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Launch Stunning Campaigns With These Holiday Email Templates

Cut→Paste→Modify, and Roll out!

From spine-tingling Halloween promotions to heartwarming Christmas greetings, creativity and innovation to pique customers’ attention is our first to-do with the arrival of the holiday season. Every holiday brings its unique vibe to our email inboxes, heralding joy, reflection, and celebration.

These holidays are prime times for consumer spending. That’s why your emails must stand out and catch customers’ attention among a pool of other emails.

In this blog post, we have mapped out the essentials to help you on this subject:

  • Importance of email marketing during the holiday season
  • The different components of holiday email campaigns
  • Successful holiday email campaigns to take inspiration from

We also have 35 ready-made holiday email templates for occasions, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. 

Let’s get started. 


Importance of Email Marketing During the Holidays

Holidays are a perfect time to reach customers’ inboxes, as people enjoy their time off and spend $$$ on shopping. 

Last year, people spent $222.1 billion during holidays even though inflation increased prices. Research states that people are increasing their holiday spending each year. 

Email marketing is a proven technique for reaching customers, as it offers an outstanding ROI year-round. So, when perfectly optimized during festive times, email marketing offers several benefits to businesses and marketers.

It can be used to:

Customers eagerly await emails with sales offers in their inboxes on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Holiday emails can get your customers to spend 138 times more than those who don’t get emails.

Brands can use free holiday templates to promote special offers, discounts, and holiday-themed content. It can allow your business to tap into the increased spending habits of the season and connect with your customers. 

Also, humans, by nature, love these small efforts, so these little things take your brand to greater heights. Check out what people are saying on Reddit:

Reddit Talks - Holiday email templates

Use cart abandonment mail to reach back to people who interacted with your brands and reward them with exclusive promotions or early access to holiday sales.

This will enhance loyalty and encourage repeat business. 

To help you spend more time on strategy-defining and optimizing campaigns, we’ve compiled a list of 35 free holiday email templates for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year holiday campaigns. These are also editable for you to customize to your needs.

So, use them and save time!

General Greetings Holiday Email Templates

General greetings holiday email

Holidays are days to spread warmth and cheer with greetings. 

Perfect for conveying heartfelt season wishes to your customers, our general holiday greeting templates help maintain a strong personal connection during the holiday season, fostering brand loyalty and appreciation.

Use the following free templates that leverage various marketing tactics to catch your subscribers’ attention.

Template #1: Leverage personalization

Subject Line: [Name], Wishing You the Best This Holiday Season!


Hola [Name],

As the holiday season unfolds, we at [Company Name] want to take a moment to celebrate you! 

Your loyalty has helped shape our year, and we’re grateful for every moment.

We want to make your holidays even brighter, so we’re offering exclusive deals to find something special for your loved ones — or yourself.

CTA: Your Exclusive Offers Await

Why it works: Personalizing the email with the recipient’s name and acknowledging their specific contributions to your business fosters a personal connection. Make the recipient feel valued, and they’ll be more than happy to engage with your brand.

Template #2: Write a heartfelt message

Subject Line: From Our Family to Yours, Happy Holidays!


Hi [Customer],

We love you for your incredible support and trust in us. It’s been a fantastic year with you on our side.

We’re sending you our warmest wishes and a sprinkle of holiday cheer this holiday season. May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, and cherished moments with loved ones.

Happy Holidays, and here’s to a bright New Year🥂

CTA: Share the Joy

Why it works: A heartfelt message resonates emotionally, strengthening the bond between your brand and its customers. It transcends the transactional nature of business, encouraging loyalty and positive sentiment towards your brand during the holiday season.

Template #3: Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Subject Line: Don’t Miss Out: Our [Product name] Is Running Out!


Hey [Name],

We don’t want you to miss out on the best deal of the year on every customer’s favorite [Product name]. Given the holiday season sale, we’re quickly running out! 

These offers won’t last forever — dive in now to make the most of the holiday season with unbeatable discounts.

CTA: Get Yours Today!

Why it works: Highlighting a product’s limited availability creates FOMO. Customers are more likely to act immediately to avoid missing out on valuable deals.

