70 Emojis You Thought You Knew and Their Actual Meaning


As a marketer, before you use an emoji in your next campaign, you need to have its meaning on lock.

Everyone knows what the smiley face emoji, crying face emoji, laughing emoji, and the like mean. These are straightforward. 

But, what about the padlock emoji? Or this emoji: 💠 

What in the world are they supposed to mean?

Confused Always Sunny GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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In today’s blog post, we’ll investigate quite a few misunderstood emojis. We’ll tell you what they really mean, so you can leave the confusion behind you and text them out with peace of mind 😄

We’ll help you understand all the popular emojis and their meaning. We’ll cover faces and smileys, emojis of objects, symbols and gestures, unfamiliar or obscure emojis, slang emojis, and emojis with double meaning!

Table of Contents

70 Emojis and Their Meanings

Here’s a list of 70 emojis and their meanings. In the next section, we’ll look at how to use all of these emojis.

Emoji Faces & Smileys 

Emoji Symbol Emoji Name  Original Meaning 
😤 Snorting smoke face Expression of triumph
😲 Astonished face Look of astonishment
🤗 Hugs Offering a hug
🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROFL) Hysterical laughter
🤩 Starstruck face Finding someone fascinating, interesting, or exciting
😶 Face without mouth  Humility or speechlessness
🙄 Face with rolling eyes Disdain, frustration, or boredom 
🧐 Face with monocle Smug intelligence (aka smarty-pants)
💀 Skull A figurative death or dying from laughter or affection 
😭 Loudly crying face Intense grief or intense laughter, pride, or joy
😬 Grimacing Face Nervousness or awkwardness
😷 Face with medical mask Wearing a mask to avoid airborne diseases like Covid
🥴 Woozy face Intoxication or infatuation
😣 Persevering face Sadness, frustration, and helplessness
😞 Disappointed face  Disappointment or regret
🤑 Money mouth face Making money, feeling rich
🤓 Nerd face Nerdy or bookish person/situation
🤡 Clown face A foolish or naive person (often used for self-deprecating jokes)
💁‍♀️ Information desk women Offering assistance/answers/guidance
🙇 Bowing person Bowing as a sign of respect
🙆🏼‍♀️ Arms raised overhead women Gesturing OK
🙋 Person raising hand Indicates that a person has a question or wants to be included
🙅‍♀️ Woman gesturing no The “X” sign indicates “no” or “no deal”
🧚 Fairy Fairy or feeling light and happy
👽 Alien A weird or strange person

Objects 👇

Emoji Symbol Emoji Name  Original Meaning
🔒 Padlock Security, safety
🧢 Billed Cap Slang term for “lie”, as in “no cap”
💍 Ring Marriage or proposal
🪔 Diya Lamp Light, lamp, hope
📿 Prayer Beads Refers to religious jewelry and magic
📖 Open Book Interest in reading or writing, or a straightforward person
💸 Money with wings Losing or gaining large sums of money
⚖️ Balance Scale  Indicates issues of justice or balance; a symbol for the Libra zodiac sign
💌 Love Letter A love note, greeting card, or letter
💣 Bomb Figurative bombs or explosions (e.g., hitting a homerun or finding someone attractive) 
💡 Light bulb A great idea 
🧿 Nazar amulet Protection against the evil eye
🎐 Windchime  Windchime (often mistakenly used for jellyfish)

Symbols and Gestures 👇

Emoji Symbol Emoji Name Original Meaning
🖖 Vulcan Salute Sending good wishes like “live long and prosper”
🖐️ Hand with fingers splayed The number 5
👌 OK Hand Means “okay” or “fine” but may be offensive in some cultures
🤟 Love-You gesture Means “I love you” in American Sign Language (ASL)
🤘 Sign of the horns  “Rock on” in slang, but has other meanings too
🤙 Call-Me hand Used to ask someone to call you
🤲 Open hands Praying or “open book” in ASL
💅 Nail Polish Attitude of nonchalance or indifference
🙏 Folded hands Saying thank you or please
Hollow red circle Correct/right (Japanese-style)
🔰 Multicolored chevron New
💓 Beating/vibrating heart Beating heart
💫 Comet star Starstruck/dizziness
❤️‍🩹 Mending heart Healing/Empathy
💯 Hundred points Complete agreement or 100%

