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Klaviyo Pricing Explained: Is It Worth The Cost?

How Much Does Klaviyo Cost?

Here are Klaviyo’s pricing plans:

  • Email: $30/month for up to 1,000 active profiles
  • Email & SMS: $45/month for up to 1,000 active profiles

Unlike other email marketing platforms, Klaviyo’s pricing model is straightforward. There are only two major plans that cover all its features.

The cloud-based eCommerce platform provides robust features to help online merchants promote and sell their products/services. It supports well-built capabilities for large eCommerce brands across multiple industries.

Starting at $45/month for up to 1,500 contacts, you can access several advanced email marketing features. But is it really worth it? Can you find more affordable alternatives with similar features?

In this article, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about Klaviyo’s pricing structure. And if you’re asking, “What’s in it for me?” We’ve also explained the features you get for each plan. This will help you determine whether it matches your business well.

Generally, here’s what we’ve covered in this pieces:

  • Overview of Klaviyo pricing
  • The main plans available in Klaviyo
  • Pricing plans for additional features in Klaviyo
  • Klaviyo reviews and pros and cons
  • Affordable email marketing alternatives to Klaviyo


Klaviyo Pricing Overview


Klaviyo logo

All of Klaviyo’s major features are available under two primary pricing plans: Email and Email & SMS. Like many other email marketing tools, Klaviyo’s pricing is based on the number of contacts in your email list. However, each pricing tier has a limited number of monthly email sends and SMS/MMS credits.

Both plans do not offer free trials. However, the platform offers a free version that supports only 250 contacts, 500 monthly email sends, and 150 monthly SMS/MMS credits.

Generally, Klaviyo offers three main features on all plans: email marketing, SMS marketing, and mobile push notifications. The email marketing and mobile push functions are available to customers worldwide. However, the SMS/MMS feature is currently available in nine countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland.

Klaviyo doesn’t offer discounts on any plans. However, you may be able to secure a special during specific occasions or holiday periods.

Klaviyo SMS operates on a credit-based model. The pricing per credit is not fixed; it depends on the quantity you need for your campaign. This system is helpful as it gives users greater control over their messaging campaigns. It helps marketers monitor, manage, and adjust their credit usage based on the volume of messages they intend to send.

Klaviyo Pricing: What Pricing Plans are Available in Klaviyo?


  Free Email Email and SMS
Active profile limit 250 Over 250,000 Over 250,000
Price $0 $30 $45
SMS/MMS credit limit 150 150 450,000
Who is this for? Beginners and new marketers Marketers that need a simple solution for running optimized email marketing campaigns Marketers that use both email and SMS messages to engage and interact with their audiences
Support Email support for only 60 days Email and chat support Email and chat support
Klaviyo branding Included Not included Not included

1. Free Plan

Price: $0

Klaviyo’s free plan is well-suited for new businesses with a small contact list. Beginners can also try this plan to see if it fits their business model – you can determine if it has the necessary features to meet your business needs.

The basic features of the free plan include customizable email templates, A/B testing, a drag-and-drop automation builder, personalization and segmentation, and more.

Unfortunately, this plan can only function with a list size of 250 contacts. If your list exceeds this, you may be prompted to upgrade to a paid plan. With 250 contacts, you can only send 500 emails per month, and your emails are sent with Klaviyo branding. Also, you have 150 free SMS/MMS credits every month.

It’s not a good fit for businesses that need regular communication with a larger subscriber base. Moreover, email support is available only for the first 60 days. After 60 days, email support will be unavailable unless you upgrade your account.

However, you can access support from the community forum and resources such as articles, webinars, and courses.

2. Email Plan

Price: $30 per month for up to 1,000 active profiles

Having your list size capped at 250 contacts isn’t ideal for growing businesses with active email marketing operations. This basic plan is designed to help marketers run optimized email marketing campaigns.

