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When you look at HubSpot’s pricing page, It’s clear that it is meant for mid-level businesses and enterprises. Where do small businesses go?

EngageBay has all the tools a marketing team needs. It is an affordable, feature-rich HubSpot alternative.

  • NO compromise on features
  • NO predatory pricing
  • EVERYTHING you need to automate your marketing and grow your online business
  • AT PRICES that won’t require you to take more loans or rob a bank.

EngageBay brings the power of HubSpot into the hands of small businesses.

Intrigued? Let’s tell you more about why EngageBay is one of the best HubSpot alternatives in 2018.


Reduce your marketing budget by over 90%

EngageBay offers you the flexibility of monthly and annual payments. Our Basic plan costs $7 / month and our Enterprise plan costs $200 / month. If you don’t need a dedicated IP or account manager, you can select the $64 / month plan. For those looking for a free alternative to HubSpot, we have a free plan or a 14-day free trial to choose from.


Get more out of your marketing money

Out of all HubSpot alternatives, we are among the few that provide true value for money. Our least expensive plan gives you 2.5 times more contacts at less than one-fifth of price of similar plan at HubSpot. We offer 100,000 contacts in our Enterprise plan - this is 10X .higher than HubSpot’s most expensive plan.


Save even more money with smart pricing

At EngageBay, we follow a usage-based pricing model. You get 5000-20,000 FREE EMAILS depending on your plan. For more emails, you just buy email extension packs.


No annual commitments required

At EngageBay, we have monthly and annual payments for all plans. You can try out any plan for as many months as you like, before you pay for the full year. No need to hastily buy an annual plan and then regret wasting your money. If you are unhappy, don’t renew the plan. That’s another way how EngageBay is friendly to small businesses!


No locking into your blog

You pay such a high amount so you would expect at least some customer-friendly features. One of the biggest annoyances of using HubSpot is that it locks into your blog after installation. EngageBay doesn’t lock in into your blog. When you decide to leave EngageBay, there will be no dependency with us. EngageBay is truly the HubSpot alternative you were looking for!

Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

  • HubSpot Dashboard can get complicated easily with too many options. How does EngageBay solve this problem?

    HubSpot doesn’t solely offer marketing software, but also sales and customer relationship management or CRM software. If you spend the money for all those, your HubSpot dashboard is going to look quite cluttered and hard to manage.

    Here at EngageBay, we do marketing, and we’re very good at it.

    We want our customers to enjoy all the marketing features at low cost without any compromise on usability. Our all-in-one inbound marketing software is designed for simplicity. You won’t spend hours trying to figure out your dashboard and features like you would with HubSpot.

    Unlike HubSpot, EngageBay has no mandatory on-boarding fee. If you get stuck anywhere, you can seek help from our support associates.

  • Do you charge extra for mobile optimization?

    At EngageBay, we understand acknowledge that any business with an online presence must take mobile traffic seriously.

    All of our pricing plans (free and paid) come with mobile optimization built in. You don’t have to pay anything extra to avail such a fundamental marketing feature.

    Talking about fundamental features, what’s the use of collecting leads if you can’t send them emails? EngageBay makes email marketing simple, quick, and efficient. Want to stay connected with your potential customers? Quickly select any template, customize it with point-and-click editor, select the recipients, optimize the settings, and send your message to the customers.

  • Is there any onboarding fee with EngageBay?

    If you do decide to take the plunge and pay for HubSpot, you’ll be charged more than just your monthly fee. There’s both a mandatory on-boarding session fee and the yearly payment, both of which you pay at the start of becoming a HubSpot user.

    The onboarding session costs anywhere between $600 to $3,000, depending on the plan you select. There are no monthly payment plans, either. So, if you need to try out for a month before going for yearly subscription, you don't have that option. Both fees are mentioned on the pricing page, but if you don’t look for them, you might miss them.

    With EngageBay, we don’t require any such mandatory charges. There’s no onboarding session fee here. We have both, a monthly payment option and a yearly payment option (with discounts).

    For more details, check our pricing page out. You’ll see there are no surprises.

  • What features does an EngageBay customer get for less than $100 / month?

    Even with their $50 / month Starter plan, HubSpot’s email marketing features are limited:

    • You cannot send more than 5 emails per month to each contact.
    • List segmentation is included but its criteria are limited.
    • No landing pages, no calls-to-action, no social media integration, no a/b testing, no triggers, no marketing automation in HubSpot $50 / month plan. For using any of these functionalities, you will have to invest in extra tools.

    On HubSpot, all these functions will cost $800 / month paid yearly. There is also a mandatory on-boarding fee of $3000 that you can’t skip. It takes over $15,000 of initial payment to get started - and that’s even before adding the taxes.

    You need landing pages, A/B testing, detailed segmentation, and marketing automation to have a growth-enabling ecosystem. It helps your marketing team thrive and achieve or even exceed your marketing goals.

    At EngageBay, you can enjoy all these features for just $79.99 / month. Your payment goes down even further to just $63.99 / month, if you purchase an yearly contract. No onboarding fees, no hidden charges, and guaranteed phone support included in this plan.

  • Is EngageBay suitable for startups or small companies?

    Our founders are owners of startups and small businesses just like you. We understand that money is tight in those early days. We also know how important it is to successfully market your new company. HubSpot’s audience seems to be mid-sized or even Fortune 500 companies with unlimited budgets instead of small businesses like yours.

    Your budget isn’t even close to unlimited, nor is your time. By trying to learn and integrate several other programs or software into your current system, you waste time. Yet manually doing all your marketing sucks up even more time.

    That’s why we’re here. EngageBay is made for small businesses who want all the marketing features of HubSpot but without the hefty price tag.

    And yes - email marketing is included in our free plan!

    List creation and management, email sequences, and email/phone support - all these features cost at least $50 / month with HubSpot. EngageBay understands the budget constraints for small businesses.

    All these features are included in our plans starting from $6.99 / month if you bill annually and $9.99 / month for monthly billing. Our most expensive package, the Enterprise package, costs less than $200 / month (on yearly contract). We think that price is much more aligned with budgets of most growing companies.


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