from finding new leads and closing deals.

    Through lead scoring, contact list segmentation, and related methods, it’s possible to understand your prospects and customers better. You can then make customer avatars or profiles that act as a blueprint to rely on when selling.

    Syncing such data as emails, document templates, and calendars lets the whole sales team stay abreast of what’s going on at the office, even if they’re not all in the same place. This way, no two sales team members try erroneously selling to the same person.

    Through CRM, your sales team can generate weekly reports revealing sales statistics. If you have a superstar seller, they can continue gaining momentum. Others who maybe didn’t have the best week can make changes using the above data to streamline and improve their selling process.

  • Can I increase my sales through CRM?

    Sales are critical for a small business, as failing to get enough could mean shuttering your doors (even if those doors are only digital). Through your CRM, you can set up several revenue streams that can increase your sales. Let’s talk about a few of these now:

    • Referrals: A referral network can keep adding more and more business on your plate, thus increasing revenue. An automated series of emails that encourages your customers to refer your company to others can be all you need to get the referral ball rolling.
    • Suggestion selling: If your customer just bought a camera, can you also sell them a carrying bag or a charging cable? Through cross-selling and upselling, the additional products your company carries can net you more money beyond that initial sale.
    • Long-term relationship-building: By using CRM to nurture and engage with your audience, you maintain their trust and interest. This keeps them buying from you again and again, boosting your sales.
  • How does CRM help marketing?

    CRM has proven crucial to salespeople, but what about marketing CRM? It’s just as necessary. Those same customer profiles or avatars your sales team uses to make more targeted sales can also help your marketing team. They can review a customer’s interests, pain points, and needs and then create a targeted campaign that seems tailor-made just for the customer.

    Also, your marketing team, should they get to leads before your sales professionals do, can segment and filter these leads. The raw leads then get sorted into categories like prospects and even marketing-qualified leads. Once a lead reaches that point, they’ve shown a certain receptivity to the efforts of the marketing team.

    The marketers could then send this lead along to the sales team. Since they’re more willing to take advantage of a sales offer, these qualified leads can increase sales. It’s a win-win for the entire company.

  • How does CRM help customer service?

    A customer service team plays a very important role for a business of any size. CRM tools can make the lives of this sales team easier as they can do their job even more efficiently. It is called customer relationship management software for a reason, after all.

    For one, your customer service reps can manage their customers with ease, relying on email templates, automation, and even chatbots to provide customers with the immediate answers they want. It also becomes possible to manage every last customer with CRM so no one falls through the cracks. This maintains your company’s customer base and keeps them happy, too.

    From email to chat, phone, and more, your customer service team has plenty of options for staying in touch with customers, maybe more so than ever before.

  • How to pick the right CRM?

    You’ve decided a CRM is best for your small business. The challenge now is selecting the right one. How do you go about doing this? Keep the following factors in mind:

    • Features: Reading to this point has made you realize you need a slew of features for your own CRM software. Once you identify those key features, don’t renege on them as you browse through all your CRM options. You want to keep shopping around until you find a tool that has everything you need. If you don’t, then you’ll have to turn around and drop more money for extra software to fill in the gaps.
    • Pricing: You also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on your CRM. As a small business, you can’t afford to. While CRM can be expensive, it isn’t always. You do want to think of this as an investment, though, one that can pay back what you spend in spades.
    • Customer support: Should you have a question about how the software works, how long will it take you to get a response? The CRM’s customer support team should be fast and answer customer queries in a reasonable time. Even if you happen to know your CRM inside and out, glitches, crashes, and other technical issues can interrupt your workflow. Your CRM’s customer support team should be able to pinpoint and resolve the problem right away.
    • Scalability: Your company may be small now, but it won’t always be. When you grow, can your CRM grow with you? How difficult is it to onboard new employees? How many accounts can you have before you’re charged more money? Keep all that in mind as you choose your CRM.
  • Why use EngageBay for my small business?

    If you’re still looking for a CRM for your small business, we recommend EngageBay. Our CRM is free to use, making it convenient for small businesses to get started with us today. When you sign up for an EngageBay account, you can take advantage of our sales CRM as well. Through this feature, you can manage contacts, score them, and even create your own custom filters.

    You also can manage your active and past campaigns, make and use templates, and create and edit landing pages and forms. It’s very simple to toggle between sales and marketing campaigns as well, keeping both teams working together seamlessly.

    Other features include:

    • Customer reports based on the criteria and metrics that matter most to you and your company.
    • Sales gamification, including sales team leaderboards.
    • Automation through contacts, email marketing, newsletters, sales, and so much more.
    • CRM calling, such as auto-dialing and call broadcasting to as many or as few contacts as you want.
    • Scheduling appointments, which are all done automatically so your sales team can stay focused.

Marketing Expert from WebXpertos

I wanted to recommend EngageBay to all those small businesses out there that are looking to grow their businesses through a marketing and sales automation platform. We've been able to see a great adaption of our agency clients to the EngageBay platform and being able to leverage their digital marketing efforts.

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