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21 Innovative June Newsletter Ideas To Boost Your Business This Summer

It feels like we’ve been waiting all year long, but summertime has finally blossomed. Well, many people consider the unofficial start of summer to be Memorial Day in late May, but June is summer’s official arrival on the calendar.

It’s a month of freshness and rebirth. It’s also the last push in your marketing efforts for the second quarter, so the month has a lot of significance.

The question is, besides the beginning of summer, when else can you connect with your audience in June? You’ll be glad to learn you have plenty of opportunities all month long.

In this blog post, I’ve shared 21 awesome June newsletter ideas so you can begin planning your next master campaign!


June Newsletter Ideas for the Summer Vibes

Let’s go.

1. Be Sweet on Candy Month

Go on, oblige that sweet tooth a little bit!

You might as well, as June is Candy Month.

Confectionaries will be in heaven across these 30 days. Bust out that saltwater taffy and announce a sale or introduce other summery sweets that will get your customers’ mouths watering.

You can even slowly unveil new products each week throughout the month, so your campaign is a slow burn.

2. Celebrate Pride Month

June is also Pride Month, a period of understanding, promoting, and embracing the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

Image courtesy of Omnisend

You could have a sale for the month, but showing your company is an ally will go further. For example, you can send a well-worded email, as shown above, wishing your audience a happy Pride Month.

Throughout the month, you can showcase your initiatives for LGBTQ+ people if your business has any. This way, you’re putting your money where your mouth is.

3. Be a Good Role Model for Effective Communications Month

Guess what else happens in June? That’s right, it’s Effective Communications Month.

If 2024 is the year your company will really knuckle down and focus on better email communications, use these 30 days to showcase your email initiatives for the summer or even for the rest of the year if you’ve planned that far ahead.

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4. Don’t Miss Email Week

The second week of June is Email Week, sometimes called National Email Week.

There is no one way to celebrate this holiday. You might decide to keep it internal, taking this week to prune your email list, check your sender reputation, determine whether your email address has been blacklisted (and get it off those lists), and revise your email send frequency.

Externally, you might use this as an opportunity to connect with your audience about the emails you send. You could ask for feedback about what kinds of content your subscribers want to see in their inboxes for the rest of the year.

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5. Make It a Good Deal Either Way on Flip a Coin Day

Heads or tails? What will it be?

Get into the spirit of mystery on Flip a Coin Day on June 1st. You can put a digital coin in your next email newsletter, letting your audience flip it into the air to determine whether it will land on heads or tails.

You should make it a great deal no matter what, such as 20 percent off for heads and 25 percent off for tails. This way, your idea doesn’t backfire, as you don’t want your customers to feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick if the coin lands on one side versus the other.

By the way, if you’re feeling especially brave, June 1st is also Dare Day!

6. Get Outside on World Bicycle Day

May and June are two of the most beautiful months of the year across much of the country. The weather is warm but not sweltering, and the humidity is not as high as it will be by the time July arrives.

In other words, it’s the perfect chance for a bike ride, especially on World Bicycle Day on the 3rd.

Outdoor companies and bike shops should gear up for this special day, discounting their stock of bikes to inspire more people to buy and ride.

World Bicycle Day June newsletter by Drlogy
Image courtesy of Drlogy

Other companies, especially those in the medical industry, can produce a newsletter like the one shown above that reviews the health advantages of cycling.

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7. Spread Awareness on World Environment Day

April has Earth Day, while June has World Environment Day on the 5th.

This is another chance to showcase to your audience what your company is doing to make the world greener. It’s been several months since April, so those initiatives and accomplishments you promised on Earth Day should have come to fruition by now, at least some of them.

You can use World Environment Day to showcase your company’s good work, whether you’re recycling more or trying to reach carbon-neutral status.

Use this day to donate to a new cause or add another nonprofit to your list of eco-friendly pet projects. You can invite your customers to do the same.

8. Be Active on National Gardening Exercise Day

June begins with National Gardening Week, which is the first seven days of the month, culminating in National Gardening Exercise Day on the 6th.

Gardening is more exercise than most people realize! You could send your subscribers an infographic mentioning how many calories various gardening-related activities burn or provide gardening tips.