Template #4: Build urgency

Subject Line: Last Chance: Your Holiday Offers Expire in 24 Hours⏰


Hey [Name],

Wishing you a very happy holidays.

Time is running out! Your exclusive holiday offers will disappear in just 24 hours. This is your final call to grab these deals before they’re gone.

Don’t let time slip away — make your holiday season shine with our special discounts and exclusive offers, curated just for you.

CTA: Claim Your Offer Now

Why it works: Urgency compels action. By emphasizing the limited time left to access exclusive deals, customers are prompted to act quickly, boosting sales and engagement with your holiday email marketing.

Template #5: Give social proof

Subject Line: See Why Everyone Loves Our Holiday Deals!


Hello [Name],

This holiday season, join the throngs of happy customers who’ve found the perfect gifts and more with our holiday sales. 

Don’t just take our word for it — check out what others say!

[Insert customer testimonials and popular items]

Be a part of the holiday joy and discover why [Company Name] is the go-to destination for holiday shopping.

CTA: Shop the Favorites

Why it works: Social proof, such as testimonials or popular choices, validates the customer’s decision to shop with you. It leverages the psychological tendency to follow the actions of others, increasing trust and interest in your offers.

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Halloween Holiday Email Templates

Halloween holiday email template

As the leaves turn and the air chills, Halloween email marketing emerges as a pivotal strategy for captivating audiences with ghastly good content. This strategy weaves a web of engagement that can lead to a substantial uptick in sales. 

In 2022, the Halloween fervor saw consumers spending a staggering $10.6 billion, signaling the untapped potential of themed email campaigns. This fall, harness the power of Halloween-themed emails to enchant your customers, driving engagement and tangible growth. 

Light up your jack-o’-lanterns and use these five bewitching email templates designed to make your Halloween campaigns a howling success.

Template #1: Spooky sales and promotions

Subject Line: Spooky Savings Alert! Don’t Miss Our Halloween Sale 🕷️🎃 


Hello [Name],

Ready to be bewitched by our spooktacular Halloween sales? 

We’ve got frighteningly good deals that will send shivers down your spine.

Dive into discounts so deep, it’s scary. 

From [Product/Service 1] to [Product/Service 2], find everything you need to make this Halloween’s best. 

But hurry — these deals will vanish like a ghost at midnight on [Sale End Date].

CTA: Unearth The Deals From Their Grave

Why it works: This template creates a sense of excitement and urgency with its playful use of Halloween themes and imagery. The limited-time offer encourages quick action, boosting sales during the holiday season.

Template #2: Halloween-themed products/services

Subject Line: It’s Time For Our Hauntingly Good Halloween Collection 🦇


Trick or teat, [Name]?

Ready for the Halloween season? 

Transform your celebrations with our exclusive Halloween-themed products. From ghoulish decor to bewitching costumes, we have everything you need to bring your spookiest visions to life.

Explore our curated collection and make your Halloween celebration truly unforgettable. 

But beware, these items are in high demand and won’t stick around for long!

CTA: Shop the Collection

Why it works: Highlighting Halloween-themed products increases seasonal excitement and encourages purchases. It also helps customers easily find what they need for their celebrations, enhancing their shopping experience.

Template #3: Halloween teaser

Subject Line: Sneak Peek: A Spellbinding Halloween Sale Awaits! 🧙‍♂️


Hey there, [Name],

Are you ready for a sneak peek into our most magical Halloween sale yet? 

We’re conjuring up some exclusive deals and haunted surprises just for you.

Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll reveal more as the witching hour approaches. 

Expect potions of discounts, enchanting offers, and much more!

CTA: Keep Me Updated

Why it works: Teasing upcoming sales piques interest and builds anticipation, keeping your brand top-of-mind as customers plan their Halloween purchases. It encourages them to stay engaged and catch all the details in your email series.

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Template #4: Halloween tips and tricks

Subject Line: 10 Spooktacular Styling Tips For This Halloween 🍬


Hello [Name],

This Halloween, we’re sharing exclusive tips and tricks to help you celebrate (and scare) in style. 

