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Send Trigger Activated Emails

Create and store emails in EngageBay’s email autoresponder that you can use to automatically send every time the user takes a specific action on your website. Once you set up the trigger actions to release the emails, the system automatically does the rest, consistently. Your job ends at drafting the emails, saving them and specifying the trigger actions.

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Thank And Welcome New Users

Whether you are offering a free trial of your product and the potential client accepts it or someone becomes a paid subscriber/user, it always creates a feeling of goodwill and belonging if you instantly send them a welcome email. Set up a welcome email with the email autoresponder to go automatically each time any of these actions take place, via one of your web forms. These canned emails may be saved in the system to provide information about onboarding and other useful resources for the new signups.

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Confirm Registrations And Opt-Ins Automatically

A new user signed up for your weekly newsletter? Someone registered for an event you are hosting? Use EngageBay's dynamic web forms and appealing landing pages to help your users to navigate effortlessly. Save an email template in the system that includes all of the helpful and relevant information a registrant may require, and queue the system to send it as an autoresponder email each time someone completes that registration form.

Appointment scheduling

Automate Drip Campaigns Or Send An Email Series

You can send a drip campaign and automate all successive emails based on the action taken by the prospective lead at scheduled time gaps. Moreover, you can create a series of emails to be sent in phases whenever a new user signs up for your product or your newsletter. For example, you can begin with a welcome letter, then a follow-up email each week for the first month, delivering different messages and additional content that is helpful for the user using the best email autoresponder.

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Send Responses to Content Upgrades

As lead magnets, some high value content such as e-books and whitepapers may be gated on your website with EngageBay's web forms. Here, you can use autoresponder emails to deliver that same content every time a visitor completes the form. The system will automatically send that email to the address that the visitor submits in the form. Either add links to or allow direct download of your content in the email.This also helps you to track and score them, and even alert sales when they complete the form.

Lead nurturing

Organize Help Desk Communication

As soon as a new support ticket is raised, the system can be queued to instantly send an autoresponder email notifying the customer that the inquiry has been received, share information about their assisting rep, and their expected wait time. All of those things can be automated in the system, and the email can be formatted to pull in such information. This optimizes the entire support process and reduced the TAT, giving way to faster resolutions and happier customers.

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Benefits Of Automated Auto-Responses

Automating responses has seen to ensure higher efficiency of processes by automating the distribution of commonly sent emails. Moreover, the system auto-fills the individual contact information even on autoresponder emails so the personalized touch always remains in place. Additionally, timely receipt of a warm welcome, helpful content and resolutions ensure that your customers are always delighted with your efforts. Finally, this enables a high level of consistency in your messaging that negates all confusion.

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