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EngageBay integrates with VoxCPaas

Hello users and readers. As a continuing process, it is our constant endeavor to keep adding the most useful and preferred solutions as integrations to our ever-increasing repertoire.

Today, for the convenience of all EngageBay users, we are pleased to announce that our latest integration with VoxCPaas, is now rolled out and ready to use.

About VoxCPaas

Vox CPaaS is a cloud-hosted service with fully managed infrastructure that allows businesses to integrate real-time communications directly into applications. It is a powerful suite of developer-friendly, reliable, and scalable real-time communication solutions. Engage with your customers through promotional & transactional, two-way SMS, OTP, and authentication code.

With the EngageBay-VoxCPaas integration, make and receive calls, send and receive SMS to and from your EngageBay contacts directly within your EngageBay account

EngageBay – VoxCPaas integration features

1. Powerful Voice Calling Functionality

Simply click-to-call

With the EngageBay-Vox-CPaas integration’s click-to-call solution, businesses can seamlessly implement a click-to-call service for their support teams. Once the user enters their contact number in the form, the voice API connects the call to the preassigned number instantly.

Reduce costs with powerful voice termination

This integration supports voice termination for all app-to-landline or GSM mobile calls. Reduce costs on your local and worldwide voice traffic with the reliable voice SDK offering voice termination only by the best quality routes. The EngageBay-Vox-CPaas integration is interconnected with telecom operators across 220+ countries for SMS, voice, and international numbers.

Enjoy robust audio conferencing

Enjoy robust scalable audio conferencing that helps you grow your business. Businesses can add participants, customers, and support staff to get connected at the same time, thereby saving time and ensuring clear communication with the EngageBay-Vox-CPaas integration.

2. Instant SMS Connectivity

Build trust & reliability with two-factor authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your app communications. Build credibility and trust among customers by sending two-factor authentication codes within the application. The EngageBay-Vox CPaaS integration enables a secure and reliable platform for quick delivery of OTP and authentication codes.

Engage & retain customers with promotional/transactional SMS

Retain customers and build contextual communication by sending promotional SMS, offers and alerts & notifications SMS within the app. Engage and keep your customers abreast of the latest developments and updates. Additionally, you can send alerts for transactions within your app.

Easy and streamline communication with two-way SMS

Add more engagement to your EngageBay messaging platform with the EngageBay-Vox CPaaS integration. With two-way SMS, users can easily reply to your messages within the EngageBay application.

Benefits provided by VoxCPaas

International Reach

Interconnectivity with telecom operators across 220+ countries for SMS, voice, and international numbers.

Secure, Fast Integration

VoxCPaas’s programmable APIs reduce the implementation time and allow faster integration by being reliable and secure.

Cost & Time Saving

VoxCPaas helps businesses save expenses and time while providing high quality real-time communication solutions.

For more information about the EngageBay-VoxCPaas integration, please click here.

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