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71 Irresistible Webinar Email Subject Lines to Drive Engagement

Webinars continue to be big money-makers for businesses across industries, with the market achieving an $800 million milestone in 2023.

However, webinars remain more popular in B2B than B2C, with 67% of B2B companies hosting webinars versus 39% for B2C.

Is one of your business goals for 2024 to launch your first webinar? You’ll use email heavily to promote the webinar, drum up interest (and, later, ticket sales), remind people of the details, and invite them to check out the replay or purchase a transcript.

A good webinar email subject line makes all the difference. Most people won’t even bother opening the email if the subject line is not engaging enough.

In this blog post, we have 71 amazing webinar email subject lines as well as important dos and don’ts.

Prepare to feel inspired!


Crafting Webinar Email Subject Lines – The Dos and Don’ts

The best subject lines for webinars follow these pointers.

DO know your audience

One of the most guaranteed ways to ensure your webinar flops is by marketing it to everyone.

The subject of the webinar is a good starting point for segmentation, but you need to go deeper. After all, just because someone is interested in learning about investment banking doesn’t mean it’s the right time for them now.

If you charge for your webinar, you should target audience subsets with more disposable income, as they’ll be more likely to pay to attend, and perhaps they’ll also buy a downloadable copy of the video or a transcript later.

DON’T be afraid to keep the subject line simple

One of the most difficult parts of coming up with webinar email subject lines is crafting copy that’s contagiously catchy and amusing. However, I think we all get so caught up in whether our subject lines are clever enough that we forget that simple is okay, too.


Think about it from the reader’s perspective for a minute. What do you think they care more about, flowery copy or straightforward information? It’s straightforward information every time.

So, for example, a subject line that reads “Join our webinar this Wednesday 5/1” might come across to you as too boring or straightforward, but to the reader, it’s exactly what they need. The subject line tells them what’s going on and when.


Have you tuned in to my other articles on email subject lines lately? If you have, you know the importance of harnessing emotions into subject line copy.

Emotions are such a strong way to grab someone’s attention and keep them reading. You can also connect with your customers and lead more meaningfully when you talk about their emotions.

While you can tap into a large range of emotions with most email subject lines, I recommend focusing on FOMO primarily when it comes to webinar subject line copy.

FOMO means “fear of missing out.” It’s one of the most pertinent emotions in your playbook.

You can inspire more people to buy tickets and even purchase a replay by reminding them what they’ll miss out on if they don’t join your webinar.

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DON’T forget email subject line personalization

When writing your webinar materials, you likely went to great lengths to ensure your messaging felt targeted to the individual watching along, even if several hundred or thousand people join the webinar.

The same logic must apply to your subject lines. You need elements of personalization.

You can mention how long a customer has been with you, how many webinars they’ve attended, their purchase history, or a relevant upcoming date like a birthday or anniversary in your subject line. You should also incorporate their name.

Webinar personalization using EngageBay
Webinar personalization using EngageBay

DO include dates in your subject lines

Webinars are time-sensitive events, so it’s not enough to say the webinar is coming up on Thursday.

Which Thursday? This Thursday or the next?

People have a lot of other things going on in their lives, between their own personal and professional projects, so don’t add to their grief.

Keep your deadlines straightforward and clear by mentioning the date, like Thursday, February 15th. That makes it unmistakable which Thursday you’re talking about. Your audience can quickly glance at their calendar and tell whether they can attend your upcoming webinar.

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DON’T write lengthy subject lines

Like social media, emails have subject line limitations. However, when crafting an email in Gmail, Outlook, or your platform of choice, you’re in charge of counting characters.

The limit is 50 characters max, which includes spaces, punctuation, letters, numbers, symbols, and emojis.

Anything you write that surpasses that limit will be cut off.

Your subject line could be cut mid-word or mid-sentence, which creates an awkward reading experience for your subscribers. It’s one thing to create suspense intentionally with your subject lines and another to have your message cut off.

The former is a good kind of suspense; the latter is sloppy and preventable with A/B testing and free email marketing tools.

DO use a CTA

When you’re writing webinar email subject lines within a 50-character limit (between seven and nine words), the last thing you want is the responsibility of adding a call to action to the subject line, but I recommend it. You can drive up conversions this way.

A CTA doesn’t have to be lengthy. Saying “join now” is enough and won’t hurt your character limits that much.

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DON’T go off-topic

When you have a reader’s attention, it can be tempting to take advantage by discussing this, that, and the other things. However, you really shouldn’t.

For starters, you dilute the meaning of your original message when your CTA is all over the place. You can also confuse and annoy readers.

They might assume you’re sending them spam if your subject lines are unfocused. This will hurt your sender reputation and prohibit you from sending more messages in the future.

Besides the confusion and annoyance that going off-topic creates, you will also surely exceed the character limit of your subject line.

Start a separate email if you want to discuss a topic outside of your webinar.

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DO use keywords from your webinar description

Since your webinar comes first, you’ll have nailed down its description before producing your email subject line and body copy. Borrow verbiage – especially keywords – from the description and use it in your webinar email subject lines.

Now, don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here. You don’t want to lift passages directly from the description and copy/paste. Instead, keep the wording similar to create unification between the copies.

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DON’T forget to ask questions in your subject lines

An evocative question can take your email subject line from zero to hero in a jiffy. The question should be thought-provoking and inspire simply because the reader is curious.

Use your webinar content to spark ideas for questions you can ask in your subject lines. For example, you could use a subject line like, “[Name], have you ever wanted to learn more about [webinar topic]?” or even “Can you join us next Tuesday, the 13th?”

DO incorporate power words

Power words are a must when writing webinar email subject lines. They invoke emotions and drive open rates.

