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20 Email Memes For Marketers: Because We Need to Laugh, Too!

People say marketing is easy; I say marketing tests one’s limits.

To all the marketers out there, I have mad respect for you — marketing is complex, exhilarating, and challenging.

This does not mean you can’t have a good laugh occasionally.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most relatable, funny email memes to brighten up your day!

Let’s dive right in.


20 Evergreen Email Memes To Kickstart Your Day

“Laughter is the best antidote to a marketer’s frustration” — said no one ever. But still, check out these 20 email memes for a good laugh!

#1. I hope this email finds you well…

Every other day in the life of an email marketer starts with the line: “I hope this email finds you well!”

Sometimes, this cliche irks us so much that many marketers have turned it into funny email memes.

Here’s one:

Email marketing meme
Source: Sayingimages.com

Be it the morning blues or a tough day at work, this is an accurate depiction of how the email found us 😅

#2. When someone says, “Email marketing is dead” 

email meme
Source: Facebook

2000: Email marketing is dead!

2010: Email marketing is surely dead!

2020: Guess what? Email marketing is immortal and here to stay. 

In fact, 37% of brands have increased their email budget in 2022 and the email marketing revenue is projected to reach 11 billion by the end of 2023.  Do you think email marketing is dead?

Well, try leveraging some email marketing tactics from billion-dollar companies and you’ll find the answer. 

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#3. When the coupon code trick doesn’t work …

Email marketing works, but sending monotonous, salesy crap over and over again won’t do any good.

email marketing meme
Source: Instagram

And, there are multiple drawbacks to sending the same promotional emails over and over again: 

  • Gmail can push your email either to the ‘spam’ folder or to the ‘promotional’ tab. 
  • Your recipients might ignore all your emails as they might consider them just promotional emails. 
  • Gmail can even ban your email address. 

Instead, you should try to understand the audience and create content that is engaging and useful to them.

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#4. The email attachment meme

email meme file attached
Source: Instagram

Admit it! We have all been here more than once.

I know I have! So many times…

Imagine a perfectly crafted email with an enticing subject line and you hit the ‘Send’ button in excitement. 

Guess what? 

You forgot to attach the most important part of the email; your attachment. Well, sending your email without the mentioned attached file is almost the same as an airplane taking off without its passengers. 

You can save yourself from embarrassment by sending the attached file with this email meme. If the person on the other side has a knack for humor — it’ll be worth it 😜

And if you have a good sense of humor, here’s a bonus email meme for you: 

email meme attachment issues


#5. The subtle art of ignoring emails 

We’ve all done it … not opening our boss’ or coworker’s email and pretending that we didn’t see it!

email meme -- ignoring emails
Source: Digitalmom blogs

Beware, some companies use email tracking tools that show exactly when you’ve opened an email (and how many times).

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#6. When you get no response after sending an email

Email meme
Source: Mememaker

Imagine this: You have spent hours creating and testing your email, and the time comes when you finally send your cold email. 

The result – You get no response from the receiver. That’s when the anxiety hits hard and you have the exact question in your mind, “Are they busy or just ignoring me?”

Don’t lose hope, my friend!

Revise your email marketing strategy and take inspiration from the best email marketers. 

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#7. When you write a cold email …


Email meme
Source: Marketing carpenter

Writing a cold email is the same as writing your bio on an online dating platform. You need wit and a clear purpose for sending your email. 

While writing a cold email, you should consider a few questions, like: 

  • Is the email free from errors? 
  • Is it appropriately personalized? 
  • Is the main topic covered succinctly? 

And what not? 

This email meme perfectly illustrates this scenario: You think and think and think, and then craft the perfect text to send it to your crush. You hit the send button and wait with bated breath for a reply.

Then comes the ‘ping’ — the sound you’ve been waiting for! All marketers face the same scenario. They spend a lot of time and resources crafting the perfect cold email, and seeing a response in the inbox just hits differently.

Trust me, it’s no less than the climax of an action-packed movie. 

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#8. Spam, Spam everywhere 

Email meme -- spam email
Source: Makeameme

We all have a love-hate relationship with emails. While some emails are a treat to read, some pesky emails deserve to be ‘yeeted’ into your spam box. 

Around 62.46 billion spam emails are sent and I’m sure your inbox must have hundreds, if not thousands, of them. But you know what’s worse: some really good or important emails get lost in the labyrinth of spam emails.

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#9. When you want to turn back time

We all know that sinking feeling: you check each line of your email twice, maybe thrice, and then hit Send.

Only to discover that you’ve made a silly spelling mistake.

Email meme
Source: me.me

But there’s no Undo button — that ship has sailed.

According to research, Mondays are when emails are most error-prone. So, the next time you write an email, make sure to use a grammar checker tool to clean up any errors (especially on Mondays😎) and boost your email open rates. 

