It’s Live: EngageBay Integrates With Plivo

plivo-engagebay integration

Howdy, folks! Moving from strength to strength, we have integrated with some of the world’s leading business solutions over the past couple of years. 

All of this just so our users enjoy a seamless experience with EngageBay and stay connected with their favorite go-to apps without ever having to switch between EngageBay and other apps.

As our first integration of 2022, we are pleased (as punch) to announce that we have partnered with Plivo, a world leader in SMS and Voice API platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers on a global scale.

EngageBay’s integration with Plivo help’s its customers leverage on mobile marketing. Now it is easier than ever to send SMS messages or make calls to EngageBay contacts via the Plivo integration in EngageBay.

About Plivo

Plivo offers a simple, quick, and scalable way to modernize customer communications. Businesses of all sizes — from growing startups to public companies — rely on Plivo to deliver better customer experiences.

Plivo’s enterprise-grade communications platform includes a premium carrier network with connectivity in more than 190 countries, an API platform for messaging and voice calls, and solutions for sales and support teams. The Plivo team brings deep experience in communications and modern software to address the needs of today’s businesses — quality, scale, innovation, and agility. (Source)

Things you can do with the EngageBay – Plivo integration

  1. Use your Plivo number within EngageBay to send SMS messages
  2. Use your Plivo number within EngageBay to make calls

How to use Plivo in EngageBay

To use Plivo with EngageBay, you’ll need an EngageBay account and a voice- and SMS-enabled Plivo phone number. You can purchase numbers from the Phone Numbers page of the Plivo console, or by using the PhoneNumber API.

For more information on how to set up Plivo in EngageBay, visit here.

You can also check out the full list of integrations in the EngageBay marketplace here.

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