EngageBay integrates with JotForm

As we have asserted in our earlier blogs announcing our newest integrations, the scope and importance of integration cannot ever be overstated.

And this time, on popular request from many of the EngageBay users, we are pleased to announce that our newest integration with leading online form builders, JotForm, is now rolled out and ready to use.

About JotForm

JotForm is an easy and powerful online form builder, designed to help you seamlessly collect important information. Gather data through your website with a custom lead generation or contact form, then instantly sync that data to EngageBay CRM with JotForm’s free integration.

Things you can do with the EngageBay – JotForm integration

Publish online forms quickly

Create attractive and compelling custom online forms with JotForm’s drag-and-drop interface to collect customer data.

Send contacts from your form to EngageBay CRM

Using the EngageBay – JotForm integration, form responses submitted through JotForm will seamlessly populate your EngageBay account with the information you need.

Act faster with automation

Whether you’re using JotForm for sales and marketing, or even partnership requests, this integration will automate your process so that you can act faster.

Benefits provided by JotForm

Build custom forms without coding

Make the most of the powerful drag and drop custom forms builder for easy data collection

Keep contacts updated

Update existing contact records automatically whenever new information is delivered through your form.

Capture new leads

Have contacts sent to your EngageBay lists and intuitively manage your business and sales leads.

For more information about the EngageBay-JotForm integration, please click here.

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