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Hidden Gems: The Best Random Website Generators to Explore the Web

The internet is vast, with an estimated 1.5 billion sites. Yes, that’s billion. The average internet user browses 100 to 130 sites daily.

While it’s unclear if those are new sites each day, even if they were, it would still take a long time to see all 1.5 billion sites. Even then, it’s not like there’s a directory of every internet website out there like the phonebooks of yore. You have to find them, and that’s the tricky part.

Or at least, it used to be. Random website generators are here to make your internet browsing time more enjoyable!

You ask, what in the world is a random website generator? How do you use one, and more importantly, why? I have all the answers you’re looking for after the jump.


What Is a Random Website Generator, Anyway?

random website generators representative image
Image courtesy of The Useless Web

As the name suggests, a random website generator is a website dedicated to helping you find online resources. What kind of online resources? That depends on the site, but it’s often supposed to be random, funny, and kind of weird.

I’m not talking gross-out weird, just fascinating.

Many random website generators are free, and you don’t have to download an app, tool, or software to use them. Just click a button, see where you land, and keep clicking to your heart’s content.

How random website generators work

What’s the science behind the scenes that allows random website generators to offer such a varied experience across the internet?

The website has a database of URLs. It could be hundreds, thousands, or even millions in some cases. When you click the button, the generator pulls a URL at random and transports you there.

When you click the button, most random site generators will open a separate tab. This way, you can easily continue clicking until you find a site that catches your fancy.

What Is Using a Random Website Generator Like?

In short, it’s goofy by design.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some websites I was transported to when I tested random website generators on the Internet.

random screaming garfield minus garfield
Image courtesy of Garfield Minus Garfield
  1. Paint Toys, a website with free canvases you can use to unleash your creativity.
  2. Corgi Orgy, a site that fills your page full of animated swimming corgis of various sizes.
  3. Always Judge a Book by its Cover, a hilarious site with book recommendations that are quite…odd, such as How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety (yes, that’s a real book!).
  4. Garfield Minus Garfield, a variation on the classic comic panel that removes Garfield from the equation, leading to a funny and sometimes depressing read.
  5. Long Doge Challenge, a site that lets you print a very long doge.
  6. Bouncing DVD Logo — do I have to explain this one?

So, the question is, how random is random?

Well, the results are random in that you’re unlikely to get the same one twice, but if you’re expecting truly unbiased, random recommendations, I didn’t get those in my experience.

The sites I used (and I’ll reveal some great ones to try later on) seemed to subtly push their own random project websites or tools via the links they took me to, making the experience feel a lot less random after a handful of clicks.

That’s not a knock on these websites, but it is something to keep in mind during your browsing experience.

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Benefits of Using a Random Website Generator

How many times will you keep refreshing Facebook this afternoon? Why not try a random website generator instead? I promise you, there won’t be a boring moment. Here are some perks you can expect.

Makes the Internet fun

Your browsing experience will yield plenty of “Wait, those kinds of websites still exist?” reactions. You might laugh, chuckle, or cringe. At the very least, you can say you had fun, genuine fun. When was the last time a website brought you that kind of enjoyment?

Introduces you to websites you might never find otherwise

Randomizing website generation ensures you stumble upon something you haven’t seen before. You’ll realize the vastness of the internet, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a site that truly entertains you, like Garfield Without Garfield, and decide to bookmark the site and come back later.

Gives you site recommendations to share with others

The next time someone asks you for a website suggestion to broaden their internet browsing experiences, you’ll know just what to say. At the very least, you can recommend your favorite randomizer to them and let them have a ball!

Helps you discover new brands, products, and services

Granted, most of the recommendations you’ll receive will be silly and nonsensical, but you can never say what you’ll find. After all, there are so many random site generators out there that you could potentially uncover a new product or service you love.

Helps you kill time

At the very least, even if none of the sites hold your attention for more than a minute or two, I’d say it did its job pretty well if you keep yourself entertained by using a random website generator.

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Potential Uses of Random Website Generators

Do random website generators come in handy for much? Oh, they absolutely do! Here are some uses.

Discovery and exploration

Think of the internet as a vast cave. There is so much to discover around each bend and corner, and it’s up to you to do it. As mentioned, random site generators foster your freedom to unearth new corners of the internet you could fall in love with or have a lot of fun with.

Since you wouldn’t be able to find these sites otherwise (or it would at least be highly unlikely), a random website generator is worth its weight in gold.

Creativity and inspiration

Have you ever felt yourself in a creative rut? I mean, that’s almost a rhetorical question, considering any of us who use our creativity for work or fun will feel stuck from time to time.

Sometimes, freestyling will help you find your inspiration, especially as a website programmer, blogger, designer, or anyone who works in a creative field. Browsing a random site generator for five or 10 minutes can introduce you to new perspectives and ideas.