Lesser-known Emojis 👇

Emoji Symbol  Emoji Name  Original Meaning
💢 Anger Symbol Anger (comes from Manga)
⚜️ Fleur-de-lis Taking pride in French heritage
💠 Diamond with a dot  Something cute (in Japanese)
📛 Name Badge Name tag used by kids in Japan
🈹 Japanese “Discount” Button Reduced prices or sale 
🗿 Moai Figures on easter island, and conveying a deadpan or stoic expression
🎴 Flower playing cards A type of playing card from Japan
🚱 Non-potable water Water that’s only suited to non-drinking purposes
Sparkles  Beauty, gratitude, and love; used for added emphasis or sarcasm

Slang Emojis with Double Meanings 

Emoji Symbol  Emoji Name  Slang Meanings
🥵 Hot face Finding someone sexually attractive
👻 Ghost Getting ghosted or ignored by someone you’re dating/messaging
🐍 Snake When a person backstabs you
🌶️ Hot pepper Inappropriate or risky content
🐐 GOAT Greatest of all time 
🍵 Teacup  Tea or the latest gossip 
🎣 Fishing pole Fishing for attention, compliments, etc. 
👏 Clapping hands Passive-aggressive or sarcastic tone when used between words

You can also copy these emojis and use them whenever you want! 

How to Use Emoji Faces & Smileys

Emojis help us express almost every kind of emotion known to humans. Here’s a rundown of emoji faces and smileys. 

1. Snorting smoke face 😤

This emoji must be mad as all heck, isn’t that correct?

😤 Face With Steam From Nose Emoji — Meaning In Texting, Copy & Paste 📚

Well, you would think so, but the official meaning of this emoji is supposed to be an expression of triumph. We’re not sure how you look when you’re triumphant, but it’s usually not like that.

But, here’s a real-life example. And, she is triumphant for sure! 👇

Face blowing smoke emoji example
Source: Twitter

2. Astonished face 😲

Admittedly, this emoji doesn’t have the most complex meaning. After all, it looks surprised, and being astonished and surprised aren’t worlds apart.

Astonished Face on Apple iOS 16.4

Still, isn’t it nice to know how to use this emoji going forward? This teacher sure does! 👇

Astonished face emoji example
Source: Twitter

3. Hug emoji 🤗

Many people assume this rosy-cheeked smiley is throwing jazz hands and is quite pleased about it.

hugging emoji

The presence of the oddly humanoid hands on this emoji is supposed to represent giving a hug. There’s not yet a better hug emoji, so you’ll have to settle for this one! 

hug emoji example

4. Rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) emoji 🤣

This emoji doesn’t just express laughter. No, it shows that you’re laughing so hard that tears fall down your eyes as you roll around the floor. 

Rolling on the floor laughing emoji

Here’s how it’s used. 👇

Rofl emoji example

5. Star-struck face 🤩

When was the last time you met your favorite celebrity? This emoji pretty much sums up how you felt –amazed, awestruck, and incredibly excited!

star struck emoji

You can also use this emoji to show support and admiration for the people you love. But, most people use it for moments like this. 👇

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6. Face without a mouth 😶

This emoji sure says a lot, even without a mouth. And, sometimes silence can be louder than words. 

face without mouth emoji

This emoji is pretty versatile. Did you hear something very witty? Or, are you feeling isolated from the outside world? Or, maybe you’re feeling hopeless or cynical? This emoji will help you say all this without words. 

face without mouth emoji example
Source: Twitter

7. Face with rolling eyes 🙄

We’re no strangers to seeing people roll their eyes in frustration! And, we’ve all probably done this at some point. If you thought this emoji expresses boredom — then you’re right about that too. rolling eyes emoji example

Instead of saying “whatever”, or “it is what it is”, this emoji will say it for you without any words. 

8. Face with a monocle 🧐

What does this face remind you of? Probably an old person judging you, right? You’d be correct. 

face with monocle emoji 

But, this isn’t the only meaning of this emoji. Are you thinking a lot but unable to take a decision? Or, perhaps you’re skeptical of something your friend just said. 

9. Skull emoji 💀

You missed the mark if you thought this emoji was used for serious occasions. This emoji represents a metaphorical death. 

