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How To Say ‘Please Find Attached’ In 21 Different, Smarter Ways

Writing an email is not something that comes naturally to me. It is a space where I’d like to sound professional, but also add my style.

I am sure you must be going through something similar. 

More than anything else, I guess we all struggle with the phrase ‘Please Find Attached’. It’s become something we all say all the time and yet, it makes no good an impression.

The thing is, we have grown so used to reading and writing it that coming up with something fresh feels … odd?

Please find attached infographic

But there are fresh and cool ways to say ‘please find attached’ without using those exact words.

In this blog post, I share 21 smart please find attached alternatives to use in your emails. Feel free to copy any of these email templates and personalize them for your own brand or personal email communication.

21 Creative Ways To Say Please Find Attached

please find attached alternative phrases for emails

1. As you will see in …

Instead of writing ‘please find attached’, try writing ‘As you will see in [attachment name]’. This phrase will tell the email recipient that you have shared an attachment, and also a bit about what’s in it.

Using a phrase like “As you will see in the sheet here” prepares the reader for what the email attachment is about. This way, they can choose to either download the file, view it, or directly share it with somebody else.

Here’s an email template for the first alternative to ‘please find attached’.

Hi {Contact Name},

After our previous discussion, the team started researching various CRM tools that will fit your business needs.

As you will see in the presentation shared here, EngageBay has stood out as an All-in-One CRM tool.

If that works for you, we can move ahead with our discussion.

Thank you.


2. In the [x] appended with this email …

‘Appended’ means attached or supplemented (by), so that word makes for a great substitute for ‘attached’. However, if you say ‘please find appended’, you run the risk of keeping it boring all the same!

Try something like this 👇

Hey {Contact Name},

I am writing this mail to share last month’s traffic and revenue report.

In the files appended to this email, you will see that our marketing efforts have led to a direct increase in conversion rates.

Moving ahead, we’ll further improve on the marketing automation (thanks to our EngageBay subscription!) and ensure an even higher conversion rate, with optimal utilization of the resources.

Looking forward to your views on it.


3. Have a look at …

This is more of the direction that you are giving to readers. And the best part about this particular alternative to ‘please find attached’ is how easy it is to use in a sentence.

It also makes your email copy feel more like natural language since we use this term often in conversations.

Hi team,

I have something exciting to share with you.

Have a look at the report for the clicks and signups we generated from our last campaign.

The push notifications really made an impact!

Great work, and keep it up 👍


4. Download a copy of [x] for …

Just like the previous one, the following is also a clear direction for the readers about what to do with the attachment.

Almost 121 business emails are received daily, and one can easily forget to download files attached in emails.

Using a CTA like this reminds the reader about what they need to do with the attachment they have received.

Hi {Name},

I am sharing with you the final draft of the contract that was agreed upon in our last conversation.

Download a copy of this document, e-sign it, and share it back with us by EOD, please.

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with you. 



5. Let me know your thoughts on [x] attached with this email

Looking to get a review on the attachment you are sharing? Using the following template as a different way to say ‘please find attached’ 👇

Hi {Name},

The team has curated a new marketing strategy to increase the revenue per thousand impressions while optimizing the ad spend on Facebook.

Let me know your thoughts on the new budget proposed.

If we are on the same page, we can get started on the execution part from next week.



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6. For reference, I am adding [x]

To say you’re adding something to the email copy conveys the message just the same as saying ‘please find attached’, but in another way.

Only, it’s not annoying 😅

Hi {Name},

I believe there has been a miscommunication about the lead management results.

A total of 30 new leads were generated, of which 25 have been confirmed.

For reference, I am adding a few screenshots from our EngageBay lead management dashboard.

I hope this clears things up. If you still have any questions, do let me know.



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7. I am attaching [x] to help you …

Here’s another ‘Please Find Attached’ synonym.

Often, the emails we receive come with no clarity about what is attached and why.

It’d be so much better to say you’re attaching XYZ file to complete or help ABC action. This way, you avoid saying ‘PFA’ for the millionth time, and you also convey what’s expected of the recipient.

Hi {Name},

I saw your post on LinkedIn where you mentioned that you’re looking for an SEO content writer to join your team.

