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315 Catchy Email Subject Lines For Any Occasion [2024]

Do you know how long it takes to nail that first impression?


Yes, you read that right. Not hours, not minutes, but seconds.

That’s why you need a catchy email subject line every time you send an email.

Maybe you’ve written an amazing email body, but if your subject doesn’t cut it, your readers won’t open the email.

According to statistics, emails have the highest return on investment. For every $1 spent on email marketing, there is a return of $32. Over the years, email marketing has been a favorite among marketers because it is easy to plan, implement, and improvise.

What you’ll get in this blog post: 

and many more …


What Is an Email Subject Line?

An email subject line is the first thing a recipient sees in an email inbox. It should summarize the message and entice the reader to open it.

A well-crafted subject line can help increase your open rate, while a poorly composed one can result in low engagement or even be flagged as spam. To ensure your email subject lines are effective, keep them concise, informative, and to the point.

Avoid spammy words or phrases, and ensure they match the content of your message.

You can also use personalization features such as name tags or emojis to make your subject lines more appealing.

Finally, test different subject line variations to see which ones are most effective.

With the right combination of creativity and testing, you can create subject lines that get your emails opened and read!

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Key Components of an Email Subject Line

Components of an email subject line

To write an effective subject line, you should be mindful of these three important components: sender name, the subject line, and a preheader. Let us understand each of these terms better.

When crafting your subject lines, remember that the right template can make a big difference. Choose from our library of over 1,000 captivating free HTML email templates!


1. Sender name

When you receive an email notification, you first check the sender name. With so many emails landing in your inbox daily, you try to filter out the spammy ones. 

If the sender name contains special characters like (#*%) or consists of the email address itself (emailid@domain.name), recipients readily dismiss those emails as spam. 

The sender’s name should include the name of the individual or organization that sends an email. Double bonus if you include your name along with the company name. 

You will then see a boost in your open rate as it instantly builds confidence amongst your recipients. 

Ideally, the sender’s name should be between 20 and 30 characters. This ensures that your name is completely visible to the recipient, making them more likely to read your email. 

In the image below, you will see how emails are either sent using the company name or adding the sender name. 

Email subject line best practices: sender name

2. Subject line

After the sender name, the recipient sees the subject line next. 

The subject line should be enticing to pique the readers’ interest in opening the email. Try to keep it short; if the subject line is too long, the reader might lose interest. On the other hand, no subject lines could result in your mail not being read at all.

See how H&M, a fashion brand, does it. A 70% discount for any shopper is hard to resist. 

Good subject line example

Crafting a good subject line not only ensures a good open rate but also reduces the chance of the email landing in the spam folder. Hence, always include a subject line in your emails at all times, and keep them short and simple. 

Ideally, the email subject line should be no longer than 40 characters or between five and seven words. You can add more words if they can convey the message to the readers.

Here’s one more example from a travel agent company, Makemytrip.com.

email subject line example

3. Preheader

Preheader is the last component of a good email subject line. It’s a single line of text that appears right next to the subject line. Also known as the email preview text, an email preheader provides a summary of the email content. 

Here’s what we are talking about. The grey text in the highlighted portion is the preview text. 

Preheader - email subject line

If the subject line catches their attention, they look for the preview text. The preview text should be able to build interest and encourage them to click on the email. 

However, some email marketers don’t customize the preheader, and the recipient’s inbox simply fills in the beginning text of the email. And if there’s an image at the top of your email, the preview text is shown as the alt text of the image or something which may or may not be relevant to the content of your email. 

Here’s an example of an automatically created bad preview text. 

bad preview text for a subject line

But why should you care about customizing the preheader? 

Email preheaders are as important as the sender’s name and subject line since what you write determines whether your mail will be read or not.

Research has shown that 24% of recipients read the email preheader before opening a mail. 

Besides, a good email preheader can boost your open rates by up to 7%. 

Thus, to make sure your email stands a chance of being read, creating a preheader that engages the readers is essential. 

While you don’t have to provide a detailed summary of your email, the preheader should give enough information for the readers to know what the message is about. Generally, preheaders are usually 85 to 100 characters long. But if you want your preheader to fit into a wide range of devices, it is best to keep them between 30 and 80 characters.

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Ideal Subject Line Lengths For Different Clients

How long should you keep your email subject lines? 

Ideally, the average email inbox shows up to 60 characters on desktops and laptops and up to 30 characters on mobile devices.

However, you get some flexibility based on different email clients. Below is a table that shows the ideal subject line length for different clients.

Type of Client Recommended Subject Line Length
Gmail 70 characters
Outlook 50-70 characters
Yahoo 40-45 characters
iPhone 40-65 characters
Android 50-70 characters
Windows 40-60 characters

Keep in mind the type of device and email providers your recipients commonly use to browse emails. 

