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Incorporated in 2018 and based in Tracy, California, EngageBay Inc. is a simple, powerful, affordable, integrated all-in-one marketing, sales & support software with free CRM designed to be a cost-effective alternative to pricey platforms like Hubspot.

EngageBay is explicitly intended for small and growing businesses.

The marketing automation series accommodates clients to save time, sustain their audience, and automate routine and manual tasks.

With the free CRM and sales mechanization, business people can organize all clients’ email contacts, track sales, and the sales pipeline to grow their sales.

Further, clients can build essential consumer relationships that stay for life.

And eventually, with the available live chat and helpdesk peculiarities, give real-time assistance to convert visitors to happy customers. It helps track, prioritize, and solve consumer support tickets in minutes.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Sreedhar Ambati, the founder and CEO at EngageBay.

Starting with the interview, Sreedhar mentions that he started EngageBay with a goal to help growing businesses market better, sell faster and support smarter in a very cost-effective way.

Further, Sreedhar narrates the objective behind starting the business by asserting that by interacting with other start-up founders while making angel investments around 2016-17, he saw a big need for an affordable integrated all-in-one software, a single tool that streamlines all the marketing, sales and support operations and still is cost-effective for any small business owner.

Since there was nothing that could fit the bill, he decided to build his own platform EngageBay and price at less than $1 a day which makes it super affordable for businesses of any kind.

While EngageBay is a vertical autonomous tool that may be useful to any business owner, most customers are small business owners, agencies, and solopreneurs worldwide.

It has independent bloggers, real-estate professionals, travel & tourism businesses, hospitality professionals, healthcare professionals, and many other users from different industry verticals.

EngageBay is free sales CRM software that gives clients a complete view of every interaction they have ever had with their leads.

It maintains and organizes all the contacts and companies in one place. It also helps the business people gain deep customer insights to sell better. Moreover, manufacturers can build stronger customer relationships to convert quickly and smoothly with EngageBay’s sales CRM.

Business people can help their sales agents deliver perfectly every time on every call using EngageBay Call Scripts. These scripts assist them in nurturing the lead and ensure that they never fall short of words in a conversation.

The business people can streamline the sales processes by designing tasks and add tasks automatically when a lead is assigned to the agent.

Each sales agent can write their calendar or a team calendar so prospects can schedule meetings automatically without any manual intervention.

The calendar stays full automatically so the organization can focus exclusively on sales, and EngageBay’s complete CRM for Sales supports clients at all times.

Using EngageBay, business owners can receive and make calls to your contacts without ever leaving your CRM. They can eliminate various call constraints like misdialing, excessive wait time, and call drops.

The software supports call Broadcast auto-dial numbers on a selected list of contacts on behalf of the agents as a sleek feature of clients’ free CRM software for Sales.

Besides this, EngageBay automates clients’ marketing and sales funnel in minutes using our advanced sales automation tool.

It nurtures clients’ contacts and increases engagement instantly. It sends newsletters to clients’ customers. The software also measures email opens, clicks, and other vital metrics in an instant.

Business people can personalize the engagement based on the customer’s behavior. EngageBay’s Sales CRM tool takes care of clients’ routine operations while their sales team can focus on the actual job.

Employing EngageBay, business people can track every metric of customer behavior and get insights into pages read, time spent per page, and many more.

Using the powerful email tracker, clients can keep track of their prospect’s actions and be informed when someone checks an email or clicks a link in the email. Clients can rely on EngageBay’s breakthrough sales CRM software as it has it all.

Apart from this, clients can gamify their sales processes in simple steps in free sales CRM and keep their entire sales team motivated and focused by publishing leaderboards and rewarding the winners.

They can use goal-setting, self-reflection, and feedback to drive the sales behaviors they need and the overall sales performance excellence.

Thus, running and updating inventory efficiently is another essential feature of clients’ sales software that EngageBay furnishes.

Therefore, having such amazing features endows EngageBay to lead as one of the best customer relationship management software at GoodFirms.

Concluding the interview, Sreedhar divulges that EngageBay is rated above 4.5/5 on all popular online platforms like GoodFirms, G2, and Capterra, and many of the customers are also its brand ambassadors.

The customers often share their positive experiences on social channels.

The professionals prefer to keep the customers engaged and seek their feedback periodically by identifying the high-value customers and the at-risk ones; they strive to engage either segment accordingly.

Moreover, Sreedhar asserts that the award-winning support team always goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer is happy and satisfied.

He also cites that as a SaaS provider, the customers pay the firm regularly every month. This model makes it very important to keep customers happy always; otherwise, they’ll go away and move to alternative solutions.

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