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2024 Done Right: Creative January Newsletter Ideas

2024 will be here soon! What are your January marketing plans? Whether you send newsletters monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, January should be on your editorial calendar for your next newsletter. The question becomes, what in the world do you write about?

The mad rush between Black Friday and Christmas can leave you feeling a bit burnt out. I get it!

Don’t worry; you don’t have to dive too deep into your creative well. In this blog post, I have shared an excellent collection of January newsletter ideas for 2024 and beyond that touch on all the holidays and special occasions, from the tall to the small.


17+ Newsletter Ideas for a Productive Start to Your January

Now, let’s get right to it.

1. Trigger FOMO with an Exclusive New Year’s Sale

You counted down with deals right through the end of the year, so why not start 2024 off with more deals? You can launch an exclusive sale between December 31st and January 2nd, as seen in retailer Aerie’s example.

January email newsletter from Aerie
Image courtesy of DesignModo

Let’s be real. Most people are fatigued after holiday shopping, and they’re trying to start the new year by recovering their finances. It takes an attention-grabbing, limited-edition sale to get them in the mood to shop, and an exclusive deal will do that.

You can see how Aerie also offered free shipping, which is sure to incentivize even the stingiest shopper!

You can also use this time to practice gratitude, as seen above. No sales, no links – just an authentic, heartfelt thank you to your customers for supporting you another year.

After all, without customers, you wouldn’t still be in business.

In a similar vein, you can produce a newsletter full of tips geared toward helping your customers start their year off right. This is an especially great idea if you’re part of a health or fitness company, as everyone knows losing weight is a top resolution.

2. Honor MLK Day

January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a United States federal holiday that honors MLK’s birthday and the amazing accomplishments he achieved for racial equality in his lifetime.

Since it’s a day off for many people, they won’t check their emails as often as they would during a workday. That’s okay, as the only email you should send for this somber holiday is one in honor of Dr. King.

Have fun designing your email using images and quotes from MLK, but make sure you’re not using anything with a copyright.

3. Spread Awareness (and Donations) for National Blood Donor Month

January is National Blood Donor Month, a great cause. According to the American Red Cross Blood Services, the need for platelets or blood in the United States is once every two seconds, with up to 29,000 red blood cell units required.

If you can’t give blood for any health reasons, you can at least let your audience know they can.

For example, this email from Amber Specialty Pharmacy features a great infographic parroting some of the stats I just mentioned. This data underscores the importance of blood donation and should inspire some reluctant potential donors to get out and give.

If you’re eager to incentivize your customers to donate blood even further, you might offer an exclusive discount code for donors who can prove they recently gave blood.

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4. Acknowledge International Stop Spam Day

No one likes getting spammed, but it can happen to the best of us. A company may unscrupulously sell its email list elsewhere, and suddenly, you begin receiving dozens of messages you did not ask for.

Maybe you’ve even been guilty of sending out a spam message or two in your early days of email marketing, although you would never dream of making such an egregious error now.

January 2nd is International Stop Spam Day. This is a great day to reach out to your audience and let them know more about the measures your business currently has in place to stop spam and make opening your emails a more enjoyable experience.

5. Test Your Customer’s Knowledge on Trivia Day

January doesn’t have to be boring for email newsletters when you can wholeheartedly embrace Trivia Day on January 4th.

Make it fun by sending a trivia quiz through email like this. You have plenty of options for your prizes, which is fun. You could give away a new product or service or offer winners a freebie or exclusive discount code.

Whatever prize you select, ensure it’s valuable, or you’ll get limited participation.

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6. Put the Power in Your Customers’ Hands on Play God Day

Here’s a holiday you probably wished you had known about long before now. It’s Play God Day every January 9th. There aren’t any rules for this holiday, so you can create them yourself. Perhaps playing God means giving your customers a chance to call the shots.

For instance, you might create a wheel for them to spin. Every prize should be great, but varying levels of awesome.