We’ve got you covered, from last-minute costume ideas to spooky party decorations.

[Newsletter content]

Discover how our products can add that extra bit of magic to your Halloween festivities.

CTA: Discover the Magic

Why it works: Providing valuable content like tips and tricks for Halloween helps establish your brand as a helpful resource, encouraging customer loyalty. It also subtly promotes your products as solutions to enhance the holiday experience.

Template #5: Halloween twist on educational content

Subject Line: Beware: Spine-Tingling Marketing Tactics You Never Knew About Halloween! 😱


Abracadabra [Name],

Did you know [insert interesting fact about Halloween]?

This Halloween, we’re uncovering the marketing mysteries that will make this holiday a game-changer for your business. 

Enjoy these bone-chilling tidbits and discover how our [Service] can add to your fright-night fun. 

With us, it’s all treats and no tricks!

CTA: Learn More … If You Dare

Why it works: Incorporating educational content with a Halloween twist engages readers in a fun and informative way, making your B2B email marketing memorable.

Humor and puns lighten the mood and can make your brand more relatable, fostering a positive connection with your clients.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Email Templates

Thanksgiving email template

The day of giving thanks, Thanksgiving, is America’s favorite holiday! It embodies a season of gratitude, family reunions, and a feast of flavors.

Beyond its traditional essence, it accelerates the holiday shopping frenzy. In 2022, a staggering 196 million shoppers seized the Thanksgiving weekend, navigating through sales with coupons amidst economic fluctuations. 

Celebrate the spirit of Turkey Day with the following five innovative Thanksgiving email templates for holiday email marketing ideas. Pair these with our Thanksgiving holiday photo greetings email template to share warm wishes and showcase irresistible deals.

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Template #1: Express gratitude 

Subject Line: A Special Thanks to Our Valued Partners This Thanksgiving


Dear [Client’s Name],

As the holiday season approaches, we’re reminded of what we’re thankful for. Chief among them is our partnership with [Client’s Company Name].

Your trust and support have been pivotal in our mutual success this year. We look forward to achieving more together in the coming year.

Warm wishes for a joyful Thanksgiving from all of us at [Your Company Name].

CTA: Discover More Ways We Can Grow Together

Why it works: Personalized gratitude resonates in the B2B space, strengthening relationships. Acknowledging the partnership’s value fosters loyalty and sets a positive tone for future collaborations.

Template #2: Share Thanksgiving traditions

Subject Line: Inside Look: How [Your Company Name] Celebrates Thanksgiving 


Hello [Name],

Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday; it’s a time for us at [Your Company Name] to embrace and share our traditions. 

From our annual community service day to our “Thankful Wall,” where employees and clients share what they’re grateful for, we embody the spirit of Thanksgiving in every way.

Join us in celebrating this special time of year, and let’s create new traditions together.

CTA: Share Your Traditions With Us

Why it works: Sharing your brand’s traditions invites customers into your company culture, creating a sense of community and belonging. It humanizes your brand, encouraging deeper emotional connections.

Template #3: Thanksgiving giveaways

Subject Line: 🎁 Enter Our Thanksgiving Giveaway – Our Way of Saying Thanks! 🎁


Happy Thanksgiving [Name]!

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for your support in helping us grow!

We’re giving back to our incredible customers as a token of appreciation. 

Enter our Thanksgiving Giveaway for a chance to win [Prize Details].

No purchase is necessary, just our way of saying thank you.

Winners will be announced on [Date].

CTA: Enter Now to Win

Why it works: Giveaways create excitement and engagement, encouraging interaction with your brand. They’re a direct way to give back to your customers and enhance brand loyalty.

Template #4: Charity activities and community service

Subject Line: Join [Your Company Name] in Giving Back This Thanksgiving 


Hi [Name],

This Thanksgiving, [Your Company Name] is committed to making a difference. 

We’ve partnered with [Charity/Community Service Name] to [describe activity], and we invite you to join us.

Together, we can make this holiday season brighter for those in need. Here’s how you can participate: [Details].

CTA: Learn More & Get Involved

Why it works: Focusing on charity and community service resonates with socially conscious consumers, reinforcing your brand’s commitment to making a positive impact. It fosters a sense of collective purpose and action.

