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21 Real Estate Instagram Post Ideas for Winners

As a real estate agent, it’s necessary to get word to customers, and you can only do that when people hear and see your business. 

With 83% of home buyers requiring online pictures of properties to make a purchase and 42% admitting this was their first step to making a purchase, it is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity to leverage social media to get real estate clients.

In addition, a report shows that only 52% of real estate agents are on Instagram, with only 9% using social media to market their listings—meaning it is relatively untapped for real estate marketing. 

However, with the vast opportunity available to get more leads and business online, you may occasionally get stuck on real estate Instagram post ideas and post tips for maximum conversion.

In this blog post, we share 21 real estate Instagram post ideas and tips to get you more business.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Why Instagram for Real Estate Marketing?

There are several social media platforms to try out, but Instagram stands out for real estate marketing for several reasons. Let us begin with the stats!

  • 83% of consumers use Instagram to discover new products and listings 
  • Instagram reels can reach up to 675.3 million users
  • Approximately 31% of internet users make use of Instagram, with a large population of people with disposable income
  • Ads on Instagram can reach up to 849.3 million people
  • 83% of home buyers want to see pictures online

Real estate Instagram marketing statistics

In addition to the above statistics, here are other reasons Instagram shines as the platform of choice for real estate marketing.

Cost-effective marketing

It’s no news that social media marketing is top on the list of cost-effective marketing options that allow you to start at zero to no cost. Amongst these, Instagram gives you more organic reach and engagement than other social media platforms.

For instance, Instagram images and videos get 23% and 38% more organic engagement than Facebook. This means you can start growing your real estate client base on Instagram on a confined budget and scale up as your real estate brand grows.  

Build customer trust

No one wants to buy or rent from ‘unknown Joe.’ People only do business with whom they trust, and when it comes to an expensive and life-altering transaction like buying or renting a dream home, this is double true.

The 21st-century high digitalization also comes with a major downside–high skepticism. But on Instagram, you can build brand trust and significantly grow social proof from your audience’s many organic engagements, comments, and reviews.

With the proper use of Instagram (as we would show you), you wouldn’t be another person flaunting a fake business without proof.

In a podcast interview, real estate agent Christine Remler’s success story was shared–how she closed a million-dollar deal due to her social proof even though she was relatively new to the game. 

“You’re working with a $Mil+ buyer who found you because of the content you’re creating, and you’re being purposeful about your brand, promoting the lifestyle, letting people get to know you, stepping outside your comfort zone. Your Reel attracted them, but you had the social proof when they came to your profile. So even though you’re technically a newer agent, they knew you were the right agent for them.” 

Check out the full interview here.

Easy-to-use interface

Instagram has an easy-to-use interface with over 2.35 billion users in 2023, and it is stipulated to reach 2.5 billion by the end of 2023. This friendly interface is among the reasons you’ll get more audience engagement than other social media platforms.

With tons of people using Instagram, you have a high chance of meeting new customers. 

Also, many young people with sustainable income within the age gap of 25-35 are active on Instagram. It may be because it’s aesthetically pleasing while still being educational and fun. 

Having said that, let’s delve into Instagram post ideas to win you more business.

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21 Instagram Posts Ideas That Will Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

Here are 21 post ideas to get you started.

1. Historical monuments

You want to make your social media posts about not just the next house on lease but also about historical appeals in the surroundings that can spur engagement and, in the end, bring sales.

People don’t just buy a home; they buy an environment. Showing historical monuments within a place increases the home’s appeal and endears home buyers to close the deal with you.

So don’t be afraid to take pictures and videos of monuments and post them.

Only post pictures that are consistent in quality and lighting. Let your photographs be clear, and use good phones and editing apps to get the best images.

real estate Instagram post idea
Source: Instagram

2. Educational opportunities

Educational opportunities are among home buyers’ most critical considerations before renting or purchasing a home. 

By making targeted posts highlighting the academic opportunities available within that area, you stand a high chance of attracting more clients. 

This could entice parents or college students who want to purchase a home that affords them excellent educational opportunities.

Instagram real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

3. Show customer reviews to build brand trust

As we stated earlier, one of the uses of Instagram is to garner social proof and trust.

You can do this by simply posting clips and shots of home deals you have previously closed.

In addition to building brand trust with posts like this, you get post engagement and new followings. 