January newsletter example for Play God Day
Image courtesy of Privy

If you use this as an opportunity to do good, you might introduce a cause and accept donations for 24 hours, offering to match the value your customers put into it.

January newsletter by Cat Rescue Club
Image courtesy of Double the Donation

That’s a great way to inspire more donations!

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7. Find Something New to Do During National Hobby Month

If you missed some of these other occasions but still need to send out your January newsletter, don’t stress. The entire month is National Hobby Month, a great opportunity to connect with your audience.

If your business sells any type of hobby products or supplies, this month is a can’t-miss. You can offer deals and sales all month or host some giveaways or contests. You should drive up sales by engaging regularly with your audience.

Even if you don’t specialize in any products or services that one would consider hobby-specific, you could still include a blurb about this month’s occasion in your next newsletter. Perhaps you offer tips for starting a new hobby.

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8. Encourage More Activity on National Take the Stairs Day

With diet fixes, weight loss plans, and exercise routines a primary focus as January gets underway, your business can embrace the spirit of National Take the Stairs Day no matter what niche or industry you belong to.

This is an easy email newsletter to send, so don’t miss your opportunity. Put together a customized graphic, as seen below, and schedule your email so it reaches your audience.

January newsletter example for take the stairs day
Image courtesy of Blue Cirrus Consulting

Ideally, send the email in the morning so they remember to take the stairs to work, school, or wherever they’re going.

9. Get Cozy During National Hot Tea/Oatmeal/Soup Month

It gets freezing cold in January in most parts of the world. That’s why this month happens to be National Soup Month, National Oatmeal Month, and Hot Tea Month.

If your business produces any of these edible goodies, use this opportunity to your advantage. However, even if your company specialty is as far removed from food as possible, you can still incorporate these monthlong occasions into your email marketing by capitalizing on the cozy, wintry vibe they bring.

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10. Go Green for Houseplant Appreciation Day

Even if you don’t have a green thumb (and I certainly can’t blame you, as I don’t either), you’ve got to love houseplants. They make us happy and provide cleaner air for us to breathe.

Celebrate the wonder of indoor plants on January 10th. Nurseries, home improvement stores, and gardening supply stores have a goldmine on their hands. You can post teasers for your deals in the week leading up to the big day and then run sales that week.

January newsletter example from plant palooza
Image courtesy of Dealtown

What if your business doesn’t specialize in houseplants? You can still connect with your audience on this day by asking them to post photos of their favorite indoor plants, perhaps using a hashtag your business created.

You could go viral.

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11. Plan for the Year Ahead on Make Your Dream Come True Day

January is a month for planning the future, and January 13th is a great time to embrace those aspirations on Make Your Dream Come True Day.

What can your company do to help your customers accomplish their dreams? You could share inspirational quotes and songs, write a heartfelt yet brief message about the importance of dreams, or provide tips on planning and chasing dreams.

These types of emails will certainly be appreciated, especially among an entrepreneurial crowd.

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12. Launch a Contest Around Dress Up Your Pet Day

Most people dress up their pets and take a camera roll of photos around Halloween, but who says you have to retire the costumes when October ends? I don’t, and neither does the calendar, as January 14th is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

By the way, that’s the only holiday on the calendar on the 14th, so you might as well take advantage of it. Have a contest!

If you’re part of a pet care or supplies company, you can give away pet supplies as a prize, like a year of free service or a dog-walking kit, complete with a leash, clippers, and harness.

You can also give away cash, making this holiday one to celebrate, no matter your industry.

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13. Keep Focused on Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

January can be a long month. As much as I love the blank slate it represents, it’s depressing to take down the holiday lights and be in the dark when night falls before 5 o’clock.

Unsurprisingly, by the 17th, the excitement and anticipation of a new year has worn off. It’s kind of back to same ol’, same ol’, which is why it’s no surprise this day is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day.

Now, depending on what kind of industry you’re part of, you can help your audience slack off sinfully, such as if you’re a pizza joint or a bakery. You can also provide motivation to keep your audience on track.