Template #5: Rewards for Thanksgiving

Subject Line: A Thanksgiving Treat 🦃 Exclusive Rewards Just for You 


Hi [Name],

This Thanksgiving, we’re showing our gratitude with exclusive rewards for our loyal customers. 

Enjoy [Details of the Reward/Offer] when you make any purchase between [Range of dates].

Redeem your reward now and make your Thanksgiving celebration even more special.

CTA: Claim Your Reward

Why it works: Offering exclusive rewards specifically for Thanksgiving leverages the holiday spirit to reward loyalty and encourage repeat business. The direct benefit customers enjoy enhances their perception of value from your brand.

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Email Templates

Cyber monday email template

Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially mark the holiday shopping season. These two events are the biggest sales drivers for small businesses and eCommerce stores.

In fact, last year, Black Friday online sales generated $9.8 billion in revenue, and Cyber Monday generated an additional $12.4 billion!

Prepare to generate serious revenue this holiday shopping season with the following five top-notch Black Friday/Cyber Monday email templates.

Template #1: Sneak-peek emails 

Subject Line: 🔍 Sneak Peek: Unwrap Our Black Friday Deals Early!


Hey [Customer’s Name],

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re offering you an exclusive sneak peek at our Black Friday deals 🎁. 

Get ready to discover the best discounts on [Category/Products] before anyone else!

Prepare your wishlist and stay ahead of the holiday rush.

CTA: Get Your Sneak Peek

Why it works: Offering a sneak peek at upcoming deals builds anticipation and excitement, encouraging customers to plan their purchases. It makes them feel valued and increases the likelihood of returning to the shop.

Template #2: Early bird specials

Subject Line: Early Bird Gets the Deal 🐦: Exclusive Black Friday Offers!


Hello [Name],

Beat the rush this Black Friday with early access to our exclusive deals! From now until [Date], enjoy early bird specials on your favorite items.

Don’t miss this chance to save big on [Product/Service] and more.

CTA: Shop Early Bird Specials

Why it works: Early bird specials incentivize customers to shop before the peak rush, helping spread demand and boost early sales. It leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO) on limited-time offers.

Template #3: Hourly flash sales

Subject Line: Hourly Flash Sales Are Here – New Deals Every Hour ⏰ 


Ready, set, save [Name]!

Our hourly flash sales for Cyber Monday start now. 

Every hour brings a new deal, but you must act fast — these discounts disappear quickly!

Keep an eye on your inbox and our site so you don’t miss out.

CTA: Catch Today’s Deals

Why It Works: Hourly deals create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to check back frequently, driving repeated traffic to your website and increasing the chances of multiple purchases.

Template #4: Wishlist reminders

Subject Line: Your Wishlist Items Are Going on Sale ✨


Good news, [Name]!

Items on your wishlist are about to get a lot more affordable. 

Our Cyber Monday sale includes some of your most coveted items at prices you’ll love.

Make sure your wishlist is ready for the big day!

CTA: Review My Wishlist

Why it works: Reminding customers about their wishlist items customizes your clients’ shopping experience. It taps into their interest in specific products, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Template #5: Cart-abandonment emails

Subject Line: Forgot Something? Your Cart Items Are Waiting + A Black Friday Bonus!


Hello [Name],

Looks like you left some treasures behind in your cart. 

Good news: We’ve saved them for you, just in time for our Black Friday sale! As our holiday treat, enjoy an extra [Discount] off your cart items.

CTA: Return to My Cart

Why it works: Cart-abandonment emails remind customers of their interest in your products. It offers an additional incentive to complete their purchase, effectively recovering potentially lost sales.

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Hannukah Holiday Email Templates

Hanukkah holiday email template

Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, holds a unique place in the holiday season. While distinct from the omnipresent Christmas cheer, it is deeply embedded in American tradition, with around 6.3 million Jewish Americans celebrating every year. 

The evolution of gift-giving during Hanukkah, paralleling Christmas traditions, has made it a key time for Jewish Americans to exchange presents across the eight nights.