Skull emoji

But, Gen-Z has now replaced the laughing emoji with the skull emoji to say “This is so funny that I’m dead now”

Skull emoji example

10. Loudly crying face 😭

The loudly crying face can mean that you’re crying uncontrollably. But, that’s not the only meaning. 



But, did you know that this emoji can also mean uncontrollable laughter? It could also mean intense excitement. Here’s an example — “BTS is finally coming to my city. 😭😭” You can also use this emoji in a context like this. 👇

loudly crying emoji example
Source: Twitter

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11. Grimacing face 😬

Doesn’t this emoji look super nervous to you? If it does, you’re on the right track. It depicts a face that’s clenching its teeth in nervousness.

You can also use this emoji when you or someone else commits a faux pas. It’s a great emoji for cracking self-deprecating jokes. 

Grimace emoji example

12. Face with a medical mask 😷

This emoji shot to fame during the pandemic. That makes sense, right? But what other meaning does this emoji hold?

Face with mask

This emoji can also indicate that you’re disgusted or put off by something or someone. 

Mask emoji example
Source: Twitter

13. Woozy face 🥴

Everyone who has had one drink too many can probably relate to this emoji. It’s the poster boy for metaphorical regret. 

woozy face

But, this emoji can also convey that you’ve got an uncontrollable crush on someone. It all depends on the context, so be careful with this emoji. 

Woozy face emoji example

14. Persevering face 😣

This emoji is perfect if you’re stressed out, but have a job to do. It’s called the persevering face for a reason. 


It can also be used to express sadness, disappointment, frustration, and irritation. It’s a pretty versatile emoji, but you heard the original meaning here. 

persevering face emoji example

15. Disappointed face 😞

Nobody likes being disappointed, but we’ve all been there at some point. This is your go-to emoji when you want to convey sadness, disappointment, regret, and hopelessness.  

Whether you’re upset about not getting Beyonce concert tickets or getting a bad performance review, you can say it all with this emoji. 

disappointed face emoji example
Source: Twitter

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16. Money mouth face 🤑

You can almost hear the sound ‘ka-ching’ when you see this emoji, right? That’s exactly the original meaning too. 

Money mouth face emoji

This emoji can help you whenever you’re dreaming of living the good life or when you’ve just made a lot of money. 

Money mouth emoji example

17. Nerd Face 🤓

Love them or hate them, nerds have had a huge impact on pop culture in the last decade. You can use this emoji to describe them. 

Nerd emoji

But, this emoji isn’t used to mock people. It’s usually a way of conveying self-deprecating humor. Here’s an example –“I’m a genius. I fixed the sink by myself 🤓” 

Nerd emoji example

18. Clown face 🤡

Are you terrified of clowns? If you are, you’ve understood one meaning behind this emoji. This emoji can indicate a creepy person 

But, it’s also used whenever someone behaves in a silly, goofy, or foolish way. Most people use it when they’ve done something incredibly stupid. 

clown emoji example

19. Information Desk Woman 💁‍♀️

The meaning of an emoji of a woman with her hand tipped out is hard to decipher, at least at first glance.

Woman Tipping Hand

Instead, this emoji is known as the information desk woman. She’s supposed to be guiding you toward a destination. Who knew?

But, Gen-Z has a different use for it — to convey sarcasm or sass! Perhaps this was misinterpreted as a shrug? Either way, this new meaning is surely here to stay. 

Information desk woman emoji example

20. Bowing Person 🙇

This one would be interpreted differently based on culture. But, what in the world does this emoji mean?


Person Bowing


Well, it’s yet another Japanese-inspired emoji that’s showcasing a man or woman bowing. In Japan, bowing is a sign of respect, so you might use this emoji in a similar way.

In other cultures, it’s also a sign of apologizing or remorse. 

bowing emoji example

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21. Arms Raised Over Head Woman

🙆‍♀️ Woman Gesturing OK Emoji — Meaning, Copy & Paste

Here’s an emoji that you might not use all that often. It features a person with their arms raised over their head.

They look like maybe they’re trying to do the YMCA dance. Or the wave?

Look again. The emoji has its hands over its head in an O shape, right? They’re making the first of the two letters in OK to represent that they’re a-okay.