At the very least, the time is right for a gardening supply sale!

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9. Protect Our Seas on World Ocean Day

More than ever, the oceans need our love, making World Ocean Day on June 8th a great occasion to incorporate ideas and plans into your June email newsletter.

This isn’t so much a sales opportunity as it is a chance to spread awareness and perhaps solicit donations. Depending on your industry, you could host a gala or art event, as shown below, fundraising for a good cause.

June newsletter for art invite on World Oceans Day by SCRAP gallery
Image courtesy of The S.C.R.A.P. Gallery

You could even have an ocean-themed art contest, asking your audience to create something nautical and submit it in time for the 8th. You can give your products or services away as prizes.

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10. Celebrate Future Generations on National Children’s Day

As we get deeper into June, we reach National Children’s Day on the 11th. Target your email subscribers with children, sending them tailored content on this occasion.

What kind of content? Well, that depends on your industry or niche. If you sell any kind of children’s products or services, you can promote them on National Children’s Day with a discount.

Other businesses can use this opportunity to provide a newsletter full of tips for fostering family togetherness or even share personal stories from your staff about their families.

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11. Get Patriotic on Flag Day

May has Memorial Day and July Independence Day, while June has an oft-overlooked patriotic occasion: Flag Day. It’s a part of Flag Week, which begins on June 14th after Flag Day launches.

This day to honor our nation’s flag can be celebrated with a local event your company sponsors (if you have a brick-and-mortar presence), a somber email, a sale, or a special gift, as you can see in this example.

Flag Day June newsletter with gift coupon
Image courtesy of Deal Town

12. Let Loose on Monkey Around Day

Of course, it’s not all about Flag Day on June 14th. This is also Monkey Around Day, another occasion you can acknowledge if you haven’t sent out many emails yet this month.

As the name suggests, this is a day about throwing your cares away and having a bit of fun!

Do you know what your customers find fun? That’s right – saving money with a sale.

Flash sale newsletter example
Image courtesy of MailPoet

A flash sale will have your subscribers paying attention to and celebrating Monkey Around Day like never before.

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13. Have a Contest on National Nature Photography Day

Do your customers spend hours behind the lens? Then you can’t miss National Nature Photography Day, an occasion about shooting the most beautiful images of trees, ferns, and wildlife.

At the very least, you can ask your customers to submit their favorite nature photos, sending a reminder email a week before June 15th (National Nature Photography Day) so you can post them on the big occasion.

You can also make a contest out of it, assigning first-, second-, and third-place prizes based on audience votes.

If you decide to do the contest, you can still showcase the entries that didn’t win in a future newsletter, giving your customers their moment in the sun and increasing loyalty.

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14. Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

Gear up for the biggest email marketing occasion of the month on Father’s Day.

Last month was all about the moms, but now, as grilling season gets underway, it’s time to turn our attention to fathers.

You might decide a well-intentioned, heartfelt thank you message gets the job done, such as LovelySkin does here.

LovelySkin newsletter for Father's Day in June
Image courtesy of Sender.net

Of course, I recognize that Father’s Day is arguably the biggest sales occasion of the month, so you should certainly begin discounting your stock in time for the occasion.

Free shipping will also make your customers’ day!

Nokia newsletter example for Father's Day in June
Image courtesy of Stripo

15. Love the Great Outdoors on Go Fishing Day and International Picnic Day

June 18th has two great holidays dedicated to spending time in nature: Go Fishing Day and International Picnic Day.

Both occasions are self-explanatory. Sending an email newsletter for these days will encourage your audience to get outside and do something awesome.

I recommend a sale. Cutting the prices on fishing rods, tackle, bait, and reels can help those on-the-fence customers finally get into the rewarding hobby that is fishing.

Summer sale idea for newsletter by Karl's targeting Go Fishing Day in June
Image courtesy of Deal Town

To celebrate National Picnic Day, your company can host a local event or produce an appealing infographic or tips list highlighting pointers for a successful picnic, from what to pack for lunch to bringing sunscreen.

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16. Kick Off a Sale for National Splurge Day

Come on, forget about your bank account for a while. National Splurge Day on June 18th is a special occasion all about treating yourself.