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What Are Some Great Email Subject Lines?

When writing an email subject line, it’s important to ensure that it effectively conveys the message you are trying to send. It should be short and descriptive so that people can quickly identify what the email is about.

Here are some great email subject lines:

1. Professional email subject lines

  1. “Meeting Request: Follow Up” 📧
  2. “Project Update: Deadline Approaching” 🚨
  3. “Invitation to a Webinar” 👨‍💻

2. Email subject lines for networking

  1. “Introducing Myself” 🙋‍♂️
  2. “Seeking Ideas/Advice” 💭
  3. “Connecting With A Mutual Contact” 🤝
  4. “Asking For A Referral” 🙂
  5. “Inviting You To An Event” 🎉
  6. “Requesting To Connect On LinkedIn” 💻
  7. “Collaboration Opportunity” 🤝🏼
  8. “Introducing An Idea/Project I’m Working On” 💡
  9. “Question About The Industry” ✋
  10. “Reaching Out To See How I Can Help” 👐

3. Email subject lines for reaching out

  1. “Following Up On Your Inquiry” 🙋🏾‍♂️
  2. “Thank You For Your Interest” 🙏
  3. “Check In On An Old Project” 💾
  4. “Request For A Reference” 🙏🏿
  5. “Hello From An Old Colleague” 👋🏿
  6. “Catching Up After Some Time Apart” 🤗
  7. “Requesting Assistance With An Issue” 🧑‍🔧
  8. “Inviting You To Participate In A Survey/Research Study” 🗳️
  9. “Requesting An Update On A Mutual Contact” 📱
  10. “Checking In To See How You Are Doing” 📞

4. Email subject lines for introduction

  1. “Introducing Our New Product” 📢
  2. “Welcome To Our Newsletter” 📰
  3. “Getting to Know Our Company” 🔍
  4. “We Are Excited to Meet You” 😃
  5. “Please Join Us for a Special Event” 🎊
  6. “Greetings From Our CEO” 🖖
  7. “Thanks For Signing Up! Here’s What Comes Next” 👉
  8. “Introducing Our Team” 👨‍🦱 👩‍🦰
  9. “Come Check Out Our Latest Offerings” 🏃‍♀️
  10. “We’d Love To Connect With You” 👉🏽 📲

5. Welcome email subject lines

  1. “Welcome To Our Team!” 🤩
  2. “It’s Great to Have You Here” 👍
  3. “We’re Thrilled To Have You Onboard” 🧑‍✈️
  4. “Welcome Aboard! Here’s What To Expect” 📑
  5. “Let’s Get You Started With Us” 📋
  6. “We Can’t Wait To Show You Around” 😊
  7. “A Warm Welcome From Our Team” 🤘
  8. “It’s Great To Have You Here” 🙃
  9. “We’re Excited To Get You Started” 🛅
  10. “Thanks For Joining Us! Let’s Get Started!” 🖊️

6. Email subject lines for checking in

  1. “Checking In On Your Progress” 📝
  2. “Asking For An Update” 👇
  3. “Following Up On The Project Status” 🗨️
  4. “A Quick Check-In On Your Progress” 💬
  5. “Reaching Out For An Update” ❔
  6. “Checking In To See How You’re Doing” 🖐🏻
  7. “Just Checking Back In” 🙆
  8. “How’s Everything Going?” 🧐
  9. “Reaching Out To See How I Can Help” 🤙
  10. “Let Me Know If You Need Anything” 👌

7. Touching base email subject lines

  1. “Touching Base About The Project” 📒
  2. “Catching Up On Recent Developments” 🗞️
  3. “Following Up On Our Last Conversation” 👂
  4. “Just Checking In To See How Things Are Going” 🙋🏻‍♂️
  5. “Quick Update On The Project Status” 🤙🏻
  6. “Following Up On A Few Things” ☝🏿
  7. “Scheduling Time To Talk” 📅
  8. “Checking In With An Update” 🙋🏿‍♀️
  9. “Requesting A Follow-Up Meeting” 🙏🏾
  10. “Reaching Out For An Update” ✍🏾

8. Cold email subject lines

  1. “Introducing Our Product/Service” 📦
  2. “Inviting You To Join Us” ✉️
  3. “A New Opportunity For You” 🎡
  4. “You Deserve This Offer” 🥰
  5. “We Can Help With Your Problem” 👨‍🔧
  6. “Let Us Help Take Your Business To The Next Level” 💲
  7. “We Have Something Special For You” 😉
  8. “Introducing Our Revolutionary Product” 🤯
  9. “Thought You Might Be Interested In This Opportunity” 😇
  10. “We Can Make Your Life Easier” 🔧

