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Why EngageBay is the best CRM for your small business

Manage your contacts simply

Enjoy a single-point view of all your contacts to stay completely organized. Apply pre-set or customizable filters to view contact groups. Save your contacts by different lists for easier future access. Our free small business CRM software helps growing companies to organize all their customer information in one place to run targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

contact management

Grab. Nurture. Sell

Inline and popup forms help you capture new leads and EngageBay’s holistic customer view gives you a complete view of every interaction you ever had with your leads and track every information. Dramatically improve your conversions by using our web forms. They are simple to create, and are stylish, responsive and render beautifully on any device. Display the right message at the right time and grow your subscriber lists significantly. Nurture these leads and convert them to delighted customers using our other powerful marketing tools with EngageBay's complete crm for small business.

Grab . Nurture . Sell

Automate Lead Scoring

Would you want your sales team to spend time on inactive leads which will never turn into a sale? No right, EngageBay automates the lead scoring process and allows you to track down all the hot leads that are highly active by giving them a score when emails are opened, links clicked, fills a form, etc.. Such leads are automatically passed on to your sales team once the scoring model qualifies them, and information regarding all the stages that the lead has gone through before being qualified is seen on the contacts timeline.

telephony feature

Enjoy complete pipeline visibility

View and manage your deal pipeline and track each deal status organized by stages in a single place. Moreover, EngageBay's breakthrough crm software for small business helps you move a deal from one stage to another through simple drag and drop operations. Managing deals is now super easy with our free small business crm.

deal management

Automated and effortless tasks and appointments scheduling

With EngageBay's top CRM for small business, streamline the sales processes seamlessly by creating and adding tasks automatically when a lead is assigned to the agent. Here, every one of the sales agents may publish their individual calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule appointments/tasks automatically without the need for any manual intervention. The calendar stays full automatically so the team can focus exclusively on their core job, sales.

appointment scheduling

Customize your Email Marketing

EngageBay’s email sequence lets you stay connected with your customers without doing the repetitive work. Set up the sequence once and let our system send the queued emails automatically as per their schedule. Capture leads with our customizable forms and Popups. Design engaging emails and run email marketing campaigns at the click of a button. Our easy to use software helps you effortlessly build emails, measure performance and get better click-through rates. You would no longer miss sending follow-up emails to a prospect who is making progress through your sales funnel with our simple crm system for small business.

email marketing

Automated activity logs

How time-saving from manual data-entry would it be if all your emails, calls, notes and lead progress were tracked automatically. Well, with EngageBay's automated activity logs, your wish is our command. Never spend another moment of your time on the mundane admin tasks. Let EngageBay's free crm software for small business handle these activities while you focus on selling.

Rich Email Templates

Powerful, simple sales reporting

Get a bird's eye view of your sales processes and data using EngageBay's powerful sales reporting module. All the data you require to make meaningful decisions is available at your fingertips. Slice and dice the data in as many ways as you need. Draw powerful insights to streamline sales process, boost efficiency and grow revenue with the best crm software for small business.

crm reporting

State-of-the-art Telephony

Receive and make calls to your contacts without ever leaving your CRM software. Eliminate call constraints such as misdialing, excessive wait times and/or call drops. EngageBay's Call Broadcast feature auto-dials numbers pertaining to a selected list of contacts on behalf of your agents. EngageBay's comprehensive small business crm software has your back every which way.

telephony crm


Sales gamification motivates your sales team to deliver results. Use our leaderboard feature to build competition among your sales reps with side-by-side comparisons of individual performance (calls made, deals won, revenue generated and more) Our leaderboard lets the user to customize their dashboard and can have real-time updates with EngageBay's small business crm software.

Sales gamification

CRM Analytics

Now you can track every metric of customer behavior and get insights into pages read, time spent per page and a lot more. Use our powerful email tracker to keep a track of your prospect's actions. Be notified when someone opens an email or clicks a link in the email.

crm reporting

How to Choose The Best CRM for Small Business FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How easy is it to use a CRM?

    Using a small business CRM is not rocket science and Engagebay makes it much easier. One can create landing pages, email templates web forms; etc without coding. Integrate with third-party tools like a breeze using our ready-made API’s & Tracking codes. Still feels like a tough job? Our support agents are always ready to assist you.

  • Do a small business really need a CRM?

    Yes, a good small business CRM saves Time & Money. In the initial days you probably handle a small number of clients whose details might be on your fingertips.whe,n your business begins to grow you will have to keep up with business and maintain relationships and EngageBay helps you do this. A CRM for small businesses saves money and time for businesses by automating your daily tasks like sending emails updating contacts etc. This gives you time to work on higher-value tasks. Improve customer satisfaction Helps you To build and nurture customer relationship and hence connect with the customer for further business.

  • How Does a CRM help business in maximizing its revenue?

    Using it the right way, a small business CRM definitely helps you in maximizing revenue. CRM helps streamline the entire sales process which results in closing more deals in your sales pipeline and helps your team to reach targets faster. EngageBay is free to try! Signup now and see what it can do for your Business.

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