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Red, Write, and Blue: The Best 4th of July Email Subject Lines

4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most beloved American holidays. It’s a time of hot dogs, pool parties, fireworks, patriotism, beach days, and long weekends, so what’s not to love?

Although email viewership will naturally decrease in the days leading up to and immediately after the July 4th holiday (which doesn’t always fall on a weekend), you can earn around $630,000 on a well-performing Independence Day email marketing campaign, according to Klaviyo.

It’s time to make fireworks in your audience’s inboxes this Independence Day holiday!

In this blog post, discover 43 of the best 4th of July email subject lines, actionable tips, and dos and don’ts.


Before You Begin: Prepping Your 4th of July Email Marketing Campaign for Success

Patriotic holiday email marketing is an opportunity to earn, but you can’t expect the dollars to pour in without doing the proper legwork. Here are some steps to build your most profitable Independence Day email campaign.

Segment your audience

Although a 4th of July email marketing campaign will have a broader audience than most other campaigns you’ve recently run, you still don’t want to send your email content to anyone and everyone.

Your products and services have an audience, and you must know that audience well, tailoring content to them, their needs, interests, and problems. If you don’t, your email subject line won’t matter much. Your 4th of July email campaign could flop hard, giving you a rude awakening as the third quarter begins.

Split your audience according to demographic and psychographic data.

You can also use geographics depending on what you sell and how important the location is to your product or service. Ensure you’re only marketing toward those who can purchase your goods.

Human-written or AI?

Today, writing email subject lines doesn’t have to come down to human copywriting.

AI tools like CoSchedule and Hoppy Copy can produce a series of subject lines for you to choose from based on the prompts that you input.

While this is a handy, time-saving measure, you must watch with AI, ensuring the subject line feels normal and natural. You might use a tool’s subject-line-producing capabilities to inspire your ideas, or perhaps you rely on AI to make the subject lines while polishing them yourself after the fact.

Incorporate personalization tactics

If your email open rates could use some work, a lack of personalization in the subject lines could be to blame. According to Porch Media Group, personalization in your subject lines can elevate the open rate to 50%.

They also found that open rates hovered at around 15.70% for emails lacking a recipient’s name in the subject line.

That’s a good starting point for personalizing your email content, but don’t stop there. Use the 4th of July holiday in your subject line content, incorporate a customer’s location or transaction history, and/or mention their interests.

Personalize your 4th of July email subject lines with EngageBay
Personalize your 4th of July email subject lines with EngageBay

When a customer feels like you’re speaking directly to them in your subject line, they will want to open the email to see what else is inside.

A/B test your email subject lines

You may feel confident in the content of your 4th of July email subject lines, but before you click “send,” test the content. Don’t only use A/B testing for the subject lines but also the body content, images, and CTAs; essentially, test for every element in your email.

Email a/b testing feature from EngageBay
A/B test your email subject lines and campaigns with EngageBay

Split-testing ensures your messages will connect with the audience segment you’re trying to target, elevating your open and click-through rates.

Revise your compliance policy

Over the years, email marketing regulations, from the GDPR to the CAN-SPAM Act, have affected how and to whom we send emails. Although you’re feeling celebratory, you can’t forget about compliance with these regulations for your patriotic holiday email marketing campaign.

The subject lines and email content you craft must be within the legal parameters of the regulations. Mention your policy in your email signature, and make sure you give your audience plenty of options to unsubscribe from future content without making it a hassle.

Strategies for Crafting Winning 4th of July Subject Lines

Effective email subject lines don’t appear out of thin air; they depend on the effort you put into them.

As you begin the ideation stage of your email marketing campaign, consider these pointers for putting together your best subject lines yet, just in time for the July 4th holiday.

Don’t wait till the last moment

Think of your Independence Day campaign as a flower. You don’t expect it to bloom on day one. You put time into it weeks or months in advance, so it sprouts those beautiful petals just in time.

You can start your third quarter fruitfully by working hard in the second quarter to set up your campaign.

You won’t be able to do enough of the work required if you wait until the last week of June for your July 4th campaign. The campaign elements will seem rushed, and if your subject lines don’t connect, you won’t get the kind of success out of the campaign you were hoping for.

Your marketing efforts will be a dud like a firework that won’t take off into the sky.

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Use clever and witty wordplay

The competition is off the charts on holidays, as all your rivals will come out of the woodwork to capitalize on the occasion and start their third quarters financially secure.

You need to give your 4th of July email subject lines that extra bit of oomph to differentiate them from your competitors and give your audience a clear choice.

Wordplay is one way you can do that. Whether your subject line rhymes, uses alliteration, or is otherwise crafty, playing with the English language is a smart way to command attention, encouraging more opens.

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Provide sales and limited-time offers

Another surefire way to get eyes on your emails? Give your customers an offer too good to pass up, even when sitting around poolside eating hot dogs and hamburgers.

A steep discount or a valuable limited-time offer is the way to go here. Your discount must be better than your competitors’, or they will get the Independence Day sale. However, there’s a fine line between winning the day with your deals and losing money because you discounted your products too steeply.

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Tap into nostalgia and emotion

There is something so sentimental about the Independence Day holiday, wouldn’t you say? It evokes days of balmy summer afternoons, apple pie, and old songs on the radio.

Many emotions are associated with contemporary 4ths, like togetherness, fun, and excitement. If you can conjure those strong emotions and images in your subject lines, you will inspire people to click.