9. Catchy email subject lines

  1. “A Surprise Just For You” 🤫
  2. “You Won’t Want To Miss This” 💣
  3. “Unlock The Secret To Success” 🔓
  4. “Unbelievable Offer – Act Now!” 🔥
  5. “Discover The Easiest Way To…” ↗️
  6. “This Might Change Your Life” 💫
  7. “The Secret To Saving Time & Money” 💵
  8. “Unlock The Door To A Better Future” 🚪
  9. “Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Offer!” 🕝
  10. “Discover The Key To Success Now” 🔑

10. Sales email subject lines

  1. “It’s Time To Take Action” ⌚
  2. “Introducing Our New Product/Service” ♨️
  3. “Special Offer – Act Now!”
  4. “Don’t Miss Out On This Opportunity”
  5. “Discover The Secret To Increasing Your Sales” 💹
  6. “It’s Time To Get The Results You Want” 🕰️
  7. “Unlock The Potential Of Your Business Now” 🤑
  8. “Take Advantage Of This Special Offer Today” 👽
  9. “The Solution To All Your Problems Is Here” 🗝️
  10. “Grow Your Business With Our Help” 📈

11. Newsletter subject lines

  1. “Here’s What You Missed This Week” 📯
  2. “All The Latest News In One Place” 🗃️
  3. “Stay Up To Date With Our Newsletter” 📬
  4. “Get The Latest Updates Now” 📮
  5. “Weekly Roundup – Don’t Miss Out!” 👆🏾
  6. “Keep Up With The Latest Trends” 🌐
  7. “Your Weekly Digest Of News & Updates” 🗒️
  8. “Our Newsletter Is Now Live! Subscribe Now!” 📇
  9. “Our Newsletter Has Just Been Released – Check It Out!” 📤
  10. “Stay In The Know With Our Latest Newsletter” 🤓

12. Email subject lines for surveys

  1. “Your Opinion Matters To Us” 💯
  2. “We Need Your Help – Please Take Our Survey” ✏️
  3. “Share Your Thoughts With Us!” 🗣
  4. “Take Part In Our Survey Now!” ✍🏿
  5. “We Value Your Feedback – Please Participate” 🥺
  6. “Help Us Improve By Taking Our Survey” 💪
  7. Tell Us What You Think – Take Our Survey!” 🤷‍♀️
  8. “Help Us Make Things Better – Please Take Our Survey” 🌝
  9. “We Want To Hear Your Voice – Please Participate” 🔊
  10. “Your Input Matters To Us – Please Share It Now!” 👁‍🗨

13. Abandoned cart email subject lines

  1. “Don’t forget about your order!” 🛍
  2. “You left something behind…” 😮
  3. “Oops, you forgot this!” 🤦‍♀️
  4. “Still thinking about it?” 🤔
  5. “Complete your purchase now!” 💳
  6. “Pick up where you left off” 🈁
  7. “Your cart is still waiting for you” 🛒
  8. “Get your items before they’re gone!” ⏲️
  9. “Don’t miss out on this amazing offer!” 😱
  10. “It’s not too late to complete your order!” ☝🏻
  11. “Still need something? Don’t forget about it.” 😳
  12. “Come back and get what you need!” 😈
  13. “You don’t want to miss out on this.” 😛

14. Out-of-office subject lines

  1. “Out of the office and unavailable” 🔇
  2. “Taking some time off” 🛌
  3. “Away from my desk” 🪑
  4. “Unplugging for a bit” 📵
  5. “Working remotely today” 🏡
  6. “I’ll be back soon!” 🔜
  7. “On vacation until (date)” 🏞️
  8. “Away on a business trip until (date)” 🛩️
  9. “Stepping away from my inbox” 😴
  10. “Out of office: Catch up with you soon!” 🍻

15. Holiday email subject lines

  1. “Tis the Season: Celebrate with Us” 🥂
  2. “Get Ready for the Holidays Now!” 🥳
  3. “Unwrap Joyful Savings This Holiday!” 💸
  4. “Let’s Deck the Halls Together” 🧑‍🎄
  5. “Countdown to Christmas – Shop Now and Save!” 💰
  6. “Make Memories Last with Gift-Giving Ideas” 🧸
  7. “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” 🎅
  8. “Tis Better to Give than Receive – Shop Now!” 🧧
  9. “Celebrate the Holidays with Us!”
  10. “New Year, New Savings: Start Shopping Now!” 👗