While I don’t have {however many} years of experience, I do have a portfolio of high-quality articles published by some well-known sites.

I am attaching a PDF file with this email to help you see some of my best-performing articles.

Let me know what you think.



8. You’ll find [x], as requested in …

Emails are means of professional conversation. That means you’ll need to send files in response to some ongoing conversations.

At such times, you can use this email template:

Hi {Name},

You’ll find all the targeted keywords of our previous months and the ad spends on each of them.

We will be optimizing the campaigns based on the results we have here.

Have a great day!



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9. I am ‘sharing’ the documents …

A good thing about emails is that you don’t have to always attach a file in the conventional formats that require a download.

Today, thanks to Google Suite, we can use digital file formats like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.

And since they are on Google cloud, you can simply add the web links for those documents as hyperlinks in the email copy.

If you don’t know how to say ‘I have attached the file in this email’ or ‘kindly find attached’, just use this template and you’ll seem professional 👌🏻

Hi {Name},

Hope you are having a great day.

I am sharing the documents in a Google Drive link here.

Let me know if you need anything else.



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10. Here is [x] that …

Here’s another great ‘Please Find Attached’ synonym that does not use the actual phrase 🙂

Without any chit-chat at the beginning, this email template allows you to get straight to the point.

Since people don’t have much time to accept and share greetings – every single time – this will allow you to save their time and get to the important part quickly.

Hi {Name},

Here is the presentation for the comparison between all marketing automation software for solopreneurs.

In our research, EngageBay has come out to be the best fit.

Have a look.


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11. Excited to share [x] with …

Sharing interesting stuff? Let’s tell them how you are feeling.

Using emotional expressions to share information adds more personality to the email copy.

Hi {Name},

After our last call, I wanted to create a report on our marketing automation practices.

I am excited to share the result here.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for the path ahead.



12. This [x] has …

What does the attachment have? 

You can share the context of the attachment by using this email copy, and you end up using better words than ‘please find attached’. Here’s a better way to structure your professional email in business English (as opposed to a casual email): 

Hi {Name},

I was told you wanted to get an update about the keywords we have targeted with our campaigns in the last six months.

This Google Sheet has all the information you’ll need.

If you have any questions, let me know.



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13. I have ‘linked’ …

Instead of saying ‘link shared, you can say ‘linked’ when you are sharing a URL.

In my experience, the email recipients don’t receive the link sometimes. If you do not mention it clearly, they may not even know that an external link was attached.

Hi {Name},

I am a freelance content writer interested in writing guest posts for your blog.

I have linked my portfolio here for you to go through some of my published work.

I hope you will give me an opportunity to create content for your audience as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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14. If you have any questions about [x] …

This phrase directs the reader to take an action: go through the file attached and ask a question if they have one.

If you are sending a file to a new client, letting them know that they can reach back to you about it can make a lot of difference.

Hi {Name},

I have made a report about all the common questions that our customer support team has been receiving lately.

If you have any questions about these commonly asked customer support questions, let me know.



15. The enclosed document shows …

This phrase keeps the conversation professional and neutral in tone while avoiding the dreaded three words 😅

Hi {Name},

The enclosed document shows various use cases for introducing marketing automation to our team.

In brief: Marketing automation saves a lot of time and allows our marketing experts to focus on creative work rather than wasting their time on repetitive, mundane work.

Have a look at it and let me know if we should schedule a meeting to discuss this further.



16. Attached herewith is this …

Something that most readers won’t see often, and it would surely act as an attention grabber.

If you Google ‘herewith’, you’ll find it is a formal adverb meaning ‘with this letter’.

So, if you are looking for a professional alternative to ‘please find attached’, what could be better?

Hi {Name},

I wanted to get your opinion on the deliverables we are receiving from the customer service side.

Attached herewith is an email thread from our customer service manager.

Let me know what you think.



17. We have more details about this in [x], please have a look

This phrase is another smart way of saying the same thing in other words …

Hi {Name},

This is a monthly report on the website traffic growth.

Since automating most of our marketing efforts, we have been able to focus on creative work. 

Our website has observed a 157% increase in monthly traffic from various sources, and an 87% increase in conversion rates.