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Launch a giveaway

There’s something about freebies that are even better when on a holiday. This 4th of July, give your audience something to celebrate big-time with a giveaway. Maybe you hand out a free product or service, perhaps it’s gift cards, maybe it’s a cash prize, or you could even do a major giveaway like a vacation.

The better the prize, the greater the participation, which means a temporary boost to your email stats if you require participation via inbox. However, ensure the prize you select is within your company’s financial means.

Show your American pride

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best.

Bedecking your email with American flags, hot dogs, watermelons, sunglasses, beach chairs, and other holiday imagery while keeping your copy patriotic is good, especially when you combine this strategy with the others in this section.

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43 Celebration-Worthy Examples of 4th of July Email Subject Lines

Are you still mulling over subject lines to incorporate into your Independence Day email marketing plans? Here is a rundown of the best 4th of July email subject lines to inspire you.

  1. Ready? Set! Grill!
  2. The Fastest Way to Prep for Your 4th of July BBQ
  3. Oh, Say Can You Save? 50% Off!
  4. Take the Headache Out of 4th of July Party Prep
  5. 4th of July Sale Starts NOW!
  6. Does Your 4th of July Party Menu Have THIS?
  7. Fire Up the Grill and Save All Holiday Long
  8. Here’s to the 4th of July 🇺🇸
  9. Exclusive 4th of July Savings Just for You!
  10. Make This 4th of July Weekend One to Remember
  11. This Might Be the Best Way to Have Fun on the 4th of July
  12. Celebrate America’s Birthday Big
  13. Your 4th of July Celebration Is Missing THIS
  14. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Savings
  15. How to Fast-Track Your 4th of July
  16. Happy 4th of July! Free Shipping for 3 Days Only
  17. How to Spend 4th of July Like a Boss
  18. Red-Hot Deals All 4th of July Weekend 🇺🇸
  19. Sale Extended! Celebrate Liberty Beyond the 4th of July
  20. Top Grilling Secrets the Pros Don’t Want You to Know
  21. Celebrate Freedom and Savings This Weekend
  22. As Wholesome as Apple Pie – Shop Now
  23. Top 4th of July Tricks We’re Using from Now On
  24. Oh, It’s On: The 4th of July Sale Begins NOW!
  25. Red, White, and Blue: Get in on the Savings
  26. I’m Trying at Least 6 of These 4th of July Tips
  27. Celebrate the 4th of July with a BANG!
  28. Get Your Fireworks Ready – The Sale Is Going Off!
  29. Exercise Your Independence – Shop 4th of July Deals Now
  30. Firework Safety Tips You MUST Know for the 4th of July 🎇
  31. Our 4th of July Deal Is Still On!
  32. Last Chance! Don’t Miss These 4th of July Savings!
  33. Making Your 4th of July Weekend Perfect
  34. Sweet ‘n Savory Recipes for July 4th
  35. Whet Your Appetite with Grilling Recipes
  36. Shop Red, White, and Blue
  37. Check Out Our Limited-Edition Collection for July 4th
  38. Sippin’ Pretty: Great July 4th Cocktail Recipes
  39. 4 Limited-Time July 4th Offers
  40. Don’t Miss Our Limited-Time July 4th Giveaway!
  41. Save Like an American 🇺🇸🇺🇸
  42. What’s Yummier Than Apple Pie? Open to See!
  43. Make Your Mouth Water with Epic July 4th Deals

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4th of July Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

You’ve probably got some awesome ideas swimming through your head for your next batch of 4th of July email subject lines after reviewing the last section.

Don’t make these common errors as you begin putting pen to paper!

Skipping mobile optimization

Are your emails optimized for mobile?

If not, that means missing out on between five and six billion internet users. When your emails don’t show up properly for them, it’s another case where it won’t matter how good your patriotic holiday email marketing subject lines are.

Your customers will stop engaging with your emails, perhaps reporting you for spam. Others will unsubscribe, costing you a contact on your list because you didn’t bother to test and optimize your email content for mobile.

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Failing to align email content and subject lines

There are many ways to write attention-grabbing subject lines.

Unfortunately, they aren’t all on the up and up. In other words, using spammy and misleading tactics might result in more emails being opened, but that’s as far as it will go.

Once your audience realizes that your email content doesn’t align with the subject lines, they’ll unsubscribe in droves.

Don’t make empty promises in your subject lines. It sounds great to say you’re selling your top product for 70% off for this 4th of July weekend only, but if your email body has nothing to do with that, you’re breaking your customers’ trust. It won’t pay off.

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Ignoring personalization opportunities

You already know how important personalization is to a successful email marketing campaign.

Without it, audiences don’t feel the pull to open your messages. You could be talking to them or thousands of your other customers.

Today’s consumers know that without personalization in the subject line, the body content isn’t likely to have much either. That usually means a generic email with offers that don’t fulfill customers’ needs, leaving them wanting more.

Being overly promotional without value

Beware of pushing a promotion at the expense of value. A hollow offer is going to appeal to a smaller number of your customers than one that’s tailored toward their needs. Those kinds of offers will perform much better.

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Wrapping Up

4th of July email subject lines are most effective when personalized, sent to segmented groups, and geared toward the holiday. Share can’t-miss deals and use alliteration and other creative wordplay in your subject lines.

EngageBay is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer support software designed for small businesses and startups in mind. You get email marketing automation, A/B testing, email templates and landing pages for various festivals, personalization and segmentation, and so much more.

Sign up for free or book a demo with our experts today!

Happy Independence Day!

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