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40 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time in 2024


We all only have 24 hours of it a day, from your favorite baker down the street to Beyonce.

With the average workday about eight hours, that gives us even less time to work with per day. Business tasks can pile up, leaving you stressed, strained, and dreading checking your inbox.

Gmail keyboard shortcuts will win you back minutes here and there, which can add up to hours every week, and maybe even days per month. In this blog post, I’ll help you learn the most useful shortcuts, so you can get started on those productivity goals.

Let’s dig right in.

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1. Mark All Emails as Read

Going crazy from all those unread messages? Not anymore! Take the power back by marking all your messages in Gmail as read.

Highlight Gmail conversations with * + a, then press Shift + i to say goodbye to unread emails.

2. Select Only Unread Emails

Do you like to start the day by tackling those unread emails? What a wise choice, as you’ll surely be on the road to productivity.

Press * + u to select only those emails you haven’t yet opened.

3. Select Read Emails

How often do you open an email, read it, but wait to reply until you have two minutes? Organize your read emails by pressing * + r.

4. Add CC

Gmail doesn’t immediately make available the CC forms, as they’re not something all its users add to their emails. You can incorporate CC into any email more easily by inputting Ctrl/command + shift + C.

5. Add BCC

What if you want to send a BCC instead? You can unveil that option within Gmail by typing Ctrl/command + shift + B.

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6. Select All Emails

To select all emails in your Gmail inbox, such as for mass deletion, input * + a.

7. Select Starred Emails

Gmail stars signify message importance. You can manually add the stars yourself (and more than one, if you really want) or allow Gmail to assign them automatically.

Starred emails can get buried between unimportant messages. Well, at least until you type * + S. That brings all your starred messages to the forefront.

8. Select Unstarred Emails

Perhaps you would rather see the unstarred emails instead. In that case, use * + T, and there they will be.

9. Indent Your Emails

You probably had no idea you could create indents in a Gmail message, did you? You can also tab over using the same command.

Type command + } for an indent. If you don’t like how the indent looks, command + { will get rid of it.

10. Compose a New Email

By typing C in Gmail, it will open a New Message without you having to manually click and do it. How handy!

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11. Deselect a Gmail Conversation

Oops, did you get too happy with the selection freedom you now have thanks to Gmail keyboard shortcuts and selected more than you intended? Deselect any conversation in Gmail by using * + N.

12. Switch Between Gmail Categories

Go from drafts to sent emails and your main inbox with the push of a button. Okay, make that two buttons.

Here’s a handy table breaking it down for you.

Gmail Category Gmail Keyboard Shortcut
All mail G + A
Drafts G + D
Sent emails G + T
Snoozed emails G + B
Starred conversations G + S
Main email inbox G + I

13. Underline Text

Why use the Gmail formatting dropdowns when you can instead rely on simple commands for your email content? Underline important points by inputting Command + u.

14. Italicize Text

Would you like to use italics to emphasize a certain word in your prose or business email? Use Command + i.

15. Bold Text

Likewise, you can bold text in Gmail without touching the email formatting by pressing Command + b.

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16. Reduce Text Size

Do you want to use smaller text than Gmail has by default? Shrink it down with Shift + Command/Ctrl +-.

17. Make Text Size Bigger

You can also increase text size in Gmail without manual effort through Shift + Command/Ctrl ++.

18. Mark an Email as Unread

When you read an email but want to change its status to unread so you can remember to reply (or prioritize it first thing tomorrow morning), you don’t have to go into the message and set it as unread. That’s too time-consuming.

Type Enter/Return, then Shift + U, and the message will revert to its unread status.

19. Add a Bulleted List

Bullet points make your emails more digestible so you can ensure your colleagues’ eyes don’t glaze over minutes after you hit send. Produce appealing bullets every time in Gmail by holding Shift and Command. Then, type 8.

20. Add a Numbered List

Itemized lists are best with numbers, as they’re easier to read. Create your own professional-looking lists in a jiffy with Shift and Command, then 7.