This tradition underscores the potential for your products/services to become cherished gifts. 

Using holiday email templates designed for this festive time can greatly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness, offering the perfect avenue to showcase your offerings. 

Check out our tailored Hanukkah holiday email templates to capture the essence of the season, drive sales, and foster lasting relationships with your customers during this celebratory period.

Template #1: Daily deals for eight nights

Subject Line: 8 Nights of Delights🕎: Unwrap a New Deal Every Evening!


Hello [Name],

Celebrate Hanukkah with us and enjoy exclusive deals every night! 

From [Start Date] to [End Date], discover a new offer each evening to make your celebration brighter. 🌟

Don’t miss out on these nightly surprises, perfect for gifting or treating yourself during the holiday season.

CTA: Light Up My Inbox

Why it works: This template leverages the unique structure of Hanukkah to offer daily deals, keeping subscribers engaged throughout the holiday. The anticipation of a new deal each night mirrors the traditional lighting of the Menorah, creating a meaningful connection with the holiday.

Template #2: Hanukkah-themed products

Subject Line: Celebrate Hanukkah with Our Special Themed Collection ✨


Hi [Name],

This Hanukkah, take your celebration to a new level with our exclusive Hanukkah-themed products. From beautiful menorahs to festive decorations, our collection is designed to bring joy and light to your holiday gatherings.

Explore our curated selection and find the perfect additions to your Hanukkah celebration.

CTA: Discover the Collection

Why it works: Focusing on Hanukkah-themed products taps into the desire for holiday-specific items that enhance the festive spirit. It provides a targeted shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find what they need for their celebrations.

Template #3: Hanukkah history and traditions

Subject Line: 📚 Discover the Rich Traditions and History of Hanukkah


Hello [Name],

As we celebrate Hanukkah, let’s also take a moment to reflect on its rich history and meaningful traditions.

From the miracle of the oil to the significance of the menorah, each aspect of Hanukkah has a story to tell.

Join us in exploring the traditions that make this holiday so special.

CTA: Learn More About Hanukkah

Why it works: Educating customers about Hanukkah’s history and traditions enriches their holiday experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the celebration.

It positions your brand as a source of valuable information, building trust and engagement.

Template #4: Hanukkah recipes and DIY projects

Subject Line: Savor Hanukkah with Delicious Recipes 🍽️ & Festive DIYs


Dear [Name],

Get ready for Hanukkah with our collection of traditional recipes and fun DIY project ideas! 

Whether you’re looking to craft a unique menorah or cook up some delicious latkes, we have everything you need to make this Hanukkah unforgettable.

CTA: Explore Recipes & Projects

Why it works: Offering recipes and DIY projects provides value beyond selling products. It can lead to increased loyalty and sales of related products. Help your customers create memorable holiday experiences and encourage interaction with your brand.

Template #5: Virtual Hanukkah celebrations

Subject Line: Join Our Virtual Hanukkah Celebration 🎉


Hello [Name],

This Hanukkah, we’re bringing the celebration to you! 

Join our virtual Hanukkah party for an evening of stories, games, and community. It’s the perfect way to come together, share joy, and light up the holiday season, no matter where you are.

Don’t miss this special event to connect with all B2B professionals in our community and celebrate with us.


Why it works: Virtual celebrations allow clients to connect with your brand and each other, creating a sense of community. This approach acknowledges current social dynamics and offers an inclusive way to celebrate, broadening your reach and engagement.

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Christmas Holiday Email Templates

Christmas holiday email template

When Santa’s coming to town, it’s the perfect moment to sprinkle some holiday magic into your email campaigns and turn festive joy into substantial revenue growth. 

With customers already in the buying spirit, a well-crafted holiday email marketing strategy can significantly boost sales. The Christmas season, forecasted to see spending hit $1.1 trillion in the US alone, presents an unmatched opportunity to captivate new customers. 

Hop on the sleigh and create enchanting Christmas email marketing campaigns with the following five stellar Christmas email marketing templates, making this holiday season your business’s best yet.

Template #1: Holiday gift guide 

Subject Line: 🎁 Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide is Here!