Of course, if you wanted to use this emoji to say that it’s party time or that you’re ready to dance, that’s fine too.

Woman with arms above head emoji example

22. Person raising hand 🙋

Does this emoji remind you of school? The conventional meaning of this emoji is to raise your hand to answer a question. Or, you might be volunteering for something. 

Person Raising Hand on Apple iOS 16.4

But, the original meaning is a little different. It depicts a happy person raising their hand in joy. But, come on, who raises only one hand in joy? We won’t blame you if you’d rather believe the first meaning.  

emoji with hand raised example

23. Woman gesturing no 🙅‍♀️

This woman has her hands crossed to form an X — meaning “no” or “no deal”. It can also signal disagreement.

Woman Gesturing No

Use this emoji if you feel strongly about something and want to say no. This emoji is a nod to the popular game show Deal or No Deal.

woman saying no emoji example

24. Fairy 🧚

This fairy emoji is a dream come true for fans of Peter Pan. Doesn’t she look like Tinkerbell?


Fairy emoji

And, you can share your love of nature with this emoji. Or, simply use it to wish someone a magical day filled with luck! 

fairy emoji example

25. Alien emoji 👽

This emoji represents extraterrestrial life. That’s obvious. But, it also refers to an eccentric or funny person (in a good way).


And, if you’re looking to flirt with someone, this emoji can mean “you’re out of this world”. 

alien emoji example

Now, let’s take a look at some emojis about objects and their meanings!

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How To Use Emojis of Objects 

So, objects may not convey emotions. But, object emojis sure do have a lot of meanings — both obvious and hidden. Let’s find out.

26. Padlock 🔒

There are several lock emojis to select from. One is a closed lock, one is slightly open, another is a padlock with a key (you can’t tell if the lock is open or closed), and there’s also a padlock with a pen covering it diagonally.

Padlock emoji

All denote the same meaning: security. Well, except maybe for the open padlock. That doesn’t feel very secure.

You can put your customers’ minds at ease by sending an email or making a social media post with some variation of the padlock emoji.

padlock emoji example

27. Billed Cap 🧢

This doesn’t stand for the sports caps of yesterday! Sure, it could refer to a regular old cap. But, in today’s slang, the cap is another word for “lie”.

Billed Cap

This emoji will come in handy when you want to say you’re not lying or when you’re serious about something. 

Cap emoji example

28. Ring 💍

This emoji is pretty self-explanatory! It’s used to talk about a proposal, an engagement, or a marriage.

Ring emoji

Ring emoji example

29. Diya lamp 🪔

Depending on the part of the world you’re from, this emoji may or may not be familiar to you. That’s okay.  

Diya Lamp

This emoji represents a diya lamp from Southeast Asia. It’s used by Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian communities around the world. Now you can avoid confusion about this emoji. 👇

diya lamp emoji example
Source: Reddit

30. Prayer beads 📿

Most of us are already intuitively aware of this emoji’s meaning. It’s pretty straightforward.  

Prayer Beads

Use this emoji when you want to convey something of a spiritual or religious nature. You can also use it sarcastically or ironically, as this user does. 

bead emoji example
Source: Twitter

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31. Open book 📖

The open books emoji is also pretty straightforward. It depicts a wide open book — so you’ll use it for contexts where you talk about studying, reading, or anything to do with education in general. 

Open Book

It can also be used to say that a person is very straightforward — like an open book. 

open book emoji example

32. Money with wings 💸

Have you ever had a spending spree? This emoji conveys that you’ve been spending more money than you’ve been making. That’s why the money is flying away here. 

Money with Wings

In today’s slang, this emoji can also indicate that you’re dating a rich person. Who would have guessed?

money with wings emoji example

33. Balance scale ⚖️

While the balance scale is supposed to represent anything related to justice, you won’t find lawyers using this emoji. 

Balance Scale

It’s commonly used when you’re weighing the pros and cons of something. It could also represent the Libra zodiac sign for believers of astrology. 

balance scale emoji example

34. Love letter 💌

This emoji stands for everything related to love. Whether it’s a love letter or sending loving wishes to your close ones — this emoji has you covered. 