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21. Toggle Fonts

Navigate the fonts associated with your Gmail account by pressing Command + Shift/Ctrl, then +6 to go to the next font on your list or +5 to return to the font before.

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22. Delete an Email

Although it may not be as satisfactory, deleting an email through Gmail keyboard shortcuts is possible. Type Enter/Return, then #, and it’s goodbye, email.

23. Add a Link to Your Email

Now, here’s a handy feature. If you have a link copied, by holding the Command button, then typing k, you can insert the link into your Gmail message without having to paste it.

24. Align Your Text

Get your text alignment just so with three commands within Gmail. Command + Shift/Ctrl + R aligns the font to the right, while Command+ Shift/Ctrl + L shifts it to the left. You can also center-align the text by typing Command+Shift/Ctrl + E.

25. Reply in Conversation View

When using Gmail’s default Conversation View, you have all sorts of keyboard shortcuts at your disposal. Type r to reply or a to reply all.

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26. Mute an Email in Conversation View

Do you get a lot of email chains that barely concern you yet go on forever and ever and ever? They won’t be your problem anymore. Once you’re in Conversation View, you can simply press m to mute the message. It will feel great.

27. Move Across the Inbox in Conversation View

Depending on how you want to use your inbox, you can press different commands. For example, if you’re in an email thread and want to read the previous message, type p. You can go forward by typing n.

To go to your latest email, type k, and return to a previous message with j.

28. Archive Emails in Conversation View

You don’t even have to manually archive your emails within Gmail while using Conversation View. Type e.

29. Forward Emails in Conversation View

Don’t waste too much time when forwarding a message. Win back your minutes by typing f in Conversation View to forward the email.

30. Mark Emails as Important in Conversation View

As mentioned, Gmail will automatically determine when an email is deemed important, but you can also do it. In Conversation View or Inbox View, typing = marks the email accordingly.

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31. Switch from Conversation View to Inbox View

When you want to go back to Inbox View from Conversation View, type u and you’ll be there.

32. Delete Email Formatting

Did you format your email, but it doesn’t quite look the way you had thought it would? You can get rid of the formatting anytime by pressing Command/Ctrl + \. Phew!

33. Access Your Tasks

Keep your day streamlined with Tasks. Type g and k to open your Tasks, send emails and get more done within Gmail.

34. Add to Your Tasks

If your workload keeps increasing, bulk up your task list by holding Shift and typing t simultaneously. You can see all your tasks for the day.

35. Review Spelling Suggestions

Spelling mistakes happen, but if you don’t have a grammar plug-in, you can miss them. It looks unprofessional to send an email riddled with spelling mistakes.

Clean up your messages by inputting Command/Ctrl + M. That will open the spelling suggestions. If you’re a Mac user, typing Cmd +; will automatically take you to the next word you misspelled so you can amend it accordingly.

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36. Collapse an Email Message

If your messages between a colleague or client have gotten especially long, you can collapse the conversation by typing : (Colon).

37. Expand an Email Message

Just as easily, you can expand a conversation to read the full email thread, which is handy if you’re jumping into an exchange later on. Type : (Semicolon).

38. Search for an Email

Sure, you could move your mouse to the Gmail search bar, or you can press / to search much faster. This command will automatically move your cursor to the search bar.

39. Mark an Email as Unimportant

Demote an email’s status by inputting . Gmail won’t give it the same priority anymore.

40. Check Your Gmail Shortcuts

You’ve probably added a ton of Gmail keyboard shortcuts by now. Good for you! To track the ones you have going, type Command+? in Mac and Shift+? In Windows.

And if you want some more Gmail tips and tricks, check out this article.

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Bottom Line

Gmail keyboard shortcuts exist to make your life easier. Rather than type and toggle in Gmail, you can create a custom keyboard full of commands that help you save time.

The faster you can get in and out of Gmail, the better, right?

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