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11 of the Best Keap (Infusionsoft) Alternatives: A Detailed Guide

If you’re looking for a Keap alternative, there are several great options available. Keap is good CRM software, but it can be expensive, and it’s not always the best fit for every business.

If you want to save money on CRM software, it’s a good idea to take the time to compare all your options.

This article will start by going over Keap, including some convincing reasons to switch from Keap to another CRM.

Then we’ll dive into our awesome Keap alternatives, touching on features, pros and cons, and pricing for each software.

We have 11 great Keap alternatives for small business owners to consider:

  1. EngageBay
  2. HubSpot
  3. ActiveCampaign
  4. Freshworks
  5. Pipedrive
  6. Zoho
  7. Salesforce
  8. Agile CRM
  9. Ontraport
  10. Insightly
  11. VTiger One

Let’s see which CRM offers what.


What is Keap (Infusionsoft)?

Keap (fka Infusionsoft) is a marketing, sales, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software specializing in automation. Founded in 2001, the software offers a variety of features like email marketing, appointment scheduling, sales pipelines, CRM, analytics, and reporting.

Keap homepage

Since we’re focusing on Keap as a CRM today, here are the features of its CRM:

  • Automated data collection: Keap’s internal CRM forms use automation so you can add more leads to your ever-growing list quickly and without effort.
  • Email templates: Select from various Keap email templates and then add personalization, so your emails connect with your various audience segments.
  • History tracking: A complete communications log within Keap’s CRM displays information like past emails, conversations, quotes, payments, and meetings with leads and customers alike.
  • Documents searching: Quickly search for documents like proposals, contracts, images, and files and send them to relevant parties.
  • Complete lead profiles: Fill in all the relevant details on your leads and customers, including their birthday, home or business address, social media handles, email address, phone number, and more.
  • Email automation: To augment Keap’s email templates, you can select from various pre-written emails and then automate email sending.
  • Integrations: Keap integrates with many other marketing and sales software solutions, including Outlook, Zapier, AppointmentCore, Gmail, WooCommerce, Shopify, Microsoft Excel, and Xero.

Why Start Looking for Keap Alternatives?

Keap certainly sounds like a suitable CRM, and for medium and larger businesses, it is.

But startups and small businesses might not find the platform tailored to their needs. Here are some reasons to consider looking outside of Keap for your small business CRM needs.

  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Not an all-in-one solution
  • Expensive onboarding
  • Not scalable
  • Email templates are lacking
  • Data presentation leaves something to be desired
  • Many users have complained about Keap’s customer support

Expensive pricing plans

Although Keap’s CRM is comprehensive, it comes at a high cost.

They offer three pricing plans: the Keap Pro plan starting at $159 a month, the Keap Max plan starting at $229 a month, or the Keap Ultimate plan for $279 a month.

Keap pricing

For a small business, Keap’s pricing is already too much — especially the Max plan.

Yet paying for lesser plans means skipping on critical features you might need.

Not an all-in-one solution

An all-in-one marketing, sales, and support software offers a 360-degree view of your customers — all from one place. Keap is NOT an all-in-one solution, so how can you track and engage with your audience across all the touchpoints? 

You either have to do away with clumsy integrations or purchase a separate software to patch up the shortcomings. 

Expensive onboarding

Keap charges a whopping $999 for their onboarding plan. While this may not be too much for larger companies, small businesses may find it hard to understand the ROI of expensive onboarding plans — especially if you just want to try the platform out. 

Keap onboarding cost

Not scalable

Each of Keap’s plans starts with only 500 contacts, which means as you add more contacts, you’re going to spend even more for Keap CRM. On top of that, you only get one user per pricing plan.

You need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that can help you scale operations, and Keap isn’t it.

Email templates are lacking

Keap’s email templates make sending emails quick and convenient. You can even use pre-written emails, so all your efforts are hands-off.

Yet some users have complained that Keap’s email templates are unattractive, even downright ugly.

This is something that will come down to personal preference, of course, but enough users have mentioned it that we felt like we had to as well. It’s no secret that leads, and customers appreciate a visually appealing email.

This article from Campaign Monitor found that engagement increases by an amazing 650% with visuals, but they have to be nice visuals. Stock photos, Campaign Monitor found, don’t always hit the mark.

