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EngageBay CRM helps you organize all your email contacts, track deals and the sales pipeline to grow your sales, and build meaningful customer relationships

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One tool for marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales teams always remain aligned when both teams use the common EngageBay platform. Moving the leads from Marketing to Sales is a breeze. No more confusing metrics or complex handoff process. Your Sales and Marketing workforce can work as a single team and win customers like never before. Our free CRM for small businesses facilitates better alignment between the Marketing and Sales teams.

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Stay organized with simple contact management

Maintain and organize all your contacts and companies in one place. View select contacts by applying number of readily available filters. Save your contacts into lists for easier access in the future. Our free CRM for small businesses enables companies to organize all their vendor and client information in one place.

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Get complete visibility into your pipeline

View your deal pipeline visually and track the status of every deal in one place by the stages. Move the deal from one stage to another through simple drag and drop operations. Your Sales team can easily manage deals with our free CRM for small businesses.

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Schedule meetings effortlessly

Avoid back and forth emails and provide an option for your leads top schedule appointments automatically from your calendar. Eliminate manual admin work and improve your efficiency by focusing on the things that matter the most. Our free CRM software frees you from managing meetings and allows you focus solely on customer relationships.

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Know the tasks to work on

Follow ups play the most vital role in closing a sale. Never lose a follow up ever again through EngageBay. Create easy to do tasks on each lead and track all your to-do tasks in one easy place and be on top of them. Automate creation of tasks by setting up rules so you're on top of the game. Receive periodic reminders so you never miss a task ever again. Our free CRM system makes task management a breeze.

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Don't waste a minute on data entry. Every activity is logged automatically.

All your emails, calls, notes and lead progress are tracked automatically. Never spend another moment of your time on the mundane admin tasks. Let EngageBay handle these activities while you focus on selling.

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View every detail about a contact in one place

EngageBay's CRM software stores each and every interaction you had with the customer including calls, emails, meetings, notes and more. This information is presented to you in a timeline fashion so you can get a complete overview of the contact anytime. You will never dig through your inbox, spreadsheets or dozens of other software tools you use. With EngageBay marketing and its integrated free CRM system, you have every detail from the time the lead landed up on your website for the first time to how happy he is as a customer.

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Simple yet powerful sales reporting

Get a complete grasp on your sales processes and numbers using our powerful sales reporting module. All the data you require to make meaningful decisions is available at your finger tips. Slice and dice the data in as many as you need to draw powerful insights to grow your sales and streamline sales process and boost efficiency.

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