Merry Christmas [Name],

Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Look no further! 

Our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide has arrived. It features handpicked selections for everyone on your list, from the tech enthusiast to the home chef.

Discover exclusive deals and make this holiday season unforgettable with gifts they’ll love. Shop now and bring joy to your holiday celebrations!

CTA: Explore the Gift Guide

Why it works: A well-curated gift guide simplifies the shopping process for customers. It makes it easier to find what they need. Highlighting exclusive deals within the guide encourages immediate purchases, boosting sales.

Template #2: Christmas deals

Subject Line: Unwrap Our Exclusive Christmas Deals Today!


Hello [Name],

It’s the season of giving, and we’re giving you access to exclusive Christmas deals! 

Save big on [Product Categories] and find the perfect gifts at unbeatable prices.

CTA: Shop and Save

Why it works: Exclusive deals create a sense of value and urgency. By offering special discounts during the holiday season, you’re tapping into the festive spirit of giving, encouraging customers to purchase more.

Template #3: Last-minute gift ideas

Subject Line: Last-Minute Gifts 🕒? We’ve Got You Covered!


Merry Christmas [Name],

There’s still time to find the perfect Christmas gifts! 

Our selection of last-minute gift ideas ensures you can make everyone’s holiday special, even at the eleventh hour.

From instant gift cards to next-day delivery on select items, let us help you complete your holiday shopping stress-free.

CTA: Find Last-Minute Gifts

Why it works: This template addresses the common problem of last-minute shopping, providing convenient solutions that encourage purchases. Offering instant or quick-delivery options appeal to procrastinators, driving additional sales.

Template #4: Gift-wrapping options

Subject Line: Make Your Christmas Gifts Stand Out with Our Gift-Wrapping Options


Hello [Name],

Give your gifts an extra touch of magic this Christmas with our exclusive gift-wrapping options. Choose from a variety of beautiful designs to make your presents truly unforgettable.

Add gift wrapping at checkout and leave the rest to us. It’s the easiest way to spread holiday cheer!

CTA: Wrap My Gifts

Why it works: Offering gift-wrapping services adds convenience for the shopper and enhances the gift’s presentation, making the purchase more appealing. It’s a simple value-add that can increase order value and customer satisfaction.

Template #5: Christmas countdown email

Subject Line: The Countdown to Christmas is On ⏳ – Don’t Miss Our Daily Deals!



The Christmas countdown has begun! With only [X] days left, we offer a new deal daily to help you celebrate and save.

Today’s deal is [Detail Today’s Deal]. Be sure to check back tomorrow for another fantastic offer!

CTA: Unlock Today’s Deal

Why it works: A countdown creates urgency and encourages daily engagement with your brand. Customers are incentivized to return to your site by offering a new deal daily, increasing the chances of multiple purchases throughout the holiday season.

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New Year Holiday Email Templates

New Year email Template

As the festive buzz of December gives way to January, the New Year ushers in a wave of optimism and the desire for renewal. The New Year is a beacon of fresh starts and resolutions, making it an opportune moment for businesses to engage their audience. 

With subscribers filled with hope and ambition, New Year’s presents an ideal time for sending out targeted, value-driven email campaigns.

Utilize this period of heightened emotion and determination by launching email campaigns. Capture the spirit of new beginnings and motivate your subscribers to embrace the change they seek with your products or services on their side.

Use our New Year email templates to craft messages that resonate with your audience’s aspirations for growth and change.

Template #1: New Year’s resolutions

Subject Line: Set Your Business Up for Success in [New Year]!


Dear [Client’s Name],

Happy New Year! 

As we welcome [New Year], it’s the perfect time to set ambitious goals and resolutions for your business. At [Your Company], we support your journey to success with our [B2B Services] range.

Let’s make [New Year] a year of unparalleled growth and achievement. Discover how our services can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

CTA: Set Goals Now

Why it works: This template taps into the fresh-start effect of the New Year, motivating businesses to pursue growth. It positions your services as essential tools for achieving their resolutions, driving interest, and potential sales.