But first, ensure you and your clients are on the same page. You don’t want to post content without their consent. So ensure that your customers are happy to be posted.

Real estate Instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

4. Make before/after home videos to drive more engagement

Keep your audience in the flow by carrying them along with before and after posts. This is important if you’re a real estate agent who flips houses. 

Give your consumers the before and after effects of your work. Highlight the areas of the home that were improved upon and the additional features.

This way, you can have a pool of clients ready to buy before completing the makeover. And you take your clients on a visual journey that keeps them spurred to take action. 

It’s an Instagram real estate post idea that never grows old because we all like to see change.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

5. Community gatherings and festivals

People buy from you only when they trust and like you. Getting involved in community gatherings and festivals is an excellent way to showcase your human side and allow your audience to connect with you on a deeper level. 

Aside from posting about educational opportunities in the community, you can also make estate Instagram posts that entail community festivals.

In addition, Highlighting festivals and community gatherings in a community can increase your audience’s interest in that area.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

6. Educate your audience 

No one likes to be marketed to non-stop without occasionally getting something free in return. So apart from making sales on Instagram, you should also want to help your audience by educating them on the areas they may have questions on.

Educational post ideas you can start from include:

  • Tips on organizing and cleaning a garden
  • How to manage property taxes
  • Areas to look at when inspecting a home for purchase
  • Top factors to consider when buying a home
  • How to get the best homes at a fair deal

You can do this as a scheduled live video, a pre-recorded video, or a text post with visuals.

Real estate Instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

7. Find your brand message and utilize it

Branding is one of the most essential tools of marketing that every business person needs to know. 

To maximize your Instagram app for sales, you must know and sell your brand message as a real estate agent personnel.

Knowing what you want to be known for will guide your posts, tone, and overall message.

For instance, Liasluxurylistings knows precisely her brand message, and her overall content shows it.

So, think carefully as a real estate business owner about what you want to be known for through your Instagram posts: luxury, comfort, anything. Then, find this and sell it!

Instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

8. Inspirational posts 

Post inspirational posts occasionally to keep your customers motivated and in perspective. 

They have a positive vibe that enables your audience to keep moving on. However, try not to sound cheesy. Instead, keep it genuine and helpful.

Here is an example to get you started.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

9. Give pro-level gardening tips

Talk about making a beneficial post to the customer, and gardening tips come to mind. 

Homeowners are concerned about how to make their housing more aesthetically pleasing. You can give pro tips on how to start and maintain a garden. 

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

10. Real estate milestones and goals

You can carry your audience along by posting goals you want to achieve. In addition, it will give your consumers a sense of knowing you.

Also, state your milestones as a real estate business owner. People will feel they know you when you give them snippets about your goals and how you’ve achieved them. This will also provide you with credibility.

When your audience sees you achieving goals, they will see you as one you can trust and buy. Not only does posting your goals help connect with your audience, but it will keep you accountable.

Real estate Instagram post idea
Source: Instagram

11. Host a Q&A session

Nothing thrills the human spirit more than learning something new.

When you host a lively Q&A session, your customers will feel seen and known by you. Plus, you can use their questions to generate content ideas in the future.

Let them ask all their questions about real estate, and as much as you can, do justice to answering them.

Make sure to announce your Q&A session days before it commences. 

Instagram real estate post Ideas
Source: Instagram

12. Show your human side by posting your pets and hobbies

You are first a human before a real estate agent, and often, your audience wants to see your human side. 

In the light of social media posts that connect with your audience, you can make videos and pictures of you cooing over your pets and winding down doing what you love. This type of post enjoys better engagement and audience reach.

You’ll seem more accessible when you give little details about your life. However, don’t overdo it.

Real estate Instagram post
Source: Instagram

13. Giveaways and contests

As we said earlier, the goal of posting about real estate isn’t just about selling the next house but also building trust, credibility, and likeability with your audience. There’s no better way to do this than through giveaways and contests

Giveaways and contests are an excellent avenue to reach a wider audience and trend on Instagram. Plus, it is fun and exciting to do. You can make several posts from a single contest, get participants to post on their pages, and tag them to the post, increasing your reach and Instagram following.

It’s fun to do, and you can use this avenue to reach a broader audience.

Real estate Instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

14. Post home tour slides and videos

When it comes to home tours, videos are your best bet.

