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Live Chat Support Guide: Build Your Brand Value

Live chat support is one tool that can help you live up to your brand value.

Live Chat Support is the only way for companies to provide instant, round-the-clock customer service without adding more staff or spending more money on call centers.

Live chat agents are able to answer customer questions and solve problems quickly, which allows them to keep the conversation going while providing quick solutions that will save both parties time and frustration.

Live Chat Support also provides an opportunity for companies to interact with their customers in a real-time environment where they can learn what is most important to them, and thus keeping them engaged and happy as repeat customers!

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Live Chat support, and how it can help your company build a great brand image.

Who Will You Offer Live Chat Support To?

One of the first decisions you will need to make when implementing Live Chat support is who your target audience will be.

Your Live Chat Support team will need to be prepared to answer questions from all types of customers, whether they are existing or potential customers.

You can also use Live Chat support as a tool to increase customer loyalty by providing quick solutions and support to your existing customers.


The whole idea of chat support is to use live chat tools for improved lead generation and customer retention.

Incoming chats and phone support are two very potent routes for lead generation, since the leads who engage with your support team using chat or call are most likely already familiar with your business and its products or services, and are looking for more details.

If you can truly offer value to all the people reaching out to you over Live Chat support, your incoming chats can easily become your highest-converting lead generation machine.

Knowledge Base

Remember that not everybody who is reaching out to your customer support team is looking for handholding.

A lot of people simply want to learn a thing or two about your business or its products, and these may be leads who are just curious or even your paying customers who’re looking to understand your product or services better.

Knowledge base

This means you must have a knowledge base ready for such customers or prospects to help them do their own research.

Your Live Chat Support team can then be directed to help those who need more personalized assistance.

However, make sure that the content in your knowledge base is updated and relevant to your latest products and services so that it can actually help people.

You don’t want your would-be customers or leads walking away because they couldn’t find what they need in your knowledge base.

Live Chat Support Hours

How many hours a day do you want your Live Chat Support team to be available?

You will need to make sure that your Live Chat Support hours are in line with the hours that your company is open.

If you are a global company with customers all over the world, you will need to make sure that your Live Chat Support team is available during the times when most of your customers are awake.

If you have a small business with local stores, you may only need Live Chat Support during business hours.

The important thing is to make sure that your Live Chat Support team is available when your customers need them!

Here’s a short video about some live chat best practices:

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What Does Live Chat Support Include?

When you offer Live Chat Support, you are providing your customers with direct access to customer service agents who can help them with their needs.

Live Chat Support includes:

  • Live Chat software for customers to chat with customer service agents in real-time
  • A team of customer service agents available to help customers with their needs
  • Training for customer service agents so they can provide quick, accurate answers to customer questions

Let’s talk about each of these in detail.

Live Chat software for customers to chat with customer service agents in real-time

Live Chat software is a program that allows customers to chat with customer service agents in real-time.

This means that your customers can chat with customer service agents any time they need help, without having to wait on the phone for someone to answer their call.

This also means that your customer service agents are constantly available to help customers with their needs, which can help reduce the number of complaints and increase customer satisfaction.

A team of customer service agents available to help customers with their needs

When you offer Live Chat Support, you are providing your customers with access to a team of customer service agents who are available to help them with their needs.

Your Live Chat team will be given the training they need to provide quick, accurate answers to your customers.

Customer service agents must be trained in every aspect of your business so they can answer customer questions, solve problems and keep them engaged.

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Training for customer service agents so they can provide quick, accurate answers to customer questions

The training that your customer service agents receive should include:

  • The basics of all your products and services
  • How to access customer information
  • How to solve customer problems
  • How to handle difficult customer situations
  • How to use the Live Chat software

What Are The Benefits Of Live Chat Support?

There are many benefits to Live Chat Support.

Here are just a few:

  • Live Chat Support is an efficient way for you to help your customers and respond to their needs quickly
  • Live Chat software provides your customers with real-time access to customer service agents, which can reduce the number of phone calls and increase customer satisfaction
  • Live Chat Support can save you time and money by decreasing the number of phone calls to and from your business
  • Live Chat agents are available to help your customers 24/7, which makes it easy for them to get help when they need it
  • Live Chat software is easy to use, which means that your customer service agents can answer questions quickly and easily
  • Live Chat agents can provide your customers with any information they need, without having to transfer them to another department like phone support usually does

What Business Should Install Live Chat Services?

Every type of business can benefit from Live Chat Support.

Live Chat Support provides customers with an efficient way to get help and answers quickly, which is why every business should consider using it.

Businesses that provide products or services that require customer service will benefit the most as Live Chat gives them a platform where they can serve their clients directly and answer queries about their product or service.

For example, Live Chat is a great option for businesses that provide software-based services and solutions! Live Chat Support is an efficient way to help customers quickly with the ‘How To’ of using new products or services.

live chat software

Businesses with a physical location can also benefit from Live Chat Support because it allows them to answer customer questions about store hours and location easily.

