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10 Lead Nurturing Campaigns From Top Brands Like Kate Spade

Once you generate leads, the next step is to nurture them to eventually convert those leads into paying customers. 

These lead conversions can be a long process, but if done smartly, it can yield results faster. Studies have shown that nurtured leads yield 47% more revenue than non-nurtured leads. 

You will see how big enterprises like Sephora, Apple, and others run email campaigns to nurture their leads. These companies with successful lead nurturing campaigns generate 50% more sales-ready leads at lower costs. 

I’m not kidding. 

Today, we will take a look at some of the most amazing lead nurturing campaigns run by top companies to take inspiration. 

As a bonus, I’ve also added email templates for you to create and run your own lead nurturing campaign.

Let’s dive in!

Wonderful Lead Nurturing Email Examples and Templates

The lead nurturing process involves engaging and fostering relationships with potential customers as they move through the different stages of your sales funnel. 

One of the best ways to do that is by running email campaigns that help establish direct relationships with your prospects and leads. 

In fact, using email automation tools like EngageBay, you can even set up sequences of emails to be sent at pre-defined timelines.  

The email sending is triggered when your prospects or leads take actions that you can set in advance. 

Again, there are different types of lead nurturing campaigns that you can run to engage your leads based on where they stand in the marketing funnel.

For that reason, I’ve designed this copy to follow lead nurturing email type, an awesome example, and a ready-to-copy template 🙂 

#1. Welcome Email

Welcome emails are an excellent way to initiate a conversation with your prospects whenever they sign up or subscribe to your brand. 

Use this opportunity to introduce them to your brand, provide more information about your company, and how it will benefit them. 

Welcome emails are crucial for creating a good first impression.

Look at how Kate Spade, an American luxury brand, does it.

Kate Spade

lead welcome email

Founded in 1993, Kate Spade is a luxury brand that deals in fashion items. 

This welcome email hits home by telling the new subscriber that they’ll be “among the first to hear about new arrivals.”

And in an attempt to convert them, the brand also gives out an incentive in the form of a discount. 

The big, bold ‘Thank You’ right at the center of the email makes your lead feel welcomed and acts as an acknowledgment for signing up for the brand.

Besides, the design of an envelope combined with a bright color creates an alluring effect in your prospect’s mind. Wouldn’t you agree? 

Here’s a welcome email template for you to use the next time a prospect signs up on your website: 

Sub Line: Welcome to {name of the company}
Dear {name of the prospect},

Thank you for signing up. 

You will now be the first one to hear about any special offers, discounts, and new product arrivals. Hurray!

Since you are new, here are a few resources you can check out to get started:

  • Onboarding Resource 1
  • Onboarding Resource 2

If you require help or support, please reply to this email. We can talk you through the details you need to get started on the right foot. 

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#2. Informational Email

Although you can inform prospective customers about your products in the welcome email, it can become lengthy. 

Further, if you have a complex or a niche product, it will take more time to nurture and onboard your leads on how to use it. 

Hence, it is best to create an informational email that explains in detail the product and how customers will benefit from it.

Here’s how Starbucks does lead nurturing over email with its Rewards Program.


Starbucks informative email

Starbucks informs its customers about the latest reward program in the most appealing way. 

With the right use of visuals and minimal text, Starbucks easily conveys what the rewards program is about, how patrons can use it, and what benefits they would get. 

You see how they capture the recipient’s attention by adding a ‘birthday reward and +15% off coupon.’

Do you already have a lead and want to further engage your lead? Use this informational email template 👇

Sub Line: How to Make the Most of Your {business name} Subscription/Membership
Dear {name of the prospect},

Once again, thank you for signing up for {name of the company}.

Here’s how our products and services have benefited our customers:

  • {Benefit 1}
  • {Benefit 2}
  • {Benefit 3}
  • {Benefit 4}
  • {Benefit 5}

We are hosting a webinar on {date and time} where you will get all the information you need to start using our products and services. Sign up today {insert link} and save your seat! 

If you can’t make it to our webinar, here is a link to the tutorial to help you get started: {insert link}

We hope this helps. In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

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#3. Product Launch Email

Lead nurturing is not limited to onboarding and converting prospects into paying customers. 

It also involves keeping potential customers updated about any newly launched products and services. 

Such emails prove that you care about your leads and want them to become your loyal customers.

Here is a product launch email from Dropbox you can take inspiration from:


Dropbox - lead nurturing campaign example

Dropbox is a file hosting service that provides cloud storage and file synchronization. 

While the company convinces its lead that they are all ready to start using Dropbox, it also subtly informs them how it can benefit them. 

Further, Dropbox has added a CTA button right at the center of the email that directs users to start using the service along with a link that provides a tutorial.