This is a built-in holiday for your business. While you never need an excuse to run a sale, if you have this opportunity, you should take it. Give your customers steep savings so they’re willing to spend a lot.

Flash sale newsletter idea
Image courtesy of Sender.net

17. Acknowledge Juneteenth Somberly

June 19th is Juneteenth, a recently announced federal holiday. Unlike National Splurge Day, this isn’t an occasion for sales or light-spirited emails. Instead, it’s a day about emancipation from slavery, so it should be celebrated for that.

June newsletter idea for Juneteenth to celebrate freedom
Image courtesy of Selzy

An informative email like the one above tells your email subscribers what Juneteenth is and why it matters. You could also keep your message shorter and simpler, wishing your audience a special day.

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18. Get into the Spirit of the Season on Summer Solstice

Woohoo! Summer is finally here!

You still have an engaged email list now, but it won’t be too long before they begin planning family vacations, beach days, and other getaways, and they won’t check their emails as often.

Grab their attention with a summer sale offering 50 percent off, as Fashion Nova did here.

June newsletter example for Summer Sale by FashionNova
Image courtesy of Moosend

Use bright colors and summery imagery, such as watermelons, swimming pools, sunglasses, beach chairs, multicolored umbrellas, and peaceful shorelines. These visuals are impossible to miss.

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19. Post Photos of Your Customers on National Selfie Day

As June continues marching forward, we arrive at National Selfie Day on the 20th. This holiday is all about snapping self-images of your customers by themselves, with their partner, friends, colleagues, or even their pets!

Why not have a contest seeking the best selfie? You could make some rules like the selfie has to be taken with a certain color or match a theme.

As the selfies begin rolling in, showcase them live on your social media feed (with your customer’s permission, of course!).

20. Get into a Good Cause on World Rainforest Day

World Rainforest Day on June 22nd is another golden opportunity to showcase how you’re doing good for our planet. You can start a fundraising event with proceeds to go toward the rainforests, perhaps incentivizing your audience to give by offering rewards per donation tier or entries into a giveaway.

June newsletter for rainforest day
Image courtesy of Rainforest Partnership

You can also showcase images and/or videos of your volunteer work for rainforest preservation if that’s something your company has committed to.

21. Don’t Miss June’s Food-Centric Occasions

Are you feeling hungry? You will be by the time you’re done looking at this list of food-related holidays on the calendar in June.

Restaurants and food industry pros shouldn’t miss these awesome chances to send a related email newsletter for occasions like:

  • Candy Month all June long
  • Dairy Month all June long
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month all June long
  • National Iced Tea Month all June long
  • Turkey Lovers Month all June long
  • National Frozen Yogurt Day on the first Sunday of the month
  • National Rocky Road Day on June 2nd
  • Applesauce Cake Day on June 4th
  • National Cheese Day on June 4th
  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7th
  • National Doughnut Day on the first Friday of the month
  • Name Your Poison Day on June 8th
  • National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day on June 9th
  • Herbs and Spices Day on June 10th
  • Iced Tea Day on June 10th
  • National Corn on the Cob Day on June 11th
  • National Jerky Day on June 12th
  • National Peanut Butter Cookie Day on June 12th
  • National Prune Day on June 15th
  • Cannoli Day on June 16th
  • Fresh Veggies Day on June 16th
  • National Fudge Day on June 16th
  • National Turkey Lovers Day on the third Sunday of the month
  • Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17th
  • International Picnic Day on June 18th
  • Sushi Day on June 18th
  • Ice Cream Soda Day on June 20th
  • National Chocolate Éclair Day on June 22nd
  • National Onion Ring Day on June 22nd
  • National Catfish Day on June 25th
  • National Onion Day on June 27th
  • National Food Truck Day on the fourth Friday of the month
  • Waffle Iron Day on June 29th

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Bottom Line

Wrap up your second quarter of 2024 strong with these excellent June email newsletter ideas. Whether you herald in the arrival of summer, rejoice in outdoor activity opportunities, or spread activism and awareness, there are plenty of instances in which your audience will be happy to get an email from you this month!

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