Ugly email templates won’t either.

If you look through Keap’s range of email templates and the templates look bad to you — imagine how your leads might feel. They would not want to open or look at your emails, which is terrible for your business.

Data presentation leaves something to be desired

Poor email templates aside, Keap’s data presentation isn’t great either, according to many users.

It’s not that the data Keap collects is inaccurate. Instead, the way that data is displayed can be a bit confusing. You might have to do more math to make sense of some of the numbers, which defeats the purpose of using automation.

Your CRM is supposed to save you time, not make you work harder at understanding your business.

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Unhappy users

Keap may not be the best solution for small businesses, as pointed out by these users: 

Keap reviews of unhappy users

Keap review of unhappy users

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Our Top 11 Keap Alternatives For Small Businesses

That’s why we’ve combed through the internet, tested out various CRM features, and done the homework for you — so you don’t have to.

This table compares 11 of the best Keap alternatives — better and more affordable in many ways!

Keap alternative Starting price Free plan Free trial Onboarding cost G2 rating
EngageBay $12.74/month Free 4.6/5
HubSpot $18/month $2,000 4.4/5
ActiveCampaign $29/month 𐄂 Free 4.5/5
Freshworks $15/month Tier-based (free and paid) 4.5/5
Pipedrive $9.90/month 𐄂 Free for plans above $400/year 4.2/5
Zoho $14/month Both free and paid 4.0/5
Salesforce $25/month 𐄂
Agile CRM $8.99/month 𐄂 Free 4.0/5
Ontraport $24/month 𐄂 $897  4.5/5
Insightly $29/month 𐄂 $1,500 4.2/5
VTiger One $28/month 25% of subscription fee 4.3/5

#1. EngageBay

Our first on this list of Keap alternatives is EngageBay.

Founded in 2017 as the most affordable sales and marketing software solution, EngageBay has four products. You can use any of the ‘Bays’ or just go for the all-in-one package.

Keap alternatives: EngageBay
Email marketing automation in EngageBay

These are the Marketing BayCRM & Sales BayService Bay, and the All-in-One-Suite.

EngageBay’s CRM as part of the CRM & Sales Bay is always free and includes:

  • CRM Telephony: Create more context with every phone call using EngageBay’s CRM Telephony. You can even integrate your favorite sales tools with the in-CRM telephony to take your phone calls further.
  • Lead scoring: Determine which of your sales and marketing leads are the most qualified with lead scoring as part of EngageBay’s CRM.
  • CRM email integration: Copies of all the emails are stored within EngageBay’s CRM for your records. This helps you create a comprehensive customer data log.
  • Automation: Use EngageBay’s CRM to automate more of your everyday processes, including appointment scheduling, email sending, and task management. You’ll enjoy the time saved!
  • Reporting: The depth of information in EngageBay’s CRM reports rivals what you’d find in Keap. You can create deal reports, growth graphs, and more using EngageBay. Customize your reports easily with any metrics you like apart from the default ones.

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Learn more about EngageBay’s CRM here:


Who Is It For?

For small businesses and startups or even mid-sized companies (with a finite budget), EngageBay’s CRM is the way to go.

EngageBay’s CRM is always free. EngageBay does not offer a huge library of native integrations yet, but the Zapier integration makes up for it to some extent.
With EngageBay, you get sales, marketing, service, and CRM features in one affordable platform.  
EngageBay’s monthly prices are lower than Keap’s by a good margin.  
EngageBay lets you add up to 30,000 contacts at very little cost, helping you scale quickly and affordably.  

Monthly Pricing

EngageBay’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is free forever. You get four plans: Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro.

EngageBay pricing

  • Free ($0): 1,000 branded emails, 250 contacts
  • Basic ($14.99): 3,000 branded emails, 500 contacts
  • Growth ($64.99): 25,000 branded emails, 5,000 contacts
  • Pro ($119.99): 50,000 branded emails, unlimited contacts

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#2. HubSpot

Since 2006, the inbound marketing, service, and sales platform HubSpot has inspired growth in 100,000+ businesses.

Their HubSpot Academy has certified 330,000 professionals, their marketing automation platform is available in more than six languages, and the HubSpot App Marketplace features more than 650 integration options.