Here’s how you can draft an email for your newly launched product or service.

Sub Line: Introducing the New {name of the product}
Dear {name of the prospect},

We are excited to announce the new {name of the product}. 

Here is what it is all about:

            {Feature 1}                                   {Feature 2}                              {Feature 3}

Like what you read?
{Learn More}

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#4. Reminder Email

Reminder emails allow you to nudge your leads further down the sales pipeline

Once their free trial comes to an end, you can remind them to purchase the subscription to keep enjoying the benefits and get more.

For instance, here is Squarespace reminding its users about free trial expiry:



SquareSpace renewal email

Squarespace is a website building and hosting company based out of New York City, US. 

If you are looking at how to send reminder emails to your clients, Squarespace’s email is a good example.

Here, Squarespace uses a minimal layout with a lot of white space. 

Illustrative icons immediately convey the lead about the services included in the paid plan, and ending the mail with a CTA button makes the email engaging.

Below is a template that you can follow to draft your own reminder emails.

Sub Line: {First name}, upgrade before your trial ends, and avail 15% off!
Dear {name of the prospect},

Thank you for being our active member. I hope you enjoyed using our product. 

This is a friendly reminder that your trial period is coming to an end. To show our appreciation, we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on our yearly plan.

What’s great about our paid plans? 

           {Feature 1}                                    {Feature 2}                               {Feature 3}

Get your subscription. Cancel anytime.
{Buy Here}

In case of any questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#5. Ask a Question Email

Often, potential customers sign up but don’t make any purchases. 

This is likely because they are confused or have queries but don’t know whom to ask. 

In such situations, you can email your leads and encourage them to ask questions. 

These lead nurturing emails not only speed up the buying process but also increase the likelihood of generating sales.

Here’s how TrustedHousesitters encourages its potential customers to ask away!



TrustedHousesitters - ask a question email

TrustedHousesitters is a brand that provides reliable pet sitters and homestays for pets around the world. 

Being a relatively new brand, TrustedHousesitters understands that its customers might have plenty of questions about how the company works and the credibility of its services.

Thus, TrustedHousesitters created an email through which users could submit their queries. 

In addition, the email also includes a video to help people understand how TrustedHousesitters works.

Here is a template to help you get started 👇

Sub Line: Got Questions, {Subscriber Name}?
Dear {name of the prospect},

We noticed that you signed up at {name of the company} but have not made any progress.

Is that because you’d first like to know more about our {name of product or service}? 

We have experts ready to answer any queries from new members. Click on the link below and submit your question now.

{Insert Link}

Our team will get in touch soon to answer any queries that you might have. 

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

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#6. Abandoned Cart Email

The average abandonment rate across all industries is 69%. 

Imagine how much revenue you can earn if you are able to recapture your lost leads. 

This is why you need to send out abandoned cart emails to your potential customers who have saved items in their shopping cart but are yet to place an order. 

To convince leads to make a purchase, you can offer them a discount or other special offers for a limited period.

To help you understand what an abandoned cart email looks like, here is an excellent example from Sephora:



Sephora - abandoned cart email

Sephora is a French retailer selling skincare and beauty products with operations in multiple countries. 

In this example, Sephora tries to create urgency by telling its lead that the product may soon be out of stock. 

Further, the brand teases them by appreciating them for their amazing taste and tells them how Sephora would hate to see if those products can’t be theirs. 

It goes on to convince them to make the purchase with advantages such as free returns and fast delivery. 

Most importantly, the email adds a direct link to their cart in case they want to make a purchase. 

Below is an email template you can use to create abandoned cart emails.

Sub Line: Your cart items may go out of stock; don’t wait!
Dear {name of the prospect},

We noticed that you saved some items in your cart.

The Good News?

We are offering a discount on your shopping cart.

{mention the special offer}

Make sure that you place your order before {date and time} to avail of the offer. Some of these are bestselling items and stocks may not last much longer!

Happy shopping 🙂
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#7. Promotional Email

Brands send out promotional emails to lure their potential customers into buying their products. 

Sending out discounts or offers that are available only for a limited period can entice customers to buy, even if it’s not an urgent requirement. 

Basically, by creating FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you can make the most of the promotional email. 

Below is an example from Apple on how to write a creative yet effective promotional email.


apple - promotional email

Apple is a billion-dollar company that has created a niche in consumer electronics and online services. 

Apple constantly keeps developing new products with new technology. 

Here, the company is promoting its new Apple Watch Series 4. 

The message is short and clear and conveys both the features and benefits of the product without providing too much information. 