Love Letter

Or, you can also use this emoji to express your love of letter writing. It’s equally valid. 

love letter emoji example
Source: Instagram

35. Bomb 💣

The bomb emoji has many meanings. Did someone drop shocking news on you? This emoji can convey your shock. 

Bomb emoji

And, the bomb emoji can also mean that you had a good time or you think someone looks great. 

bomb emoji example


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36. Light Bulb 💡

The light bulb emoji is as classic as it gets. Remember those cartoons where a light bulb would go off whenever someone had a good idea? 

Light Bulb

That’s pretty much what it means. And, people also use this emoji to talk about literal light bulbs. 

light bulb emoji example
Source: Twitter

37. Nazar amulet 🧿

This emoji is often wrongly called the “evil eye” emoji. But, its function is exactly the opposite — to ward off the evil eye. This symbol has cultural significance for Turkey and its neighboring countries, so don’t use it as a decorative emoji. 

Nazar Amulet emoji

People use this emoji on social media to ward off ‘toxic’ people from their profiles. You can also use this to add a layer of protection while congratulating someone. 

nazar amulet emoji example

38. Wind Chime 🎐

People commonly mistake this emoji for a jellyfish. But, this emoji was originally intended to represent wind chimes. 

Wind Chime

The image depicts a traditional Japanese wind chime. Next time, you’ll know the real meaning behind this emoji!

wind chime emoji example

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How To Use Emojis for Symbols and Gestures 

The meanings of object emojis were pretty straightforward, right? But, symbols and gestures are a whole other ballgame. Let’s look at some of these emojis and their meanings.  

39. Vulcan salute 🖖

Fans of Star Trek will immediately recognize this gesture. This hand gesture became popular among fans of the hit TV series to represent Mr. Spock’s one-liner — “live long and prosper”. 

Vulcan Salute

Use this emoji when you’re sending good wishes to your geekier friends. 

Vulcan salute emoji
Source: Twitter

40. Hand with fingers splayed 🖐️

This emoji looks like the number five, right? It’s used this way. Or, this emoji could be a way of saying “no” or “stop”. 

Hand with Fingers Splayed

It’s also an informal way of telling someone to stop talking. Remember that popular phrase — “talk to the hand”?

hands splayed emoji example
Source: Twitter

41. OK hand 👌

This gesture conveys that things are okay. It’s also a way of expressing general agreement with someone. It can also be used sarcastically to show disapproval. 

OK Hand

But, this sign is viewed as an offensive gesture in many parts of Kuwait and the Middle East. So, use this emoji only based on the cultural context. 

ok gesture emoji

42. Love you gesture 🤟

This emoji is a literal representation of the words “I love you” in American Sign Language. This emoji is frequently mistaken for the “rock on” symbol. 

Love-You Gesture

So, the next time you want to convey affection and love, feel free to use this emoji. 

love you gesture emoji

43. Sign of the horns 🤘

This is a classic symbol, loved by rock and metal music fans across the globe.  

Sign of the Horns

But, remember not to confuse this emoji with the “I love you” symbol. You’d be surprised at how many people get this confused. 

44. Call-me hand 🤙

This emoji makes a gesture that says, “Call me”.  And, it also stands for the “hang ten” gesture that’s very popular with surfers. I don’t mean internet surfing here. 

Call Me Hand

Use this emoji when you want someone to call you or when you want to send a chill, positive vibe. 

call me emoji

45. Hands with palms open 🤲

This emoji with its palm open is a symbol of prayer in Islam. It can also stand for an open book in ASL.


Palms Up Together on Apple iOS 16.4

But, most people tend to stick with the first meaning.

open palm emoji

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46. Nail polish 💅

Now, this emoji can literally mean nail polish. But, it’s more commonly used to indicate an air of nonchalance, sass, and indifference. 

Nail Polish

You can also use this emoji to show that you are content and you’re unbothered. 

nail polish emoji

47. Folded Hands 🙏

If you ask most people, they would say this is the praying emoji. The open hands pressed palms together is how you pray, after all.

Folded Hands

Some people don’t think the hands belong to the same person, but it’s two different hands high-fiving. That’s certainly another interpretation.

Yet considering the Japanese origins of this and many other emojis, the true meaning is different. In Japan, this folded hands emoji is a means of saying thank you or please.