  • With live chat, you can engage with your customers in another meaningful way.
  • Prospect tracking lets your sales team understand and leverage a lead’s process through your small business sales funnel.
  • Use auto meeting scheduling so the appointments process is more seamless and takes less time on both ends.
  • Once your emails go out to a sales lead’s inbox, you can track the email’s success from beginning to end.
  • HubSpot even notifies you when the lead or customer opens an email.
  • You’ll appreciate HubSpot’s contact management for marketers, which tracks leads and customers.
  • Even their reporting dashboard is surprisingly intuitive for a CRM platform that costs you $0 per month.

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Who Is It For?

For startups and small businesses who only need a CRM and can’t afford to spend much if any money on other software, HubSpot CRM software will fill in the gap nicely.

It’s their only free marketing automation tool, though!

For $0, HubSpot’s CRM is quite impressive. Besides its free CRM, Hubspot’s services are assuredly too pricey for startups and small businesses. Their onboarding fee alone costs a whopping $12,000!
HubSpot includes features for business owners, operations managers, customer service teams, marketers, salespeople, and sales leaders in their free CRM software. As your company grows, you might find HubSpot’s CRM limiting. That would mean switching to a paid service.
Team email lets your various teams stay connected to continue engaging with and nurturing the leads or customers that need it most.  
Live chat and chatbots take the pressure off your customer service and sales teams.  

Monthly Pricing

HubSpot’s CRM is $0, but if you want to use their other services, those plans include:

Hubspot pricing

  • Starter ($45, $18 for new users)): 1,000 contacts
  • Professional ($1,600): 2,000 contacts
  • Enterprise ($5,000): 10,000 contacts

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#3. ActiveCampaign

The customer experience automation service known as ActiveCampaign is another excellent Keap alternative.

Founded in 2003, ActiveCampaign’s software includes CRM, sales automation, marketing automation, email marketing, and customer support.

  • ActiveCampaign lets you use all your favorite CRM features on the go with their Deals CRM app, which you can download for free.
  • In the app, you can update active deals, call leads or customers, make new tasks, and complete current tasks.
  • Sync up ActiveCampaign’s CRM with your other sales and marketing tools, as the marketing automation software has hundreds of integrations. These include Outlook, Gmail, Zendesk, Calendly, Unbounce, and Facebook.

Who Is It For?

ActiveCampaign’s mobile features will undoubtedly come in handy for small business owners who travel a lot.

ActiveCampaign’s sales CRM includes automation for scheduling meetings, closing deals, sending emails, and more. ActiveCampaign’s Deal CRM app is only available for iOS.
The ActiveCampaign Deal CRM app lets you work wherever your job happens to take you. ActiveCampaign offers no free plans.
ActiveCampaign color-codes their CRM dashboard so you can see at a glance whether you added a note, logged a phone call, or had a meeting with a client. Their CRM is more sales-oriented and may not be tailor-made for marketers.
ActiveCampaign will first segment then score your leads, so only the most qualified ones get through.  

Monthly Pricing

ActiveCampaign has four plans: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

Each plan starts with 500 contacts and can have up to 100,000 contacts.

ActiveCampaign pricingFor 500 contacts, here is the pricing for each of the four plans:

  • Lite – $9
  • Plus – $49
  • Professional – $149
  • Enterprise – Custom-priced

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#4. Freshworks

Freshworks–formerly known as Freshsales–specializes in CRM.

This CRM software is AI-driven, using a smart mascot dog named Freddy to guide you through your tasks.

You also get sales and marketing CRM features.

  • For instance, with contact management, you can track all your active leads and customers at any one time.
  • Salespeople will often use the deal management feature in Freshworks’ CRM, as it includes Pipeline Management 2.0.
  • This visual pipeline with AI can create revenue projections, suggest new means of lead engagement, and track the performance of each deal.
  • Freshworks helps marketers with their email campaigns in many ways.
  • You can make and personalize emails using drag and drop features, mobile-optimize your emails, schedule communications, and review email success with detailed analytics.
  • Another standout feature in Freshworks’ CRM is the Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ feature.
  • This automation add-on lets you produce contracts, onboarding docs, quotes, and invoices that are free of human error.

Who Is It For?

For companies with sales and marketing teams that demand a CRM that works for both, the intersecting features of Freshworks’ CRM should be a good fit.