16. Memorial Day email subject lines

  1. “Remember and Honor: Memorial Day” 👮
  2. “A Time to Reflect & Remember Those Who Served” 🧎
  3. “Grateful For Our Freedom: Celebrating Memorial Day” 🏳️
  4. “Honoring the Heroes of Memorial Day” 🙇
  5. “Remembering Our Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day” 🕯️
  6. “Celebrate with Gratitude this Memorial Day” 🎖️
  7. “A Nation’s Thank You: Celebrating Memorial Day” ❤️
  8. “Show Respect and Appreciation: Happy Memorial Day” 😔
  9. “Give Thanks & Pay Tribute on Memorial Day” 🙇‍♀️
  10. “Honor the Fallen Heroes of Our Country this Memorial Day” 🎗️

17. Email subject lines for events

  1. “You’re Invited To Our Special Event!” 💌
  2. “Don’t Miss Out On Our Upcoming Event” 🎤
  3. “Come Celebrate With Us At Our Event” 🥁
  4. “Join Us For An Unforgettable Experience” 🎆
  5. “The Countdown Is On: RSVP Now!” ⌛️
  6. “Ready To Make Some Memories? Join Us!” 💃
  7. “Get Excited: Our Event Is Almost Here” 🎠
  8. “Looking For Something To Do? Join Us At Our Event” 🎇
  9. “Mark Your Calendars: You Won’t Want To Miss It!” 📆
  10. “Let’s Celebrate Together At Our Event!” 🍾

18. Fall email subject lines

  1. “Get Ready for the Season with Our Fall Deals!” 💝
  2. “Look No Further – The Perfect Fall Outfit is Here!” 👕
  3. “Refresh Your Home Decor with Stylish Fall Finds” 🏠
  4. “Celebrate the Season with Amazing Fall Savings!” 💶
  5. “Step into Autumn in Style – Shop Now!” 👛
  6. “Treat Yourself to Our Fall Deals – Don’t Miss Out!” 🏃🏿
  7. “Welcome Cooler Days with Seasonal Style” 🩳
  8. “Update Your Look for the New Season” 👠
  9. “Get Ready to Fall in Love with Our Latest Collection” 💞
  10. “Embrace the Changing Leaves with Colorful Autumn Inspiration!” 🍂

19. Summer email subject lines

  1. “Stay Cool and Refresh With Us This Summer!” 🌞
  2. “Beat the Heat and Get Ready for Summer Fun!” 🏊‍♀️
  3. “Don’t Miss Out- Summer Deals Await!” 👙
  4. “Take a Break From The Sun- Shop Now!” 👒
  5. “Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Our Summer Offers!” 🚵
  6. “Get Ready for Summer Vacation with Us!” ⛵️
  7. “Get Ready for the Sun- Find Your Favourite Summer Must-Haves Here!” ☀️
  8. “Time to Take a Summer Break and Enjoy the Deals!” 🧉
  9. “Beat the Heat with Our Amazing Summer Offers!” ⛱️
  10. “Refresh Yourself This Summer With Our Cool Deals!” 🧃

20. Spring email subject lines

  1. “Get Ready for Spring with Our New Collection” 💐
  2. “Feel the Freshness of Spring in Style!” 🌼
  3. “Look Good, Feel Good: Update Your Wardrobe This Spring” 👖
  4. “Revive Your Look with a Trendy Spring Makeover” 💄
  5. “Celebrate the Warm Weather with Stylish Outfits” 👡
  6. “Enjoy the Blossom of Spring with Our Seasonal Styles” 🥻
  7. “Welcome the Freshness of Spring with New Apparel” 🌻
  8. “Get Ready for Summer Fun with Our Latest Collection” 🚣
  9. “Refresh Your Style with Fresh Tops & Bottoms This Spring” 👔
  10. “Enjoy the Sunshine & Look Fabulous in the Latest Trends!” 🧘

21. Reminder email subject lines

  1. “Don’t Forget: Take Action Now!” 🛑
  2. “Last Chance to Do Something Great!” 😯
  3. “Did You Forget About This?” 😩
  4. “Time is Running Out – Act Now!” 🕐
  5. “Important Reminder – Don’t Miss Out!” 🔔
  6. “Attention: Take Action Today!” 🔴
  7. “Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out!” 📌
  8. “Don’t Delay – Take Action Now!” ❗️
  9. “Get It Done Before Time Runs Out!” 🆘
  10. “Act Now and Receive Your Reward!” 🔖

