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55 Exemplary Newsletter Subject Lines to Boost Email Open Rates

Everybody knows the saying, “It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression.” When it comes to emails, subject lines are the first thing your leads and customers see. ..

If no one opens your emails, they won’t see the fabulous newsletter you worked so hard on, negating all the time and effort.

More than 60% of email recipients in 2024 will open an email (or not) based on its subject line content.

You need to look at this critical element of your email to avoid the failure of your newsletter marketing campaign. In this blog post, we’ve compiled 55 of the best newsletter subject lines as well as top insights, pointers, and examples.


Techniques and Tips for Writing Newsletter Subject Lines

I won’t leave you in suspense. Instead, let’s dive in with advice on building your best subject lines.

Segment your audience

Where do you start with writing newsletter subject lines? With your audience.

Your email marketing campaign will have limited success if you try to reach everyone. It’s not that your aspirations are too bold. Your audience segments are too broad, and your email copy lacks personalization.

How can you personalize an email when it’s addressed to everyone? You can’t!

Segmentation and personalization of email subject lines using
Segmentation and personalization of email subject lines using EngageBay

Your audience must be divided into small groups according to their pain points, interests, location, income, job or industry, marital status, and other data. If you don’t have that data on your audience, you need to get it.

Segmenting your audience isn’t static. Your customers have changed lives just like you do. Review your current audience segments every six months, using your CRM to compare notes on each customer.

Update the customer’s placement on your email list accordingly, tailoring the kind of newsletter and promotional content they continue to see.

AI can help

Some of us trust AI; others fear it will take over the world. Many more of us are somewhere in between.

Using AI as a tool to help you with your writer’s block can make producing newsletter subject lines less stressful. You can input a few prompts or ideas, then check out what the AI feeds you.

Maybe you hate it all, or some of it is usable but requires finessing. At the very least, reviewing the AI-generated subject lines will get the mental wheels turning and help you brainstorm.

Incorporate numbers

Do you use numbers in your email subject lines? If you aren’t, why not?

Granted, you can’t do this every time (no email subject line trick is meant to be repeated ad infinitum), but incorporating numbers sometimes is beneficial in several ways.

For one, it tells the reader exactly what they’re getting, which is great since today’s consumers highly value transparency. If your email subject line says, “10 Ways to Cook Fish,” that’s about as clear as day what the email is about.

Using numbers can also underscore your credibility, and they’re great at capturing attention.

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Personalize your subject lines

Newsletter subject lines, like every other element of your email, require personalization. You could say, “Hey, Bob, Here’s More on Our New Vacuum Technology,” if you know Bob has been on the fence about buying your vacuum cleaners.

The newsletter then delves into what your vacuum can do, explaining the technology. You can follow that up with a sales email to push Bob further through the funnel.

Using a customer’s name is not enough to personalize content. The subject line works because it includes Bob’s name and his pain points. There couldn’t be anyone else for whom this email was written except him.

(Well, except for all the other customers shopping for a new vacuum, but Bob doesn’t have to know that!).

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Keep it concise

How long are your catchy email subject lines? If you don’t want yours to get cut off in a user’s inbox, you can’t have them exceed 50 characters. Keep in mind that it’s characters, not words.

If you’re counting by words, the exact amount is between four and seven.

If you can cut your message down to 30 characters, that’s even better. This way, you know your audience will see your newsletter subject line unobstructed, whether they’re reading their email on their phones or laptops.

Use emotions to your advantage

Subject lines are a powerful way to connect with your audience’s emotions, imbuing them with a sense of fear (like FOMO, not genuine fear), excitement, happiness, or curiosity.

Watch your verbiage when writing subject lines, playing up emotions when you can. This will cause a visceral human reaction in your readers and motivate them to open your messages.

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Preview stories or top articles

A newsletter includes lots of insightful content, so why not use your subject line to whet your audience’s appetite about what’s to come? Write a brief synopsis of your main article and use that as your lead-in.

Ask questions

If I ask you a question, you’d feel compelled to answer, right? It’s just too hard not to.

So, if you can master the art of sending compelling questions as newsletter subject lines, you’ll improve your open and click-through rates. You’ll make your readers so curious they can’t help but click and read the message.

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A/B test your email subject lines

You must always split test before launching an email, including your subject line. Write several variations of the subject line (AI can help with this), then test which performs best among your audience.

A/B testing email subject lines using EngageBay
A/B testing email subject lines using EngageBay

Align that subject line with the other email content that performed well in the test, and then you’re ready to hit that shiny send button.

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Learn from your best-performing subject lines

As you have more email campaigns under your belt, you’ll have a record of successful subject lines versus not-so-successful ones. Study the former group, determining what your best email subject lines achieved that won them so much acclaim among your audience.

Once you’ve figured out the secret recipe, so to speak, replicate it. You don’t want to word-for-word copy what you’ve done in the past. Your audience will become wise to that.

Instead, take the elements that got you high open and click-through rates and create spinoff techniques or variations so your emails are fresh and engaging.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Newsletter Subject Lines

You now have some great best practices for writing stronger newsletter subject lines. As you experiment and ideate, ensure you don’t fall into these damaging traps.

Using spam words

Spamming GIF
Image courtesy of Giphy

There are hundreds of spam words out there. Here is a list to show you what I mean:

  • Bonus
  • For free
  • Order now
  • For only
  • Congratulations
  • Free sample
  • 100% free
  • Cards accepted
  • Save big money
  • Buy direct
  • Drastically reduced
  • Best rates
  • Name brand
  • Compare
  • No questions asked
  • Giving away
  • Risk-free
  • Outstanding value
  • Special promotion
  • Once in a lifetime

Some of these words might not sound spammy, but they are. How many of them are familiar to you? You may remember using a few of them in your past newsletter subject lines.

