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How to Ace a New Hire Announcement in Your Company

During the hiring season, it is important to make your new employees feel valued and welcome. The onboarding process plays a crucial role in integrating new hires. However, a smart process to announce new hires makes the company culture even better. 

This announcement can be an email, a social media post, or just about anything. It is the official welcome to colleagues to their new workplace and sets the tone for the new employee’s experience. 

However, introducing a new team member goes beyond simply informing colleagues. Employee announcement emails are meant to celebrate the new team member – yes, but they also create a sense of belonging and help in creating positive team dynamics. 

So, we have created this blog for your HR and marketing departments. In this blog post, learn about the best ways to make a new hire announcement—the smart way! 


New hire email template by EngageBay
See template (by EngageBay)

What is the Significance of a New Hire Announcement?

Introducing someone new into your team is not just a formality you have to fulfill. It, in fact, has several purposes. For example, a new hire press release can be additional content that allows your company to be more visible. These announcements allow current employees to make the new hires feel acknowledged and valued.

A new employee announcement email also ensures that the new colleague is introduced to the wider team, making them feel welcomed. 

Research indicates that new hires who have a positive onboarding experience are eighteen times more likely to remain with their business. Therefore, these initiatives are a big bonus for the HR team. 

However, these announcements, especially about hiring someone in a decisive position, can create good content, and they are also significant for marketing teams. 

If done right, an employee introduction is a win-win situation and task for all!

Preparing for the New Employee Announcement

Before preparing the new hire press release, it is significant for the marketing department to gather the right information. The same goes for internal announcements and the HR team. 

  • Role & responsibilities: In this section of the email, you can highlight the new hire’s job title and department. You can also highlight their key responsibilities, which will help the current employees understand their new team member’s contributions to the team. 
  • Background & expertise: This is the part of the announcement email where you share a brief overview of the new hire’s background—professional and personal (optional). Use this section to highlight relevant skills, experiences, or achievements that showcase what they bring to the table. This will also help current employees understand their new team member’s proven track record.
  • Start date & availability: A crucial element that often goes overlooked is the new employee’s start date and availability. Mentioning the new hire’s date of joining and availability helps current employees prepare for their arrival and schedule introductions. In this section of the announcement, you can indicate their official start date and whether they will work remotely or in person. 
  • Contact information: Adding the new hire’s contact information, such as email, phone number, and media contacts, to the announcement allows the current employees to reach out to the new team member directly. This can facilitate speedy collaboration within the team.
  • A few fun facts: Go beyond the resume to foster a good company culture! Share a few fun facts, hobbies, or personal interests that highlight the new person’s personality and make them more relatable. Adding a personal touch to new employee announcement emails helps in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.  

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Where Can You Introduce a New Team Member?  

The best medium for a new employee announcement depends on your company’s culture and audience. Here are some mediums you can choose from while introducing a new employee to your team and your online audience: 

  • Email: A personalized email to the entire team is a classic option as it directly reaches all current employees. 
  • Company Newsletter: If your company has a regular newsletter, you can include the announcement alongside other company updates.
  • Intranet: You can also use your company’s internal communication platform to reach all employees with this announcement, particularly those who may not be on email lists
  • Team Meeting: Announce the new hire during a team meeting to create a personal connection and catalyze immediate introductions. 
  • Social Media Platforms: If your company has an active social media presence, you can share a brief announcement with a photo and welcome message.

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What Are The Components of a New Hire Announcement? 

Many times, your employee announcement may go unnoticed, and your new hire does not receive the welcome they deserve. 

Wondering how to prevent this from happening? A well-structured and developed email or message is the key!
Here’s how you can structure your new hire announcements to get the most love. 

Engaging introduction

  • Start with excitement: Start your email with excitement. Announce the arrival of the new employee with enthusiasm. Use phrases like “Get ready to welcome aboard” or “We’re thrilled to introduce…”. Phrases like these build anticipation and capture your current employees’ attention.
  • Highlight achievements: You can also share a success story from the new hire’s professional or educational background, piquing curiosity and showcasing their potential value. This will help the wider team understand all the unique skills the new hire brings.
  • Ask a question: Spark engagement by posing a fun or relevant question and inviting colleagues to learn more about the announcement.