22. Last chance email subject lines

  1. “Don’t Miss Out On This Incredible Opportunity!” 😟
  2. “Last Chance to Grab Your Discount!” 😖
  3. “Hurry – Offer Ends Soon!” 🏃🏿‍♂️
  4. “Final Hours to Take Advantage of This Deal!” 3️⃣ 2️⃣ 1️⃣…
  5. “Time Is Running Out – Act Now!”
  6. “Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By!” 🤦🏾‍♂️
  7. “Seize This Limited-Time Offer Now!” ⚡️
  8. “Get It Before It’s Too Late!” 😮‍💨
  9. “Don’t Delay – Secure Your Discount Today!” 🆓
  10. “Last Chance to Get the Best Deal Around!” ⚠️

23. Formal email subject line examples

  1. “Request for Meeting” 💼
  2. “Invitation to Join Project” 🧑🏿‍💻
  3. “Proposal Submission Deadline” 🛄
  4. “Upcoming Travel Plans” 🏖️
  5. “Follow-Up on Recent Discussion” 🙋🏿
  6. “Finalizing Details” 📜
  7. “Action Required” ✒️
  8. “Research Update” 🔬
  9. “Technology Upgrade Plan” 🧰
  10. “Employee Performance Review” 🏆

24. Referral email subject line

  1. “Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!” 👩‍❤️‍👩🎁
  2. “Share the Love & Earn Rewards!” 💕 🎁
  3. “Join Forces with a Friend & Get Rewarded!” 👭
  4. “Invite Your Friends & Enjoy the Benefits Together!” 👯‍♂️
  5. “Double Up on Rewards by Referring a Friend!” 🚻
  6. “You Win, They Win: Refer and Get Rewarded!” 🤪
  7. “Get Rewarded for Sharing the Good News!” 😎
  8. “Spread the Word & Reap Rewards Together!” 👩‍🌾
  9. “Be a Hero & Earn Big with Referrals!” 👮‍♀️
  10. “Unlock Benefits with a Friend’s Referral!” 🔐

25. Email subject lines to the recruiter

  1. “Ready to Take on New Opportunities” 👨🏻‍🎓
  2. “Experienced Professional Looking for Career Growth” 🧑🏻‍🚀
  3. “Bringing Proven and Innovative Skills to the Table” ⚔️
  4. “Excited to Pursue a Challenge with Your Company” 🔏
  5. “Interested in Exploring Job Possibilities with You” 📡
  6. “Seeking an Opportunity to Make an Impact” ☄️
  7. “Qualified Professional Looking to Join Your Team” 🧑🏿‍🎓
  8. “Looking for Meaningful Career Prospects with You” 👩🏾‍🎓
  9. “Bringing Diverse Expertise to the Table” 🧠
  10. “Ready to Take My Career to the Next Level with You!“ 🧑🏻‍💼

26. Personal email subject lines

  1. “Catching Up Over Coffee” ☕️
  2. “Congratulations on Your Promotion!” 👏 🧑‍💼
  3. “Thank You for the Gift” 🎁
  4. “Don’t Miss Our Flash Sale Today” 🏃‍♂️
  5. “Introducing Our New Product Line” 👘
  6. “Discounts for Loyal Customers” 💴 ⬇️

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60+ Email Subject Line Examples From Awesome Brands

Let’s cut right to the chase. We’ve combed the internet looking for some really good email subject lines — and here’s the result. Some are cool, others are funny, and some resonate with the brand image.

Some of these email subject lines are great for sending shopping cart abandonment emails, and others make for the perfect follow-up.

