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10 Advertising Emojis To 10X Your Conversion Rates

According to data from ZoomInfo, 63 percent of people believe that using emojis for business purposes can increase credibility.

A large segment of younger audiences between 18 and 29 years old – 46 percent in all – think that it’s perfectly acceptable to use emojis in business emails and other communications.

You know, like advertising.

Determining which emojis are the perfect ones for your advertising campaign is admittedly a struggle.

In situations where you’re torn between two or more emojis, the best option is to rely on old standbys.

In today’s article, we’ll go over a bunch of emojis declared by Apple as the 10 most popular emojis in 2021. They might not be the newest, but I think they make for great advertising emojis.

I’ll also share tips with you on how to use them in your ad campaigns.

The 10 Top Advertising Emojis to Boost Your Conversions

You may be familiar with some of them, and some might seem new. 

Whatever the case, take a look at these trending advertising emojis and let us know what you’d like to add to this list.

1. Laughing Crying

You may know this emoji as the LOL face or the laughing/crying emoji. The meaning of this one is clear. Something is so funny to this emoji that he’s both laughing and crying at the same time.

How to Use It in Advertising: Humor has to be used sparingly in advertising. If everyone doesn’t get the joke, it can fall flat. Adding this emoji to an email subject line can drive the point home that you’ve got some humor awaiting your audience once they open the message.

2. Red Heart

As we talked about in another recent post, you can select from so many variations of the heart emoji. That said, it’s no surprise that the standard red heart is people’s favorite. It’s simple and classic for a reason!

How to Use It in Advertising: When you want customers to heart your products or services, dropping a few of these heart emojis into a message is sure to get the point across. This heart doesn’t always have to mean romance!

3. Loudly Crying Face

Emojis run the gamut of sadness from frowning to holding back tears, but not this one. This emoji expresses bald-faced emotion with streams of tears gushing down either side of its face as it openly bawls.

How to Use It in Advertising: FOMO has a face, and it’s this emoji. The next time your audience is about to miss out on a great deal, this is the emoji to incorporate into your advertising and marketing messages.

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4. Heart Eyes

Another classic emoji is the heart eyes face. This emoji has a huge smile and two large hearts protruding out of its head where its eyes should be.

It can be romantic, but people also use it when they see a photo of a cute dog or maybe a nice pair of shoes.

How to Use It in Advertising: You can use the ‘heart eyes’ face in the same fashion you would the classic red emoji heart. The heart eyes, as we said, can be used to play up a product or service, showcasing why that product/service is a must-have.

5. Blowing a Kiss

Yes, that’s a third heart-related emoji that’s especially popular among Apple users. This emoji is smitten in a different way, in that it’s blowing a kiss–denoted as a heart–to the lucky recipient.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: Compared to the other heart emojis, this one is a little more romantic, so you’ll want to use the blowing a kiss emoji sparingly. Maybe save it for Valentine’s Day or when you’re trying to sweeten the pot on an offer.

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6. Rolling Eyes

Here’s an emoji that’s a completely different change of pace. This sarcastic emoji is clearly rolling his eyes up to the top of his head to show the full degree of his disdain.

The line for a mouth, which is slanted at an angle on Twitter, further adds to the emotion of this emoji.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: This is another emoji that you will want to use incredibly sparingly if at all. You don’t want negative emotions associated with your marketing or advertising, which means largely staying away from negative emojis such as this one.

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7. Skull

Were you surprised to see this one in the Apple top 10 emojis? Honestly, so was I!

Yet the skull does deserve its time in the sun. It’s more than an emoji you dust off once every Halloween season. This emoji can be used sarcastically, to represent feeling dead, or if you’re into the paranormal.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: To play it safe, it’s best to use the skull emoji only around the spooky season, i.e., Halloween. It’s certainly a way to play up the holiday, as is the Jack-o-lantern emoji.

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8. Smiling Emoji with Smiling Eyes

Most people have this emoji in their recents. It’s a happy-looking but not overly happy emoji with closed eyes, a tooth-free grin, and rosy, red cheeks.

The warmth of this emoji comes through in the way it’s used, which is always to express positive sentiments.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: If you feel like most of the smiley emojis are overdone, pull out this one instead. It doesn’t force the emotions too hard but still conveys happiness well enough.

9. Weary Emoji

This emoji is a close cousin of the tired emoji face but expresses exasperation rather than exhaustion.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: Just as the crying emoji from earlier expresses strong emotion, so too does this one. You can use those two faces interchangeably to convey a sense of FOMO so that any reluctant customers don’t wait long to act!

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10. Thinking Emoji

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the thinking emoji. He’s deeply pondering something, although what that is, we’ll never know.

Some people use this emoji to throw shade as well, but the thinking face is generally regarded to be used to express wonderment and puzzlement.

How to Use It in an Advertising Campaign: When unveiling a new product or service that you know your audience will be wondering about, this emoji can underscore the natural sense of curiosity that will abound.

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Wrap Up

Incorporating emojis into an advertising campaign, while not always easy, crafts a message that’s easily relatable.

We hope this article inspires you to use emojis in new and inventive ways!

Feel free to download and use these emojis in your marketing and advertising content, so long as you share due credit.

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