Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements Outline when & what a customer will receive. Ensure the team meets the expected SLA’s for superior customer experience. An unresolved ticket directly affects customer satisfaction

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Flexible ticket views to suit everyone!

Views help you organize your tickets by grouping them into lists based on different criteria. You can create a view for solved tickets that are assigned to you, a view for new tickets that need to be assigned, or a view for pending tickets. Using views can help you determine which tickets need attention from you or your team and plan accordingly.

A view consists of one or more conditions that define a collection of tickets to display. If the conditions are met, the ticket is included in the view. By using views you can easily search for tickets based on different criteria.

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Set Expected Timeframes

Support Level Agreement is an easy way to track down the time it takes for your agents to solve support requests/queries. These are contracts or agreements between a support agent and customers to track the time to solve support requests. It allows one to use the timer depending upon the status of the ticket raised.

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Key Performance Indicator

Service Level Agreements helps you to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your agents and track their performance against those KPIs. Your support agents see them as a timeline which indicates remaining time to solve a support request. if a service agent is waiting for confirmation from the customer, the status reason will be set to “Awaiting for confirmation” and pauses automatically.

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SLA based reports

SLA reporting enables you to view your agent's performance, time taken for an issue to be resolved, how well you are meeting your SLA policies; etc These reports help you analyze areas for improvement and top performers. Slice and dice the data in as many ways as you want. Draw meaningful insights and streamline support process and boost efficiency.

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