  1. “Google sees smartphone heroics in Oreo. It’s The Daily Crunch.”  This is an interesting subject line example from TechCrunch, a newsletter that keeps people updated about the latest news and developments in the world of technology. So, using the words’ daily crunch’ keeps you abreast with updated information about technology, so you know you gotta read it.
  2. “Where to Drink Beer Right Now”  (Sent at 6:45 PM on a Wednesday): Eater Boston couldn’t have timed this better. After a busy day midweek, this can be the perfect thing to wake up to and ease out a bit.
Email subject line example
Source: Neil Patel
  1. “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring” Using conversational words like “uh-oh” invokes the fear of missing out. Here, Warby Parker used this line to attract customers to buy glasses. It’s a truly creative follow-up email subject line.
  2. “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)”  Sarcastic and funny subject lines can pique the interest of readers. And Groupon uses this strategy to the best.
  3. “*Don’t Open This Email*”  When we are told not to do something, we tend to be more curious to open the content and read. This is what Manicube used in their marketing email subject line. But be careful only use this subject line when the reader is familiar with your brand or service. Otherwise, they might just block you!
  4. “What They Eat In Prison,” “DO NOT Commit These Instagram Atrocities” A catchy language always urges the reader to look forward to exciting content. Thrillist uses catchy sentences like this in their subject line to entice readers.
  5. “Black Friday shoppers are the worst customers”  This came in a LinkedIn Pulse newsletter, promoting an article one of its users wrote on the topic of holiday marketing. Intriguing facts and figures make the reader want to open the email.
  6. “10 bizarre money habits making Millennials richer”  Subject lines that are leading will always urge the recipient to know more about the subject. Refinery29 uses leading subject lines to make the email marketing subject lines more appealing to their followers.
  7. “Not Cool, Guys” BuzzFeed is known for its unique and exciting content. Sometimes they use a combination of the subject line and preview text to make it conversational and friendly. For example, the preview text that followed this was “Okay, WHO left the passive-aggressive sticky note on my fridge? Honestly, who acts like this?”
  8. “Is this the hottest career in marketing?” — Digital Marketer used this curiosity-inducing subject line to let readers know what’s interesting inside.
  1. “Free (Cool!) Clothes Alert”  Clover uses visual content like emojis to lure readers into opening the email. Use this sparingly, and only when it is relevant.
  2. “You free this Thurs at 12 PM PST? [guest blogging class]” Mary Fernandez used personalization to reach out to new readers and existing followers. Personalization should be a part of a great subject line as it works wonders and urges the recipient to open the email as it makes them feel special.
  3. “1,750 points for you. Valentine’s flowers & more for them.” When you read this line, you’ll immediately want to know who the flowers are for. This prompts you to read the body. Cryptic follow-up email subject lines like this are fantastic and entice readers.
  4. “Rock the color of the year”  Etsy, the e-commerce website, was able to promote a product solely based on color. We’ll want to know what ‘the color of the year’ is, right?
  5. Sometimes, direct newsletter subject lines also work best. For example, “[Company Name] May 2005 News Bulletin!” or “Eye on the [Company Name] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4).”
  6. “As You Wish”  UncommonGoods knows its buyer persona and sends emails based on its customers’ wish lists or interests. This subject line is based on the movie ‘The Princess Bride.’
  7. “Everything you wanted to know about email copy but was too afraid to ask”  CopyHackers uses one of your fears or pain points to urge you to take a quick look at the email.
  8. “The price dropped for something in your cart”  These retargeting email subject lines can prompt you to visit your cart once again or complete some unfinished purchases.
  9. “Tonight Only: Get this NOW before it’s gone…”  Resisting FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is difficult. Violet Grey uses this with an added incentive to increase email open rates.
  10. “New Video: (Topic)”  An effective email campaign should not only increase sales but also provide value to customers.
  11. “Yes, this is a fundraising email”  (from Al Franken), and …
  12. … “Hey”  (from Barack Obama) These two straightforward and seemingly “boring” newsletter subject lines performed the highest out of 40 million emails, with open rates between 60-80.
Email subject line example
Source: Elegant Themes
  1. “Products the celebs are wearing” — Sephora used this celebrity branding and vanity subject line to hit readers’ emotional quotient and make them open the email.
  2. “Learn a language with only 5 minutes per day”  Offering a solution to a problem or addressing a pain point is a good strategy when writing an email subject line. Duolingo gave a great offer while trying to solve a problem.
  3. “We Need To Talk…” — A recent email marketing campaign by PPC Protect saw an impressive open rate of 63% using this simple subject line. Not only does it make the email look important, but it also triggers the reader’s curiosity.

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Email Subject Line Examples By Category

We also have some more catchy email subject line examples from great brands and marketers, categorized for you:

1. Professional email subject lines

  1. “[Action Required] Verify your email address” — Amazon Chime
  2. “Your free PDF is attached: Great Talks Most Pople have Never Heard” — James Clear

2. Personalized email subject lines

  1. “So I’ll pick you up at 7?” — Influitive
  2. “[Name], check out these hand-picked looks”— Guess
  3. “Happy Birthday [name] — Surprise Iniside!”— Rent the Runway
  4. “Seriously, who does this?”— Ryan Levesque

3. FOMO email subject lines

  1. “Tonight only: A denim lover’s dream” — Guess
  2. “Starbucks — By Invite Only”— Groupon
  3. “A Sneak Peek for VIPs Only.” Serena & Lily
  4. “Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring” — Warby Parker
  5. “You’re missing out on points.” — JetBlue
  6. “Don’t let this $5 bonus slip away!’ — Ibotta
  7. “The timer’s going ogg on your cart!” King Arthur Flour
  8. “[URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this …”— Digital Marketer

4. Question-based email subject lines

  1. “Ready for some festival fun?” — Sky
  2. “Where do all these toys go?”— IKEA
  3. “Who you gonna call?” Clint Fontanella