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#10. You know it’s time to celebrate when … 

Email marketers, you know it’s time to celebrate when your email campaign gets a swell open rate. 

Email meme
Source: Memegenerator

Higher email open rates make us marketers go wild like teenagers on spring break.

After all, you have put so much effort into designing a perfect template and writing an engaging subject line. A great email open rate surely calls for some celebration 🎉

The average email open rates for all industries were estimated to be around 21.5%.

When you do better than that, you know your email campaign is on the right track. 

👉Memes are more than just funny – they can motivate, too! Find your dose of inspiration with a side of laughter here.

#11. Me shooting off emails soon as I’m back from my PTO

Email meme
Source: Facebook

How can we forget this viral “You Get a Car” Oprah meme? 

You open your inbox after a weekend or a long vacation and you get hit by a myriad of messages. It’s time to get that cup of joe and wait for the caffeine to kick in.

Then, shoot off emails to everyone … you get an email, and you get an email … everyone gets an email!

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#12. Swoosh … (sad trombone music)

Email memes

Sending emails to the wrong subscriber list is a common yet avoidable pitfall in email marketing. Mistargeted emails can lead to reduced engagement, increased unsubscribes, and potential damage to brand reputation. 

The startled expression of the husky in this meme perfectly captures the realization of such a mistake. 

To prevent this, 

  • Always double-check your segmented lists
  • Employ reliable email marketing platforms that offer precision in list selection. 
  • Carry out periodic reviews of your subscriber lists and campaigns settings

Make sure the right message reaches the right audience every time.

#13. Oops, I did it again

Funny meail memes

Email deadlines are crucial in marketing campaigns. Missing them can lead to missed opportunities or misaligned communication strategies. This meme humorously reflects the importance of timely email management. 

To avoid such mishaps, consider implementing email tracking tools, setting up reminders, or even automated response systems.

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#14. ‘You shoulda seen ya face’

funny email marketing campaign meme
Crafting a perfect email can often involve a lot of effort, thought, and emotional energy. 

Even when striving for a positive and light-hearted tone, the process behind it might be intense and filled with seriousness. It’s beneficial to take breaks when composing long or critical emails, allowing for reflection and reevaluation of the content. 

Reading aloud before sending is another technique to ensure the desired tone matches the content.

#15. There’s something so unsettling about this … 
Relatable email meme

Opening an email and seeing a request for a call can be surprising. 

For some, it brings a hint of apprehension. What could the sender want to discuss?

Sometimes, our immediate reactions might be a tad over the top. This meme is a playful nod to our shared human experience in the digital age.

#16. Email trackers giving off ‘Alex Forrest’ vibes

Hilarious meme
So you’re concerned about the feeling of being watched or tracked, especially with things like email read receipts. 

This can be unsettling. 

  • Use email platforms or settings that don’t allow for read receipts. 
  • Use email extensions that warn you when an email sent to you contains tracking pixels.
  • Learn about digital privacy and taking proactive measures

#17. You’re just part of our ‘welcome email workflow’!

Liam Neeson email meme

Stop annoying your customers with unnecessary emails. By eliminating unnecessary jargon and prioritizing genuine interaction, messages are more likely to resonate and leave a lasting impact. 

There’s immense value in clarity and simplicity, ensuring that even the subtlest of voices can leave a profound mark. 

#18. Will she say yes?

Funny sales meme

One moment, you’re on cloud nine because someone finally responded. 

But then, the excitement turns into a bummer when you read the content. That dog’s expression nails the feeling perfectly. It’s like eagerly opening a gift and finding a pair of socks. 

Well, better luck next time! Keep pushing, and don’t let those “not interested” replies get you down too much. Sometimes, they lead to better opportunities down the road.

#19. Don’t buy emails lists

Work memes

Buying email lists might seem like a quick fix, but it can backfire big time. It gets you in hot water with data protection laws. Most of the time, they just end up in the spam folder, and it can harm a company’s reputation. 

Organic growth, though slower, is always the better route. 

#20. Workdays be like

Michael Scott email memes

It can be frustrating – someone tossing you back into the pool just when you thought you were done swimming. 

There goes the peaceful evening vibe.

Did you know?

Richard Dawkins is a prominent evolutionary biologist, ethologist, and author. In addition to his work in the field of biology, he is well-known for coining the term ‘meme’ in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene. Dawkins introduced the concept of memes as cultural units of information that can be transmitted from one individual to another through imitation.

The term ‘meme’ has since become widely used in popular culture to describe ideas, behaviors, or styles that spread within a culture.

Wrapping Up 

I hope these email marketing memes added some joy to your hectic day at work.

Did you find these email memes relatable? Let us know in the comments 😄

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Email signup meme
Source: Memegenerator

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