How To Write Discount Emails Like A Boss

discount emails

Discounting strategies that work well strengthen consumer loyalty, draw in new clients, and boost revenue.

Every company, whether in the B2C or B2B market, occasionally offers discounts on their goods or services.

Companies majorly give discounts because they can use them to increase sales of their off-season inventory, profitability, and client happiness all at once.

Discount emails can drive significant sales growth and assist you in hitting your monthly goals when used properly.

Writing a discount offer email may seem easy, but there are occasions when it might be challenging.

In this blog post, I share some cool discount email examples and tips to inspire you for your next email blast.

Quick Tips for Effective Writing in Discount Emails

To get your discount email copy right, you’ll have to keep a few key things in mind. Let’s go through them quickly:

Make sure the tone is right

Make careful to use the same voice across all of your emails.

Your customers may be astonished when they unexpectedly get communication with a more casual tone if all of your communication has a formal tone.

Keep it crisp

Your customer’s time is valuable and they have short attention spans.

An effective email copy should be simple to skim through and find the important information.

Anchor the value first

Keep the value you are offering to the user, i.e, the discount information, at the center of your email.

Here’s a lovely example 👇

discount email screenshot Ananya Avasti
Author screenshot

Utilize urgency

Specify the expiration date for your promotion. This will create a sense of urgency and nudge your customers to take quick action.

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Examples of Good Discount Emails

Now, let’s go through some examples of discount emails and what makes them effective.

The Simple Email

Nothing could be easier. Just a short email copy and a list of products with discounts. No HTML, vivid colors, or flashing GIFs.


Hi {Customer Name},

We are overjoyed to have you onboard!

As our way of welcoming you to our brand family, we’ve got a special X% discount on your first purchase.

Just copy-paste this [code] and claim your discount 😄

The offer is open till [date].

Happy shopping!


The FOMO Email

A psychology survey had a selection of advertisements with FOMO-provoking content shown to one set of participants, while the same advertisements were shown to the other group without the FOMO-provoking features.

You won’t be shocked to hear that the presence of the FOMO content improved memory in general as well as recall and recognition for the commercials.

Here’s a good example of an email copy making the most of our modern age’s commonplace fear of missing out:

discount email FOMO example by Ananya Avasthi
Author screenshot

The Curveball Discount

From a business standpoint, we have predetermined margins to deal with; if we discount too much, we’ll break even. Additionally, from a psychological standpoint, giving too much of a discount runs the danger of depreciating your brand and product.

You also want your deal to have a big impact. It’s unlikely to have a significant impact if it merely saves consumers a couple of dollars.

What is the sweet spot then? That obviously depends on your brand, audience, and product.

A one-time 10% discount may have a significant influence on sales if you never run promotions; however, if you do, the same offer may have little to no effect.

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The Gamified Email

In a study, researchers at four Chinese colleges gathered information from 322 online shoppers who played a flash game to gauge their propensity to make a purchase after engaging in gaming.

They discovered that the three gamification components of reward, absorption and autonomy significantly increase consumers’ sense of enjoyment, which in turn influences their intention to make an online purchase.

Example: The CTA button will need to be clicked by the recipients in order to reveal their “mystery discount”.

discount email example -- mystery code
Author screenshot

This deal is complemented by a countdown timer that introduces some FOMO into the mix in order to create an additional layer of impact.

Another point worth noticing is that this is a successful multichannel marketing campaign because the inclusion of a barcode allows this discount to be used at a physical store as well.

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The 101: What You Should Know About Discount Campaigns

Running discount offers is great, and you can send out a cool email to attract more sales, but it’s not without problems.

Let’s look at what you should keep in mind before you begin that sale campaign.

Assess Your Profit Margins

While giving certain things a 50% discount may appear alluring, you must always have a viable margin; otherwise, your discount offer approach may result in losses.

Before launching any kind of discount campaign, do the math to figure out what you can reasonably offer your clients and yet turn a profit overall.

Strategize on How to Target Your Audience

Consider whether your discounts will draw the kind of customers you really desire before launching any sales campaigns in an effort to acquire new customers.

It is very likely that some customers are just one-time consumers looking for temporary or cheap fixes.

Focus on Targeting a Specific Group

Giving everyone discounts carries a significant risk for your overall profit margin. Instead, think about providing exclusive offers to certain customer groups (like students, healthcare workers, military, etc.).

By using discounts in this way, you can increase your customer base while maintaining or even improving your profit margins.

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Exemplify Your Product Value After the Discount Ends

Discounts frequently undercut the value of your goods, despite the fact that your marketing efforts aim to persuade customers and prospects that your product is useful and will enhance their lives.

Because of this, you should consider how you will show your product’s true worth and keep customers after the deal expires.

Anticipate Higher Customer Acquisition Costs

Special discounts can be a tried-and-true strategy for luring in new customers, but they can also have an impact on your normal customer acquisition expenditures.

Make sure to nurture your relationship with new customers so that you can turn them into loyal consumers who might buy more and higher quality products or services from your business in the coming years.

By doing this, their lifetime value will rise, making the increased customer acquisition cost justifiable.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways to organize and carry out a sale, ranging from straightforward sitewide promotions to limited spend-X-to-save-Y discounts.

And there are just as many methods to advertise a sale, as these discount email examples show.

But there is one thing these emails all have in common: simple messaging.

Make sure that your discount emails do all the talking really well. In clear and crisp copies, you can find many takers 🙂

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