The pricing based on your active profiles includes:

  • 501-1,000: $30/month
  • 3,501-5,000: $100/month
  • 6,501-10,000: $150/month
  • 45,001-50,000: $720/month
  • 95,000-100,000: $1,380/month
  • 145,001-150,000: $1,955/month
  • 150,001-200,000: $2,070/month
  • 200,001-250,000: $2,300/month
  • Over 250,000: Contact the sales team

Your monthly email-sending volume varies with the number of active profiles you have. So, with increased contacts (and extra fees), you can send more emails every month. Although this plan is designed for email marketing, it offers 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits, regardless of your contact size.

Unlike the free plan, this provides email and chat support to assist with onboarding, answer queries, and provide the necessary resources for efficient operations. You can also send emails with your custom branding.

3. Email and SMS Plan

Price: $45 per month for up to 1,000 active profiles

The Email and SMS Plan is quite similar to the Email Plan, as it offers advanced features alongside increased quotas for monthly email sends and the number of active profiles. The pricing is the same as that of the Email Plan for 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits.

This plan is not limited to emails alone. It offers more options to help marketers create and send personalized SMS messages. So, while the pricing varies with the number of your active profiles, there’s also an option to select the number of SMS/MMS you send per month.

Unlike the Email Plan, the pricing here varies with the number of email credits you use every month.

The pricing based on your monthly SMS/MMS credits includes (for up to 1,000 active profiles):

  • 150: $30/month
  • 1,250: $45/month
  • 2,500: $55/month
  • 5,000: $75/month
  • 10,000: $120/month
  • 50,000: $480/month
  • 100,000: $930/month
  • 200,000: $1,730/month
  • 300,000: $2,580/month
  • 400,000: $3,430/month
  • 450,000: $3,855/month

The SMS/MMS credits vary depending on the nine locations where this service is currently available. Here’s a chart from Klaviyo outlining the price per credit based on the location:

Country SMS credits MMS credits
USA 1 credit / SMS 3 credits / MMS
Canada 3 credits / SMS 5 credits / MMS
Australia 4 credits / SMS N/A
UK 5 credits / SMS N/A
France 7 credits / SMS N/A
Ireland 9 credits / SMS N/A
New Zealand 10 credits / SMS N/A
Germany 12 credits / SMS N/A
Netherlands 12 credits / SMS N/A

What is an Active Profile in Klaviyo?

Klaviyo’s pricing plans are based on the active profiles on your list. These active profiles are valid email addresses on your mailing list that can receive messages. Essentially, they are your subscribers.

Klaviyo doesn’t use all emails in your subscriber list. So, invalid, outdated, or incorrect email addresses that cause email bounces are not regarded as active profiles. Others include users who have unsubscribed or moved emails to the junk folder.

The pricing plans don’t cover these categories.

For example, you have an email list with 80,000 addresses. If 30,000 addresses are invalid, in the unsubscribe list, or marked your emails as spam, your active profiles become 50,000. If you’re on the Email plan, Klaviyo will charge you $720. Other email addresses will not be added since your message will not be delivered to them.

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Klaviyo Pricing Plans for Additional Features

Klaviyo offers other functionalities that are priced differently from the basic plans. Some of these features include the following.

1. Klaviyo Reviews

Klaviyo Reviews

The product review feature allows online merchants to send review requests to customers and showcase these reviews to build social proof and increase conversions. However, this feature is only available for Klaviyo customers on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Price: As stated on the website, here are the pricing tiers for the Klaviyo Reviews:

  • $25: 250 max monthly orders
  • $90: 1,000 max monthly orders
  • $175: 2,000 max monthly orders
  • $300: 3,500 max monthly orders
  • $500: 10,000 max monthly orders

2. Klaviyo CDP

Klaviyo CDP

The customer data platform in Klaviyo lets you gather, manage, store, and process customer data to provide valuable, real-time insights for making key business decisions. You can also sync your data from multiple platforms in one dashboard, giving you a comprehensive view of your customers across multiple touchpoints.