Template #2: Year in review

Subject Line: What A Year! [Your Company]’s Journey in [Year]


Happy New Year [Name],

As we bid farewell to [Year], I want to take a moment to reflect on our journey together. 

It’s been a year filled with challenges, growth, and many successes, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

Here are some highlights of our past year’s successes from [Year]. [Briefly mention significant achievements]

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to even more success in [New Year]!

Warmest wishes,

[Your Name], Founder of [Your Company]

CTA: Look Back with Us

Why it works: Personal messages from company leaders foster a deeper connection with the audience. Reflecting on past successes builds trust and loyalty, encouraging continued engagement.

Template #3: New Year, new you promotions

Subject Line: New Year, New You: Embrace [New Year] with Exclusive Offers!


Hello [Name],

It’s time to embrace the New Year with open arms — and what better way to start with your health journey? 

Looking to get fit or just treat yourself to healthy but delicious meal plan recipes? We’ve got you covered with special offers on our cookbooks and athletic products.

Kickstart your [New Year] resolutions with us and make this year your best!

CTA: Discover New You Deals

Why it works: This template leverages the common theme of self-improvement around New Year. Offering promotions tied to this concept can motivate purchases that align with customers’ goals.

Template #4: New Year’s countdown

Subject Line: 🎉 The Countdown is On! Only [X] Days Until [New Year]


Hi [Name],

Can you believe it? Only [X] days left until [New Year]! 

We’re counting the days with daily surprises, tips, and offers to prepare you for the year ahead.

Don’t miss out on our countdown and the chance to start [New Year] off on the right foot.

CTA: Join the Countdown

Why it works: A countdown creates a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging daily engagement. This keeps your brand top-of-mind as customers prepare for the New Year.

Template #5: Sneak peek into the new year

Subject Line: Peek Into [New Year]: What We’ve Got Planned for You!


Hello [Name],

As [New Year] approaches, we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek into what’s in store at [Your Company]. 

From innovative [Products/Services] to exciting [Events/Initiatives], we’re dedicated to making [New Year] an unforgettable year for our valued customers.

Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to be part of something amazing!

CTA: Get the Inside Scoop

Why it works: Offering a sneak peek of upcoming products, services, or initiatives generates interest and anticipation. It reassures customers that choosing your brand will continue to bring them value.

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Key Elements of an Effective Holiday Email

Let’s take a look at the key elements that make up an effective holiday email.

1. Subject line

Your greatest opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other emails is in the subject line. For good holiday email subject lines, be succinct (no more than seven words) and catchy while expressing the festive spirit.

For example, “A Spooky Offer For This Spooky Season” is a good subject line for a Halloween-themed holiday email.

Visuals and design

What captures your attention the most when you open an email?

It’s definitely not a wall of text, is it? It’s often the captivating visuals or the vibrant theme that pulls you in.

It’s the same for any average Joe reading the email. Therefore, if you want your holiday emails to capture your recipients’ attention and etch into their memory, use holiday-themed graphics to complement your content. It will move the reader to the next element of your email, the text.

Personalized text

Text can get boring if the readers don’t understand its relevance.

Keep it crisp and give a reader a great time reading your email. Answer what you offer in the headline and personalize the body with the subscribers’ interests and preferences.

For example, recommend products based on their purchase history or internet surfing. You can also customize the subject line or greeting by addressing the reader by their name. 

Call-to-action (CTA)

At the end of every email, you must guide the reader into action. Put a button, link, or obvious next step. “Click here” is not an effective call to action. Instead, use a more targeted expression, such as “Buy Gift Card Now!”

Verify that the user reaches the right page when they click on the CTA; in this case, the landing page for gift cards at a discount. 

Testing and optimizing

Testing amplifies your email program.

Sending almost the identical email with a single modified variable lets you immediately link the holiday emails’ performance to the change. So, if you want to boost open rates, try A/B testing your email subject lines, send times, preheader, etc. We recommend evaluating only one factor at a time. 

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5 Successful Holiday Email Campaigns for Your Inspiration

Before we wrap up our blog post on holiday emails, we know you’ll love inspiration from some of the best holiday email campaigns on the internet.