5. Curiosity-invoking email subject lines

  1. “What they eat in prison”— Thrillist
  2. “Not Cool, Guys” BuzzFeed
  3. “What can you afford?”Zillow
  4. “Don’t open this email” —Manicube
  5. “A faster donkey” — The hustle
  6. “Our #1 most asked question  …” Supergoop
  7. “Last day to see what this mystery email is all about” — GrubHub
  8. “I got Botox — & THIS is what it looked like” Refinery29
  9. “As You Wish” UncommonGoods

6. Funny email subject lines

  1. “We Like Being used” — The Muse
  2. “Need a day at the beach? Just scratch n’ sniff your way to paradise …” — Travelocity
  3. “Yes, I’m pregnant. You can stop staring at my belly now.” — Baby Bump

7. Email subject lines based on pain points

  1. “Learn a language with only 5 minutes per day” — Duolingo
  2. “Feed your guests without breaking the bank” — Pizza Hut
  3. “Repeat meal syndrome? We understand.” — GrubHub
  4. “How to survive your next overnight flight”— Thrillist
  5. “Stop wasting time on mindless work”— Evernote
  6. “Don’t think about saving. Save without thinking.”— Qapital
  7. “Since we can’t all win the lottery …” — Uber

8. Generic email subject lines

  1. “How to live at home 24/7” Feather
  2. “3 ways to improve your Pins” Pinterest

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Tips for Writing the Best Subject Lines for Emails

Here’s how you write a great email subject line.

  • Curiosity: Curiosity is something that works wonders. Add text or content that will invoke interest in the reader’s mind.
  • Urgency: Using urgency is a classic approach and generally works because it compels the reader to take immediate action.
email subject line character limit
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  • Relevance: Subscribers want timely and trendy information, and that’s what you should be giving. This idea should be leveraged while designing better subject lines as well. Trendy topics or trendy headlines should be used in newsletter subject lines to keep readers interested.
  • Personalization: Adding a personal touch to email subject lines can make your recipients feel valued and more likely to engage. It’s a powerful strategy for building strong relationships and driving more leads. By making your emails feel more personal, you can boost open rates and cultivate customer loyalty.
email subject line example
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  • Celebrity Branding: Use a familiar name so people can identify it right away. Personality traits of celebrities can invoke curiosity in the recipient to open the email.

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What is an Email Open Rate?

Email open rate is the percentage of the total number of subscribers who have opened an email.

These rates depend on various factors, including email subject line, relevancy for subscribers, personalization, and content.

However, a 20-40% value can be considered a healthy open rate. Various factors can impact open rates, and an effective email subject line is one of them.

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The Importance of Email Subject Lines

Did you know that 47% of email recipients open emails depending on the subject line, whereas 69% report emails as spam based solely on the subject line?

So, you can see how subject lines directly impact email open rates.

People read or trash emails based on what they see in the subject line.

However, subject lines that include personalization are 22% more likely to be opened. So, the more catchy the email subject line, the more likely people will be to open the email.

Email subject lines infographic

Now that you know about the importance of that ‘one line’ that has the potential to grab the attention of customers, let us take a look at some of the best email marketing subject lines from the industry in 2024.

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Email Marketing Best Practices for Great Subject Lines

We’ve seen some of the best email subject lines, the kind that get good open rates.

Now, it’s time to go through some of the best practices that experts in the email marketing industry follow to craft the perfect subject lines for any type of email campaign.

1. Keep it short and simple. Be precise

Almost 77% of emails are read on the phone, so it might get cropped if the subject line is too long. The reader might overlook important information or might be disinterested.

So, you should keep your subject lines within 50 characters so that your followers can read the entire subject. Think about the words that matter the most and exclude unnecessary details.

For example, instead of writing ‘Order No #XXXX is being processed,’ you can write ‘Your order is being processed.’

Also, be precise with your subject lines. For example, use ‘Increase your sales by 60%’ rather than ‘How to increase your sales.’

Email subject line best practice
Source: EmailDesign

2. Avoid ‘no-reply’ sender name

A person’s name, like Roger@yourcompany.com, will be more acceptable to an individual than a company name. A familiar name ID gives a feeling that readers are dealing with an actual person rather than an abstract entity.

It is also important never to send emails with a no-reply sender name as they directly go to spam and are usually ignored.

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3. Avoid using ALL CAPS

Study shows that 85% of recipients prefer subject lines in lowercase. Fully capitalized subject lines look spammy and will be ignored by readers.


Don’t you get the feeling that someone’s screaming at you?

Instead, use simple and engaging language to get your reader’s attention.

Email subject line best practice
Source: Quickmeme

4. Segment your lists

It’s always better to send emails that are relevant to your recipients. That’s where personalization comes in.

Personalizing your emails helps you connect with your audience on a more personal level, making them more likely to engage.