Details of the new colleagues

  • Name and position: Clearly state the new hire’s name and their official job title within the company.
  • Responsibilities: Briefly outline their key tasks and responsibilities, helping colleagues understand their roles and potential collaboration points.
  • Professional background: Share a concise overview of their relevant experience, education, or noteworthy achievements that demonstrate their qualifications.
  • Unique contribution: Go beyond technical expertise. Share what their experience and personality bring to the team, like diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, or a collaborative spirit.

Personal touch

  • Hobbies & interests: Include a fun fact, hobby, or personal interest that reveals new team members’ personalities and fosters connection. Maybe they’re a rock-climbing enthusiast or a passionate baker – that’s a brilliant conversation starter! 
  • Quote or anecdote: Share a brief quote from the new person expressing their excitement or highlighting their strengths.
  • Photo & bio: If suitable, include a headshot and a short bio written by the new hire themselves, adding a personal touch.

Welcome statement

  • Express team enthusiasm: Include a warm welcome message from the team or management, conveying their excitement to have the new hire onboard.
  • Highlight support: Mention available resources or initiatives within the company to help the new hire smoothly integrate.

Call to action

  • Encourage introductions: Write a compelling CTA to invite colleagues to reach out and introduce themselves, offering suggestions like grabbing coffee or attending upcoming team events. This can also be a great opportunity for their new supervisor to take the onboarding from here. 
  • Offer support: Encourage colleagues to offer practical support, like answering questions or helping navigate company tools and processes.
  • Welcome on social media: If applicable, encourage team members to welcome the new hire on social media platforms, fostering a wider sense of community.

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Best Practices for New Hire Announcements 

While crafting the announcement is crucial, remember the delivery plays a significant role in its impact. Here are some best practices that you should consider. 


  • Strike the right balance: Aim to announce closer to the new employee’s start date. Announcing too early risks losing momentum, and too late might leave colleagues unprepared.
  • Consider company events: If feasible, align the announcement with upcoming company events, team meetings, or social gatherings for a more personalized introduction.
  • Plan for holidays: Avoid announcing during holiday periods or times of major company news to ensure the new hire gets the spotlight they deserve.


  • Professional yet welcoming: Strike a balance between formal communication and a warm, engaging tone. You do not want to break company protocols, but you also do not want to sound too boring!
  • Highlight company values: Make sure to include your company’s core values in the announcement. It helps current employees and the new ones stay in touch with the core of the company. 
  • Maintain consistency: Ensure the announcement aligns with your company’s overall communication style and branding. If you’re generally playful – stick with it. If you’re not – don’t let new employee announcements be exceptions. 


  • Respect preferred pronouns: Be mindful of and use the new hire’s preferred pronouns as listed in their onboarding information.
  • Avoid discriminatory language: Ensure the announcement is free of any language that could be perceived as biased or discriminatory.
  • Address diverse audiences: If your company has a global workforce, consider different language versions or tailoring the announcement to be culturally sensitive.

A thoughtfully curated email announcement can define how your new hire approaches their work at your company. By being mindful of these best practices, you can ensure that you are creating a welcoming environment for your new employees. 

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Sample Templates for New Employee Announcements 

Let’s put all this knowledge into action! Take a look at these templates below tailored to different announcement platforms: 

Email Template 

Subject: Get Ready to Welcome [New Hire Name]!

“Hi team,

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of [New Hire Name and pronouns in brackets], who will be joining us as the new [Job Title] starting [Start Date].

[New Hire Name] brings a wealth of experience and expertise in [Skills/Experience]. They previously worked at [Previous Company] where they were involved in [Previous Achievements]. Their passion for [Industry/Area of Expertise] and collaborative spirit make them a perfect fit for our team.

[Optional: Include a personalized quote or fun fact about the new hire]

Join us in welcoming [New Hire Name] to the team! We encourage you to reach out and introduce yourselves, answer any questions they might have, and offer support during their onboarding journey.

Those who wish to reach out to [New Hire Name] can drop them an email/text message at [New Hire email and Contact Number].


[Your Name/Team Name]”

Take a look at this creative way this company introduced both their new hires in an email – extremely short and crisp!

new employee email announcement template
Source: Snacknation

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Company Newsletter Template 

Headline: Welcoming [New Hire Name] to the Team!