Well, that’s okay. These words are usually flagged by spam filters, so keep that in mind when you craft a good subject line for your next email newsletter campaign.

Exceeding the subject line character limit

Remember, your newsletter email subject line is capped at 50 characters max, including emojis and spaces.

Narrowing your message to a few characters is tricky, but you have to. If you don’t, your subject line will be cut off, which will be awkward for the reader.

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Sending newsletter emails from an unfamiliar address

When issuing newsletter emails, ensure you use an address your audience already knows. Never use no-reply addresses; they’re generic and usually indicate a bot.

They don’t make the best impression and could even get your messages reported for spam.

Misaligning your subject line and newsletter content

The subject line doesn’t always have to preview the contents of your email, but it should be related. For example, if you write in the subject line that you have secrets inside, your newsletter content should share inside industry information.

Aligning your newsletter subject lines and email content builds trust and ensures your messages aren’t in the spam bin.

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Making false promises

Returning to the above example, if you didn’t have industry secrets to share, you shouldn’t say so in your subject line. I know it’s tempting to write sensational subject lines because you know they’ll turn heads, but this always backfires.

Once your audience realizes that you just blow a lot of hot air in your newsletter subject lines, they’ll unsubscribe. The others will mark you for spam or begin ignoring your emails.

The outcome is the same: reduced engagement, lost customers, missed leads, and lower open and click-through rates.

Not using automation to schedule emails

Even if you beef up the quality of your subject lines and email content, your campaigns will still underperform if you don’t time your emails correctly. You can’t possibly sit in front of your office computer 24 hours a day, waiting to reach your audience worldwide.

Please use automation instead. You can schedule emails to go out whenever you like, including on weekends.

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Using off-kilter humor

Are puns appropriate for subject lines? Sure, if you can fit them within the character limit. What about jokes? Absolutely.

However, what one person finds funny versus another can be very different. Your brand of humor should always be PG. Skip anything profane, political, religious, sexist, ableist, and racist.

If you feel weird about sending the email based on its subject line, you probably shouldn’t.

Using too many punctuations

Some punctuation is fine, but with 30 to 50 characters to work with, why waste characters you don’t have by using three question marks or four exclamation points? It’s overkill, especially when one punctuation mark has the same effect.

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55 Examples of Newsletter Subject Lines

Before you go, don’t miss these examples of newsletter subject lines for your next campaign.

  1. Out of Energy? Can’t-Miss Advice for Recharging ✨
  2. Here’s the Latest – Our Second Newsletter of the Year
  3. Write a Resume That Counts With This Advice
  4. Did You Win Our Contest? Find Out Inside 💸
  5. Here’s What’s Happening – News on Our Event 📅
  6. Did You Buy Your Tickets Yet?
  7. 11 Tips for Managing Stress All Year
  8. Start Your New Year Off Right with These Tips
  9. It’s Time to Party – Don’t Miss These Deals
  10. What Did You Do This Holiday Season?
  11. Your Health Matters – Insights Inside
  12. [Name], Did You Know This?
  13. 6 Ways You Can Give Back This Month
  14. Check Out Our New Arrivals
  15. 5 Ways to Be More Active in Your Community 📢
  16. Don’t Miss Our Limited-Time Offers
  17. Learn How You Can Help
  18. [Name], Check Out These Trends in [Your Industry]
  19. Are You Surprised About This News?
  20. Our Lowest Prices of the Year 👀
  21. These Prices Are Only Available for a Limited Time
  22. 40+ Expert Tips from Industry Experts
  23. Employee Spotlight: What We’re Up To
  24. How to Increase Your Productivity
  25. What Kind of Boost Does Your Business Need This Year?
  26. Business Case Studies: How We Can Help You
  27. Time-Saving Hacks Every New Parent Must Know
  28. Spring Fling: Deals Just in Time for the Warmth
  29. Winter Wonders: Stay Cozy This Season
  30. Red-Hot Deals This August You Can’t Miss
  31. Amazing Brand Engagement Pointers 🔥
  32. Thanks for Joining Our Newsletter
  33. Updated Features and More: How Our Tool Works for You
  34. Get the Most Out of Our Software With These Tips and Tricks
  35. Here’s to a New Beginning
  36. Are You Still Looking for the Right Business Tool?
  37. Something Big This Way Comes – Don’t Miss Out!
  38. Limited Spots Available! Save Yours Today
  39. What Type of Leader Are You?
  40. 7 Highly Detailed Floor Plans from Cult TV Show Homes
  41. Your January Website Stats Revealed
  42. How Many People Are Searching for You?
  43. The Intel You Need, Right Now
  44. The Best Time to Replace Your [Software, Hardware, etc.]
  45. This Month’s Newsletter Will Make You a Better Leader
  46. This Map Shows the States with the Biggest Rise in [Industry]
  47. How We Gained 5,000 New Customers in Three Weeks 💡
  48. There’s Still Time to Save Big
  49. So, Will You Join Us?
  50. This Week’s Top 10
  51. Well, That Went Fast – Deal Extended!
  52. [Company Name] Values Your Opinions – Share Inside
  53. Need More Laughter in Your Life?
  54. Your Ultimate Vacation Starts Here
  55. [Whitepaper] 13 Blogging Strategies Your Site Is Missing

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Wrapping Up

Newsletter subject lines must be catchy yet never spammy, exciting but not dishonest, and interesting without being facetious.

It’s a tough balance, but with so many tools and advice (like this post!) out there, there’s no reason why you can’t begin finetuning your subject lines. We hope you liked our email subject line examples.

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