7 Passive Income Apps to Make Extra Cash Starting Today!


Did you know 46% of Americans start a side hustle with the hope of building a passive income source and having diverse income options to meet their numerous financial needs?

What if we tell you that you can make money while sleeping under your favorite blanket and by just having a few apps installed on your cell phone? Well in 2023, it is pretty much possible. Gone are the days when earning extra income required you to have an active side hustle. No, we are not against the side hustle culture, duh!

What we are intending to do here is to make you familiar with yet another, totally safe alternative to earning a passive income with minimal effort in your free time.

While we won’t make big promises—like turning you into an overnight billionaire—we would definitely equip you with the list of best passive income apps available out there. So that you have diverse income options open to take you closer to your financial freedom.

In this blog post, we’ve shared a list of seven legit apps that can help you make some passive income.

1. Swagbucks — Money in SBs


passive income apps- earn bonuses with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a simple-to-use passive income app that has diverse options for you to earn extra income. You get SB points on doing specific tasks.

Every 100 SB points on this app earn you one dollar ($1.00).

Further, the cash earned through these SBs can be transferred directly to your bank account linked to PayPal. 

Swagbucks as a search engine

Swagbucks, powered by Yahoo!, is also a search engine and it is safe to say that using this as your default search engine gives you SB credits occasionally. 

Earn SBs using Swag codes

Swagbucks also has swag buttons that basically code to earn money. They are usually posted on their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and even their blogs. 

By downloading a chrome extension called the SwagButton, you can get updates every time they post swag codes on their social media handles. Redeeming these codes will pay you often. 

Meet a daily goal and win money

Swagbucks also has yet another way to make you SBs every day. It sets a daily goal and if you attain the goal consistently for at least 7 days, you earn money.

For instance, 25 SBs if you consistently meet goals for 7 days and 100 SBs if you are consistent for 14 days.

Refer and earn

Yes, just a referral to a relative or friend will earn you SBs. You can ask them to make their account using your referral link. After which you have two options.

Either take 10% of what your friend earns through the app or if your friend earns 300 SB in the first month itself, you get a one-time 300 SB bonus as a reward too.

Take Swagbucks surveys

Swagbucks also has partnerships with various companies that have their surveys. Taking at least 5 of these surveys will get you SBs.

And the best part is, you still make free 5SB’s even if you are disqualified. You just need to spend 20-30 minutes, to finish a survey and earn around 30+ SBs.

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2. Survey Junkie: Earn through surveys

survey Junkie

As the name of this app suggests, taking surveys in the Survey Junkie app will earn you dollars. The money earned via the same can be withdrawn through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Let us discuss how you can earn through this app effortlessly. 

Earning here is simple. The app will recommend surveys based on your preferences and interests. You can easily finish these surveys in 5 to 30 minutes. Not only surveys, but tasks like setting up your profile or attending a group session will pay you money too. 

Since the payout threshold here is low, you can withdraw every $10 that you have earned through PayPal. Isn’t it amazing?

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3. InboxDollars: Earn by reading emails

inbox dollarsWe won’t be kidding around if we say InboxDollars is a fun way to earn. Earning on this app is like juggling between doing daily mundane activities like reading emails and fun activities like playing games. 

Moreover, they have paid surveys too. So you just need to spend a few minutes taking these surveys and get paid while doing so. Apart from this, they give you $5 for just getting started with their app. 

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4. Honeygain: Convert unused data to money!



Do you often have a lot of unused internet data? If so, share it with the Honeygain app and earn dollars. Yes, you heard it right. Now share your data and earn money. Install the Honeygain app, choose your data level, and get started. You can also install it on various devices to earn extra money. 

Apart from internet sharing, you can also refer to this app for your friends and relatives. So suppose you refer it to a friend and the latter starts earning. In this case, you will get 10% of their revenue share too.

Once you earn up to $20, you can request a payout. The money earned gets deposited to your PayPal account as soon as you finish linking the same.

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5. Drop App: Earn while you shop!

Drop Shop

Shopping is legit important. You have to shop even if you don’t want to. But what if you had an app that paid you to shop from the brands you love? 

Drop App is one such app that gives you Drop points every time you shop from over 500+ brands using this app. From groceries to beauty and even travel, this app has almost everything that you would want to shop for. 

The Drop Premium is also free to join. All you need to do is add your card to enjoy premium benefits and earn some extra points. Every 1000 drop points here equals a dollar.

6. Robinhood: Get that dividend income

For the ones who are interested in investing on trading platforms, Robinhood can be a good option. Since there is no commission fee associated and it is easier to use too — Robinhood is the best for you if investing and trading stocks is your cup of tea.

  • Dividend income: As a shareholder of the company, you can earn a portion of the company’s profit.
  • Asset appreciation: Buying a stock at a lower price and selling it when its value increases per share.

But in both these ways, you need to be super careful and do your research before investing. Patience and good research is the key to earning on this platform. It is always a good idea to try out various tactics and see which one gives you a greater ROI.

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7. Google Pay can pay you too! 

make transactions and earn with Google Pay

Google pay just isn’t your normal online payments and transaction app. It allows you to earn too. How?

Invite people to create an account through your referral link and earn. Plus, regular payments on this app will make you eligible for various rewards, cashback, and discount vouchers. 

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It is a good idea to keep diverse passive income streams open for yourself for those emergency end-of-the-month expenses. For doing so, you can use any of the apps mentioned in this article to earn some extra cash in your free time. 

By investing in apps like Robinhood, you can make your money work for you while you focus on making more money through other means.

However, it should be kept in mind that none of these apps promise a sustainable income so you can not solely rely on them as you would on your 9-5 job. 

So what are you waiting for? Use these apps and make the most out of your spare time to earn some good bucks on the side!


Q1. What is passive income?

Passive income is the income that you can earn and maintain with less time investment and effort. 

Q2. How much time do I need to invest in passive income apps to earn money?

On average, you need to invest 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the type of app you are using. For example, in apps like Swagbucks where you get paid to take surveys, you would need at least 20 minutes to finish a survey. 

Q3. Are all these apps free to use?

Yes, almost all of these apps are free to use. However, on trading apps like Robinhood, you need an initial investment to get started. Moreover, they have their premium membership costs too. 

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