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10 Customer Service Email Templates for New CRM Users

When small businesses like yours start using CRM software for improving customer service, it can be a game-changer. 

CRM software allows you to personally connect with each of your customers at every touchpoint. It immediately pop-ups information about your caller — enabling you to see prior responses from your team and what they have done about them.

Besides, you can store customer service response email templates in your CRM to save your agents’ time

Did you know that 62% of all customer email requests are never answered at all? Not only that but for those that are answered, 27% of them are answered incorrectly. 

But that shouldn’t be you.

In this blog, we will share 10 customer service email templates that you can use to answer support tickets faster and correctly. 

How Do You Write A Customer Service Email Sample?

Before you even start typing a customer service email sample, follow these three best practices. 

Gather All Information You Need

The first step to addressing a customer’s query or complaint is by understanding what they are trying to say. 

Don’t rush into replying until you have carefully read what the customers are asking. Do they sound frustrated or concerned? Are they facing any issue or is it just a normal query? 

Sometimes, you would need to read between the lines to understand where they are coming from. 

Empathize With Their Situation

A good service agent takes a step back and puts themselves in their customer’s shoes before reacting. Handling a frustrated or angry customer can be hard. 

They might not always be right but regardless of how you approach the situation is what your customer will remember. 

If the customer was not happy with your service, they would complain about it to their friends, family, and even on social media platforms. 



Remove the Guesswork Altogether

If you don’t understand their issues, ask them to repeat, or ask more questions to understand them. 

It’s always a safer option than guessing and getting it all wrong. 

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How Do You Start a Customer Service Email?

When you have to write several emails every day, it can be hard to maintain the quality of every email response. 

However, support reps can afford to lose this one chance of interaction with their customers to delight them

Here are a few rules on how to write customer service emails

Rules to Write Customer Service Emails
Image: EngageBay

#1. Be Humane

This might come out as so obvious but while replying to an email, we tend to sound more robotic than imagined. 

A survey revealed that 40% of participants want their customer service email to sound more human-like. 

While writing an email, you do not have to make things complex by stating unnecessary details. For instance, as an employee of a company, you would be tempted to brag about the awards won. Or, you might hyperlink to a blog post or a new mention. 

We often use jargon and convert it into a formal email. However, your challenge is to empathize first and then try to solve their problem by sounding personal and friendly. 

Pro Tip: Start your customer service email by apologizing and telling them you feel their pain. 

#2. Solve the Problem First, Provide Resources Later

Another thing to avoid while drafting your email is to direct them to your help section right away. 

If they were interested in reading your guides or watching an explainer video, they wouldn’t send you an email in the first place. 

They are looking for a straightaway response rather than pages that contain the answer. 

Avoid using phrases like ‘Visit our page to know how you can use our automation feature.’ 

Instead, try to answer their question in detail, and then attach any relevant resource in the same email. 

#3. Be Clear, Avoid Vague Phrases

It’s important that you inspire confidence amongst your customers. 

If you use phrases like ‘I’ll get back to you as soon as possible,’ you are leaving your customer anxious. 

Besides, it makes them doubt your credibility and start questioning if you have a solution to their problem or not. 

When writing a customer service email, tell them the exact time you will take to get back. It could be within the next thirty minutes or 48 hours. But don’t leave them hanging in between. 

Moreover, let them know how they can reach out to you again in case they have any more confusion. 

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#4. Structure the Information Well

Lastly, you need to make sure that all the information that you include isn’t unorganized. 

Customer service emails are sent to simplify your customer’s life and not complicate it further. 

Before you start writing a customer service response, there are a few things you need to consider and answer: 

  • Has the customer asked you more than one question? 
  • Is there anything the customer needs to check or prepare before they dive into the steps/solution? 

Sending out well-structured customer service emails makes it easier for customers to understand your answer.

Pro tip: Bold or italicize the part that needs to be emphasized.  

10 Customer Service Email Templates That Every Business Needs

Let’s cut to the chase and see the samples of some of the best customer service response templates. 

Scenario #1: New Customer Welcome Email Template

It’s vital for any company to build a relationship with its customers. 

As soon as a website visitor shares their email address or signs up on your platform, send out a welcome email to establish a relationship. 

You can use this opportunity to introduce your company in a personalized manner. 

welcome customer email template

Download it here

Scenario #2: Customer Query Response Email Template

First of all, keep your tone friendly, personal, and natural. 

Secondly, make sure that you answer their questions/issues in full detail and ask if they need any other assistance. 

If you’re wondering what the best customer service email looks like, here’s a sample — 

Hi {customer name},

Thanks for reaching out! I’m so sorry that you had to face [provide a summary of their bad experience].

Here’s how you can resolve this issue: 

(Detail your answer, providing helpful insight into why an issue happened).

If you have any more questions, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help.

Have a great day,

{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

Scenario #3: Customer Service Follow-up Email Template

When a customer reaches out to you with a concern, that’s not the end of a conversation. 

