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As a growing business, it is likely that your customer data could be spread out across a number of different apps or web services. Without the proper resources, it can be quite an ask, in terms of time and effort, to create automated workflows that sync data across all of those different platforms. Maintaining the integrations and data consistency can be extremely challenging. That’s where Zapier can be of great help.

If you haven’t heard of Zapier, it is a very popular web automation tool that lets you move data between platforms without having to rely on an API expert, and quite effortlessly too. Now you can use Zapier’s workflows (also called ‘Zaps’) to seamlessly integrate EngageBay with the other apps that help power your business.

A Quick Note: The integrations will be effective from September 25, 2018

Take a look at a few of our favorite ‘Zaps’ below:

Add new Shopify customers to EngageBay as contacts

Keep all of your contacts in one place and manage your customer service easily with this Zapier automation. Once you set up this Shopify-EngageBay integration, from that point forward, your new Shopify customers will become new contacts in your EngageBay account.

Create EngageBay contacts from Gravity Forms submissions

Create a form to collect contact data and use this integration to automatically add them to your contacts. Once activated, every time a new form is submitted in Gravity Forms, Zapier will add or update a contact in EngageBay. Updating your contact list is easy when you use this integration.

Create or update EngageBay contacts from new ‘Facebook Lead Ads’ leads

Facebook lead ads is a fantastic way to get quality leads to your business. Streamline the process to capture leads from Facebook and sync it to EngageBay Marketing to nurture them further and convert to customers. Never lose a lead again. Using Facebook Lead Ads – EngageBay Marketing integration, whenever a new user submits a response to your Facebook Lead Ads, create a contact automatically in EngageBay or update an existing match.

Send new Google Contacts to EngageBay

Why update all your contact lists with the same information manually, running the risk of missing someone? If you set up this Google Contacts-EngageBay Marketing integration, you’ll save time and avoid omissions by sending all new Google Contacts to EngageBay automatically, where contacts will be created or updated if a match is found, working behind the scenes for you from then on.

Send Google Sheets row updates to EngageBay to update or create contacts

Your customer base is a changing, evolving structure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t automate behavior around predictable events to save yourself the work! This integration, for instance, will watch Google Sheet for any row updates and will send each one to EngageBay Marketing where your contact list will be cross-referenced and a match will be updated or a new contact will be created if none is found. Work smarter and reclaim your time with Zapier automation!

For more information and a list of all our zaps, click here!

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