Here are some to add to your subject line copy:

  • Outstanding
  • Destiny
  • Unique
  • Revisited
  • Interesting
  • Challenge
  • Remarkable
  • Confidential
  • Secrets
  • Limited
  • Highest
  • The Truth About
  • Bargain
  • Hurry
  • Delivered
  • Unusual
  • Running Out
  • Kickstart
  • Desire
  • Urge
  • Bold

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DON’T skip A/B testing

Split testing will inspire a successful webinar email marketing campaign. You should test all your webinar email sequence elements, including the subject line, CTA button (copy, color, and shape of the button), and images.

A/B testing is the best way to ensure your emaisls perform well as you test them among related audiences.

A/B testing feature in EngageBay
A/B testing feature in EngageBay

How to Tailor Subject Lines to Webinar Themes

You can host a webinar on a myriad of subjects or themes. Tying in your subject line copy to your webinar theme is key. This strengthens the relevancy of your subject lines and gives your audience a preview of what to expect if they attend the webinar.

Whether an educational webinar or one focused on career advancement, diversity and allyship, mental health and wellness, business development strategies, or entrepreneurship, you might tailor your subject lines as so:

  • To announce a product demonstration
  • To preview a ‘life hack’ you’ll discuss further in the webinar
  • Sneak-peek about current affairs or industry trends
  • To discuss the skills your webinar attendees can enhance

Check out our free webinar email templates.

71 Examples of Webinar Email Subject Lines You’ll Love

Are you ready to start writing subject lines for your upcoming webinar? Here is a smattering of examples for every stage of your webinar, from sending invitations to reminders and follow-ups.

Webinar invitation email subject lines

  1. You’re invited
  2. [Webinar name or subject] You won’t want to miss this!
  3. Join us! [Webinar name or subject] next month
  4. Coming soon: Our webinar
  5. Getting our countdown started
  6. Are you excited yet? Announcing our webinar
  7. Here’s what’s happening: [Webinar name announcement]
  8. Handpicked for you: [Webinar name]
  9. Hey, [name], will you be there?
  10. Don’t miss out on [webinar event name]!
  11. The must-see event of the year
  12. [Name], are you busy on the 14th?
  13. We’d love to see you
  14. Is this the best show of the year? We think so!
  15. Save the date! [Webinar name] is happening on the 4th!
  16. All the industry information you need is sent straight to you

Invitation follow-up email subject lines

  1. [Name], did you see our announcement?
  2. Check out your exclusive invitation
  3. Your second reminder: This webinar is can’t-miss
  4. We’re pinging you again because you’ll want to be a part of this
  5. Did we mention we’re giving you a special discount if you sign up today?
  6. Meet us at [name of webinar]
  7. We really hope to see you there, [name]!
  8. Last chance – don’t miss out!
  9. Our webinar starts soon – will you be there?
  10. Advice you need for your industry decisions are inside

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Invitation confirmation email subject lines

  1. Can’t wait to see you there!
  2. Confirmation of your attendance at [webinar name]
  3. You’re in. Now, get excited.
  4. See you on [date]!
  5. We’re so excited you’ll be there!
  6. This is your chance to be a part of something HUGE.
  7. You made a fine choice.
  8. Your ticket details inside
  9. Start counting down – you’re going!
  10. [Name], get ready
  11. Put it on the calendar
  12. This decision keeps paying off
  13. Nice work! Your ticket information is inside

Webinar reminder email subject lines

  1. Kicking off our countdown to [webinar name]
  2. Oh, it’s so on!
  3. Reminder – [webinar name] is a month away!
  4. Can you believe we’re only two weeks away?
  5. Don’t freak out, but [webinar name] is NEXT WEEK!
  6. Time flies – our webinar is only three days away!
  7. Be here tomorrow for [webinar name]!
  8. Starting right now!

Subject lines for technical difficulties

  1. Sorry about the technical difficulties
  2. Oops, our bad
  3. Let us make it up to you – FREE webinar replay
  4. We’ll start later than usual, sorry!

Thank-you email (post-webinar email) subject lines

  1. Thank you so much for being a part of this!
  2. We couldn’t have done it without you
  3. Did you have a great time?
  4. Did you catch this small detail that almost everybody missed?
  5. Thank you for your participation at [webinar name].
  6. You’re incredible, and we’re so glad you were here

Missed webinar email

  1. We’re so sorry you couldn’t be there
  2. [Name], where were you?
  3. It would have been so much better with you there
  4. Sorry you couldn’t make it
  5. Hope to see you at our upcoming session!

Webinar replay

  1. Announcement: [Webinar name] replay is now available
  2. Watch it again and catch up on what you missed
  3. Transcript from [webinar name] is up!
  4. Special offer: 10% off webinar replays and transcripts just for you!
  5. Want to watch it again? Here’s how!
  6. Share with a friend and take 15% off your webinar replay!
  7. Now it’s yours to own forever
  8. Available now, [webinar topic] transcripts to share
  9. We’re cutting costs on our webinar replays for a limited time
  10. Your industry needs these insights

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Wrapping Up

The right webinar email subject lines can bulk up event attendance — both now and in the future. The key is to segment your audience and then use that data to create tailored, personalized, emotionally-driven subject lines.

Subject lines will be critical to guiding the success of your webinar marketing campaign as you announce your event, open up ticket sales, remind people it’s happening, and solicit sales of replays and transcripts.

With all these tips and examples, you’re ready to create your most successful webinar marketing campaign yet!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do you write a good webinar follow-up email?

You can begin by thanking the viewer for attending and providing resources to maximize the knowledge they accrued at the webinar.

2. How long does it take for A/B testing results for webinar email subject lines to be ready?

An A/B test takes at least two weeks to complete, so prepare adequately ahead of your webinar!

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