Software Advice: EngageBay Is A Leading Scheduling Software 2020

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Hello, readers. Much as we try to keep our little achievements low-key, we believe that good news certainly deserves to be shared with our very awesome readers, users, and well-wishers.

Once again, we are over the moon for being acknowledged for our hard work, and this time, it is from none other than leading review and rating site Software Advice.

We have recently been informed that EngageBay has been placed in multiple Gartner Digital Markets reports including FrontRunners Scheduling Software Report 2020 by Software Advice.

Software Advice uses reviews from real software users to highlight the top-rated Scheduling Software products in North America.

Only products that earn top user ratings make the cut as FrontRunners. To even be eligible for consideration, a product must:

  • Have at least 20 unique user reviews in the last 24 months.
  • Be a stand-alone Scheduling software product
  • Offer this feature: Calendar Management

Check out their full methodology description for more detail.

This is once again a humbling experience for us and will help keep us motivated to serve our valued users better, consistently.

EngageBay has been working tirelessly to provide world-class software for growing businesses at affordable price points, empowering small businesses and startups to seamlessly organize and automate their marketing, sales, and support processes without breaking the bank.

Some of the testimonials shared by EngageBay users on Software Advice include:

Great for new businesses

“The software is extremely useful for new businesses. They have a very proactive team that loves taking suggestions and works on the same instantly.”

A great automation tool with a competitive price

Support is number one pros for Engagebay, specially for the non-techy person like me they are always available to assist you if you get stuck, reps are very cool guys behind Engagebay.

About Software Advice

Software Advice is a trusted resource for software buyers. They provide detailed reviews and original research on thousands of software applications. Their team of software advisors provides free telephone consultations to help buyers build a shortlist of systems that will meet their needs.

You can review the full list of Software Advice’s top-rated Scheduling Software Of 2020 here. ranks EngageBay among Best Scheduling Software 2020

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