Freshworks uses AI with automation for easy and accurate sales and marketing functions. Freshworks doesn’t offer a free plan.
Build chat campaigns and email campaigns in addition to Freshworks’ marketing campaign management. Beyond the Growth plan, some of Freshworks’ plans might be too expensive for small businesses.
With customer journeys, understanding and connecting with your customers through Freshworks builds better professional bonds.  
Freshworks’ Marketplace includes tons of integrations, including BigCommerce CRM, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Asana.  

Monthly Pricing

Freshworks offers four plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

Freshworks pricing

Here’s the pricing for each:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Growth:$29/month
  • Pro: $69/month
  • Enterprise: $125/month

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#5. Pipedrive

Here’s another excellent Keap alternative: Pipedrive, a sales CRM solution.

Pipedrive is mobile-friendly with an app for iOS and Android users.

  • Create an entire sales pipeline in Pipedrive, then add new deals or custom fields, as many as you want.
  • As your pipeline becomes data-rich, Pipedrive generates visuals that outline the entire sales cycle.
  • You can customize your sales pipeline to suit your business better. You may also filter pipeline data per team or sales rep.
  • Build a contact timeline through your current contacts or those you import from other CRM software options like Keap.
  • You even get email features in Pipedrive’s CRM, such as email syncing, group emails, email templates, and open rate and click-through rate tracking.
  • Pipedrive’s reports and insights are customizable and include details on your leads, sales activities, revenue, and deals.

Who Is It For?

For small businesses or startups with a growing sales team that need to streamline tasks and better understand the customer journey, Pipedrive is the answer.

Schedule phone calls, record calls, and auto-book meetings through Pipedrive to save more time. If you’re looking for a complete marketing and sales CRM, Pipedrive is much more the latter than the former.
Pipedrive’s encryption, two-factor authentication, and security certificates make it a very safe CRM. Pipedrive has no free plans.
Although it’s mostly a sales CRM, you do get a few marketing features as well. Beyond the Essential plan, the monthly pricing may be high for startups and small businesses.
Pipedrive includes automation within its CRM to save time and effort.  

Monthly Pricing

Pipedrive offers four pricing plans: Essential for $9.90, Advanced for $19.90, Professional for $39.90, Power for $49.90, and Enterprise for $59.90 (per month).

Pipedrive pricing

You can also pay for a Leadbooster add-on for $32.50, which is a one-time fee.

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#6. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management system that helps salespeople generate leads, identify prospects, engage, and close deals faster.

Founded in 2005, the system has grown to support a vast array of functionalities for accelerating sales and building better customer relationships.

  • Zoho CRM offers lead management features for enhancing lead capturing and conversion. It also supports deal tracking to ensure you don’t miss any sales opportunities.
  • The contact management feature gives real-time insights into customer profiles. It provides smart segmentation based on customers’ preferences and interactions.
  • You can set up email sequences and follow-ups with automated workflows to reduce manual data entry and redundancies. This gives your teams more time to build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Zoho CRM provides a platform where your teams can collaborate easily by sharing timely data and leaving helpful notes to keep team members updated, regardless of their locations.
  • The powerful analytics and reporting tool gives you a complete view of your marketing and sales strategy. It shows the sales trends, team performance, activity reports, and campaign metrics.

Who Is It For?

With over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries, Zoho CRM offers features tailored for businesses of all sizes. Its affordable pricing plans make it even more suitable for small businesses and startups.

Zoho CRM has an intuitive design and a responsive user interface Customer support is slow
It supports seamless integrations with several app extensions and products The customization options are limited
It has a mobile app that works on both Android and iOS The custom fields are limited
It has a relatively affordable pricing plan The reporting and analytics feature needs improvement

Monthly Pricing

Zoho CRM offers four major pricing plans: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. It also has a free plan and a 15-day free trial. The pricing for each plan includes:

Zoho pricing

  • Standard – $18
  • Professional – $30
  • Enterprise – $45
  • Ultimate – $55

#7. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It combines sales, marketing, service, and other unique products that stabilize your business and improve customer experiences.