“A warm welcome to [New Hire Name], who joins us as our new [Job Title] as of [Start Date]. [He/She/They] brings [Years] of experience in [Industry/Area of Expertise] and will be instrumental in [Briefly mention contribution to team/company].

[New Hire Name] was previously involved in activities such as [Highlight a key professional achievement or unique skill]. We’re excited to have [New Hire Name] on board and believe their expertise will be invaluable to our team’s success.”

Take a look at this newsletter template to introduce new employees. Introducing the employees in an inclusive and fun manner goes a long way!

Company newsletter new hire annoucement
Source: Contactmonkey

Take a look at this fun template to announce the new hire. It can be a part of your newsletter or your website – including some interesting details about the newly employed person. Templates such as this one can be great icebreakers at work!

new hire announcement newsletter
Source: Basecap Analytics

Social Media Template 

Platform: [Choose an applicable platform, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram]

Post: “Drumroll please… we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of [New Hire Name] as our new [Job Title]!  [He/She/They] brings [Number] years of experience in [Industry], and we can’t wait to see what [he/she/they] accomplishes. Welcome to the team, [New Hire Name]! #NewHire #Excited #Teamwork”

Include a headshot and link to the new hire’s bio/profile.

Take a look at this template that Guardio used to announce their newest hire on LinkedIn while keeping it short, sweet, and simple!

LinkedIn new hire announcement
Source: Swagdrop

If you want to make a strictly formal announcement about your new hire on LinkedIn, this template can come in handy: 

LinkedIn professional template for new hires
Source: SocialMedia Examiner

Adding a personal touch to announcements about new hires is sure to create more traction and engage current employees at your company. Information about the interests and hobbies of new hires makes them more relatable to everyone at the workplace.

Thus, making the announcement more effective! Take a look at this example below:

Instagram template for new employee announcement
Source: everyonesocial

Team Meeting Template 

A wonderful introduction you can make for a new employee in a team meeting can be:

“Hey everyone, I have some exciting news! I’m pleased to announce that [New Hire Name] will be joining our team as [Job Title], starting [Start Date]. Everyone, please give [New Hire Name] a warm welcome!

In their previous role at [Previous Company], [New Hire Name] achieved [Highlight achievement] and brings a strong background in [Key skills]. We’re confident they’ll make a valuable contribution to [Team/Project]. On a personal note, [New Hire Name] is passionate about [Hobby/Interest]. If you share that passion, be sure to introduce yourself later!

Let’s all join in making [New Hire Name] feel welcome. Please make an effort to introduce yourselves and offer any support they might need during their onboarding process.”

Remember to tailor these templates to fit your specific company culture and brand voice to make the announcements more effective!

Company meet
Source: BusinessNews Daily

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Crafting a Stellar Announcement

While crafting new hire announcements may seem straightforward, there are a few missteps to be mindful of:

  • Delayed delivery: Don’t leave them waiting! Announcing too long after the new hire has started creates confusion and misses the opportunity for a warm welcome. Aim to get closer to their start date, keeping the momentum high.
  • Oversharing the personal: While adding a personal touch is great, ensure you respect the new hire’s privacy and preferences. Stick to fun facts, hobbies, or interests they’ve explicitly shared and avoid sensitive information.
  • Missing the mark on information: While enthusiasm is important, remember to include key details about the new hire’s role and contributions. Briefly mentioning their responsibilities and how they fit within the team helps colleagues understand their value and potential collaborations.
  • Bonus tip: Carefully proofread the new hire press release before sending it out! An error-free announcement reflects professionalism and shows respect for your new team member.

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Research indicates that after having a good onboarding experience, over 80% of workers think highly of their companies. Therefore, if you want your company to have a good company culture, employee satisfaction is a must! 

So, after understanding the importance of new hire announcements, we hope you kickstart the creative process. However, the journey does not end here. Share your experience of announcing new employees with us! Have you ever received a new hire announcement that truly stood out? Or perhaps you’ve crafted one yourself that resonated with the team? Write to us telling us about your experience or share the experience with everyone in the comments below. 

Remember, the templates we provided are just a starting point. Modify them according to the needs of your company and your communication style to ensure they are personalized. Feel free to add some humor, or highlight the new hire’s unique strengths. 

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