Asides from the fact videos have two times more engagement on Instagram, everyone loves a beautiful home tour. Cover the features, spaces, and areas that make the house stand out from other homes. Stick to slides if that’s the only option available.

Home buyers rely on home tour posts as the first step when deciding on a real estate investment. Therefore get more leads by posting home tour videos and slides.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

15. Build a community by posting local attractions and businesses

Local attractions connect customers with their environment and provide an appealing atmosphere. 

You hit two birds with this post idea. One, you give a sneak peek into the neighborhood of your customers (giving them a feel of their house).

Secondly, you tag businesses, thereby building a community and reaching new people.

Next time you need a post idea, post about local attractions and businesses.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

16. Offer credit to your real estate team members 

Don’t take all the credit alone. Make a post of the behind-the-scenes and team members. 

Your posts about teamwork can invite customers in. These posts show potential clients that you appreciate and value your team members.

This, in turn, makes them trust you with their home ideas and finances. Don’t forget to tag your team members when making such posts.

Instagram real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

17. Volunteer and charity work

While charity and volunteer work shouldn’t be done solely for PR purposes, you can occasionally make a post or two about the charity and volunteer work you are involved with.

Asides from the ability of this kind of post to get your support and attention, it also has a way of warming your audience’s heart to you. 

You can also make social media posts about charity and volunteer works you go for. Again, this will build rapport with customers aside from real estate posts. 

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

18. Post listings, just sold, and marketing updates

Real estate marketing is a full job, and as a real estate agent, there are a lot of marketing updates, listings, and house statuses to post about.

Clients want to know the available houses, pricing, features, and more details.

Making consistent posts of this nature keeps your page fresh, updated, and reliable for people searching for home options.

Instagram real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

19. Make posts of fun activities and relatable real estate memes

As much as you’re on Instagram for business, you also want to have fun while doing it.

You can, from time to time, post fun activities you engage in or relatable real estate memes. You could also make videos or pictures of what you find funny as you work. You’ll be amazed that people will relate to your memes and personal fun activity posts.

However, do not use jargon to make memes. Instead, use relatable language. Finally, be on the lookout for trends you can infuse with real estate agent life or business.

Instagram post ideas
Source: Instagram

21. Make ‘this or that’ posts

This entails posting two different types of pictures of houses or furnishing sitting. You will then ask your customers to pick a based on their preferences. You could also ask them to state the reason for their preference.

This type of post will spur engagement in the comment section. Do not forget to engage with your customers in the comment section. This can lead to a potential sale.

In addition to the benefit of engagements, this kind of post gives you a snapshot of your audience’s preferences and a taste of the kind of homes they are looking for.

Real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

21. Your personal story and experience in the real estate business

Make relatable posts about work life, successes, struggles, and misconceptions in the real estate business. Your post should inspire your consumers, customers, and people looking to join the real estate business and let your audience in on what your job as a real estate agent is really all about.

Instagram real estate post ideas
Source: Instagram

With this done, let us look at powerful tips to make your Instagram post stand out.

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Powerful Tips to Make Your Instagram Real Estate Posts Stand Out

You can have great real estate Instagram post ideas and not get much of a result if you’re not doing it correctly. Here are 20 tips you can implement today for a better result. 

1. Invest in videos

tips for real estate Instagram marketing
Screenshot from Instagram

We know our world is fast-paced. Retaining people’s attention is more challenging now, so you must make video-oriented estate Instagram posts. 

As said earlier, videos give two times more engagements and post impressions than their non-video counterparts. Use beautiful edits and insert sounds (please don’t use copyrighted sounds without permission) to make it more appealing.

You don’t have to break the bank to create great Instagram videos. You can start with your mobile phone (if it has a good camera and video quality).

Then use good lighting and cameras to ensure your pictures and videos pop.

2. Turn heads in your direction with attention-catching captions

You may think that people care only about images, but asides from that, people are also interested in backstories and captions. Instagram captions boost post engagement by 2%.

Therefore, use real estate quotes and captions that resonate with your audience. For example, tell a short story related to what you’re posting about, how your customer felt when you handed them the keys to the house, or how you connected with your consumers and knew what they wanted in a house.

Here are Instagram caption ideas to get you started.

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3. Never underestimate the use of real estate hashtags

One of the quickest ways to be seen, known, and heard by customers is by using hashtags. 