Price: $500/month for 100k profiles

Klaviyo CDP pricing is based on total profiles, as opposed to regular plans, which are based on active profiles. Your total profile consists of all accounts in your Klaviyo database.

So, whether some contacts unsubscribed from your email list or moved your emails to the junk folder, the CDP feature includes them in the plan. By regularly cleaning your database, you can minimize spending and accommodate only valid email profiles.

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Klaviyo Pros and Cons (and User Reviews)

Now, let’s review Klaviyo’s strengths and weaknesses and what people are saying about it.


  • Klaviyo supports advanced features for eCommerce brands
  • It has in-depth data insights and email analytics
  • It offers a well-built customer data platform
  • It offers seamless integrations with eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.


  • The customization features are limited
  • The free plan is limited to only 250 contacts
  • It may not be an affordable option for small businesses
  • Email and chat support is not available on the Free plan

User Reviews of Klaviyo 

See what real users are saying about Klaviyo:

Klaviyo Capterra review

Klaviyo Capterra review
Klaviyo Capterra reviews

Affordable Email Marketing Alternatives to Klaviyo

While Klaviyo supports well-built functionalities for marketing teams, it may not be the best fit for all businesses – small businesses may find it pricey. We’ve listed some options offering similar or more advanced features at an affordable price.

1. Mailchimp

Being one of the leading systems in the email marketing industry, Mailchimp offers powerful functionalities for improving customer engagement through personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp provides useful features such as A/B testing, a customer journey builder, a content optimizer, behavioral targeting, and marketing reports.

Starting at $13 per month, Mailchimp is an affordable alternative to Klaviyo. However, it can get pricey as you begin to scale.

2. EngageBay

As an all-in-one marketing platform, EngageBay offers advanced marketing solutions and extended functionalities for sales and service teams for as low as $14.99.

It lets you gather and manage customer data in one place. This provides a 360-degree customer view, helping you track specific journeys while improving personalization and segmentation.

Some features in EngageBay include lead scoring, web pop-ups, A/B testing, marketing automation, customizable emails, free HTML email templates, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

3. Constant Contact

The capabilities of Constant Contact make it a worthy alternative to Klaviyo, especially if you’re focused on email, SMS, and social media. The digital marketing platform allows you to launch targeted campaigns across multiple channels to enhance lead conversion.

Its features include SMS, email, social media marketing, eCommerce, marketing automation, event marketing, reporting, prebuilt templates, list segmentation, contact management, etc.

Although Constant Contact doesn’t offer a free plan, it offers a 60-day free trial, providing full access to all features in the paid plans. The lowest plan starts at $30/month for up to 1,000 contacts.

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Is Klaviyo the Best Option for Your Business?

Klaviyo is best for large or mid-sized eCommerce businesses with a sufficient marketing budget. It also helps businesses that use SMS marketing to engage and interact with customers.

The marketing platform is unsuitable for smaller businesses requiring basic email marketing operations. Ideally, you should evaluate your business needs against Klaviyo’s offerings before making a choice.

Your overall business objectives, team size, marketing goals, and processes will determine the tools you need to maximize profits. Overall, Klaviyo is an essential tool for eCommerce businesses across multiple industries, helping businesses reach customers, enhance engagement, and drive sales to increase revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Klaviyo’s pricing compare to other email marketing platforms?

Klaviyo is well-suited for large brands with sufficient marketing budgets. It is generally more expensive than other email marketing platforms. For example, Mailchimp starts at $24.50 per month ($13/month for the first 12 months), while Klaviyo starts at $45 monthly for up to 1,500 contacts.

What are the main benefits of choosing Klaviyo for a small business?

Klaviyo can help small businesses create personalized emails, deliver targeted SMS messages, and improve marketing campaigns with advanced automated workflows. It also integrates well with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments with Klaviyo?

Klaviyo charges on a monthly basis. You can cancel your plan at any time.

How scalable is Klaviyo for growing businesses?

Klaviyo allows growing businesses to scale faster. For extra fees, you can increase your monthly email & SMS sends.

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