Founded in 1999, the cloud-based system offers great features that help businesses connect with customers, close more deals, and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Salesforce simplifies contact management by providing teams with real-time customer insights, activity timelines, and interaction history.
  • This improves segmentation, as it enables you to identify qualified leads, returning customers, and sales opportunities.
  • Salesforce provides a mobile app that lets you access your data anywhere, at any time. It enhances team collaboration, data sharing, and productive conversations.
  • The cloud-based system supports powerful integrations with a vast array of third-party products and app extensions to expand its functionalities.

Who Is It For?

Salesforce’s advanced features will be a perfect fit for enterprise organizations. Although it has suitable plans for smaller businesses, it may not be affordable for businesses on a low budget.

It supports a vast collection of extensive features It is not an affordable option for smaller businesses
It expands its functionalities by integrating with other popular platforms Salesforce has a steep learning curve
Salesforce provides excellent automation features Customization options are limited
It provides real-time access to valuable insights and detailed reporting It’s difficult to use and setup
Salesforce offers great team collaboration capabilities  

 Monthly Pricing

Salesforce (Sales Cloud) CRM has four major pricing plans: Starter, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Although it does have a free plan, it has a 14-day free trial version which can be extended.

salesforce sales cloud pricing

The pricing for each plan includes:

  • Starter – $25
  • Professional – $75
  • Enterprise – $150
  • Ultimate – $300

#8. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an all-in-one business platform for sales, marketing, and service teams. Unlike Keap, Agile CRM is more targeted to large-sized businesses.

Since 2013, the cloud-based system has grown to support powerful features like project management, lead scoring, appointment scheduling, gamification, etc.

  • The sales features include deal tracking, telephony, 360° contact view, lead prospector, etc. these functionalities help to improve pipeline management and close deals.
  • Agile CRM offers powerful features for running successful marketing campaigns. They include marketing automation, email tracking, mobile and social marketing, landing page builder, and web engagement.
  • Help desk software features include ticketing, service level agreements, smart views, detailed reporting, smart recommendations, and other valuable functionalities that enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Agile CRM offers seamless integrations with third-party service providers and app extensions. They include Zendesk, UserVoice, IMAP, Twilio, VoIP, Stripe, FreshBooks, Shopify, etc.

Who Is It For?

Agile CRM is suitable for small and mid-sized organizations. Its simple but powerful features have assisted over 9,000 businesses across the globe.

It is an easy-to-use tool for sales, marketing, and service operations The integration and customization options are limited
Agile CRM is a relatively affordable option for many small and mid-sized companies Customer service needs improvement
It provides a mobile app that allows you to access and manage your data in real-time It may have a few issues with email deliverability
It is an all-in-one platform with a wide range of unique functionalities The email campaign builder needs improvement
The built-in project management tools enhance communication and collaboration The interface can be a bit cluttered

Monthly Pricing

Like many other marketing tools, Agile has four major pricing plans: Free, Starter, Regular, and Enterprise. It doesn’t offer free trials but has a free plan that allows 10 users.

Agile CRM pricing

The pricing for each plan includes:

  • Free – $0
  • Starter – $14.99
  • Regular – $49.99
  • Enterprise – $79.99

#9. Ontraport

Ontraport is a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to facilitate processes like lead tracking, marketing automation, pipeline management, etc. It is an all-in-one system that improves business management.

Ontraport was founded in 2006. With its unique features, it has powered several businesses around the globe including marketing agencies, consultants, professional service providers, coaches, etc.

  • Ontraport lets you create dynamic websites and apps (customer portals, online directories, membership sites, etc.) without coding.
  • The sales pipeline tool enhances your sales operations with smart automation and customization features.
  • Ontraport creates a memorable buying experience by enabling a secure checkout portal and several payment gateways. It also serves customers around the world by accepting payments in diverse currencies.
  • The drag-and-drop features enable you to create professional web pages and forms to drive more traffic.
  • With the powerful marketing automation feature, you can use your customer data to run targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Who Is It For?

Several businesses across the globe use Ontraport to manage and automate their entire business cycle. Although Ontraport provides great features for businesses of all sizes it is more tailored to mid and large-sized companies.

The customer service reps are responsive and helpful The setup and configuration can be overwhelming
Ontraport has great automation and email management functionalities It’s not a suitable option for nonprofit businesses
It offers seamless integrations with other platforms The user interface needs improvement
It supports powerful features for advanced marketing campaigns The mobile app features are not flexible

Monthly Pricing

Ontraport has four major pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. Although it doesn’t have a free plan, it supports a 14-day free trial on all plans.