Whichever way you slice it, this is a hopeful, pleasant emoji.

praying hands emoji

48. Hollow Red Circle ⭕

The hollow red circle emoji is not the same as the stop emoji, which features a diagonal red line in the center of the circle.

Most people assume the red circle emoji should be used purely for decoration, but there is an emoji meaning behind it.

Hollow Red Circle

In Japan, an X means incorrect, and a circle means correct. Thus, the hollow red circle should be used when something is done right.

However, we’d recommend you use this emoji just occasionally, as a lot of people don’t understand its context. They see red and would assume it’s incorrect, even though that’s the opposite of what it means!

hollow circle emoji

49. Multicolored Chevron 🔰

Have you ever seen this emoji symbol and wondered what in the world it means? It’s a two-toned chevron with a half-yellow, half-teal base.

The other half of the chevron sometimes looks green, depending on your phone model. This is another of those emojis that comes straight from Japan. If you’re just learning to drive in Japan, you have to put this chevron on your vehicle to denote that you’re new.

Japanese Symbol for Beginner

It’s sort of like how you’ll see cars marked “student drivers” in the United States.

The official name for the chevron is the Shoshinsha mark. You can use it to indicate that someone or something is new.

chevron emoji

50. Heart with Vibrations 💓

There’s a heart for every situation in the emojis library. You can choose from red hearts, pink hearts, purple hearts, green hearts, and even black hearts.

The heart with the vibrating lines emerging from it may seem like another take on the decorative heart emoji trend, but there’s more to it than that. It represents an intense love that makes your heart beat faster!

Beating Heart

So, when you want your customers’ hearts to skip a beat, you might pull out this emoji to send with your tantalizing new offer.

vibrating heart emoji

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51. Comet Star 💫

Emoji symbols like this star might seem cut and dried, right? It’s merely a pretty star emoji, one of many, that features a comet-like gold ring around the star.

Nope, actually, that’s not what this emoji means at all!

Dizzy emoji

Instead, it’s supposed to represent dizziness, as in being starstruck. Some people use the star-eyed emoji for that purpose, but you should really use this one.

dizzy emoji example

52. Mending Heart ❤️‍🩹

Who hasn’t gone through a heartbreak in their life? Most of us have. This emoji is perfect for representing healing your heart and showing empathy with others who are hurting. 

Mending Heart

So, the next time you want to reach out to a friend who’s grieving, use this emoji. 

mending heart emoji
Source: Twitter

53. Hundred points 💯

This is an obvious reference to grades, right? It can surely be used in that context. 

Hundred Points

But, this emoji is used to express complete agreement or unconditional support to someone. 


hunderd points emoji

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How To Use Obscure Emojis 

Now, let’s look at some emojis that are not popular. 

54. Anger 💢

When you see this symbol, anger is hardly what comes to your mind, right? And yet, that’s the original meaning behind this emoji. 

Anger Symbol on Apple iOS 16.4

It comes from popular manga books in Japan, where artists use this symbol to depict anger. Why? These red lines are supposed to represent veins popping due to anger! 

angry emoji example55. Fleur-de-lis ⚜️

The fleur-de-lis is a classic French symbol. It translates to “flower of the lily”. The legend goes that when Eve was cast out, her tears bloomed into lilies.

And, one of these lilies was gifted to a French king on his baptism. Thus, it came to symbolize French royalty and their strong ties with the Catholic church.  Fleur-de-lis

Today, this emoji is used to symbolize taking pride in French heritage, especially on Mardi Gras. 

fleur de lis emoji
Source: Twitter

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56. Diamond with a dot 💠

What in the world could this diamond with a dot mean? It’s a symbol from Japan that means kawaii or something really cute. 

Diamond with a Dot

In Japanese culture, people also use this emoji to represent a blue flower or a crystal. 

diamond with dot emoji

57. Name badge 📛

This emoji hardly resembles a name tag, right? This emoji comes from Japanese culture, where students wear these name tags.

Name Badge

It’s also used when you’re introducing yourself virtually. Or, you can use this emoji to indicate that something is reserved for you. 

name tag emoji example

58. Japanese “discount” button 🈹

If you’re unfamiliar with Japanese culture, this is an obscure emoji. It carries the Japanese symbol for a discount or a price cut. 