It used to be that only huge corporations offered their customers Live Chat support, while small businesses depended on fielding phone calls from customers for queries complex and mundane.

Thanks to advancements in the software space, small business owners need not rely on phone support alone anymore.

Live Chat software are often affordable now, even to solopreneurs and small businesses, and many CRM tools come integrated with Live Chat support.

EngageBay offers a complete package of marketing and sales tools that any small business could possibly need, from email marketing automation to Live Chat and autoresponders, landing pages to sales pipelines and social media engagement, and so much more.

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What Are the Best Use Cases of Live Chat?

leading digital content method
Source: SuperOffice

Many Live Chat use cases are similar to the ones mentioned above, such as Live Chat for customer service and Live Chat for businesses with a physical location.

There are many more Live Chat applications, however:

  • Live Chat can be used by support and non-support departments (sales and marketing, technical support, etc.) to provide quick answers to common questions about products or services
  • Live Chat can be used by companies that host online events. Some examples of these types of companies include webinar hosts and eCommerce event pages like Black Friday sales pages
  • Live Chat can be used by companies that provide Live Streaming services. Live Chat agents can help customers solve any issues they may be having as soon as they arise, whether that means trouble connecting or understanding the Live Stream.
  • Live chat can be used to create Live Support Ticketing Systems for customers to ask questions about products or services and receive status updates
  • Live chat can also be used for live support forums, where customers have the opportunity to interact with each other in real-time about products or services without interacting with a business representative.
  • Live chat can also be used to integrate Live Chat Services on website landing pages, which can increase leads by engaging website visitors as soon as they arrive on your site
  • Another live chat use case is collecting product reviews. Live Chat Support is a perfect way for businesses to gather reviews from their customers and other visitors that could also help enhance product or service marketing efforts.

How to Look for the Right Live Chat Customer Support App?

When looking for Live Chat software, there are many things to consider:

Does the Live Chat software offer email and phone support and integration, and easy file storage and sharing features?

What types of integrations does it offer? Can it integrate with CRM systems like Salesforce or Zoho CRM? Can it integrate with marketing automation tools like HubSpot, EngageBay, Marketo, Pardot, etc.?

chat support automation

Chat support and Tickets automation in EngageBay

Does the Live Chat Support tool come with a contacts database to store and update all your customer data in one place?

Does the Live chat support app include reporting features that will help you see how well your chats are converting into sales and leads?

The most important thing to look for, however, is Live Chat customer support that prioritizes Live Chat interoperability. Live chat applications that can’t connect to each other do not allow businesses to provide a seamless and automatic customer experience, which can result in customers getting frustrated and leaving.

Live Chat should integrate with CRM systems for adding agent notes about the conversation.

Live Chat should be able to share information across all channels so if a customer places an order or adds items to their cart on your website but has questions before completing the checkout process on your Live Chat app, agents will still have access to those shopping cart contents.

EngageBay has a Free Live Chat Software

EngageBay offers all of these features and more. It helps you increase sales by providing Live Chat Support on website landing pages. It also offers Live chat integration with all your blog and website pages, and integrations with other business software like Zapier, Mandrill, Plivio, and many more.

Live Chat Support on your blog and website pages is the best way to connect with new and existing customers as they’re browsing your site and help them complete their purchase or take the next step in the buying process.

EngageBay software also makes it easy for you to see how well Live Chats are converting into sales, so you can use Live Chat as a conversion tool as well as a customer support channel.

With EngageBay, your live chat agents can receive notifications anytime someone visits a page with Live Chat enabled, helping agents engage visitors quickly — even if those visitors don’t click to start Live Chat conversation right away.

The true value of Live Chat Support software is that it provides an extremely productive service where there was once none at all.

For example, EngageBay also allows your Live Support agents to share notes or files across all channels so they can keep the information about every conversation in one place.

Great Live Chat customer support tools like EngageBay are worthy investments because they help your business save time and serve more customers by amplifying every existing way you currently engage with them.

Where is Live Chat Support Most Valuable?

In my opinion, Live Chat Support is most valuable when it’s used as a way to provide customer service and answer questions.

Live Chat can also be utilized by businesses to handle order and cancellation requests and to collect reviews and feedback.

Live Chat has proven to be a better way for businesses to provide each customer with the best possible customer service experience.

Chatbot example

Credits: Dribbble

Live chat agents are able to take care of many tasks at one time, such as asking customers for feedback or helping them place an order.

Live Chat is also beneficial for business owners because it helps their customers eliminate the amount of time wasted on phones waiting for someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

You can integrate live chat on all pages of your website and blog, and even link your social media pages to your live chat software.

Live Chat Support on mobile also offers great value to customers.


It is indeed easy to see that Live Chat support makes sense for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

If you have been wondering how live chat can improve your revenue, lead generation, or customer retention, just sign up for EngageBay and we’ll reach out to you for a quick call to guide you.

EngageBay offers a wide range of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools that can be used separately or as part of one comprehensive package.

Even our most advanced package costs less than a dollar a day, so give it a try and see how it can transform your brand value 🙂

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