The Best Quotes From Seth Godin, the Modern Marketing Guru


Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker.

He is the founder of the online marketing company Squidoo and the author of several bestselling books, including Purple Cow and Tribes.

Seth Godin quotes are often witty and thought-provoking. They make you think differently about marketing and business growth.

In this blog post, we have a collection of some of Seth Godin’s most memorable quotes.

Seth Godin quotes

Isn’t that true?

Marketing is not just about selling products or services. It’s about anything that alters the way people think, feel, or behave. 

According to Seth Godin, “Marketing is anything we do that changes the culture for the better.”

Watch this “life-affirming” interview of Seth Godin organized by London Real to learn more about his perspective on marketing.

Seth Godin quotes


Seth Godin quotes


Seth Godin quotes


Marketing is about framing a story in a way that appeals to your audience. 

In his book This is Marketing, Seth Godin says marketing is all about helping people, making connections, and creating memorable experiences. The goal of marketing, according to Seth Godin, is not to make money, but to change the world.

Here’s a blog by BooksConcepts if you’d like to read more about that book. 

Seth Godin quotes


Seth Godin quotes


Seth Godin quotes

Quitting is often considered a failure, but according to Seth, “Quitting is not the same as failing”.

In his book The Dip, Seth Godin talks about when it’s fine to quit.

Watch this interview of Seth Godin by Selling Power if you’d like to see a video on the subject instead.

Seth Godin quotes

How would you react if you saw a purple cow gazing around? Wouldn’t that be astonishing and totally worth watching?

In his masterpiece The Purple Cow, Seth Godin says marketing is all about remarkable customer experiences. He advises businesses to build more purple cows if they wish to stand out in the market.

Seth Godin quotes


Seth Godin quotes

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