Ontraport pricing

The pricing for each plan includes:

  • Basic – $24
  • Plus – $83
  • Pro – $124
  • Enterprise – $249

#10. Insightly

Insightly is an all-in-one CRM system that helps your sales, marketing, and support teams create pleasant customer experiences. It is a popular CRM system that supports features like lead routing, lead management, process automation, pipeline management, etc.

Launched in 2009, Insightly has grown to assist over 1.5 million users in 25,000 companies worldwide.

  • Insightly CRM helps you manage your sales pipeline, track leads, promote team collaboration, and capture relevant customer data.
  • The email marketing and automation feature lets you craft and send personalized and timely emails to new and existing customers.
  • You can resolve issues and handle requests with Insightly Service. It uses macros to provide helpful responses to frequently asked questions.
  • Insightly uses AppConnect to manage integrations and share data between Insightly CRM and other app extensions.

Who Is It For?

Insightly CRM is well-designed for businesses of all sizes across several industries like consulting, technology, non-profit, manufacturing, etc. But it may not be affordable for startups on a low budget.

The workflows are highly customizable The project management feature is basic
Insightly is intuitive and easy to use Customer support needs improvement
It is an all-in-one system that lets you handle all your marketing, sales, and service needs in a single platform There is no phone support on lower plans
It integrates with popular tools like Google Workspace, QuickBooks, and Outlook It is not an affordable option for smaller businesses on a low budget

Monthly Pricing

Insightly CRM has three major pricing plans: Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Insightly has a free plan and offers a 14-day free trial on all plans.

Insightly pricing

The pricing for each plan includes:

  • Plus – $29/month
  • Professional – $49/month
  • Enterprise – $99/month

#11. Vtiger One

Vtiger One is an all-in-one CRM tool that enhances customer engagement and project management by giving you a unified view of your customer data. It features marketing automation, Help Desk, and sales CRM, all connected to provide a central record of customer data and insights.

Vtiger launched in 2004, has developed a system that helps companies build stronger customer relationships.

  • The cloud-based system has an intelligent sales CRM that provides a 360°view of your contacts. It uses the data to generate custom reports and actionable insights, making VTiger one of the best Keap competitors. 
  • A multi-channel help desk tool provides support to customers across channels like email, phone, chat, social, etc. it also supports a self-service portal and knowledge base to help customers find quick answers to their queries.
  • Vtiger One uses marketing automation to boost lead capturing, brand awareness, and campaign performance.
  • The project management features enable you to track tasks and employee engagements. This will help you break down your project into smaller units to increase productivity and enhance team collaboration.

Who Is It For?

Vtiger One is well-suited for small and mid-sized businesses across industries like real estate, pharma, SaaS, legal, etc.

The workflows are highly customizable The project management feature is basic
Insightly is intuitive and easy to use Customer support needs improvement
It is an all-in-one system that lets you handle all your marketing, sales, and service needs in a single platform There is no phone support on lower plans
It integrates with popular tools like Google Workspace, QuickBooks, and Outlook It is not an affordable option for smaller businesses on a low budget

Monthly Pricing

Vtiger has two major pricing plans: One Standard and One Enterprise. It supports a free plan and offers a 15-day free trial on both plans.

VTiger pricing

The pricing for each plan includes:

  • One Standard – $42
  • One Enterprise – $58

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Which Keap Alternative Should You Choose?

Now that you’re familiar with some great Keap alternatives, which one is right for your small business or startup?

All 11 of them are excellent CRM software that cater to various business needs. Ultimately, you need to figure out your business needs and choose accordingly.

For small businesses that need all the bells and whistles without a hefty price tag, we recommend EngageBay.

EngageBay features
EngageBay features

EngageBay was founded for startups and small businesses on a budget. That’s why it is so affordable.

Well, that is, if you have to pay at all. EngageBay’s CRM is always free and offers a massive selection of tools to help businesses take off.

Besides, all your favorite features of Keap are available in EngageBay, and those features are more intuitive and less expensive.

Why not try EngageBay for free today? If you’d like to know more, you can also schedule a call with one of our experts.

Which one is the best Keap alternative, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below. 

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