Japanese “Discount” Button

But, we don’t recommend using this emoji as a decorative emoji or if you don’t know its original meaning. 

Japanese discount button emoji

59. Moai 🗿

The moai emoji stands for the famous statues of Easter Island. But, in popular culture, it has come to represent a stoic or deadpan expression. 


It can also be a symbol of spiritual strength. And, this emoji is used universally by K-pop fans to post about their favorite artists. It signifies the mysterious hold K-pop has over its fans. 

60. Flower playing cards 🎴

If you’ve been baffled by this emoji before — you’re not alone. The flower playing cards emoji is a stand-in for card games in general. 

Flower Playing Cards

Recently, this emoji has been used to represent the popular anime called Demon Slayer. 


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61. Non-potable water 🚱

You probably won’t recognize this symbol unless you’re a serious hiker. It stands for non-potable water. This is commonly used in camp campsites to let people know that the water isn’t safe for drinking. 

Non-Potable Water

In today’s slang, this emoji is used when someone wants to avoid a particular drink (usually alcohol). 

non-potable water emoji

62. Sparkles ✨

This sparkles emoji is quite versatile. You can use this to express a feeling of beauty, excitement, magic, and joy. 


Sometimes, this emoji is also used to add emphasis or to add a sarcastic tone. It all depends on the context. 

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How To Use Emojis With Slang Meanings

Now, let’s look at emojis with different uses based on informal slang and pop culture. 

63. Hot face 🥵

Now, this face refers to warm temperatures during the summer. But, it’s also used to indicate that we find someone attractive. 

Hot Face

This is because of the double meaning of the term “hot” in the English language. 

hot face emoji example

64. Ghost 👻

This isn’t your average Casper: The Friendly Ghost emoji. In modern dating parlance, the word “ghost” means that someone isn’t responding to your messages or ignoring you.


It’s also used if someone stands you up on a date. We often use this word in platonic contexts as well. 

ghost emoji example

65. Snake 🐍

The snake emoji also has a few interpretations. It’s used to refer to someone who sneaks around or stabs you in the back when you least expect it. 


Or, it can also be a symbol of meanness or lack of empathy about a situation. 

snake emoji

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66. Hot pepper 🌶️

The hot pepper emoji can represent spicy food. You’ve probably seen this symbol on restaurant menus to indicate spice levels on certain dishes. 

Hot Pepper

But, it also has a double meaning. You can use this emoji to give people a heads-up about upcoming spicy content that’s not suited to everyone’s ears. 

hot pepper emoji example

67. GOAT 🐐

The goat emoji’s meaning has evolved over time. It stands for the acronym GOAT, short for Greatest of All Time. For instance, Tom Brady was celebrated as the GOAT during his retirement from NFL in 2022. 


Use this emoji whenever you appreciate someone for being at the top of their field. Of course, you can also use it to refer to farm animals too. 

goat emoji example

68. Teacup 🍵

This emoji rose to popularity in 2018, with Japanese matcha and green tea becoming a drink of choice worldwide. But, this emoji is used a little differently. 

Teacup Without Handle

The teacup emoji can also say “spill the tea”. Here, tea means the latest gossip or interesting information. 

teacup or hot beverage emoji example

69. Fishing pole 🎣

This emoji isn’t just for fishing aficionados. In the context of dating, this emoji can say that you’ve been fishing for attention or that you reeled someone in.

Fishing Pole

Many people use this emoji in platonic contexts to indicate they’re vying for someone’s affection. fishing emoji example

70. Clapping hands 👏

This hand-clap emoji looks like someone giving a round of applause to show their encouragement. That’s one use of it. It’s also used in a sarcastic way to criticize people. 

Clapping Hands

But, did you know that this emoji can help you drive your point home while sharing your opinions? When it’s put between every word, the hand-clap emoji adds emphasis to your point. clapping hand emoji example

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Wrap Up

Emojis can be tough to understand, especially when some of them have no clear meaning. People ascribe their meanings to certain emojis, and they (kind of) become the prevalent meanings.

Even if you don’t use every emoji on this list the way it’s supposed to be, at least now you understand the true intention behind the creation of each one!

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