Your consumers will search for the next beautiful house on Instagram with hashtags, so you must maximize hashtags.

Your hashtags should be real estate related, and you must be careful to use them well.

Here are ten hashtags you can use:

  1. #housegoals
  2. #investmentproperty
  3. #househunting
  4. #closetothebeach
  5. #realty
  6. #brokerage
  7. #luxuryliving
  8. #uptown
  9. #yourbrokerage
  10. #pocketlisting

Also, use branded hashtags. This is where you include your real estate business name in your hashtags.

 4. Use high-quality images

Real estate marketing tips
Source: Instagram

Instagram posts are aesthetically pleasing; your images should stay within this description.

Take beautiful shots of houses with proper lighting and brightening.

Ensure the pictures of you as an agent, your home listings, and any other image you post is well-lighted and clean.

You can also use the edits offered on Instagram to make your pictures pop or use apps like Snapseed, VSCO, and Adobe Lightroom.

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5. Optimize your Instagram bio 

People searching for real estate agents or homes to buy often first search the Search page. One way to get found is by optimizing your bio and name with keywords customers search for.

Real estate marketing
Screenshot from Instagram search

For example, this result above pops out when you search for a New Jersey real estate agent (more visibility due to keyword optimization).

Also, having a professional bio, profile photo, and name positively influences people to see you as a professional and not any other random person trying hard to build a hobby. People buy from people they perceive to be professionals, not hobbyists.

6. Be lively and fun

Ensure your posts have a positive undertone even if you are not Sanguine. Make an effort to be energetic in your posts, smile and be happy.

Remember that your posts inform your audience’s ideas and perception of you. So you don’t want it to be ‘dull and saggy’.

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7. Model and glean from the best

You want to say the same message in a different, better, and unique way. To achieve this, you should see what others are doing.

See what you can adopt, what you can do better, and make more amazing social media posts.

See examples of people you can learn from:

  1. @igesiasrealtygroup
  2. @liasluxurylistings
  3. @5luxurylistings
  4. @dollylenzrealestate

8. Schedule your posts

You want to be known and get the word out about your real estate business, so you must be consistent.

Being consistent with real estate posts can become tedious, as you have other activities to carry out. This is where post-scheduling and real estate marketing automation come into play.

Scheduling apps like Post Planner help you post within appointed schedules. 

Real eatate marketing tips
Source: Post planner website

9. Take dozens of photos

Taking multiple pictures for Instagram posts is necessary. Also, post enough images that give a holistic view of the home you are marketing. 

This is necessary because you may never know the ones that will turn out best, and you surely want to be safe when it’s time to post.

So, take as many pictures as possible and post the best out of them.

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10. Post consistently

Instagram’s algorithm favors people who post consistently. Also, posting consistently gives your audience more opportunities to engage with you and build trust faster. With your posts coming multiple times in a day or week, they would quickly transition you in their minds from a stranger to an authority in the real estate marketing space.

Posting on Instagram reels frequently and at the right time increases the chances of getting new followers, and it has 2.54% more post engagement than video posts. 

11. Engage with social media comments 

An active comment section is one of the best ways to show prospects that people love and trust your brand. 

It also makes Instagram trust your page more and recommend it to people interested in real estate. One way to make your comment session active is by engaging with clients and customers in the comment session. 

Give shout-outs to your customers and clients. Always engage your customers. When you engage your comment section, your customers will feel seen and motivated to engage further.

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12. What not to post

While there are several things you can post to get more business, here is a list of things you should not post:

  • Do not slander other real estate agents on Instagram
  • Do not give false details about a house
  • Do not make shady posts
  • Ensure to watch your words, and avoid using swear words while speaking

Building a brand on Instagram is a marathon, not a sprint — don’t undermine tomorrow’s success.

13. Enjoy yourself as you post

The last but not the least tip is to enjoy your posts. Do not be pressured to look or come off a certain way. Instead, have fun while growing your Instagram real estate brand.

As Christine Remler puts it:

“Just do it – show up consistently, and use video! If I can do it, anybody can do it! Make it about value, and I promise it will make you stand out.” 

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Wrap Up

We hope you’ve garnered real estate Instagram post ideas and tips to help you stand out and win more business as a real estate agent.

You can begin trying them out today. Don’t forget: all you need to start today is a good camera (could be a phone), lightning, and the home you’re marketing.

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