A customer might not be expecting a follow-up but it can make them appreciate you more. With just a couple of lines, you can show your customers that you care about their experience. 

Hi {Customer name},

I hope you’re enjoying our product/service. I wanted to check in with you regarding the issue you had the other day. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help? 

If there's any way I can be of assistance, I'm here for whatever you need. 

 Looking forward to hearing from you soon


{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #4: Angry Customer Response Email Template

Angry customers can be difficult to deal with, especially when they are frustrated without reason. However, the best way is to keep calm and not take it personally. 

Here’s how you can attempt to resolve their complaints and turn them into satisfied ones.

Hi {Customer name},

I am so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with {this issue}. That should never have happened, and I completely understand how frustrating it must be for you. 

We are straightaway forwarding your issue to the concerned department, and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed. You can expect a resolution within two business days.

We strive to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our business, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused. 

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #5: Frustrated Customer (Churned) Response Email Template

Sometimes you may come across a situation where the customer had a genuine complaint and has every right to turn away from your business. Think about it, if you had the same experience, you’d do the same thing.

What customer support email can you write then?

The best approach is to offer a sincere apology. 

Hi {Customer Name},

I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a poor experience. Customer satisfaction is always our priority, and we deeply regret that we couldn’t meet your expectation.

As much as we hate to see you go, I completely understand how frustrated you must feel. I apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused you. 

Should you change your mind and continue to be our valued customer, I’ll be here to help you in any way I can.

I wish you all the best.


{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #6: Renewal Reminder Email Template

When a customer is about to hit 350 days of subscription, and they haven’t mentioned any interest in renewing their subscription yet, you need to write to them and remind them about the pending renewal. 

In these cases, especially if you have a small or new business, it helps to offer some discounts on renewal fees.

Here’s how you can do it smartly.

Hi {Customer Name},

I hope you had a great year experiencing our product/service. 

We noticed that your annual subscription is expiring on {date of expiration}, and I wanted to check with you about the next steps. Are you interested in renewing your subscription? 

If you’re weighing other options, I’d love to chat with you to help you come to a decision. 

In fact, for a limited period of {number of days}, we are offering our customers a 10% discount on renewals :)

Sounds good? 

Click {here} to renew your subscription.


{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

Scenario #7: Contract Expired Reminder Email template

This is similar to the renewal reminder, except that you make sure that the customer knows they can renew their contract and that it has expired already.

Hi {Customer name},

Thank you for using our product for the past {year/month/quarter}. Your contract expired on {Date}, and you no longer have access to your account.

If you wish to renew or upgrade your account, please let me know. We can complete the renewal process in {two business days} and get your account up and running again.

Feel free to book a call (add hyperlink) for any questions you may have. 


{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #8: Refund to Customer Email Template

Some customers are going to return your products and ask for a refund. It’s important to respond with an email expressing no hard feelings. 

Tell them nicely that you would like to do business with them again in the future if they choose to. 

Here’s a sample email reply to a customer asking for a refund.

Hi {customer name},

We’ve received your return and are processing your refund, which could take up to {number of days} to reflect in your original mode of payment.

(Include an important note, e.g. — for COD, we request you to add your bank details under our Payment section on My Account page)

Best regards,

{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #9: Customer Feedback Email Template

After a customer has used your product or service for a while, you may want to ask for a review. 

Here’s how to write a professional email asking for customer feedback. 

Dear {customer name},

Your feedback is important to us. 

Thank you for choosing {company name}. To help us make your experience even better, we request you to complete this short survey. 

This should take less than 3 minutes of your time. The survey link is valid only for 10 days.

{Survey link button}

Warm regards, 

{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Scenario #10: Positive Feedback Customer Service Email Sample

If a customer took out time to share positive feedback with you, respond to them and ask them to share their review on their social media accounts. 

You can also add links to other review sites where you have a listing, so that they can leave their reviews there and your business or product can get more attention online.

Dear {customer name},

Thank you for putting a big smile on our faces! 

Our team is continuously trying to improve our {product/service} and your feedback will prove to be valuable. We love that you love us :)

If you have some time, could you please share your feedback on social media and tag us, or write a review online? We have a presence on {link to review sites} and we’d really appreciate if you could support us there.

Thanks again,

{Your name}

{Your business email signature}

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Wrap Up: Using Email Templates in EngageBay CRM

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur with products or services to sell online, this article on customer service email templates should come in handy. 

Providing superior customer service is key to success for any business. 

The customer service email templates that we shared here are specific to certain situations. But each of them follows the same concept of expressing empathy, resolving issues, and showing your customers that you value them. 

The key is to understand how your customers feel and respond according to the situation.

To make your life easier, you can use EngageBay CRM software to create and save email templates.

EngageBay is the world’s most affordable email marketing and customer relationship management solution. You can read some of our reviews here.

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