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12 Entrepreneur Personality Traits We Should All Aim For

Have you ever wondered what today’s visionaries and most successful entrepreneurs have in common?

No, it’s not lots of money. Instead, it’s certain personality traits.

Just what are the personality traits of a successful entrepreneur? Let’s take a look!

12 Entrepreneur Personality Traits We Should All Aim For

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1. Resilience

If anyone knows how much life can slam doors in your face, that would be today’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Since they possess resilience in spades, they have no problem pulling themselves up by the bootstraps, figuring out what hasn’t worked to this point, and then forging on until something does work.

2. Pragmatism

That said, it’s not like an entrepreneur has their head in the clouds. Their feet are amply grounded in reality, as they’re practical thinkers.

They can deduce what may work and what may not, what it will take to reach their goals, and how to get there.

They stay the course when it gets difficult as well.

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3. Audacity

In business, sometimes you have to take risks. This doesn’t mean that one should plunge blindly forward though, but rather, take calculated risks.

A successful entrepreneur can determine which risks are worth taking based on what their payoff will be and the likelihood of that payoff occurring.

Thus, even though there are no guarantees when taking a risk, an entrepreneur still looks like they made smart decisions because they think with their head every time.

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4. Obsession with details

No detail is too small for the top entrepreneurs in the game. These visionaries pay attention to details almost to a fault, poring over things that sometimes others would miss.

While this may seem like a waste of time to some, when an entrepreneur catches something that can save a deal or help them divert a project in progress before it falls apart, then it will all have been worth it.

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5. Flexibility

In those fledgling early days of a startup, everything is up in the air. There are no guarantees, as we said before, and that means that the course that an entrepreneur forges one day can change very drastically the next.

Rather than get caught up and flustered by these changes, the best entrepreneurs will shift their plans as well. They move with the wind or the tide, so to speak, as they know it’s better to go with the flow than fight against it.

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6. Logical thinking

Every choice that an entrepreneur makes, even the most seasoned ones, is centered on logic.

In those hit-or-miss early days, the wrong decision can cost a startup entrepreneur everything. The risk is simply too steep, so they must think logically.

Even once they’re more established in their business, they can’t afford to give up logic in any of their decision-making.

A lot of money is at stake, and so are the livelihoods of all the employees who depend upon them.

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7. Sheer confidence

Confidence is one of those traits that no successful entrepreneur is lacking.

You may wonder where confidence stems from, especially when everything in business can be a risk in the beginning.

Well, there is certainly a “fake it until you make it” mentality at play at first, but then that morphs into genuine confidence.

When an entrepreneur feels good about their decision, it’s a lot easier for everyone around them to feel good about that decision as well!

8. Creativity

Where do all those larger-than-life ideas among entrepreneurs emanate from?

These magnates are as creative as the day is long.

However, they have creativity tempered with logic and practicality, which puts a leash on their ideas and keeps an entrepreneur from dreaming up any idea too fanciful and impossible.

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9. Motivation

Entrepreneurs know that no one can motivate them better than themselves, so they’re always capable of pushing themselves to new heights and new limits.

Yes, that often means putting in some long, grueling hours, especially to start, but an entrepreneur can stay motivated to continue along the way.

The lessons they learn in keeping focused can be imparted to others as well!

10. Optimism

If an entrepreneur wasn’t optimistic, their careers wouldn’t go very far. They would give up at the first sign of adversity, and that’s just not something that the most successful visionaries are willing to do.

This optimism doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s through planning and preparation that an entrepreneur can feel optimistic and confident that their business decisions will pan out.

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11. Communication

The most successful entrepreneurs are also amazing communicators.

They can shake hands and begin talking to anybody, be that the CEO of a Fortune-500 company or a fellow startup owner like themselves.

Each social interaction they add only makes them a stronger communicator. This paves the way for them to work on their persuasion skills.

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12. Discipline

Finally, an entrepreneur is disciplined.

They know what has to be done on any given day, and then they put their nose to the grindstone and keep working until it gets done.

They’re passionate yet never entitled, hard-working yet know their limits.

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There you have it, a full list of entrepreneur personality traits.

How much of yourself did you see in these traits? Which of these areas would you like to begin improving on so your own small business or startup venture might be more successful?

Let us know in the comments 👇

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