EngageBay Integrates with Africa’sTalking, Listed In Marketplace

Staying true to our mission of empowering our users with the latest, the best, and the most relevant and affordable features and integrations, we are happy to announce our very first integration of 2021.

On popular request from many of the EngageBay users from the African continent, we are pleased to announce that our newest integration with Africa’s most popular leading mobile solutions firm, Africa’s Talking, is now rolled out and ready to use.

EngageBay customers based out of the Africa region often face issues due to overpriced call/SMS solutions from other vendors.

Therefore, to resolve this problem for our African users, we have integrated with Africa’s Talking, a popular and affordable solution and this is really handy for the users to be able to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS without burning a hole in their pockets and to grow their business.

This integration is seamlessly synced and all call/SMS actions can be directly performed from within the EngageBay dashboard and the records are automatically streamlined and stored into the user’s EngageBay account.

What’s more, EngageBay CRM is now live on Africa’s Talking (AT) Marketplace, and with this, we are happy to establish the roots of the brand in the African continent!

You can check it out here.

About Africa’s Talking

Africa’s Talking is a mobile solutions firm integrating reliable two-way SMS, voice, and USSD functionality across mobile providers in Africa. They offer bulk SMS, shortcodes, and premium SMS, USSD, MMS, and customized mobile messaging solutions for individuals, businesses, and developers.

Things you can do with the EngageBay – Africa’s Talking integration

  • Make calls to your contacts directly from EngageBay contact details page
  • Receive incoming calls
  • Check call logs and recordings
  • Filter contacts by the last call received/made time
  • Send SMS from the contact details page
  • Send SMS to your customers with personalized content
  • Receive SMS
  • Select multiple contacts and send bulk SMS
  • Send SMS using broadcast
  • Send SMS from automation and workflows

For more information about the EngageBay-Africa’s Talking integration, please click here

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