We have more details about this in the Google Sheets document we all share. Please have a look at it here.

Thank you,


18. Enclosed is …

You can simply use ‘Enclosed is’ to keep your email short and direct.

It keeps the unnecessary chatter at bay and lets readers know exactly what you are sharing with them.

Hi {Name},

Enclosed is the monthly report for the YOY growth in website traffic for all our clients.

I look forward to getting on a call with you and discussing this in detail.



19. You’ll find the attachment below …

If you are looking for something to end your email message and can’t find something specific about the attached document you’re sharing, you may tend to just write ‘PFA’.

Try this instead:

Hi {Name},

Based on our last conversation, I wanted to share some of my recent work with you.

Some of these articles have been published by popular websites, while others are still under editorial review.

You’ll find the attachment below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


20. I’ve attached my resume for your consideration …

We all know how important it is to put forward our best (including style, grammar, sentence structure, and all the nitty-gritty, small details) when it comes to sending a professional email for job applications.

Your potential employer has mere seconds to scan through your attached CV and determine if you are eligible for an interview invitation. There are better alternatives to ‘Please find attached my resume’. 

In many ways, your email acts as the cover letter for your resume along with a few additional information — so give it your best. 

Here’s an example ‘please find attached resume’ alternative with better wording: 

Dear {HR Name},

Greetings from my laptop, where I have been endlessly scrolling through job postings until I stumbled upon your company’s open position for a {Job Title}. 

Let me get straight to the point – I am a {introduce yourself and mention your key achievements based on the job description}.

I have attached my resume for your consideration, which should give you a better idea of my educational background, work experience, and relevant skills. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing how we can work together to achieve great things!


21. Attach file with no explanation

Let’s end this list by simply asking a question: Do you need to add a ‘please find attached’ alternative in the email?

When it’s a file, the receiver will surely see that you have sent an attachment. And if they’re expecting it already, why spell it out?

So, if you believe there is no need to say something, don’t.

Just shoot your email with the update and attach your file quietly, without the beaten-to-death ‘PFA’ alert.

EngageBay banner CTA

The Proper Etiquette While Attaching Files

Just like the ‘table manners’ your parents schooled you in on, we have a few attachment etiquettes for you:

Don’t forget the attachment

Remember the feeling you got when you hit Send, only to realize that you forgot to attach the file? We’ve all been there. This meme perfectly sums up the embarrassing scenario: 

Forgot to attach the file meme

A good idea to avoid these situations is to always attach the file first, before drafting the email.

Bring attention to the attachment

Let the recipient know there’s an attachment, but ditch the overused, legalese-like ‘Please find attached’ jargon and use the alternative phrases from this blog post. Giving a heads-up is important if the recipient is not expecting an attachment. 

For example, say you’re replying to an email from the hiring team requesting your resume (after you’ve filled out the job application). In this case, there’s no need to explicitly say ‘Please find the attached resume’ or ‘attached my resume’ since it’s implied already. 

Give an apt file name

We often attach files without giving much thought to the file name — after all, it’s the content inside that’s important. 

This results in generic names like ‘New Document’, ‘Untitled’, or even ‘dsfjdsf.docx’ (if you’re like me 🤣).

Keep in mind that having a specific file name that shows the recipient the content is important. This is especially true for job seekers when attaching their resumes. Otherwise, they could come off as unprofessional and lazy in the eyes of a potential employer. 

Add a good email subject line

Subject lines are the first things your readers and potential customers see (even before they read your content).

If your subject line is boring, bad, or outright blasphemous, no one will click on your emails — even if your content is amazing. The styling and tone of your subject lines depend on the type of email: business letter, job application email, scold email, etc. 

Craft your subject lines accordingly. 

One more thing before you go …

Email outreach can be quite tricky, especially if you’re not already a Pro!

There are email tools that can help with running email broadcasts, tracking the email opens, following up with recipients who have opened or not opened your emails, and most importantly, automating the entire process.

We’d say the most affordable of all these tools is EngageBay. Plenty of our customers are super happy!



If you’d like to know more, just sign up for free and we’ll give you a comprehensive product demo!

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