There are also multiple links within the email that direct leads to: 

  • Website page to understand more about the watch
  • Checkout page to buy online
  • Find a store page in case they want to go and check out in their nearby offline store

Here’s a template for a promotional email to nurture your leads.

Sub Line: Exclusive offer for online buyers — Flat $$$
Dear {name of the prospect},

Get an
Online Exclusive Offer

All Your Favs at $$$
Go out in style now 

{Shop Here}

Shop By Categories
{Add some product pictures} 

{Download app link} 


#8. Recommendation Email

Recommendation emails are a great lead magnet since they usually include content that is curated to the needs of the target audience. 

Recommendation emails add a personal touch, which helps in better relationship building with leads and converting them faster.

Airbnb is a good example of how to draft engaging recommendation emails for its patrons.


Airbnb - engaging recommendation emails

Airbnb is a vacation rental company that operates an online marketplace for homestays and tourist activities. 

On the basis of searches made by the customer on its website, Airbnb provides suggestions for similar homestays along with their price and distance. 

This makes the process of searching and booking homestays convenient for clients. Moreover, if customers are interested in more details about the accommodation, a CTA button at the top directs them to Airbnb’s website. 

Below is a template for a recommendation email that you can take inspiration from.

Sub Line: Your Picks for the Week
Hey {name of the prospect},

Not sure what to buy? Here are our top 5 picks for you 👇

  • {Product Recommendation 1}
  • {Product Recommendation 2}
  • {Product Recommendation 3}
  • {Product Recommendation 4}
  • {Product Recommendation 5}

Still not convinced? Check out our full catalog here. 

Happy Shopping! 

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#9. Holiday Season Marketing Email

Holiday season calls for going on vacation with family and buying gifts for your friends and loved ones. 

It’s the time of the year when brands usually see a boost in their revenue. 

To further improve their revenue, they send out holiday season offers to their patrons to earn their loyalty. 

Moreover, you will see holiday marketing emails usually have a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency amongst buyers. 

They can avail of the offer till the stock lasts.

Here’s an example of a holiday marketing email from PUMA:


holiday marketing email from PUMA

PUMA is a German athletic footwear and apparel brand. It is one of the best examples of holiday marketing done right. 

In the example above, PUMA highlights its free shipping offer within a limited time period, followed by a CTA button. 

This lead nurturing email also mentions the holiday discounts along with links at the bottom that guide users to the products on offer. 

To make sure that you make the most out of the holiday season, here is an email template that you can use:

Sub Line: Here’s Your {name of the festival} Gift, {Subscriber Name}
Dear {name of the prospect},

At {name of the company}, we wish you and your family a happy {name of the festival or season}.

To celebrate the occasion, we are offering our patrons a {discount or special offer} on our purchases. 

To avail of the offer, click {insert link}.

{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

#10. Re-Engagement Email

Re-engagement emails are usually sent to lost leads or old customers that canceled their subscriptions in the past. 

These emails aim to re-engage with their users and usually consist of incentives such as discounts to increase conversions and boost revenue. 

At times, companies try to re-engage with clients in the same email where they confirm the cancellation of membership. 


netflix - Re-Engagement Email

Netflix is a popular online video streaming and subscription service headquartered in California, US. 

The company uses a re-engagement campaign to attract lost subscribers who might have canceled their membership in the past. 

This re-engagement email by Netflix is short and precise.

While the email acts on its lead wishes to unsubscribe, Netflix beautifully conveys how they would still want them back. 

So, in case the lead decides to change their mind, they can re-subscribe easily by simply clicking on the link shared. 

Below is an email template that can help you re-engage and reconnect with lost or previous customers.

Sub Line: You’ve Successfully Unsubscribed, {Subscriber Name}
Dear {name},

We’re sad to see you go! 

As per your request, we’ve canceled your membership starting {date and time}. This will result in the deletion of all your account information from our database.

Should you wish to renew your subscription, click the link below to re-activate your membership within the next {number of days}.

{Subscribe here}

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}
{Contact Details}

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Wrap Up

A lead nurturing strategy helps you establish good relationships with your prospects and increase the likelihood of turning your prospects into happy customers.

With automated email marketing campaigns, you can move your prospects from the consideration stage to the decision-making stage, with very little effort and marketing spend. 

In fact, consumers today prefer reading emails over any other form of communication, especially those annoying phone calls!

If you are able to capture your audience’s attention with attractive emails, you can improve customer satisfaction and customer retention rates, and also boost your sales. 

For super affordable lead nurturing, lead scoring, automated email campaigns, autoresponders, SMS marketing, and other marketing automation features, try EngageBay.

It’s the #1 all-in-one solution for marketing, sales, and CRM tools, designed for the tight budgets of small business owners and solopreneurs 🙂

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