For instance, if you’re a fitness brand, you might run a sale this week for those who need the extra fire to stick to their resolutions.

January newsletter example for fitness industry
Image courtesy of Chamaileon

14. Celebrate Chinese New Year

2024 is the year of the dragon! Chinese New Year occurs every January, far away enough from traditional New Year’s Day that you’ll be longing for a celebratory occasion to send an email to your customers.

You can use this celebration to warmly wish your audience a happy Chinese New Year, keeping it at that.

You might also incorporate a spinning wheel discount deal on a holiday that’s about luck or use a simple ‘discover’ link after wishing your readers a happy Chinese New Year, as fashion house Dior did.

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15. Say Something Nice on Compliment Day

Here’s a freebie if you haven’t engaged with your email list this month as you wish you could have. Compliment Day is on January 24th.

It’s free to give a compliment, and it will make your customers smile.

Image courtesy of Qi Creative

You can phrase your compliment after the one above or create your own. Try not to be too specific unless you have unique compliments for each of your audience segments.

You can also compliment your customers by offering a 24-hour discount for the holiday!

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16. Make Someone Smile on Global Belly Laugh Day

On the same day as Compliment Day, January 24th, you can celebrate Global Belly Laugh Day. This is another positive day, except you share a joke instead of complimenting someone.

Put your light zingers away. Global Belly Laugh Day is about the kind of side-splitting humor that leaves you gasping for breath. Use your best jokes, but keep them PG, and don’t touch on any sensitive topics like religion or politics.

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17. Promote Your Policies on Data Privacy Day

As we near the end of the calendar, we reach Data Privacy Day on January 28th. Data privacy is a bigger concern than ever due to breaches and leaks.

Internally, use this day to update your company’s privacy policy, especially when it comes to consumer data. Send an email alerting your customers about the changes to your policy so they understand what you’ve done.

You should also include an opt-out link in the email. You never want to lose subscribers, but it’s better they leave than report you for spam.

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18. Send a Smile on Fun at Work Day

Even if you love what you do, work can be boring. But that’s okay, it’s supposed to be. It’s work! January 28th is a chance to blur the lines between your personal and professional life with Fun at Work Day.

This day can be whatever you make of it, as long as it’s enjoyable. Perhaps you could host a contest for the silliest workplace in America or offer a sale to make them smile 🙂

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19. Get in the Spirit of All the Food Holidays

Foodie holidays are scattered throughout January, giving you excuse after excuse to take a mouthwatering bite. Here’s the full list:

  • National Spaghetti Day on January 4th
  • Bean Day on January 6th
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Day on January 10th
  • National Hot Tea Day on January 12th
  • National Bagel Day on January 15th
  • National Popcorn Day on January 19th
  • National Buttercrunch Day on January 20th
  • National Cheese Lover Day on January 20th
  • National Blonde Brownie Day on January 22nd
  • National Pie Day on January 23rd
  • Beer Can Appreciation Day on January 24th
  • Chocolate Cake Day on January 27th
  • National Cornchip Day on January 29th

So, how do you write an email newsletter based around a yummy day? Well, let’s use Bittersweet Chocolate Day as an example.

If you’re part of a confectionary, dessert company, or chocolate shop, this may be one of your best opportunities to drive more sales until Valentine’s Day.

Even if you’re not involved with sweets, a thematic giveaway, as seen here, is sure to whet your customers’ appetites in more ways than one!

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Wrapping Up

January has many exceptional opportunities for sending newsletters, from New Year’s Day to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Chinese New Year, Make Your Dream Come True Day, and who can forget National Pie Day!

No matter your industry or specialty, you can use these fun holidays and special occasions to nurture your audience.

To send cool newsletters and email campaigns, try EngageBay for free. It’s a marketing automation and CRM software (all-in-one) loved by thousands of small business owners and solopreneurs 🙂

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