Use these five successful examples of holiday email campaigns combined with our free templates to make this a great year for your small business.


Subject line: “Free Overnight Shipping For All Orders Before 2 PM”

Puma Holiday Email Campaign

What we love: 

  • The “FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING” creates a sense of urgency that encourages quick purchases for last-minute shoppers.
  • The “UP TO 50% OFF” sale is prominently displayed, instantly communicating the offer’s value.
  • Including “GIFT CARDS” and “GIFT GUIDE” provide convenient shopping solutions for customers who haven’t found their gift until the last minute.

2. Casper

Subject line: “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Pie 🌙 Get Ready for a Comfy Post-Feast Snooze!”

Casper Holiday Email Campaign

What we love:

  • The imagery of a pie with a moon and stars playfully ties the idea of sleep to the Thanksgiving dessert tradition.
  • The clever copy “Give thanks for what comes after dinner … ” subtly promotes the comfort of their products in the context of a post-dinner snooze.
  • The call-to-action “HEAD TO BED” is a creative and direct invitation to engage with the brand and consider its product for a better night’s sleep.

3. Matador Network

Subject line: “Season’s Greetings for the Wanderlust Heart 🚗❄️”

Matador Holiday Email Campaign

What we love:

  • The festive imagery of gift-laden travelers surely expresses the holiday spirit of joy, perfect for a brand like Matador Network.
  • The heartfelt message warmly emphasizes the universal charm of the holiday season, inviting everyone to pause and cherish the moment, regardless of personal traditions.
  • The clear and personable tone of the email fosters a sense of community, wishing recipients reflection and rejuvenation during the holidays.

4. Starbucks

Subject line: “Share the Joy of Coffee – Get & Give a $10 Starbucks Bonus 🎁”

Starbucks Holiday Email Campaign

What we love:

  • The “Deliver It Forward with Starbucks & Uber Eats” campaign cleverly combines the convenience of delivery with the spirit of giving.
  • Offering a $10 promo code to share with friends and family after a purchase incentivizes a sale, encourages sharing (a holiday cheer), and increases reach.
  • The limited availability of codes adds an element of exclusivity and urgency, prompting immediate action.

5. Forever21

Subject line: “Share the Joy of Coffee — Get & Give a $10 Starbucks Bonus 🎁”

Foever21 Holiday Email Campaign

What we love:

  • The headline “HELLO, BLACK FRIDAY …” is bold and attention-grabbing, immediately signaling the email’s festive sales theme.
  • A clear promotion of “15% OFF YOUR PURCHASE TODAY ONLY!” creates urgency and encourages immediate action.
  • The “Reveal your offer now” CTA with a virtual scratch card element ingeniously incites curiosity and personal engagement, enhancing the likelihood of interaction.

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That’s it in this treasure trove of free holiday email templates.

Use this guide for your festive marketing. From the hit Black Friday email templates to warm wishes of general greetings, these free templates will be the blueprints for a high-performing holiday email campaign. 

Now, you not only reach your audience but resonate with them, transforming every holiday greeting into a potential sale.

Remember, these templates are but starting points — infuse them with your creativity, and let consistency be your north star. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I create a holiday email?

Start by selecting a holiday email template that aligns with the occasion.

Personalize the greeting and content to resonate with your audience. Ensure the message reflects the holiday’s spirit, and include a clear call-to-action (CTA) for your offer or promotion. Utilize festive visuals to enhance the appeal, and don’t forget to optimize it for mobile devices.

2. Are there any special email marketing tips for the holiday season?

Yes, to get the most out of your holiday email marketing, ensure you do the following: 

  • Segment your audience for targeted messaging
  • Use A/B testing for your subject lines
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Optimize it for mobile devices

Send relevant but engaging content with elements of urgency, exclusivity such as: 

  • Sneak peeks of upcoming offers
  • Gift guides
  • Follow-up emails

3. How do holidays affect email marketing open rates?

Holidays can positively impact open rates as users look for deals and greetings.

Tailor your email’s subject line to the holiday theme to grab attention. Additionally, be mindful of send times to maximize visibility, and don’t overlook post-holiday opportunities when engagement can still be high.

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