A big part of this is email list segmentation. Email list segmentation involves dividing your email list into smaller groups based on specific criteria, like demographics, purchase history, or engagement levels.

By breaking down your list into such smaller groups, you can send the right content to the right people, ensuring your message hits home. This not only increases engagement but also strengthens your relationships with your audience.

You can read about how CRM software can aid in automatic list segmentation here.

Email subject line best practice: EngageBay segmentation

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5. Avoid making false promises

Do not make false promises in the subject line and deviate from them in the email body content. This is called clickbait and is usually frowned upon.

Though your subscribers will initially click on these links, they’ll soon lose faith in you.

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6. Use numbers and values

subject line containing numbers will get more attention than vague ones.

Try to add numbers and values wherever possible to attract readers. You can mention the discount value or use numbers to refer to the size of your listicle.

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7. Make the recipient feel special

The power of personalization cannot be understated. People want to feel valued.

Choose sentences that instantly grab the recipient’s attention and make them feel special. Here are some great examples:

  • “You’re invited!”
  • “For our beloved customers only”
  • “An exclusive offer for you”

8. Give an engaging pretext

A pretext is not part of the subject line but appears right next to the subject line in the inbox.

It is partly visible to the recipient and has an impact on readability. The preview text shows a bit more of what’s inside. So, to keep it precise and engaging, set the pretext to suit your recipient.

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9. User personalization token

Research has shown that marketing emails that included the recipient’s first name in their subject line had higher clickthrough rates.

Including first names in the subject line can be a great start. A dog walking company, Wag!, uses this technique to its advantage by adding the owner’s dog’s name in the subject line.

Email subject line best practice: EngageBay personalization

10. Use questions to get attention

Asking a question in the subject line can be a great attention-grabbing strategy.

“Are you making these SEO mistakes?”

“Do you know what went wrong with your website?”

These subject lines can be hard to resist as they usually resonate with your audience.

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11. Start with action-oriented verbs

Call-to-Action subject lines can prompt readers to take action. For example, while inviting people to a hockey legend dinner, the email subject line can be, “Dine with Bruins legend Bobby Orr.”

12. A/B test your subject lines

While the tips and tricks mentioned above can work wonders, it’s always better to A/B test your subject lines to see what resonates best with your audience.

Email A/B testing involves sending variations of your subject lines to different segments of your audience to determine which one performs better.

This process helps you understand what prompts people to click on your emails, allowing you to refine your approach based on the results and ultimately improve your email marketing effectiveness.

13. Avoid spammy words

Spam filters constantly look for certain words and phrases that indicate an email is likely unsolicited or unwanted. To avoid getting caught by these filters, avoid using words like “sale,” “free,” “discount,” and other similar terms in your subject line.

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14. Attract readers, not spam filters

Another challenge for an email marketer is ensuring the email doesn’t land in a spam folder. Email marketing success largely depends on email deliverability, and your subject line impacts the delivery rate. 

A few studies have revealed that certain use of words or phrases triggers the spam filter because they are not email-friendly. Your email deliverability rate can significantly improve when you avoid these triggers.

So, what are those phrases considered spam? Typically, emails that consist of content associated with free gifts, marketing gimmicks, schemes, or promises are usually flagged as spam. Let’s look at a few spam subject line examples.

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Subject lines with exaggerated claims

Email subject lines that consist of words such as ‘100% free’, ‘100% cashback’, ‘get rich quickly,’ and so on are highly likely to end up in the spam folder. Such emails usually consist of clickbait content that makes claims or promises to earn money quickly. 

Some additional phrases are additional income, prize money up to <amount>, cash bonus, etc. 

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Subject lines with free gifts

Top email clients filter emails as spam that promise freebies. Generally, such emails contain links to malicious websites that can steal people’s personal information, such as bank or card details. Avoid these phrases in your subject lines – 

Congrats! You have won <name of the product> Earn $XXXX, No Investments Required Take Home These Products For Free

Subject lines that contain ‘Re:’

Usually, an email subject line that starts with ‘Re’ gives the notion that readers have interacted with the sender before. But sadly, the email might be another clickbait containing links to unsafe websites.

As a result, such emails, though written with the intent to attract the reader’s attention, get marked as spam.

Subject lines with any typos

Avoid the following triggers –

  • Grammatical errors or typos end up as spam. 
  • Extreme punctuation, multiple question marks. For example: !!!??? 

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We hope this blog post has inspired you to write better, creative email subject lines.

As a marketer, it is important to grasp the true performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Quantifying your open rates and campaign successes can’t be done manually.

There are dozens of tools to help you analyze your open and clickthrough rates, segment your audiences, and A/B test your subject lines.

One such software is EngageBay. It’s much more than just an analytics tool, though.

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