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Africa’s Talking Integration Overview

With the Africa's Talking - EngageBay integration, agents can make calls/send SMS directly from their EngageBay CRM platform to their customers. By using this integration, agents no longer have to switch between software to make calls/send SMS, all telephony, messaging, and support services can be carried out within EngageBay.

With the EngageBay - Africa’s Talking Integration, you can:

  • Create campaigns for entertainment, information or marketing purposes
  • Send/receive SMS texts in bulk within your EngageBay CRM
  • Make/receive calls from directly within your EngageBay CRM
  • Automate, customize and target your SMS texts with powerful EngageBay features
  • Track the effectiveness of your bulk SMS campaigns
  • Record/log calls

Africa’s Talking Integration Features

Save call handling time, increase productivityl

Eliminate the hassle of switching from one screen or system to another and make calls straight from EngageBay CRM. Simply click on the call icon next to the contact name to start the call. This helps you to save time in handling each call, resulting in more call times and enhanced productivity.

Follow up better, close more deals

When your pipeline is full of leads, it is likely that your salesperson may forget to follow up at times. This results in lost leads which may have a good chance of conversion. With the EngageBay-CallHippo integration, EngageBay CRM will set reminders for upcoming calls and even send out notifications for missed ones. This will ensure that no lead is lost and you can close more deals.

Boost efficiency with automatic call logging

The EngageBay-CallHippo integration ensures that all the call activities get logged automatically inside EngageBay CRM. Now you can do away with the need to manually enter data in two different places, instead you can have it all tracked on a single platform, i.e., EngageBay CRM. Use the call pop-up window to add notes, assign the contact to a new agent, or create follow-up tasks.

Improve team performance, deliver better CX

With the EngageBay-CallHippo integration, monitor the effectiveness of your sales and support teams in a blink. Get access to built-in charts and reports to visualize your call reports. Track missed calls, average call time, number of calls per teammate, and more. These call analytics will help you to motivate and improve your team’s performance and figure out a way to provide an improved customer experience.

Improve call preparedness, have informed communication

Each time you receive a call, you will receive a screen pop-up to let you know who the caller is. Moreover, it will display the contact’s history and detailed information so that you can be prepared to take the call and make the conversation effective. You can even add notes or follow-up tasks instantly from these pop-ups.

Improve call waiting experience

The EngageBay-CallHippo integration is all about providing a seamless customer experience. CalHippo offers a variety of on-hold music to capture your caller’s attention even when they are on call-waiting. Moreover, with enhanced customizability, it even allows you to upload your own music tracks to play.

Offer customer convenience with time-zone based calling

Another important feature of EngageBay-CallHippo integration is CallHippo's Global Connect feature that automatically lets you know what time it is in different parts of the world. This makes it easy to connect with your international clients in the hours that are convenient to them.

Enable effective team collaboration

This integration helps keep everyone on your sales team informed on what’s happening in your CRM account itself. You can easily share call records with your team members and also receive instant deal updates, incoming and outgoing calls, and get reminders for all call activities in your CRM calendar.


Africa’s Talking connects and integrates with these EngageBay features

Calling Contact Activity Deals
Automation Workflows Contact Activity Phone Support
Calling Phone Support
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