As you marinate on them, you can feel that spark of creativity return to you, leaving you eager to build something wonderful.

Educational value

You might wonder how random website generators could have any educational value, but they do! While the sites themselves aren’t very collegiate, you can discuss the information and topics presented on them. Once again, it’s all about expanding horizons.


Of course, the greatest and most popular use of random website generators is for entertainment purposes. You can get so much excitement out of finding unexpected and interesting websites, especially if you browse with friends and family. The more, the merrier!

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Choosing a Random Website Generator – Examples of Popular Sites

Are all random website generators created equally? No, of course not. As I discussed before, some have a self-serving library of websites to recommend, but more so than that, certain websites might offer features that others lack.

For example, you might be able to customize your experience through filtering content. Keeping that in mind, here are the top random website generators to have on your radar.

Click the Red Button

Who doesn’t want to press the big, shiny, red button when they see it? Everyone does! That’s why it’s a classic movie and television trope not to push the button and why a site called Click the Red Button exists.

Clicking the red button, as the site asks you to do, will take you to a random link in another tab.


StumbleUpon is a smarter variation of random website generation. It requires a login, but you can link your Apple, Google, Twitter, or Facebook account to do so.

Unlike other website generators, which produce sites without understanding your needs or interests, StumbleUpon wants to learn about everything. Upload a profile picture, complete a bio, and share your interests, then see what kinds of sites pop up!

The Useless Web

If you’re not too picky about the sites you find, The Useless Web indeed lives up to its name. However, although the sites are useless in that you won’t do much with them, they can still spark your creativity and some interesting discussions, so don’t discount them!


The Random-ize website is dedicated to all things random, from random wordplay and numbers to websites that make you scratch your head. The site will showcase “weird, odd, funny, and interesting websites” if you click a button. How cool!

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Tips for Safe Exploration 

Exploring a vast ocean or cave is fraught with danger as much as it is excitement, and the same goes for diving deep into the World Wide Web. Here are some pointers for staying safe as you visit websites without any warning of what you’re clicking on.

Use an antivirus

If you’re on a Mac, you don’t need additional protection, but Windows users should have an antivirus installed before browsing random websites. I can’t tell you how many sites I saw that got blocked for suspicious activity when I put together that list of websites from randomizers you saw earlier.

It was a lot. I didn’t have to worry about anything uncouth happening because I have a reliable antivirus, but if you don’t, who knows what could result. You could put yourself at risk of malware, trojans, and all sorts of nasty viruses.

If you don’t already have an antivirus, know that there are plenty of low-cost options out there if you’re on a tight budget.

Consider an ad blocker

I have an ad blocker plugin that makes my internet browsing experiences smooth, streamlined, and safe. For that reason, I can’t tell you how many ads would appear if you clicked the random sites I found or what kind of ads.

Ad blockers are free, and many are available as plugins for Internet browsers, from Opera to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Don’t go without when using random website generators.

Be alert about seizure-inducing sites

If you’re prone to seizures from bright colors and flashing lights, you might want to rethink your random internet browsing experience. Some of the sites I found could have induced seizures in those who get them or at least give you a headache.

Read the data and privacy security policy before you begin

If the site doesn’t have a privacy and data policy, I wouldn’t recommend clicking around on there. For example, Click the Red Button’s privacy policy explains how it uses cookies, including some third-party cookies,

The site also describes how to disable cookies if you wish to.

Don’t click links that seem suspicious

I don’t recommend clicking links on any random website generated-site that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Leave the site immediately.


Will random website generators produce anything pornographic? Are they SFW?

Yes, for the most part, but it depends on the site! For example, the Perchance random website generator can produce pornographic links, so I didn’t recommend it.

Will random website generators produce political content?

They will, indeed. If that kind of content offends or upsets you, reconsider using random site generators. You cannot prevent this kind of content from appearing unless the site offers filters; even then, some content can get through.

Is it only websites random site generators take you to?

No. The results can include social media content like YouTube videos or random blogs.

What if I don’t like the content I see on a random website generator?

You’re not stuck on these websites by any means. If you don’t dig the content on a site, hit the X button on your tab (or your internet browser) and be done with it.

What should I do if I like a website I found during a random web search and want to visit it again?

Bookmark it! If you forget to and your internet browser retains your history (which it should unless you use private browsing), you can search your history to find the website again.

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Wrapping Up

Random website generators sure are something, wouldn’t you say? They can be a fun way to learn more about your interests or find something entirely new to engage with.

Of course, something so fun, like these random sites, also has a dark side. Make sure you use an antivirus and pop-up blockers, and don’t click anything suspicious. Also, beware if you’re at work, as some sites might show content that’s NSFW, and if you have seizures, some sites can induce them.

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